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Pump: FX (447 of 632 total discussions)  RSS Starter Messages Last
HumBox VM1 bobshepard 1 05-Feb-09
Digitech V300 vs TC Electronics M350 loneranger.02 1 12-Jul-08
Boss SE50 Alexandro 1 04-Dec-07
Old School Samplers....what's good for drums? fuqface 13 15-Sep-06
Lexicon LXP-1 Repair Needed Mini-Freak 4 03-Sep-06
Hello everyone...input needed. JohnNyC 28 15-Jun-06
Sony dps-v77 & dps-r7 grenham 4 08-Feb-06
Lexicon LXP-1 Mini-Freak 1 28-Oct-05
techno setup (idears for wild effects) ChrisCraft 5 23-Oct-05
VST FX pluggins lc 17 30-Mar-05
Ursa Major Space Station anyone? dj_calyx 5 06-Mar-05
Roumor/Mangler optinone 2 13-Feb-05
so... anyone know where to get parts for Deltalab delays? Spectralab 5 08-Feb-05
Eventide 2016 Princeton Reverb The Real MC 13 08-Feb-05
name your favorite DEDICATED digital delays Spectralab 47 03-Feb-05
delay/repeater, analog or digital? Oberheim, Electrix dj_calyx 5 21-Dec-04
Pitch shifting es336td 2 20-Nov-04
How does the pitch shifter work ? mysterio 2 16-Nov-04
Digital Racks VS Analog Pedals 6 10-Nov-04
compressors xsxs 19 15-Oct-04
opinions on Korg SDD-3300 Spectralab 35 29-Sep-04
Battery for Alesis Quadraverb 2 dodecahedron 1 23-Sep-04
"Paranoid Android" final solo mysterio 8 15-Sep-04
Roland srv-330 floe-moe 2 07-Sep-04
Cher "Believe", Daft Punk "One more time", vocal effect ? mysterio 3 26-Aug-04
tube compressor for distortion? 2pulse 21 19-Jul-04
Albert: why exactly did you ditch your L2 ultramaximizer? Androne 7 02-Jul-04
groundbreaking EQ right thru time 3 30-May-04
Ultrabass / bass enhancers shelfman 2 27-May-04
Freeware VST FX for PC exponent_cj 2 22-Apr-04
Albert--Was that your Mangler on Ebay??? DJ Don 3 16-Apr-04
pcm-81 schism 17 24-Mar-04
powercore element schism 4 21-Mar-04
question for Albert: Rumour vs. M-2000 Spectralab 54 13-Feb-04
There is so little effecting going on i post a link. Ison 2 11-Feb-04
filter effects pud_mack 9 11-Jan-04
Suggestion for buying a small FX or multiFX pirulo 18 18-Dec-03
How to: voice recording with reverb and no mixer? Androne 2 06-Dec-03
begginers-principiantes pirulo 5 05-Dec-03
Lexicon PCM81 or PCM91 Androne 3 02-Dec-03
Sony DPS-V77 new user Antimatter 9 02-Nov-03
ksp8 hexfix93 26 29-Oct-03
DIY tape delay edjwise 2 24-Oct-03
Eclipse OS 2.5 released Gonkulator 1 22-Oct-03
what are the best analog fx? hexfix93 11 21-Oct-03
FX unit recommendations.. inocybe 14 16-Oct-03
pcm60 rpieket 1 16-Oct-03
No title chlorinedream 1 30-Sep-03
best compressor for BD,SD,BASS,HIP HOP drbeat 13 25-Sep-03
What high quality reverb should I rent? emulator 21 22-Sep-03
Eventide discussion thread Archetypo 5 10-Sep-03
Roland DEP 5 opinions please hv909 7 28-Aug-03
schults compact phasing A zipo 3 28-Jul-03
best reverb delon 3 27-Jul-03
TC Electronic Reverb 4000 rpieket 12 10-Jul-03
Boss v-wah fishjaco 1 30-Jun-03
