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Pump: Mixing (370 of 610 total discussions)  RSS Starter Messages Last
Manual for Studiomaster Mixdown Classic 8 24ch wanted urgently Larry G 5 02-Jul-10
manual for studiomaster 16-3 wanted myars 1 04-Feb-10 offer discount fashion shoes ,clothing,brand bag,hangbag and purse 1 08-Jul-09
dbx quantum saving presets michael77 1 02-Jun-09
philip613 1 25-Apr-09
Mixing desk choice help pehching 2 07-Dec-08
Tips for Mastering a Live Show? Night Spirit 1 25-Jun-08
zvmusic 1 11-Apr-08
o1v how you can actually do a key in on the stereo out davo1 1 22-Mar-08
buffmarley 1 29-Nov-07
New Website to Offer Premium Quality Online Audio Engineering Services 1 14-Oct-07
fairlight daisy1 1 06-Sep-07
Da7 adat card substitute/ interchange ? Eyesquone 1 10-Mar-07
Digitial mixer and midi RolandRich2 7 23-Feb-07
Which mixer Spirit E8 or EPM8 would be better for my setup? ESwerve 4 18-Oct-06
sweepable mids? Chris McMasters 2 03-Sep-06
making sounds fit together keving 2 20-Aug-06
Podcast: Sonicstate TALK 001 nick@sonic 11 06-Jul-06
Selling the SidStation Jiggity 22 16-Jun-06
Studiomaster pro 16-3 manual golden ears 1 04-May-06
Phonic Mixer for laptop J Zero 1 04-Aug-05
How is the Behringer UB1202 Eurorack 12 Input Mixer for a Home Studio? ESwerve 6 10-Jul-05
Yamaha MG16/6......Help Razzlesnaz 5 02-Jun-05
Joemeek mq1 philmchugh258 2 10-Mar-05
suggestions for buying a small mixing board JuJay16 29 26-Jan-05
Are Allen and Heath dj_calyx 4 12-Jan-05
Mixer for small studio motzekryen 17 11-Nov-04
wireless mics Steve_D 2 05-Nov-04
do you need mixer nowaday if using pc chronic420 47 25-Oct-04
digital mixer software upgrades? epidemic 1 24-Sep-04
Learning how to mix gilA 5 19-Jul-04
Yamaha 01v and sysex? GoldFingas 1 14-May-04
Spanish-Español pirulo 3 10-Dec-03
Mixer for live and studio use ivan 13 07-Dec-03
cleaning a mackie cr1604vlz? Gossi 4 13-Nov-03
Digitial mixer and midi RolandRich2 0 23-Oct-03
Which EQ? revelation 6 20-Oct-03
Nuendo,Reasons,and (pro-tools mbox with the new version software are all that!! revelation 1 16-Oct-03
Great Mic Pre's from the AES in Newyork revelation 2 16-Oct-03
No title revelation 0 16-Oct-03
Front end mixer for DAW/ schmokin revelation 1 16-Oct-03
A little bit O' Bass superkaz2k 9 11-Oct-03
Yamaha O2 R zipo 11 22-Sep-03
MultiMix 12R by alesis??????? alexp 2 29-Aug-03
Annoying trebly sss's in vocals Jiggity 13 12-Aug-03
What is the name of the cool portable NEVE mixer? Mr Andersen 2 01-Jul-03
Giant Robot.. ..what do you know about the API 2500 compressor? kman 11 18-Jun-03
Getting clarity and good seperation in mixes kman 9 21-May-03
digital mixers Ybzol 7 11-May-03
DM1000 versus 01v96k Mr Andersen 2 04-Apr-03
compressing vocals firestarter 2 14-Mar-03
Mackie 8bus opinions ivan 3 05-Mar-03
Thinking about upgrading my Promix O1... MasterB 9 23-Dec-02
