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Pump: Emagic (369 of 510 total discussions)  RSS Starter Messages Last
pmartinez 1 17-Mar-10
Unitor 8 Mk 2 problems please help!!! gingercybergoth78 1 10-Mar-09
is there any audio warp or similar function in logic? breakist 1 22-Sep-08
Logic VS with Roland VS880 menninsv 1 27-Nov-07
emagic bigbox 5 pc only plugin codes roughkidd 1 21-Nov-07
No more Sound Diver? NOW WHAT!? Surreal Stu 1 06-Nov-07
Emagic/Logic Hit Kit files converting to mp3 or wav? Fire4Yahweh 3 10-Jul-07
How does one create a MIDI Inst track within the environment window? JFJ000000 1 28-Mar-07
breakout cable christian i am god 1 17-Nov-06
Bouncing-Down Midi on Logic Knoxy 5 08-Aug-06
multitimbral plugins hexfix93 3 13-Jul-06
Wanted, Please...! malucosbaba 1 09-Nov-05
just curious sirius_cloud 1 27-Oct-05
jp8000 - how do i set it up with LAP nationnon 1 27-Mar-05
akai file format convert Brennen 2 17-Feb-05
Audiowerk 2 - Erratic Speed and Pitch Problem jackibar 2 06-Oct-04
Is Soundiver still in production cuari7 4 09-Sep-04
How do I create and play an arpeggiator? das1029 1 29-Aug-04
Logic 5.5.1 on pc. hexfix93 1 24-Mar-04
drums in logic bobba 2 24-Mar-04
audiowerk w/G5 Ghenchana 3 06-Feb-04
wierd notes from logic control Ghenchana 1 29-Jan-04
Setting up a new multi instrument Brennen 4 30-Dec-03
No title toy 0 03-Dec-03
ilLOGICal...? boc 3 02-Dec-03
logic enviroment edjwise 2 03-Oct-03
Strange Logic/SoundDiver Crash Problem Jake 3 23-Sep-03
anyone have trouble importing omf files into logic? specifically "bento container error" caustech 6 22-Sep-03
Logic 5.01 vs. M-audio Delta 410 jonkjell 2 23-Aug-03
Recording plugin modulation in Logic 5.... pook187 5 12-Aug-03
automating busses in logic 5... sam&dudley 4 05-Aug-03
Edirol PCR and transport control nick@sonic 1 05-Aug-03
Where can I buy Logic Audio 6 (Mac)? ed_fig 2 04-Aug-03
Controlling plugin parameters doc_md 1 16-Jul-03
Ok.. my head is now spinning... clockworkresearch 7 10-Jul-03
Logic and Cakewalk override my AMT8 Routing?! hedpeace 2 10-Jul-03
How to copy 2midi tracks into one (Logic) timeless 3 10-Jun-03
No title speed racer 1 19-May-03
Does anyone know of a cracked version of Logic 5 for MAC??? flipside 4 13-May-03
logic compatiblity with what soundcard? birdbrain 2 21-Apr-03
Logic question - I know, wrong forum... jd990exp 7 11-Apr-03
mLan compability with Logic???... Mr Andersen 1 20-Mar-03
Logic Control eyalc 4 12-Mar-03
switching to logic on os x? munificent 6 25-Feb-03
YOUR DEMO WANTED midijim 3 05-Feb-03
Xv+srx and logic audio? magestic 2 28-Jan-03
Logic 5 on PC, is it stable? Retep 6 21-Jan-03
Premastering on the computer?? mkz 6 17-Jan-03
ASIO too slow for Instrument Plugin? jackjack40 5 23-Dec-02
Midi Thru .. how to set it OFFFFFF!!!! inocybe 6 17-Dec-02
Record a track internally without bouncing? troggiedog 2 03-Dec-02