The Best Low-Priced Multi-FX Processor oatbran71 13 28-Jun-03
alesis modfx n0303 3 19-May-03
classic nonlinear reverb echowind 16 19-May-03
Anyone using a Sony DPS v77? mchimes 4 17-May-03
Lexicon mpx 200 problem racingroom 12 08-May-03
classic sounding flange/chorus/phase machinapathy 7 04-May-03
From the ashes of Joemeek.... Wild Jagd 11 24-Apr-03
Waves 4.0 Gonkulator 1 16-Apr-03
the new frostwave thingy machinapathy 3 06-Apr-03
Ursa Major 8x32 echowind 2 02-Apr-03
Multivox MXD-5 Analog Echo machinapathy 1 22-Mar-03
Lexicon 200,224 echowind 13 14-Mar-03
Electro Harmonix Q-Tron fac 9 07-Mar-03
friend rpieket 3 27-Feb-03
I have a few questions to anyone out there who owns the EL8 Distressor dkranz 1 25-Feb-03
Lexicon MPX100 Wall Transformer Cerebral Infect 2 19-Feb-03
Eclipse OS 2.0 available Gonkulator 5 14-Feb-03
flexible (speed modulatable) delay machinapathy 5 04-Feb-03
new t.c. gear Spectralab 14 25-Jan-03
Analog Phaser in rackmount Bullring Brummie 6 23-Jan-03
Reverb: hardware or plugin Kens 20 09-Jan-03
An embarrassingly stupid question about the Yamaha EMP100 effects box Plastic Pulse 2 03-Jan-03
looking for a TC electronics 2290 delay zipo 3 29-Dec-02
What would be the most ideal compressor to use with the Tr 909 jerry1 7 25-Dec-02
Recommend a rackmount processor? machine101 4 18-Dec-02
talk to me about the SX-700 Spectralab 8 18-Dec-02
SRV-3030 vs MPX550... rpieket 10 15-Dec-02
SRV 3030D any good? Archetypo 10 13-Dec-02
fireworx vs. m-2000 24-bit schism 5 11-Dec-02
anyone tried the M300 yet? Spectralab 4 11-Dec-02
RE 201 Space Echo, or other? Archetypo 7 08-Dec-02
quiet (not noisey) heavy stereo distortion? machinapathy 4 23-Nov-02
Valve Compressor Opinions Please CC 7 22-Nov-02
AKG ADR68K echowind 1 18-Nov-02
Effects Anthology? Mr Andersen 4 18-Nov-02
To those that recently bought an Echo Pro--what do you think? DJ Don 15 11-Nov-02
Cool half rack FX boxes beside Boss VF-1? exuviae 6 05-Nov-02
Cool half rack FX boxes beside Boss VF-1? exuviae 0 31-Oct-02
dps-v77 difficulties johnnie red 4 29-Oct-02
ADL tube direct box Albert 9 25-Oct-02
dps-v77 manual johnnie red 3 23-Oct-02
No title rapture8 0 18-Oct-02
No title rapture8 0 18-Oct-02
FX arrangement speedDevil 13 15-Oct-02
Antares or Steinberg Voicemachine Kens 4 14-Oct-02
FX and Midi speedDevil 3 14-Oct-02
Plugzilla speedDevil 4 12-Oct-02
A used Orville for < 3000$, nice deal? magura 12 12-Oct-02
Princeton Digital Reverb 2016 rpieket 2 12-Oct-02
don't look now... Spectralab 18 12-Oct-02
Mutronics Mutator Mr.Ron 4 11-Oct-02
kdfx-lexicon sdp 38 10-Oct-02
Akai S2000 Reverb HELP!!!! addinquir 1 30-Sep-02
FX in Reaktor Lava 1 30-Sep-02
Short question about the D-Two. rpieket 1 25-Sep-02
Midi Sync Delay Gothicindustrial 11 24-Sep-02
Eventide Eclipse stoutlyric 7 09-Sep-02
PCM80/81 What's the difference between them? Clifford 21 09-Sep-02
Line 6 Pro rack effects johnnie red 27 24-Aug-02