My brothers Seck sucks all the power from my room Mr.Ron 5 10-Dec-02
Custom mixer idea echowind 12 05-Dec-02
YAMAHA KM602 lewis 1 30-Nov-02
Yamaha 01V / STAudio SPDIF in problem. Please help ! MrBee 1 11-Nov-02
afforadable mixer poyao 1 03-Nov-02
behringer 2004a vs. nady srm 14x rave808 1 05-Oct-02
Behringer MX1804 X Mixer acoustic rain 4 10-Sep-02
mackie 1402 superbeatmaker 1 28-Aug-02
Old "Studiomaster" mixing boards Pashmina 3 28-Aug-02
Vocal processors... freq3 2 19-Aug-02
hey smart mixer guys! Please help me with some basic mixer selection... dj_fuzzy 5 15-Aug-02
kick & snares mono compression... freq3 5 14-Aug-02
behringer MX 8000 or MX 8000 A grooveboy 1 05-Aug-02
mixing desks chud 0 25-Jul-02
headphones Viper 19 19-Jul-02
Behringer help... pook187 2 12-Jul-02
Phonic Mixers on Non-Mackies... Gothicindustrial 11 07-Jun-02
mixing info Viper 5 28-May-02
Roland VM3100 PRO Mixer worlock 11 30-Apr-02
Niche Audio Control Module 2 30-Apr-02
1 - 2 space STEREO rack mount mixers? spec 14 24-Apr-02
Wow, they should rename this forum Mixers.. Looter 1 24-Apr-02
Connecting mic preamp to mixer...please help madnanba 10 22-Apr-02
Nady Mixers Gothicindustrial 4 15-Apr-02
help with mixers worlock 10 13-Apr-02
Question on bus assignment in VM3100 beetrader 1 28-Mar-02
roland vm-3100pro bass1970man 1 10-Mar-02
Rack mount kit for behringer mx1602a DrKurv 1 10-Mar-02
schematics for a really simple mixer? Gossi 13 28-Feb-02
Inexpensive mixers... DeltaM 5 27-Feb-02
Normalisation vs. compression David G 7 22-Feb-02
Does anyone mixdown analog anymore?? bassfreq 4 19-Feb-02
something under $300 that will make everything sound better llewxamcire 60 04-Feb-02
ddx 3216 MAXMILLIONZ 0 28-Jan-02
Mixing/programming House-Beats JG 1 20-Jan-02
how to get that phat phat sound??? pingomatic 0 15-Jan-02
Trade my 01v for your allen and heath mix wizard. Disease 3 13-Jan-02
Behringer Digital mixer.. Gossi 2 13-Jan-02
Help! Jord 7 09-Jan-02
allen & heath Disease 6 07-Jan-02
Kick Drum & Sub Bass Frequency... freq3 7 31-Dec-01
Behringer Eurorack RCA In/Out - Help! BetsBillabong 0 26-Dec-01
channel strip recommendation mozzarelladibufala 3 21-Dec-01
Mastering FX Kens 13 16-Dec-01
Behringer Mixers (and more) Commuter 6 13-Dec-01
Behringer 12Ch MX1604 zycho 3 13-Dec-01
mackie cfx mixer fizztech 1 11-Dec-01
mackie vlz or cfx series? fizztech 2 29-Nov-01
samplitude 6.0? peripatitis 1 20-Nov-01
A mixing question... freq3 7 19-Nov-01
Behringer MX3282A VS. Mackie SR32-4 hitjob 3 18-Nov-01
Behringer New Digital Mixer DDX3216 fetoutche 0 09-Nov-01
Question about mixing Stchris 3 28-Oct-01
Behringer outboard? Gossi 15 28-Oct-01
MIDI control surfaces for mixing cpk 5 25-Oct-01
Spirit Folio DirkBigler 1 11-Oct-01
BEHRINGER Eurorack MX2004A or Mackie 1202 VLZ Pro ? pharus2 3 11-Oct-01