no curve automation tool? dj2sday 2 03-Dec-02
Are there any other programs just like BEAT DETECTIVE?? flipside 4 28-Nov-02
Sound Diver for OS X syd 3 25-Nov-02
logic-environment for oberheim matrix 6 loop 2 19-Nov-02
Logic Audio Gold 5 max audio tracks? pook187 2 19-Nov-02
MIXING Down the DJ MIX ticka 1 05-Nov-02
when will Logic be ported to OS X!? machinapathy 3 28-Oct-02
How do I load a sample into the EXS24? flipside 5 24-Oct-02
sound diver chud 3 23-Oct-02
How do I load a sample into the EXS24 in Logic 5.0? flipside 2 18-Oct-02
biased forum! birdbrain 4 29-Sep-02
MixingDown In Logic ticka 6 28-Sep-02
logic5 platinum psyco 7 18-Sep-02
New Plug-In: I/O Insert pook187 1 06-Sep-02
LOGIC AUDIO 5.3.0 OSX !!!! djasonic 0 02-Sep-02
OSX DRIVERS!!!!!!!!! akirax 1 01-Sep-02
How to save track so I can burn it to CD... freq3 2 27-Aug-02
I've Seen The Light, And It's Name Is UAD-1 Wingman 12 16-Aug-02
Switching from Cubase skippedthe90s 2 12-Aug-02
recording/sequencing sdp 2 07-Aug-02
System overlad!!! magestic 4 01-Aug-02
Weaning myself from OMS's gangly tit... pook187 3 26-Jul-02
Logic audio and Roland problem!!!! magestic 2 25-Jul-02
Apple's Bigger Picture Wingman 20 23-Jul-02
Logic bought by Apple, windows development to cease? Everybody's Dark Secret 17 11-Jul-02
Logic VST issues dooku 1 11-Jul-02
Difference between Gold 4 and 5? pook187 6 27-Jun-02
Logic + AMT8 + MMT8? rgalligan 3 26-Jun-02
Sending out MIDI into audio with OMS? moon musician 5 20-Jun-02
Memory allocation suggestion needed ymh 1 11-Jun-02
VSTi in Logic HELP Beetboxrokka 3 05-Jun-02
How do you learn Logic? mindcurve 33 02-Jun-02
Logic Mac Platinum w/AMT8 Help!! rgalligan 2 31-May-02
What happened to 4.7 update on EXS24 disk? slowfish 1 22-May-02
sysex k2000 logic questions nationnon 2 21-May-02
My Logic control has arrived system9 3 09-May-02
Logic 5 Gold and Silver? DeltaM 9 09-May-02
Logic 4.8.1 and audio under Win2000... Retep 3 06-May-02
Windows XP and Logic Platinum 5.0 Daladidoo 4 02-May-02
Logic 5 dongle soulboy 2 30-Apr-02
VST plugins in Logic solarkat 2 30-Apr-02
asio drive lot slow.... Phasio 11 25-Apr-02
can i.......... peanut 2 24-Apr-02
mastering your work synthesite 13 22-Apr-02
Is 0hmyg0d 6 17-Apr-02
No title Daladidoo 0 16-Apr-02
No title raphael 1 04-Apr-02
No title chenipan 0 03-Apr-02
No title hlynur 4 31-Mar-02
sounddiver + logic audio nationnon 1 16-Mar-02
Anyone got their hands on 5.0 yet? phraggle 6 15-Mar-02
What no help? DrummerBoy 2 15-Mar-02
Omni I/O 0hmyg0d 2 14-Mar-02
faders - help!!..... doc_md 4 12-Mar-02
Logic + G4 dual 1k = ?Performance? Cerebral Infect 2 12-Mar-02
faders - help!!..... doc_md 0 11-Mar-02
enviroment set up malfunction 9 10-Mar-02
"Hard disk/partition is full"... oh no soulboy 6 04-Mar-02
mt4 soulone 1 27-Feb-02
Logic Fun? DrummerBoy 5 26-Feb-02
Drum tracks in Logic doc_md 16 20-Feb-02