new analog guitar synth for cheap Jiggity 1 22-Aug-02
Best budget multieffect? jata 17 22-Aug-02
Looking forward to the Joemeek Fathead? z-ko 1 18-Aug-02
Best budget Compressor/Gate digiphallus 8 14-Aug-02
PCM-80 on HC for $750! Spectralab 1 12-Aug-02
No title Spectralab 1 12-Aug-02
No title Spectralab 1 12-Aug-02
No title Spectralab 0 12-Aug-02
Bad, M-One! Bad! pook187 6 12-Aug-02
Digitech Vocalist Workstation EX Luk 1 02-Aug-02
Best vintage rack effects LO Tech 7 26-Jul-02
Great deals on FX.... schism 25 18-Jul-02
Symetrix SE-400 Equalizer? z-ko 2 06-Jul-02
Your FX Processor Top 5 Decoy 65 03-Jul-02
Stereo FX snappar 7 02-Jul-02
CC7 control for MPX 1 mindcurve 2 27-Jun-02
New Alesis FX units jameshays 2 26-Jun-02
Focusrite compounder? STicKX 2 21-Jun-02
FX Unit comparison at HC speedDevil 5 15-Jun-02
Lexicon dilemma... Spectralab 10 15-Jun-02
How do you add enhancers, maximizers to your mix? cornboy 3 14-Jun-02
What's so special about the Fireworx??? Clifford 25 11-Jun-02
Eclipse OS update Gonkulator 2 23-May-02
Which Vocal Processor Luk 1 15-May-02
Sony DPS-V55/Ensoniq Dp-Pro Next Step? PWM 1 14-May-02
Anthony DeMaria Labs Spectralab 3 14-May-02
High quality low price FX unit for SALE jpeg 1 12-May-02
Are the expensive efx THAT much better? Archetypo 26 07-May-02
MOTU 828 with external fx box avonrepus 4 06-May-02
Ensoniq: DP Pro vs DP-x Spectralab 8 04-May-02
Vocal Effects advice... White Riot 4 01-May-02
Hot Sex! - can i have some advice on getting a vocal effects unit dudes? White Riot 1 01-May-02
Best FX for the $$ jamesbondmcm 3 29-Apr-02
Favorite FX rack/pedal, and why. Texas Noise Factory 23 26-Apr-02
TC M5000 - Thoughts? Gonkulator 6 21-Apr-02
Gates STicKX 4 17-Apr-02
DPS-V77 tortoise 2 16-Apr-02
ADVICE needed: TC Helicon Voice Prism - is it worth it? Androne 4 15-Apr-02
Has anybody updated the OS in their Boss VF-1? Lava 1 12-Apr-02
Internal FX in Mixers Gothicindustrial 11 12-Apr-02
I have no mouth and I must scream [FX advice needed]] Mr.Ron 5 10-Apr-02
I have no mouth and I must scream [FX advice needed]] Mr.Ron 0 09-Apr-02
No title hiam sadan 1 28-Mar-02
Removing echo/ removing reverb? ion 36 28-Mar-02
MultiChannel FX subhuman 8 27-Mar-02
Advice needed: TCE M5000 or M3000+finalizer? Androne 8 23-Mar-02
Tips on using the M3000 at its best Androne 7 21-Mar-02
Need advice on FX... iamgrant 22 18-Mar-02
Roland 1988: E-660 miccom 7 16-Mar-02
Fireworx problems s3ulpt15r 6 15-Mar-02
Which hardware reverb sounds closest to Waves TrueVerb? echowind 1 14-Mar-02
Reverb Shootout - PCM91 - M3000 - etc subhuman 15 12-Mar-02
unusual effects processors...? mobius 39 09-Mar-02
Sony DPS-V77 Setup subhuman 5 08-Mar-02
FX and patchbays s3ulpt15r 14 06-Mar-02
V77 again... Spectralab 30 26-Feb-02
FX routing question zod 3 25-Feb-02
What does 'INV MIX' mean? Yonny 4 23-Feb-02
i am looking for a fx unit who sounds like the one in the polymorph from quasimidi soviet-pop 13 20-Feb-02