If your not mastering is compression needed at all? .MattmaN. 4 03-Oct-01
Mixing eq... djnitro 5 14-Sep-01
fostex vm88 RuinEverything 4 05-Sep-01
Manley mixers - damn! Spectralab 11 02-Sep-01
Roland VM7200 vs Yamaha 02R eyalc 6 25-Aug-01
t-racks or... maninspace 8 22-Aug-01
"Daft Punk" Compression 6 03-Aug-01
Does pro mastering add noise? Operator 4 01-Aug-01
Help with mastering levels abstract polygon 21 26-Jul-01
01v noise? peaceland 5 19-Jul-01
Fostex vm200 -vs- Roland vm3100pro 7 13-Jul-01
behringer mixers nukky606 5 13-Jul-01
comments on Roland m-240 ? nothingnewhere 1 13-Jul-01
How's the spirit studio 24, should I buy ? Anonymous 0 07-Jul-01
How's the spirit studio 24, should I buy ? Anonymous 0 07-Jul-01
Alesis 3630?? 21 03-Jul-01
What are Patch Bays used for? 9 01-Jul-01
where did the drums go? 3 20-Jun-01
headphones on mackie not working 2 15-Jun-01
Fostex and Tascam Digi mixers 7 13-Jun-01
Serious trouble with my mixer 9 06-Jun-01
midi keyboard + controller recommendations 2 23-May-01
Problem with bassline and kick drum mix... 7 10-May-01
Mixing: Starting with Midi 1 09-May-01
Opinions on new Phonic mixers? 1 05-May-01
Any suggestions on how to compress drum tracks for dance music? 3 05-May-01
Does anyone know anything about soundtracs 2 22-Apr-01
Compressor for vocal recording 4 21-Apr-01
Announcing a new forum for keyboards ! 1 18-Apr-01
good mixer to use as preamp for vocal and synth 9 17-Apr-01
From mixing-recording I have no clue.Help! 2 10-Apr-01
How to route compressed audio signal? 3 09-Apr-01
Mastering!?How do you creat a clean mix? played out 15 07-Apr-01
Seeking TEAC 8 channel Mixer !! dtmd 1 02-Apr-01
Tascam TM-D4000 Automation redvette87 2 02-Apr-01
What should I compress and effect?? Jon S. 16 31-Mar-01
Yammy O1v MY8AD Expansion Card Quiet? 3DarkHours 3 27-Mar-01
How to make your breaks sound natural? 5 16-Mar-01
I need a Mixer to go with my Digi001 mgainey 2 12-Mar-01
dumbest Mackie 1202 question you've probably ever heard... firewire 5 07-Mar-01
Channel Separation - Mackie 1604 VLZ-Pro bleep 1 06-Mar-01
the next logical step? Gossi 1 02-Mar-01
dumbest Mackie 1202 question you've probably ever heard... firewire 5 01-Mar-01
line mixer/mixer is there a difference? societynon 7 23-Feb-01
O1V SUB MIX dony 12 21-Feb-01
Mixer question fac 4 21-Feb-01
Mixer?? dreamsofgrey 2 21-Feb-01
Ultimate outboard gear you have encountered!? played out 3 20-Feb-01
Do i even need a mixer???? aloe 6 17-Feb-01
Mixer and Digi 001 - Confused, in need of help! hitjob 6 13-Feb-01
compresion question griffin 10 13-Feb-01
Mackie 1202vlz broken mutes? spectralsfx 8 07-Feb-01
any user opinions on the Behringer MX3282A kvarro 1 07-Feb-01
Analogue Syntth into 01v Jonl 3 03-Feb-01
check out mix I did on MACKIE D8B with MACKIE MONITORS 4 01-Feb-01
Phonic mixers - Any good? nonce 1 29-Jan-01
compressors for hard drums? carlito_brigante 7 25-Jan-01