No title e_aeriel 2 20-Feb-02
How do you turn off the "snap" function? grutko 6 19-Feb-02
Logic 5.0 prices? LabyaMynora 2 18-Feb-02
How do you turn off the "snap" function? grutko 0 13-Feb-02
Latency issues .. 8 ....... 4 12-Feb-02
Mac as sequencer makroform 5 09-Feb-02
Logic/VSTi problems.. marvina7 7 05-Feb-02
pc laptop and logic p. 2 30-Jan-02
No title marvina7 1 29-Jan-02
Logic Audio ASIO + M Audio Delta 1010? ScottDigweed 2 24-Jan-02
Why do the pros that use Logic Audio also use ProTools? soundmatrix 3 24-Jan-02
Whats with the VSTi:s? magura 3 23-Jan-02
Sub-Newbie!! mindcurve 5 18-Jan-02
No title Kestral 2 17-Jan-02
logic with omni studio icekickey 0 15-Jan-02
Logic 5 delayed... Retep 15 15-Jan-02
logic newbie questions { jake, {jake} } 2 12-Jan-02
New Logic Site - Hasten To See ! virt 2 11-Jan-02
Monitoring of Live guitar tracks ADINFINITUM 5 07-Jan-02
No title e_aeriel 3 07-Jan-02
No title e_aeriel 1 06-Jan-02
SoundDiver... pook187 11 05-Jan-02
Logic 5.0 Holger 22 04-Jan-02
VST-Instrument compatible? 0hmyg0d 4 03-Jan-02
This may be a stupid question, but... iamgrant 7 28-Dec-01
Question: what recording medium do any of you use with logic audio? monarch 3 20-Dec-01
logic vs motu brokentoys 3 17-Dec-01
Ti & imic troubles clanger 2 17-Dec-01
Logic-Pain, Cubase-Decent, Cakewalk-Simple TemporaryShrimpBasket 18 14-Dec-01
Emagic Interface- Unitor or AMT8? JenMichel 2 01-Dec-01
Using Logic with an ibook Four30 1 30-Nov-01
Logic Audio Platinum or ProTools Riply 21 30-Nov-01
Dongle Question tforster 3 29-Nov-01
Timing in winME gamera 4 27-Nov-01
having a dilemma about my esi sampler imipramine 0 25-Nov-01
logic delta. wav. icekickey 1 22-Nov-01
WaveBurner Pro w/ Firewire ??? prophet11 1 19-Nov-01
where can I get Logic 4.7 docs? AL_DOGG 2 19-Nov-01
AMT8 for PC. Should I switch? YaDaddy 8 18-Nov-01
Score Writing in Logic audio $HREW 1 16-Nov-01
8 bit audio files in Logic Audio? $HREW 2 16-Nov-01
halion & logic, will it work?? curtis chip 8 15-Nov-01
Logic Audio playback volume PWM 4 15-Nov-01
No title curtis chip 3 14-Nov-01
Importing a .wav file...? 0hmyg0d 3 12-Nov-01
8 bit audio files in Logic Audio? $HREW 0 10-Nov-01
8 bit audio files in Logic Audio? $HREW 0 10-Nov-01
8 bit audio files in Logic Audio? $HREW 0 10-Nov-01
Logic via Korg X3 0hmyg0d 3 10-Nov-01
Is sounddriver worth buying? machinapathy 3 09-Nov-01
Converting Mac to PC... Retep 4 08-Nov-01
FruityLoops -> Logic? 0hmyg0d 4 05-Nov-01
MOTU Midi Express XT + Logic: workable? drek)(hed 3 01-Nov-01
Logic/Mackie Mixer PWM 2 26-Oct-01
cubase , logic or dp? peripatitis 10 24-Oct-01
No title BrianHook 2 15-Oct-01
Logic Silver Anonymous 2 11-Oct-01
C'mon - someone must know!!!! soulboy 7 06-Oct-01
EXS Drum Kits pook187 2 05-Oct-01
Logic Audio Platinum, Asio Driver help Nigelxx 3 02-Oct-01
Digital I/O on AW8 & Logic soulboy 1 30-Sep-01