Which One Should I Keep? Kestral 42 20-Feb-02
Multi Channel FX? spec 10 14-Feb-02
Good Value Multi FX Unit Gothicindustrial 5 13-Feb-02
1/2 rack spring reverbs? Operator 9 12-Feb-02
V77 bananas... miccom 20 07-Feb-02
wondering about these Roland FX units: Spectralab 8 03-Feb-02
expresssion, control pedals, rotary speed for my electro thisonevice 2 24-Jan-02
No title Riddle 4 22-Jan-02
Vintage Tape Delay Maintenance nematod 1 22-Jan-02
for Ambient and general sound-shaping: miccom 39 19-Jan-02
Two pedals to compare please... DJ Don 7 17-Jan-02
phat sound - how to get pingomatic 4 16-Jan-02
midi controllable FX estevan 2 12-Jan-02
your thoughts on the kaos pad... TEKNOID 12 10-Jan-02
Eventide H3000 echowind 11 07-Jan-02
What's your desert Island effects processor? machinapathy 18 06-Jan-02
freekwnzy zftrs? 3vcos 14 05-Jan-02
SRV-3030 l'es chupacabra 47 04-Jan-02
Using Lexicon MPX-500 as an A/D conv? galaxis 1 04-Jan-02
Boss GT-6 vs. GT-3? chlorinedream 2 03-Jan-02
GRM Tools Spectralab 6 29-Dec-01
Any effect pedal useres here? sub city 13 19-Dec-01
mackie cfx mixer fizztech 2 11-Dec-01
Behringer processors? serpent 6 28-Nov-01
Good Reverb/Multi FX Under $400? normal 10 24-Nov-01
Tape Echo Simulators Lotic 1 20-Nov-01
Desert Island effects--Part 2 Albert 9 18-Nov-01
Sony DPS-V77 Battery Change aeon 16 11-Nov-01
where can I buy a JBL/Urei 7110? machinapathy 6 10-Nov-01
Best Compressor? pharus2 14 02-Nov-01
Info on LXP-15/PCM-80/PCM-70/PCM-90 Mr Andersen 5 01-Nov-01
Info on SPX-1000/SPX-990 Mr Andersen 2 31-Oct-01
PreSonus ACP88 8-channel compressor Operator 4 24-Oct-01
Lexicon MPX100 STicKX 6 23-Oct-01
TC D-Two Jonl 8 22-Oct-01
m2000 patches available?? logreybeam 5 20-Oct-01
effects to re-improve recordings democ 4 20-Oct-01
lofi effects without noize machinapathy 20 20-Oct-01
POD DL4 vs delays in multiFX olafmol 3 18-Oct-01
Line6 Echo Pro Operator 1 16-Oct-01
good PCM-81 prices at zZounds! Spectralab 8 15-Oct-01
What's a reasonable price for a new Electrix Filter Queen? fac 4 13-Oct-01
Sony dsp-v55 vs Ensoniq dp/4 vs Lexicon mpx500 PWM 7 13-Oct-01
Battle of the 4-input FX units Operator 9 12-Oct-01
Antares Autotune Rack--$499 a good deal? Chlorine-dream 4 09-Oct-01
Okay, if I've got the following...: Anonymous 8 09-Oct-01
Does the SE-50 have analog circuitry inside? Operator 15 04-Oct-01
Which FX unit is a stand-alone from the SP-808? Lith 2 04-Oct-01
Behringer Tube Composer.. worth buying? Room6 8 04-Oct-01
Sony DPS-V55 or Lexicon MPX-500? pook187 11 02-Oct-01
Digitech studio 400 digital expansion spacecase 8 02-Oct-01
Compressor, Limiter, What to tame resonance. l'es chupacabra 6 02-Oct-01
Sequential Pro~FX wanderer 6 30-Sep-01
midi delay rack unit? Anonymous 12 20-Sep-01
stupid question for the TC afficionados (U know who U R) Spectralab 29 20-Sep-01
Anyone know what a PCM-70 goes for these days? Spectralab 131 18-Sep-01
