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Pump: Cakewalk (215 of 400 total discussions)  RSS Starter Messages Last
Instrument Definition Files THE spike 1 29-Dec-09 retail discount brand sweater and wintercoat 1 04-Sep-09 cheap wholesale nike adidas gucci prada lacoste dsquared puma shoes 1 08-Jul-09
philip613 1 25-Apr-09
velouria 1 30-May-08
Newbie Question... passedover 6 27-Jan-08
Cakewalk and Trinity AmbientFusion 2 18-Oct-06
benmate 1 20-Aug-06
Using Kurzweil PC88 with Windows XP gsvba 1 02-May-06
Program changes on 9pro RolandRich2 3 16-Mar-06
Sonar 5 zengomi 2 10-Dec-05
Biased forum! birdbrain 8 21-Jul-05
cakewalk and roland discover 5m ritchie1 1 29-Jun-05
um-1 JK_Downen 2 06-Jun-05
Cakewalk Kinetic fac 2 20-Mar-05
roland exr5 instrument definitions amber 1 11-Feb-05
Project-5 v2.0 fac 1 20-Jan-05
Sonar 1 and vsti/dxi tritonman 2 08-Dec-04
Sonar 3 abandons live users jimscheuer 4 05-Dec-04
Sonar 4 is Neato! Gonkulator 1 11-Oct-04
record bleedover curly1721 1 09-Sep-04
Instrument Definitions AEK 2 19-Jul-04
Help Choosing SW package? jkjelec2004 1 02-May-04
sonar3.1 wavelab integration exile_studio 1 16-Apr-04
YOUR DEMO WANTED midijim 5 06-Mar-04
Patches and Midi Channels oh my! AEK 4 13-Dec-03
another latent question birdbrain 4 26-Nov-03
midi how to send it RolandRich2 3 24-Oct-03
Sonar 3 fac 29 18-Oct-03
Sonar 2 and Roland XV5050 inst definitions jpwrunyan 1 18-Sep-03
Syncing Sonar and RS7000 Electrkj 2 11-Aug-03
upgrade from 9 to SONAR ? birdbrain 1 01-Aug-03
Force sonar2.0 to reload a plugin exile_studio 2 14-Jul-03
where can I download good soundfonts? juanf 3 14-Jul-03
Cakewalk sync to multiple ports -Tim- 17 08-Jul-03
Instrument Definition please! AEK 1 05-Jun-03
Sonar XL users please help arrivus 3 31-May-03
setting live MIDI input to go THRU to more than one channel/port?? merlinzen 1 23-May-03
No title AEK 1 20-May-03
pc interface birdbrain 5 23-Apr-03
SONAR Aux Send Question Lava 1 04-Apr-03
Sonar Sync as slave -Tim- 2 17-Mar-03
The Sonar (2.2) & ASIO thread fac 5 20-Feb-03
preset definitions Brewer 0 04-Feb-03
Anybody using Cyclone DXi? Freesoul 5 28-Jan-03
Finally! Sonar 2.2 will support ASIO drivers! fac 2 22-Jan-03
Sonar + Soundfonts dirtymike 3 08-Dec-02
Cakewalk 9 Problem ershin 1 19-Nov-02
T3 recording rodblood 3 05-Oct-02
sonar crashing guitarmanturnpenny 3 20-Sep-02
Need Midi Help ! beeweb 1 07-Sep-02
Home Studio 9 - Recording from a synthesizer... DJ-CDP 4 22-Aug-02
HArdware vs. software sequencing, rec drewspuppet 1 14-Aug-02
Just need the thing to work, help? Craigleist 2 08-Aug-02
Reason v2.0 AND Fruityloops 3.55 here 1 05-Aug-02
Cakewalk Home Studio??????????? ChiTownDj303 0 20-Jul-02
Cakewalk vs Reason psyco 3 17-Jul-02
DR-008 DXi and multiple audio outputs Lava 3 15-Jul-02
Cakewalk Instrument Files Extractor verdin 2 26-Jun-02
soundcards for cakewalk scoobear 3 23-Jun-02
sonar & MIDI synthonic 1 10-Jun-02
cakewalk midi settings... synthpop 3 06-Jun-02
laptop for sequencing synthpop 9 03-Jun-02
(((Sonar Effects Quality))) SpeckO 9 27-May-02
Help! Cakewalk 9 is boggin me down Digdug 2 24-May-02
((((((Sonar Effects quality))))))) SpeckO 2 06-May-02
Midisport 8x8 and Sonar rexmedia 1 17-Apr-02
Midiman Midisports DJL/DeadZone Studio 5 16-Apr-02