Recording voice in Logic..Questions. h20gun99 8 28-Sep-01
Setting up my M-audio delta44 to work with Logic nubilee 6 24-Sep-01
don't expect an answer but I will try Anonymous 12 24-Sep-01
Logic 5 and Logic Platinum... prototrance 7 23-Sep-01
ES2 and EVOC delayed too. ppgwave 1 21-Sep-01
Midi sync Smies 1 18-Sep-01
midi recording help reactor303 11 10-Sep-01
Logic 5 delayed SubDub 4 07-Sep-01
AudioPhile + Logic Audio Anonymous 0 06-Sep-01
Are you able to record the movement of the end-point in a looped sample? flipside 7 05-Sep-01
Waldorf Pulse environment Pioni 4 03-Sep-01
Are you able to record the movement of the end-point in a sample in Logic?? Anonymous 2 30-Aug-01
Do you think Emagic will announce at AES? SubDub 7 27-Aug-01
emagic exs 24 jackjack40 21 27-Aug-01
few audio questions nationnon 11 23-Aug-01
Logic Audio 5.0 / OS X avonrepus 13 22-Aug-01
Wait For Note?? Anonymous 0 22-Aug-01
What happened to out-a??? societynon 4 18-Aug-01
ES2 ppgwave 1 18-Aug-01
acid is uggly Baron Kloff 3 17-Aug-01
WE MISS YOUR SITE DAVE! robb007 4 16-Aug-01
Is Dave B's site down for good? societynon 15 13-Aug-01
logic vs. motu Anonymous 4 10-Aug-01
audio mixdown lagowski 5 09-Aug-01
Logic Fun - where to download? Glassy 1 06-Aug-01
LOGIC users.... I need help!!! flipside 14 06-Aug-01
anyone used endorphin with Logic? maninspace 8 02-Aug-01
Am I the only one waiting for es2 to come out? LabyaMynora 1 27-Jul-01
Silver Retep 4 27-Jul-01
Attn EXS24 owners LabyaMynora 7 24-Jul-01
Help me out here fellas!!! flipside 1 24-Jul-01
anyone work with delta logic maninspace 1 20-Jul-01
Logic effects $HREW 4 18-Jul-01
Logic rocks my socks SubDub 6 13-Jul-01
What happen to my midi drivers in Logic? lc1200 3 10-Jul-01
problemos... Andreas 9 10-Jul-01
Strange mixer Retep 2 07-Jul-01
Environment hell jonjon 4 05-Jul-01
good dynamic/tube plugins? man in space 1 04-Jul-01
Is the Dongle still ADB on Mac? foxglove9 3 03-Jul-01
is an msi motherboard ok? man in space 3 03-Jul-01
how far can you get with 20 GB? man in space 5 01-Jul-01
Micrologic 4.7 upgrade problem kennedy 1 29-Jun-01
Logic Audio troubles $HREW 2 28-Jun-01
has anyone had any trouble recording from soft synths into logic? nefarious5 4 27-Jun-01
Help needed: Getting feedback when recording eyalc 2 26-Jun-01
Logic on mac&PC 9 20-Jun-01
Help please 10 18-Jun-01
Which Mac with Logic???? 9 14-Jun-01
Logic vs. Cubase 2 14-Jun-01
Logic problems 4 11-Jun-01
No title 5 09-Jun-01
ES1 external mod source 0 04-Jun-01
Does anyone know how to make Logic see VST plug-ins? 2 23-May-01
Step sequencing? 2 09-May-01
how do u import audio files into exs24 virtual sampler? 1 08-May-01
What yall think about Logic/EXS-24/EVP-88 Combo 4 08-May-01
Masking Midi Data 0 07-May-01
SHOULD I BUY LOGIC (vs. Cubase) ? 4 02-May-01
Logic 5??? 2 27-Apr-01
converting "audio insturment"(soft synths) toaudio tracks? 3 24-Apr-01