Sony DPS-V77 Info for Spectralab 42 18-Sep-01
midi delay rack unit? Anonymous 0 16-Sep-01
Analog FX still in production kybernetik 20 13-Sep-01
filter factory Anonymous 14 11-Sep-01
cheap effects proccessor? 3001 47 02-Sep-01
OK! It's Sept. 1st! Someone said that Chameleon unit was out in Sept. Is it? Spectralab 3 02-Sep-01
TC M-One vs. Sony DPS-V55... pook187 16 02-Sep-01
Lexicon MPX-100/500 Article aeon 3 28-Aug-01
Whats a good effects box ketadream 8 17-Aug-01
Ensoniq DP Pro or Lexicon MPX200? CoolColJ 6 11-Aug-01
Ensoniq DP 2 mikol 2 09-Aug-01
Delay unit - which? miccom 33 03-Aug-01
Anyone know a good FX unit? cheesecake 34 30-Jul-01
Anyone know what a PCM-70 goes for these days? Anonymous 1 29-Jul-01
PCM-81 question Spectralab 7 25-Jul-01
Effects loops & Zoom 9010 mgermani 2 13-Jul-01
Just got a Warp Factory---no manual pud_mack 5 06-Jul-01
Fireworx vs. Eventide GTR-4000 Chlorine-dream 5 01-Jul-01
Fireworx Anonymous 0 30-Jun-01
eclipse Anonymous 14 29-Jun-01
Best $200 FX Unit 10 20-Jun-01
TC M3000 owners please advise me 26 17-Jun-01
Best $200 FX Unit 0 16-Jun-01
Best brand of patch bay? 14 16-Jun-01
roland space echo felt pad fix/replace? 1 13-Jun-01
What do you guys think of the M-ONE by TC Electronics or the FAT MAN by HHB?? 9 11-Jun-01
Urei la-22? 4 08-Jun-01
FireworX and D-Two questions 12 01-Jun-01
New Eventide Eclipse--is this the one to get? 27 31-May-01
ensoniq dp/4 vs dp4/+ 1 31-May-01
Anyone tried that Chameleon unit yet? 8 24-May-01
lem fx-24 1 21-May-01
My reverbs on the way... 4 16-May-01
Which Ring Modulator? rpieket 11 10-May-01
Noisy MPX-500 3 10-May-01
Which reverb for "main use"? DJL/DeadZone Studio 10 06-May-01
Magician 0 05-May-01
Lexicon MPX200 2 25-Apr-01
bass effects 1 24-Apr-01
I hate high-quality fx 28 23-Apr-01
Vintage Effects 1 22-Apr-01
guitar FX for synths? 5 19-Apr-01
H&K Replex 4 19-Apr-01
mpx-1 vs m-one 3 18-Apr-01
Lexicon MPX-500 software update 1 13-Apr-01
In need of a doppler FX charles 20 11-Apr-01
BOSS VT-1. Is it worth the money? Techno Punk 3 06-Apr-01
Compressor? pharus2 6 05-Apr-01
Help...Distortion in a rack? 4 05-Apr-01
Eventide Eclipse Spectralab 6 04-Apr-01
BOSS VF-1? kamiel 7 04-Apr-01
Help...Distortion Processor? 6 04-Apr-01
Help me make a decision: H3000 or FireworX? 1 04-Apr-01
Tc Helicon??? Chemical Christ 2 03-Apr-01
Multi FX unit info / PAiA aurastar 3 03-Apr-01
dub and reggae delays Anonymous 1 30-Mar-01
Tape delay question 3001 5 30-Mar-01
Behringer gates XR2000 & XR4400 , worth anything? Metatron 1 29-Mar-01
electrix filterfactory 2 27-Mar-01
Johnson Amplifacation J-12 DrKurv 1 26-Mar-01
Vocal Processor Help... Chemical Christ 11 25-Mar-01
Digitech DSP 256 factory reset Logik 1 25-Mar-01
Electrix opinions trique 8 20-Mar-01
what efx make music sound psychadelic Atus 10 15-Mar-01
SUBHARMONICS??????? rdm 2 14-Mar-01
Good delay with lots of control and time Metatron 14 10-Mar-01