Old idiot intimidated by Sonar..... JD 7 26-Mar-02
pro audio 8.0 question synthonic 1 22-Mar-02
is sonar for mac? worlock 1 22-Mar-02
Playing and recording wave file problem aldern 3 20-Mar-02
Are they making a Friuty Loops for Mac? DrummerBoy 1 08-Mar-02
Sonar and multiple sound cards... t.o.t.s. 1 07-Mar-02
Can't move notes? WTF!!? plasmafarmer 2 26-Feb-02
looping noodelz 6 22-Feb-02
In--line sample editing+sequencing+midi-dump SadEnd 1 26-Jan-02
Cakewalk 9.0 and Sonar jbvjr1 8 25-Jan-02
cw9.0 can`t here sound while recording noodelz 9 16-Jan-02
Sonar & DX Lantecy spacehelmet 10 01-Jan-02
Help w/ Midi Dumping.. Omni8 1 31-Dec-01
Basic Staff Editing Questions pluviosilla 3 12-Nov-01
Can Sonar accept VST plugins?? anointed2 5 11-Nov-01
StudioWare yagupop 1 08-Nov-01
multi-tracking on cakewalk Rogue 2 04-Nov-01
Having DAW trouble... Lava 1 01-Nov-01
A difference between Vegas and SONAR... Lava 1 27-Oct-01
Can Cakewalk be used for ASR-10? If so...How? laphoenix 2 20-Oct-01
CAL tutorial fac 1 15-Oct-01
CWPA8 mixdown Anonymous 2 13-Oct-01
tassman installation on sonarxl gammra 1 03-Oct-01
Writing .ins files! Gwot 1 02-Oct-01
editing wavs i86i11 7 28-Sep-01
instrument definitions msrstudios1 2 16-Sep-01
HAving problem with *BANKS* and JV-1010 in Cakewalk EccoStorm 1 15-Sep-01
Fruity loops! fruityman 1 13-Sep-01
Sequencing novice with few questions headtequila 6 23-Aug-01
WinME, Cakewalk 9 and Sblive? 6 23-Aug-01
KORG TRITON SAMPLES ON CD! dopedrumz 2 15-Aug-01
Cubase vs. Cakewalk - Please, no holy war! mumeh 25 09-Aug-01
Problem with Cakewalk & Roland XP30 Namesite 1 28-Jul-01
No title Digdug 5 20-Jul-01
Sonar audio dropouts 10 07-Jul-01
32 midi channels?? thelonious 3 05-Jul-01
Can Cakewalk control a softsynth w/only 1 SBLive card? c.bill 1 01-Jul-01
Sonar with MOTU 828... rusty01 1 20-Jun-01
WDM Audio solutions for Laptop running sonar?? 1 12-Jun-01
sonar or Acid 3.0 ??? compelling arguments please. I'm going to purchase one of these with your help 1 26-May-01
plug in's 1 26-May-01
How solid is SONAR? 9 18-May-01
Linux IS the future!!!!! 2 17-May-01
Anyone have Sonar? Would like to discuss and share ideas... 2 17-May-01
wave editing in Sonar 16 16-May-01
No title 4 04-May-01
wave wditing in Sonar 0 02-May-01
Cubase or Cakewalk, whats the big deal? 7 30-Apr-01
Any MIDI-imporments in Sonar? 6 26-Apr-01
No title 1 26-Apr-01
Does Pro Audio 9 support vst 2 24-Apr-01
Does Pro Audio 9 support vst 0 24-Apr-01
soft+add ware 0 22-Apr-01
KORG tr-rack i need the cakewalk instrument def file. please 1 13-Apr-01
Sonar is shipping chertzy 1 31-Mar-01
Synchronizing my Yamaha PSR-280 with my PC RAH 1 30-Mar-01
bad midi timing curtis chip 7 27-Mar-01
Does cakewalk have gates? thirdeye 1 23-Feb-01
korg er1 instrument definition RadHHDarr 4 23-Feb-01
roland D50 - steeeeling all midi channels... 2nd_cmd_Marty 10 16-Feb-01
Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.0 and Alesis QSR!!!! bjdj45 1 10-Feb-01
INS File for EMU XL1 Frazz 2 30-Jan-01
Massive slowdown with Cakewalk LSC 4 29-Jan-01
Sonar is out chertzy 4 24-Jan-01
opening .syx and.sit files deank0804 1 19-Jan-01
Audio timing in CW 8, why does it stretch 3 17-Jan-01
Cakewalk & Trinity jaykris 3 11-Jan-01
Important!!!!! 4 02-Jan-01
