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Pump: Moog (325 of 492 total discussions)  RSS Starter Messages Last
What is the difference between Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries? herryhuang 1 08-Feb-10
mini moog help jesusjones 1 03-Apr-09
Some big Moog news coming Steveo 13 19-Mar-09
MY multi moog monsterjazzlicks 1 04-Aug-08
Moog 3c Value forgefocus 8 14-May-08
Minitmoogs menninsv 4 27-Nov-07
Moog Rogue for fingercrosser 1 18-Aug-07
Moog 55 system for sale paults 1 17-Mar-07
MoogerFooger VCO! impossiblesound 6 12-Feb-07
Moogerfooger 104Z delay Yonny 1 19-Dec-06
Black Eyed Peas voyager at night pic iguana 1 07-Sep-06
The Bob Moog Foundation Steveo 1 21-Aug-06
MG-1 vs Rogue? Help! changeyourbrain 4 05-Aug-06
Moog Satellite Schematics Jiggity 1 26-Jun-06
Ruth White's Short Circuits SynthBaron 5 18-Jun-06
Signature Edition #28 Minimoog Voyager for Sale ptdpublic 1 28-Apr-06
Moog rumour ? Steveo 27 29-Mar-06
Micromoog problem agmedia 1 10-Feb-06
Everything You Always Wanted to Hear on the Moog SynthBaron 28 28-Jan-06
Minimoog Voyager wanted to rent Jay Chub 1 04-Oct-05
Minimoog Voyager razashah5 1 02-Oct-05
Serendipitous Acquision barthenon 7 26-Aug-05
rip Bob alexp 2 22-Aug-05
Is Bob OK ? Steveo 13 18-Aug-05
Voyager OS 3 Gonkulator 3 12-Aug-05
Interesting...MF-104 Lobo 1 11-Jul-05
Moog/Realistic Concertmate MG-1 gonebeforemidnight 8 17-Jun-05
My first moog virussrt 7 07-Jun-05
Moog to release new Taurus ? moogerfooger 13 31-Mar-05
i love this site!! dont burn it out!!!! whodabigguy 3 15-Mar-05
"Bluuuuue Moooog..." plaztec 10 17-Feb-05
Who won the Minimoog Voyager at Namm? puck 5 01-Feb-05
Moog Voyager Rack Mount Edition Dave 8 16-Jan-05
Moog MuRF and Blue Backlit Voyager Peake 36 27-Oct-04
Voyager in Philly area? Yonny 16 28-Sep-04
Voyager Rack stoutlyric 2 12-Sep-04
Yonny 1 10-Sep-04
Voyager for sale cuari7 1 10-Aug-04
stoutlyric 1 01-Aug-04
Murf anyone? 3vcos 2 14-Jul-04
Voyager - filter poles? CoolColJ 14 22-Jun-04
Can you safely use a Moog Voyager with other modular systems Lobo 4 06-Jun-04
Anyone gettinaMuRF? Peake 27 12-May-04
MiniMoog V plaztec 12 19-Apr-04
multimoog superrix 4 06-Mar-04
New Moog Documentary boose44 3 08-Feb-04
what the heck??? whodabigguy 4 09-Jan-04
Voyager filter keytrack/glide mega 2 09-Dec-03
Voltage Range of Voyager Mod Wheel Peake 9 03-Dec-03
Rack mount version of Moog Modular V ? Dayve 9 02-Dec-03
Micromoog price CC 2 21-Nov-03
Polyphonic Modification for the Prodigy? oatbran71 12 21-Oct-03
Moog Modular MP3's SynthBaron 1 16-Oct-03
played a Voyager today bulldogge 26 16-Oct-03
Accessing MiniMoog keyboard contacts ZeroOne 3 27-Sep-03
Moog settings help teejay 4 05-Aug-03
music explorium birdbrain 3 05-Aug-03
minimoog walnut enclosures... Mini-Freak 7 28-Jul-03
Moog Music Site Updated Dave 9 21-Jul-03
Help me achieve this sound. firstarsbrnwhite 2 19-Jul-03
Whatizzit? Dave 18 18-Jul-03
Does Dr Moog know? Ison 5 18-Jul-03
Arturia Software Vs. Moog Modular Peake 13 15-Jul-03
The Jury is back. Moog's are impostors. doomfairy 4 14-Jul-03
New OS is out ed_fig 17 03-Jul-03
Price of moog smw 6 22-Jun-03
Voyager issue... hitjob 5 20-Jun-03
Who got the job? Peake 50 17-Jun-03
minimoog Moog.Fighter 1 11-Jun-03
Minimoog: 85 pages service Manual online Moog.Fighter 1 30-May-03
No title Moog.Fighter 0 30-May-03
DIY Repair for the Minimoog Rogue 2 13-May-03
Minimoog "D" & Voyager serial number regstration site Moog.Fighter 1 08-May-03
Voyager Pitch CV decision Mark Pulver 4 01-May-03
The breakout box=bummer cuari7 36 23-Apr-03