Hardware vs Software FX Gonkulator 12 04-Mar-01
TC Electronic Triple C Metatron 3 01-Mar-01
PreSonus ACP88? Night3333 1 20-Feb-01
TC M-One VS Lexicon MPX-1... Riddle 13 20-Feb-01
SPL Transient Designer- Opinions Rowboffin 13 14-Feb-01
10 days left to participate... Bee1 1 13-Feb-01
Noise Gate - MultiFX jpotter 7 13-Feb-01
dbx 900 series rack syd 2 11-Feb-01
Favorite FX for Vintage Gear T9 15 09-Feb-01
Opinions of LPX-15 please? alto 4 27-Jan-01
TC Works PowerCore DSP Card 3 26-Jan-01
Sony DPSV55 multi-effects Jonl 1 24-Jan-01
good external multi effects unit vs. onboard work station effects? 4 15-Jan-01
kawai ry4 any info? syntax 1 14-Jan-01
drumnbass shagz 2 11-Jan-01
Carvin Jonl 1 08-Jan-01
SPX 1000 versus SPX 900 3 08-Jan-01
A.R.T multiverb III any info???? inocybe 1 08-Jan-01
Line 6 Modeller stomp-boxes 5 07-Jan-01
Big Question of the FX Unit kind!! 17 03-Jan-01
Electrix Filter Factory 6 30-Dec-00
Best reverb for the job 25 27-Dec-00
Opinions of the Behringer T1951? 2 25-Dec-00
KORG AX100G or AX1000G aux input quality? 1 22-Dec-00
Hands on FX boxes 16 20-Dec-00
hardware or software FX?pros, cons? 5 18-Dec-00
really messed up effects 6 14-Dec-00
Ongoing battle with reverb 9 12-Dec-00
i want to make a whole song "underwater" 13 27-Nov-00
a little cool thing 6 25-Nov-00
Sonic Maximizer Revisited 6 18-Nov-00
Lexicon MPX1 6 05-Nov-00
BBE 422 Sonic Maximizer 8 04-Nov-00
Electrix Mo-FX 1 03-Nov-00
korg dl8000r 2 02-Nov-00
TC Electronics D.Two 7 25-Oct-00
TC Electronics M.One 18 21-Oct-00
Akai Headrush vs. EH Memory Man 6 17-Oct-00
Spring Reverb 3 06-Oct-00
Good Studio EQ 5 05-Oct-00
cleaning Lexicon Lxp pots.... 2 02-Oct-00
Quasimidi 309 as FX proc 1 26-Sep-00
MPX1 noisy?? mine is.. 10 24-Sep-00
digitech studioquad 3 24-Sep-00
Triple C compressor is out.. 2 22-Sep-00
Is the vocoder on the Boss-SE-50 really crappy, or am I doing something wrong? 5 20-Sep-00
Best Pedal F/X 19 19-Sep-00
Have any lucky people actually *heard* the RFX yet? 2 15-Sep-00
Compressor 8 07-Sep-00
E6400 sampler as multiefx 2 30-Aug-00
Legendary Effect units 1 29-Aug-00
1 29-Aug-00
1 29-Aug-00
What do fx processors do? I 8 23-Aug-00
behringer or digitech 4 10-Aug-00
Alesis Nanoverb any good? 3 09-Aug-00
BINSON ECHOREC Manuals HELP!! 2 04-Aug-00
metallic effect fer vocals 9 01-Aug-00
Compressor Settings 6 01-Aug-00
Compressor Short List 28 23-Jul-00
TC Fireworx 2 18-Jul-00
Nice Delay Unit 4 13-Jul-00
Art FX1 vs. Alesis Nanoverb 3 10-Jul-00
Can't get my BOSS SE-50 to permanently erase the previous user's presets 2 04-Jul-00
Bass POD 4 03-Jul-00
RNC 13 30-Jun-00
Digitech vocalist, any good? 3 22-Jun-00
Line 6 Pod with keyboards? 13 19-Jun-00
Darth Vader 22 05-Jun-00
Knobby F/X 2 05-Jun-00
2 14-May-00
ElectroHarmonix Experts Needed 14 13-May-00
suggestions on frequency analyzer? 3 08-May-00
Lexicon MPX-500 6 02-May-00
How to make your breaks sound natural! 3 01-May-00