drum machine plug-in for Logic? 3 14-Apr-01
Limiting Logic Audio's selfish midi antics? greendot 2 02-Apr-01
Logic (sequencing plug-in movements) leviva 3 01-Apr-01
Midi glitches in Logic 4.5 Stchris 5 29-Mar-01
midi interface and LAG and soundiver? point_misser 2 29-Mar-01
Recommend a book... Retep 7 24-Mar-01
Logic on G4 w/ dual hard drives PWM 6 24-Mar-01
What audio card / midi interface?? drake 1 22-Mar-01
reset+sync mode ligux 1 20-Mar-01
anyone know how to get an event to pan right or left Anonymous 2 18-Mar-01
EXS24 - useful for drum programmng? synthy 5 18-Mar-01
Logic and Win 2000 Pro Parakeet 2 16-Mar-01
Adding custom Icons to Environment Objects 3DarkHours 1 07-Mar-01
Analog Mixer to Logic Audio? Jesta1312 7 01-Mar-01
!!FREE VST SoftSampler!! @ MusikMesse subhuman 2 28-Feb-01
MAC LOGIC SILVER and the VS-1680 Anonymous 1 26-Feb-01
Help W/ the arange page 3 24-Feb-01
VST plugins and Logic solarkat 6 21-Feb-01
KENTON vs PEAVEY Midi/DAW controllers PWM 1 19-Feb-01
HUI and LOGIC polimorf 2 19-Feb-01
New 466mHz G4 with Logic PWM 14 19-Feb-01
Logic audio lack of discussion societynon 4 17-Feb-01
Logic arpeggiator??? 12 16-Feb-01
update question societynon 1 15-Feb-01
key command question societynon 1 15-Feb-01
Logic vs Midi ligux 3 14-Feb-01
MicroLogic Omni Off marvina7 4 08-Feb-01
Automating Effects lc1200 4 05-Feb-01
SoundDiver and Z1 DeltaM 4 02-Feb-01
Logic on G4 Powermacs:500mhz DP vs 733mhz polimorf 9 02-Feb-01
laptop setup....please help trique 2 01-Feb-01
logic audio benoit 3 26-Jan-01
2 questions 12 23-Jan-01
Logic Question Please Advise !! powderhorn 1 23-Jan-01
cubase user ligux 4 21-Jan-01
Floating Windows BigLongFace 3 19-Jan-01
Logic Audio (Mac) and Nord Micro Modular 1 05-Jan-01
Logic on a powerbook 2 01-Jan-01
Midi fx 4 28-Dec-00
Steinberg Model E VST with Logic 1 27-Dec-00
Logic ES1 synth question 2 18-Dec-00
getting started 3 16-Dec-00
Logic Audio 4.0 Manual PDF 3 12-Dec-00
What will I need to run Logic? 9 05-Dec-00
reaktor as an environment in logic... 2 05-Dec-00
Logic VS ( mac ) preference/oms input connections 11 03-Dec-00
Print score 1 03-Dec-00
how do I... 17 02-Dec-00
Help me with timing!!! 2 30-Nov-00
How Do I tell Logic to ignore certain Midi Ports? 5 29-Nov-00
Converting atari cubase files to logic 5 22-Nov-00
EXS24 and EgoSys WaMi Rack 24 ??? 5 14-Nov-00
does logic use vst synth plugins? 7 13-Nov-00
EXS24 any1? 17 06-Nov-00
New Logic Audio MP3 Stations 1 06-Nov-00
Logic Platinum will not update! Help 9 05-Nov-00
Program changes 2 03-Nov-00
Logic and Protools 2 03-Nov-00
XV5080 SoundDiver Adaptation 2 27-Oct-00
Environment question* 1 18-Oct-00
N1R SoundDiver Adaptation 1 12-Oct-00
Midi Interface 6 12-Oct-00
Upgrade Processor Cards & LAP? 2 10-Oct-00
How do I record knob movements of VST synths? 1 05-Oct-00
Logic VS Cubase 3 04-Oct-00