Remove all EXCEPT vocals ChrisMenning 4 23-Jan-01
recording my cs2x on my pc NOAHDC 1 14-Jan-01
Opinions on Behringer mixers? 18 08-Jan-01
a few questions.... 5 08-Jan-01
Vocal Effects? 14 06-Jan-01
Berhinger mx602a 2 21-Dec-00
Event Montiors-What am I doing wrong? 8 20-Dec-00
ambisonics 3 11-Dec-00
easy one 6 09-Dec-00
EQ on the 01V 5 08-Dec-00
Hisses and buzz in my mix.How do I get rid of them? 4 05-Dec-00
Kernkraft 400, Zombienation... The main melody sound.. how? 2 03-Dec-00
getting that 'sparkly' sound 31 02-Dec-00
COMPRESOR plug-in for Cakewalk 4 17-Nov-00
Compressor path question 8 03-Nov-00
EQ settings (Drums) 2 30-Oct-00
track markers 3 23-Oct-00
Mackie 1202 vlz or 1402 vlz... 11 22-Oct-00
Masters at Work? 4 20-Oct-00
Equivalent to Pro Tools and how about other *nice* mixers? 3 19-Oct-00
What mic preamp can you recommend? 28 18-Oct-00
01V External Aux Control 3 14-Oct-00
Yamaha 01V or Roland VM-3100Pro 4 07-Oct-00
mixing guitars 20 04-Oct-00
It doesn't sound stereo... 7 04-Oct-00
Quasimidi 309 vs DJ Mixer 2 02-Oct-00
Monitors 6 22-Sep-00
Triple C compressor is out.. 1 22-Sep-00
16 track showdown! 5 20-Sep-00
Microphones? 1 18-Sep-00
Mixer confusion 11 16-Sep-00
Allen & Heath Xone464 4 13-Sep-00
01v Gate Technique 4 12-Sep-00
mixing the diy demo. 8 06-Sep-00
Which track has the best 'mix' IYO??? 5 06-Sep-00
BlueRoom MiniPods 2 04-Sep-00
Cleaning Mixer with Crackling??? 4 02-Sep-00
Free Hip Hop Drum Loops 1 01-Sep-00
Dynamics for Otari Status 18R 2 29-Aug-00
Making cables part 2 4 28-Aug-00
Samson Rack Mixers 10 17-Aug-00
Is it good to get Event 20/20BAS Monitors 5 15-Aug-00
Recommend a good set of cans(headphones) 4 14-Aug-00
Drum mixing/recording tricks 3 10-Aug-00
Simple Mixer question... 3 03-Aug-00
Mackie CFX-16 or 1604VLZ Pro?...Help 3 03-Aug-00
Computer/Mixer Set-up Question 2 26-Jul-00
Any one with Alesis Monitor 1 and Alesis RA-100 Power Amps Views 2 12-Jul-00
Mixing drums... 3 08-Jul-00
Soundtracs Topaz 4 03-Jul-00
Mixing on my PC 2 27-Jun-00
Are VU-meters still being used?? Why?? 4 16-Jun-00
Best mixers 23 15-Jun-00
Anyone ever use the Fostex VM08? 1 14-Jun-00
VU--meters on tapemachines 4 07-Jun-00
Behringer mixers 27 06-Jun-00
Sound processing equipment 9 06-Jun-00
Microphone choices 11 05-Jun-00
TL Audio 5051 opinions? 11 04-Jun-00
I need help choosing a mixer/amp/monitors.. 4 02-Jun-00
Favorite mixing tricks -- post yours here! 23 30-May-00
the converters on my 01v are only 20bit. So 24bit is pointless ,right? 6 29-May-00
Behringer in Germany?? 2 29-May-00
Rolls? 1 29-May-00
speaker pops 15 26-May-00
book? 3 23-May-00
ProMix 01 noise...? 6 19-May-00
Funktronic ProTools Mixes 1 19-May-00
digital mixers 41 17-May-00
CD burning software or CD recorders 9 17-May-00
MDM-X4 Minidsic Recording Problems 1 16-May-00
mixing demos on tape.. 3 07-May-00