Line level distortion effects? 3 01-May-00
DeltaLabs Effectron 2 27-Apr-00
Boss VF-1 10 26-Apr-00
Zoom RFX-2000 8 25-Apr-00
Step Phase Clicking 12 13-Apr-00
Electric Factory stuff 3 05-Apr-00
Anybody here have an opinion on the TC Fireworx? 5 31-Mar-00
Need 3rd Party Logic Audio Platinum FX's 1 26-Mar-00
Talking effects?? 9 14-Mar-00
Oberheim GM 400??? 1 14-Mar-00
Yamaha SPX1000 what is the point? 3 02-Mar-00
RNC compressors in Norway(finally!) 1 01-Mar-00
setting the delay times on an MPX 100 3 15-Feb-00
What (budget) compressor? 11 08-Feb-00
MPX-500 vs M-ONE vs SRV-3030 vs... 2 26-Jan-00
De-essing via software 2 21-Jan-00
Electrix Warp Factory 1 18-Jan-00
DoD Votec 1 18-Jan-00
Rockman half-racks 1 17-Jan-00
Zoom Rfx 2000? 1 17-Jan-00
Boss SE50 reset? 3 15-Jan-00
Budget studio prioritization 18 10-Jan-00
Best preamp in the world 7 09-Jan-00
Radio Compression 16 09-Jan-00
Envelope follower schematics 4 20-Dec-99
Good multieffects box w/resonant filter? 7 14-Dec-99
Boss SE-50 and SE-70 Anonymous 4 13-Dec-99
MPX-100 Tap Tempo 2 07-Dec-99
Decent Reverb 33 06-Dec-99
Boss SE-50 6 01-Dec-99
a reasobaly priced compressor 2 19-Nov-99
Zoom 500 series pedals 1 13-Nov-99
Proper use of Compression 3 28-Oct-99
ZOOM1201 for vocoder fx ? 7 27-Oct-99
Univox EC80 4 14-Oct-99
Sony DPS-V55 opinions 3 14-Oct-99 what?! 21 07-Oct-99
Q-Tron 5 21-Sep-99
Zoom1201 vs. Modulizer/Virtulizer 1 20-Sep-99
q20 vs fireworx 3 16-Sep-99
Affordable Lexicon gear 9 28-Aug-99
ultraverb II 2 26-Aug-99
Best compressor for TV 4 25-Aug-99
FX processor for nord 1 25-Aug-99
newbie fx stuff 2 16-Aug-99
Ever heard of a Paia Synthespin?? 5 06-Aug-99
Yamaha R1000 2 04-Aug-99
nanoverb? 9 02-Aug-99
TC M2000 Vs Lex MPX1 vs DP4 21 28-Jul-99
Filter F/X 9 27-Jul-99
FMR Compressor 6 23-Jul-99
digitech studio quad v2 4 14-Jul-99
Robotic Voice effect 6 11-Jul-99
Distortion is good... 4 30-Jun-99
Substitute Space Echo? 2 30-Jun-99
Digitech Studio Quad V2 1 29-Jun-99
sick effects 37 28-Jun-99
"Advanced" multifx 2 28-Jun-99
Guitar Pedals 5 27-Jun-99
Drawmer M500 any good? 1 24-Jun-99
Roland SRV-3030 5 18-Jun-99
Tape Delays 5 12-Jun-99
Compression on...? 2 09-Jun-99
FX-machine for live use(Tap-tempo , knobs etc.)? 21 08-Jun-99
Which Compressor?? 11 07-Jun-99
alesis MIDIVerbs (1-4) 2 06-Jun-99
a cheap delay unit? 3 29-May-99
Nanocompressor or what? 6 25-May-99
sampling the BBE process.............. 7 15-May-99
Digitech Studio 400 2 11-May-99
Waldorf 4 pole manual........... 2 04-May-99
yamaha spx-90 2 27-Apr-99
what is the best effect for making some cool noises with when given it's own mixerinput? 8 19-Apr-99
How do I reset the BOSS SE-50 to it's factory settings? 13 15-Apr-99
bugs in early DP/4s?? 5 15-Apr-99
303 FX 1 09-Apr-99

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your thoughts on the kaos pad... 12 10-Jan-02
GRM Tools 6 29-Dec-01
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