Question about the tracks 14 04-Oct-00
how do i get audio outta the audio window!?!? 17 28-Sep-00
Logic with Reaktor (Win) 1 21-Sep-00
VST intruments 1 19-Sep-00
Logic Sequencing by Hand 4 18-Sep-00
Logic VS Pro Tools 11 12-Sep-00
Logic Crashing 10 31-Aug-00
emailing audio files? 1 23-Aug-00
Using Logic with MIDIQUEST 5 09-Aug-00
New logic packages 1 04-Aug-00
which sequenser should I choose? 2 01-Aug-00
Logic 4.5 16 27-Jul-00
Problems with a G4? 4 21-Jul-00
LM4 2 18-Jul-00
Logic newbie - where to begin? 19 17-Jul-00
LOGIC AUDIO PLATINUM Question... 17 14-Jul-00
Whats a good computer? 34 12-Jul-00
How do I install the prosoniq North Pole? 4 01-Jul-00
Split Midi Recording by Channel & Input 2 30-Jun-00
Waveplayer 2 22-Jun-00
upgrade? 9 21-Jun-00
Logic Audio Platinum 4 PDF-manual? 5 16-Jun-00
SoundDiver 3 07-Jun-00
Live Use 1 30-May-00
test 2 13-May-00
Cracked Logic PlatinumV4.04? 4 07-May-00
meaning of 'Audio config is damaged' message? 1 29-Apr-00
Anybody have LA Isis? 1 26-Apr-00
What are the differences between Logic Audio 3.5 and 4.0? 3 23-Apr-00
Help! 3 20-Apr-00
pentium III or athlon? 3 14-Apr-00
NO PRO TOOLS??? 1 05-Apr-00
Logic Audio and AMD chip 9 31-Mar-00
Books on Logic Platinum 1 31-Mar-00
Loigc Audio Mac and Rewire 1 29-Mar-00
Velocity Engine and Logic Audio? 2 07-Mar-00
Computer specs and logic performance... 5 27-Feb-00
understanding the logic enviroment? 2 17-Feb-00
help with recording logic effects needed!! 1 17-Feb-00
Sending a start command in logic 4? 1 10-Feb-00
Help with recording logic effects please!! 1 02-Feb-00
Help with quantising needed!! 5 30-Jan-00
Reading CD Audio into Logic 1 17-Jan-00
USB and the Logic dongle 5 16-Jan-00
Disabling features? 2 04-Jan-00
cyberlion.... Using a sequencer program on the 5300 powerbook (18-Dec-99) 2 18-Dec-99
2 13-Dec-99
Tight midi with Logic 4.0 on win95 4 03-Dec-99
Disabling high resolution timer? 1 01-Dec-99
annoying Markers....... 4 15-Nov-99
Plugins? 3 26-Oct-99
Logic 4.04 mixdown 5 25-Oct-99
Midi Setup problems... 2 07-Oct-99
4.0 zoomy-zoom.... 2 22-Sep-99
Sound Diver 2.08/Emu Audity 2000 Problem 1 01-Sep-99
Roland-Emagic - VS Series Logic 2 20-Aug-99
MIDI output on windows 3 11-Aug-99
Audio loops and Logic 3 27-Jul-99
Sysex handling in Logic for Windows 1 24-Jul-99
Which is better - Cakewalk or Logic Audio?? 1 16-Jul-99
anyone got 4.0 yet? 4 10-Jul-99
Audio track routing ..... 1 02-Jul-99
Logic or not? 7 25-Jun-99
PC setup for Logic Audio 1 13-Jun-99
Soft synths and Logic 2 31-May-99
4.0 Logic audio... 6 26-Apr-99
Logic Audio 4.0 !!! 2 26-Apr-99
Is it possible to run Logic Audio on a PowerBook G3? 2 14-Apr-99

Threads marked for FAQ in this topic Messages Last
Are there any other programs just like BEAT DETECTIVE?? 4 28-Nov-02
LOGIC AUDIO PLATINUM Question... 17 14-Jul-00
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