Processor-friendly T/DIF card for 01v? 3 06-May-00
Mixing on fine!!! 4 05-May-00
Peavey LM8s and 16LM 1 04-May-00
Can cheap cables affect the mix? 40 26-Apr-00
Recording indian music? 2 22-Apr-00
Industrial distortion 14 17-Apr-00
Who makes SCSI Patchbays? 3 16-Apr-00
How to make the puzzle fit. Need Advice. 42 08-Apr-00
Need help making cables... 7 08-Apr-00
help on creating track on a mix cd 3 07-Apr-00
What`s a "Ribbon Mic"? 5 03-Apr-00
Compression questions... 10 29-Mar-00
tascam tmd1000......Is it a good buy 2 25-Mar-00
dj mixers: Roland DJ2000 vs. Pioneer DJM600 1 24-Mar-00
Compressing the mix... 10 20-Mar-00
Getting the 909-kick to sit in the track? 7 18-Mar-00
Digital vs Analog Mixers 4 17-Mar-00
Mackie problems with computer signals? 2 10-Mar-00
Balanced cables? 23 09-Mar-00
Headphone out to mixer 12 29-Feb-00
ProMix 01 vs O1v 10 21-Feb-00
Mackie vs. Peavey vs. Alesis mixers 3 21-Feb-00
Bass, the fundament of club music!? 3 17-Feb-00
Unity Gain 8 16-Feb-00
has anyone bought a Roland Vm-3100 pro ? 1 12-Feb-00
Cakewalk PA9 & Roland VS-880 8 11-Feb-00
Tascam TM-D1000 & Mixtreme card 2 02-Feb-00
Yamaha MX12/4 vs ??? 2 27-Jan-00
Mixing & Effects - Standard Setup Suggestions? 3 26-Jan-00
da 20 mkII won't record coax? 1 24-Jan-00
Behringer MX2642 vs MX2642A 15 23-Jan-00
TASCAM TM-D1000 3 10-Jan-00
new tascam d4000 console..what's up??? 2 10-Jan-00
has anyone bought a 03d???? 4 09-Jan-00
transfer Vinyl Records to CD’s????? 4 06-Jan-00
el cheapo monitor/speaker solutions 9 28-Dec-99
Amplification 6 28-Dec-99
Live mixing: how do I wire a monitor desk?? 4 19-Dec-99
Suggestions/Info for those new to mixing 2 06-Dec-99
MiniDisc for recording 27 04-Dec-99
bass response and low end monitors 3 30-Nov-99
Mixing/Mastering Tips 52 20-Nov-99
pro tools 4 19-Nov-99
Good Headphones 2 18-Nov-99
digital boards,the DA7? 1 18-Nov-99
Alesis 3630...? 1 10-Nov-99
Mixed Instrument Recording 3 09-Nov-99
Compressor advice needed 3 08-Nov-99
Next step 9 05-Nov-99
Which Mixers 11 05-Nov-99
Questions on Kord D-8 and VS-840 2 04-Nov-99
Help Wanted! How do you get 2 channel output from a mono jack? 2 01-Nov-99
Impressions of HHB Radius 20 4 26-Oct-99
Followup: Extending Mac video cables 3 22-Oct-99
Foam placement 7 21-Oct-99
Feedback through effects loop... 5 18-Oct-99
Soundtracs Project 8 or Studiomaster Mixdown Classic 8? 2 14-Oct-99
Parametric EQ...what are you using? 65 13-Oct-99
How to go from 24/96 to 16/44.1? 40 11-Oct-99
Mixing Kicks/Bass in dance music... 31 08-Oct-99
Workstation or keyboard\sequencer 1 07-Oct-99
best compressors 16 27-Sep-99
Production questions 4 24-Sep-99
Hard drive noise driving me crazy... 35 22-Sep-99
Percieved loudness 14 21-Sep-99
Report on balanced power... 1 20-Sep-99
Yamaha Digital Mixer 2 19-Sep-99
Best budget mic preamp? 6 19-Sep-99
concern about Event 20/20 monitors 5 16-Sep-99