Moog Taurus pedals to be in production again? Stchris 4 11-Apr-03
Bomb Factory MoogerFoogers? SynthBaron 1 06-Apr-03
Has anyone ever used a Moogerfooger Stomp box? synth-freak 3 22-Mar-03
Voyager question schism 2 13-Mar-03
Modular Moog Softsynth mf104nut 51 10-Mar-03
wendy carlos birdbrain 9 04-Mar-03
Moog Voyager synth lead demo The Real MC 2 03-Mar-03
Voyager user group donato 1 01-Mar-03
buzzy prodigy spookytrees 3 21-Feb-03
Moogerfooger MF-101 questions.. Yonny 9 10-Feb-03
Got my Performer Edition today but the main volume knob does nothing! Stchris 5 10-Feb-03
New Voyager OS Mark Pulver 3 07-Feb-03
Polymoog questions buggy 2 04-Feb-03
Voyager Touchpad Stopped Working ed_fig 13 02-Feb-03
Breakout box pic asix 7 30-Jan-03
Bob Moog / Voyager Video Andrew 18 30-Jan-03
Perfomer edition what's the word puck 5 27-Jan-03
Bob Moog Bash in Studio City, Sunday, Jan. 19 at 8PM Roger 18 27-Jan-03
Big white moog console... jamesbondmcm 17 26-Jan-03
Voyager and aftertouch suitandtieguy 4 23-Jan-03
Voyager question analog_grrl 4 19-Jan-03
Well, here's one you don't see everyday The Real MC 11 13-Jan-03
Abby Road & Moog Buchla265 1 08-Jan-03
new Voyager SW ed_fig 7 06-Jan-03
Moog Modular? SynthBaron 25 02-Jan-03
Moog rack modules on e$ay bulldogge 24 23-Dec-02
early mini on ebay zipo 5 23-Dec-02
Huh? asix 12 17-Dec-02
moog polymoog sounds? dj2sday 7 16-Dec-02
Voyager Update Help ptdecker 9 13-Dec-02
Moog IIIv VSTi php 2 13-Dec-02
1C 3vcos 19 13-Dec-02
Voyager....... Gate or S Trigger CThorns 4 11-Dec-02
voyager so bad ???? zipo 7 06-Dec-02
"Name The Break-Out-Box" Contest ;-) ed_fig 15 05-Dec-02
Which Voyager sounds better? The Real MC 5 05-Dec-02
Voyager - New OS question vcfcutoff 12 03-Dec-02
new software is coming cwalcott 36 29-Nov-02
Popcorn 016 and F above middle C ed_fig 0 28-Nov-02
The new software is here Mark Pulver 2 27-Nov-02
When are the Performers going to start shipping? stchris88 2 25-Nov-02
New Voyager Pix ed_fig 33 23-Nov-02
a couple of voyager questions pulse_divider 6 22-Nov-02
voyager envelope trigger mega 3 19-Nov-02
CP-251 asix 21 19-Nov-02
db25 pinout cwalcott 6 18-Nov-02
Moog Voyager Filter FM schism 3 17-Nov-02
Moog Ring Synthfool 26 15-Nov-02
After a Moog muzz9 3 15-Nov-02
Another Lamp Question! bbtheory 9 11-Nov-02
MIDI/CV Converters ticka 2 11-Nov-02
Voyager News Mark Pulver 99 08-Nov-02
Voyager OS Status vcfcutoff 3 02-Nov-02
sonic six ershin 0 02-Nov-02
No title vcfcutoff 2 01-Nov-02
Voyager Patch Sheets vcfcutoff 2 31-Oct-02
No title vcfcutoff 0 30-Oct-02
No title vcfcutoff 1 30-Oct-02
Expression pedals for Voyager vcfcutoff 5 30-Oct-02
one other voyager question... bbtheory 2 30-Oct-02
maple syrup dexter 15 28-Oct-02
moog voyager for sale zipo 9 26-Oct-02
My sig. edition- lamp question donato 3 25-Oct-02
Aw Crap. Should I sell my Voyager that isn't even here yet? HELP donato 15 25-Oct-02
Voyager Mix-Out Loop diagram ed_fig 2 24-Oct-02
Just got #170! donato 5 22-Oct-02
Who would buy a Voyager for $2200 ed_fig 7 21-Oct-02
My mini-review of the MiniMoog Voyager Attack Clone 16 24-Sep-02
Voyager - Shipping Mark Pulver 152 23-Sep-02
memorymoog did you know ?? zipo 7 22-Sep-02
Possibly ignorant question sinix 6 22-Sep-02
memorymoog zipo 0 20-Sep-02
help with new os, please. elirentz 2 17-Sep-02
Whoopedeedo!!!!!! Attack Clone 2 11-Sep-02
No title cikira 3 05-Sep-02
Voyager - First impressions Mark Pulver 35 01-Sep-02
Moog source- cheaper mini? Jiggity 3 24-Aug-02
ARP Odessey Jiggity 7 23-Aug-02
Moog Cookbook mpeg video - ONE WEEK ONLY! The Real MC 8 20-Aug-02
Voyager updates Mark Pulver 42 19-Aug-02