Cakewalk 9 and The Roland JP 8080 3 20-Dec-00
midi fx 2 19-Dec-00
What Is Going to be in Cakewalk 10? 4 19-Dec-00
I have Cakewalk PRO 6... is 9 worth getting? 8 14-Dec-00
Sync Cakewalk and Cool Edit Pro (in a guillemot ISIS) 1 03-Dec-00
does anyone Know how to slave external sequencers to pro audio 9? 4 23-Nov-00
how do I tell cakewalk to split keyboard? 1 04-Nov-00
Event Monitors- What am I doing wrong 1 03-Nov-00
Help! I need an .INS file for my DX7 2 31-Oct-00
Korg X3 Bank Assign Mixups 1 29-Oct-00
.ins files 2 27-Oct-00
Cakewalk and Event Gina 8 23-Oct-00
Can cakewalk change a patch 2 15-Oct-00
Cakewalk question 4 14-Oct-00
.bun files 4 03-Oct-00
stupid little drum marks. 16 25-Sep-00
howcome cakewalk plays the same patch for every track??? 10 25-Sep-00
Roland MC-303 ins. file 1 22-Sep-00
djx midi problem 6 17-Sep-00
Piano Roll view problem 6 17-Sep-00
CW 8 and SB live! timing 5 17-Sep-00
Sync? 4 25-Aug-00
Strange scrolling problem 2 11-Aug-00
Softsynths 10 11-Aug-00
Cakewalk INS for Supernova... 2 04-Aug-00
Desperately looking for virtual piano 3 11-Jul-00
Pro Audio V7.0 Question 3 16-Jun-00
Please help if you use an XP-60/80 with Cakewalk... 1 12-May-00
Audio Devices Not Showing Up 5 09-May-00
portamento in cakewalk? 2 07-May-00
Controlling faders without a mouse 7 27-Apr-00
Help! Converting MIDI to Audio... 4 25-Apr-00
NO PRO TOOLS??? 1 05-Apr-00
Why can Cakewalk not be copied/burnt ? 6 27-Mar-00
sound drivers for cakewalk 1 25-Mar-00
Which is better - Pro Tools or MixMan? 3 18-Mar-00
recording 2 16-Mar-00
Cakewalk Pro 8 4 08-Mar-00
Roland EG101 or Yamaha DJX 1 07-Mar-00
Metro SE 2 01-Mar-00
CS6x Instrument definition 1 29-Jan-00
Sequencing on a Laptop..Who's got suggestions? 3 27-Jan-00
Another question..writing XoX style beats on a comp. sequencer..what program?? 1 24-Jan-00
Recommend a MIDI setup 7 14-Jan-00
DSP factory 1 12-Jan-00
Cakewalk Rm1x INS file 1 19-Dec-99
Pro Audio 9 4 11-Dec-99
Best DirectX effects plug in? 6 03-Dec-99
Failed to open document? 3 16-Nov-99
Cake walk 8.0 kinda buggy? 5 28-Oct-99
I need help sequencing my Prophecy, sound card, and Rebirth 1 05-Oct-99
what's the best control surface? 4 28-Sep-99
Which is better - Cakewalk or Logic Audio?? 5 22-Sep-99
CS2x/AN1x 2 06-Sep-99
Cakewalk Drivers for Alesis QS8? 2 28-Aug-99
Cakewalk INS for the Roland R8 MkII 1 26-Aug-99
Cakewalk & MX8 Midipatchbay Question... 1 23-Aug-99
Looking for an Instrument Definition for... 1 19-Aug-99
Be a Hero 4 14-Aug-99
Sorta a Cakewalk Question... 13 10-Aug-99
Drum Editor Options 3 28-Jul-99
Cakewalk Links??? 1 28-Jul-99
Cakewalk and TR-Rack 3 14-Jul-99
64ths using pro audio 8 2 14-Jul-99
Juno-106 instrument definition needed 1 26-Jun-99
Soundcard output 3 20-Jun-99
Audio MUTE is slow 7 31-May-99
Cake 8.04 and Rebirth 338 2 27-May-99
Programming 64th notes using step-time? 2 26-May-99
audio pops 2 26-May-99
Audio playback stops - help needed 8 19-Apr-99
Cakewalk sequencer going out of sync while in loop mode 8 13-Apr-99
Disk File Management Anonymous 2 04-Apr-99
Cakewalk with AWE64 Value problems Anonymous 1 03-Apr-99

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Newbie Question... 6 27-Jan-08
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