mackie vlz vx cfx 2 15-Sep-99
Mackie LM-3204e ribbon cable 3 10-Sep-99
Mixing to DAT 8 03-Sep-99
Behringer? 9 30-Aug-99
understanding preamps............. 15 29-Aug-99
Which DAT Machine? 7 25-Aug-99
Does Rolls make decent pre-amps? 3 19-Aug-99
how to construct xlr->3,5" cable 4 19-Aug-99
Gain Staging? 2 19-Aug-99
Panning effects returns... 4 18-Aug-99
Yamaha PD2500 amplifier 4 17-Aug-99
What to buY? 17 17-Aug-99
mixer recommendations? 6 15-Aug-99
Movies. 10 15-Aug-99
Multiple inputs 5 14-Aug-99
OT: Good foley microphones 2 09-Aug-99
Aux sends and effects 1 04-Aug-99
any really good books on eq? 1 02-Aug-99
Yamaha MX 12/4 mixer.. and its Reverb.. 1 28-Jul-99
Cable Solutions 5 23-Jul-99
Unbalanced into balanced 24 23-Jul-99
Line Mixer clean enough? 2 22-Jul-99
newbie mixer questions? 2 19-Jul-99
Mackie SR Series 35 17-Jul-99
Q: about Aux Outs & Effects Returns 5 12-Jul-99
Preamp for tracking audio to ProTools 1 11-Jul-99
C1000 Vs C3000 Vs R0DE NT1 3 09-Jul-99
Event 20/20 studio monitors... 6 09-Jul-99
Warming options 7 02-Jul-99
Mackie 1402 input problem???HELP! 3 02-Jul-99
Warming Pt II 2 01-Jul-99
Acoustic Treatments 6 30-Jun-99
expanding... 44 30-Jun-99
Tubes & Radio Interference 1 29-Jun-99
mackie 2404vlz 3 27-Jun-99
the cleanest / clearest rack EQ.............. 2 20-Jun-99
Yamaha 01V and VST/24 1 14-Jun-99
suggestions for good microphones/preamps needed. 17 08-Jun-99
DeEssing with a regular compressor? 4 01-Jun-99
shameless plug (!) - newbie faq's 1 31-May-99
This is a real newbie mixing question... 18 31-May-99
1U Mixer 10 27-May-99
best project studio mixer 32 26-May-99
Plans for mixer in a mixer. Noise?! 8 21-May-99
Balanced/unbalanced- +4 /-10 What is all this? 6 20-May-99
What`s the difference between RMS and Peak compression? 5 18-May-99
help....i think i've blown it! 4 17-May-99
Mixer setup for using compressors? 8 17-May-99
Aux sends and effects 6 05-May-99
using reverb on a whole mix? 14 03-May-99
Soundcard output 1 02-May-99
How good are the compressors in the 01v? 20 24-Apr-99
loud "thud" when I turn of my monitors. 4 19-Apr-99
here's your chance to stand up for your brand (of mixers) 19 19-Apr-99
About panning and effects?? 4 18-Apr-99
DSP (the company??) 3 14-Apr-99
Drum Samples Sound Tinny 2 14-Apr-99
Which part of mixing am I skipping??? 2 11-Apr-99
vs880 1 11-Apr-99
Sssssss 1 10-Apr-99
Need help finding a specific mixer 1 04-Apr-99
Using reverb? Anonymous 1 03-Apr-99

Threads marked for FAQ in this topic Messages Last
Podcast: Sonicstate TALK 001 11 06-Jul-06
Annoying trebly sss's in vocals 13 12-Aug-03
something under $300 that will make everything sound better 60 04-Feb-02
16 track showdown! 5 20-Sep-00
Mixer confusion 11 16-Sep-00
01v Gate Technique 4 12-Sep-00
Recommend a good set of cans(headphones) 4 14-Aug-00
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