No title Attack Clone 9 13-Aug-02
eBay Voyager - Beware Mark Pulver 3 11-Aug-02
Voyager sound clips? Jonathan 8 07-Aug-02
are moogerfoogers "stereo"? ed_fig 13 24-Jul-02 lepetitmartien 7 24-Jul-02
Minimoog Black Keys Mert 7 23-Jul-02
Modulation wheels! Attack Clone 1 21-Jul-02
I heard Bob's making a drum machine. Attack Clone 16 20-Jul-02
white noise 12 1 05-Jul-02
Minimoog Voyager to ship this month. donato 9 03-Jul-02
The voyager's aren't even coming out! Attack Clone 4 27-Jun-02
What is your favorite Voyager wood color? SCORPION2K1 14 20-Jun-02
Big Briar now using Moog Music on invoices, etc. ed_fig 2 19-Jun-02
I like an opinion as much as I give em' Attack Clone 6 17-Jun-02
Minimoog / Moogerfooger patches dzy88p 5 14-Jun-02
New Voyager News! Attack Clone 4 14-Jun-02
So Mark... DrummerBoy 6 10-Jun-02
I hate Moogs! Attack Clone 3 06-Jun-02
No title Attack Clone 0 04-Jun-02
No title Attack Clone 1 02-Jun-02
Voyager News Mark Pulver 19 25-May-02
What kind of wood is being used for the Perfomer Stage edition puck 11 20-May-02
Multimoog vs. Prodigy Texas Noise Factory 9 14-May-02
No title zipo 0 08-May-02
moog voyager zipo 5 01-May-02
prodigy cousins szims 12 01-May-02
Minimoog repair center Oberday 3 22-Apr-02
who here is waitng on Voyager Sig. Edition? dejon 15 22-Apr-02
Performer Stage Edition price increase puck 39 17-Apr-02
Moog Voyager Video Clip e 1 08-Apr-02
minimoog voyager elini01 38 04-Apr-02
micromoog question Gramsci 4 26-Mar-02
Moog synths compared muzcmn 18 26-Mar-02
Price on a stage Voyager? DrummerBoy 1 25-Mar-02
No title muzcmn 0 22-Mar-02
Memorymoog versus Voyager dilemma syd 11 20-Mar-02
Voyager Demo - Live Mark Pulver 5 07-Mar-02
mini moog repair? news73 5 06-Mar-02
opinions on moogerfogers elirentz 5 28-Feb-02
MG-1 serial numbers? asix 2 28-Feb-02
Prodigy measures? fac 7 27-Feb-02
prodigy cv retrofit c.bill 3 25-Feb-02
minimoog with gold nameplate dejon 6 23-Feb-02
No Voyager NAMM info? CoolColJ 166 20-Feb-02
Used Moog Prices docspog 3 20-Feb-02
What's a good Moog for a beginner like me to use? wahooze 22 16-Feb-02
new mini moog out? seuol 3 05-Feb-02
just played my first moog....why are they so damn expensive???? moocow 3 04-Feb-02
Bob Moog To Receive Grammy Award plaztec 1 02-Feb-02
moog plays just one note/pitch boy 2 28-Jan-02
need key for mg spacehelmet 1 28-Jan-02
what's your favorite moog, and what do you use it for? Texas Noise Factory 21 19-Jan-02
what's the going price for a memorymoog? tilemann 1 18-Jan-02
No title bacon-eater 0 08-Jan-02
Where's the beef ah I mean sounds? puck 4 05-Jan-02
MultiMoog Manual? SynFull Music 15 20-Dec-01
Memorymoog Clock-in question... syd 1 29-Nov-01
MiniMoog Voyager?!? impossiblesound 112 22-Nov-01
minimoog connectors?! bloke 15 10-Nov-01
Minimoog vs. Memorymoog Mini-Freak 13 02-Nov-01
Moog Song Producer? impossiblesound 3 29-Oct-01
Voyager Pics Mark Pulver 54 13-Oct-01
Minimoog Mini-Freak 5 12-Oct-01
sonic V johnhavermans 1 27-Sep-01
Moog please die! Opps Moog is already dead :p Anonymous 1 25-Sep-01
Minimoog Voyager photos schism 19 17-Sep-01
Cleaning a Micromoog Lotic 3 10-Sep-01
MiniMoog TheAnniversary 10 10-Sep-01
Moog/Realistic MG-1 Parts? Anonymous 0 18-Aug-01
Minimoog!! news73 1 15-Aug-01
Can moog generate theremin sound?? Liriel 14 14-Aug-01
Better String emsemble Opus 3 or Arp 2600? analogprobe 1 20-Jul-01
No title Anonymous 0 20-Jul-01
new mini moogs???! bloke 58 16-Jul-01
in person: the moog used on "switched on bach" hilliard 5 13-Jul-01
NPS countdown.... Anaphaser 17 10-Jul-01
Another S-Trigger Question dustparticle 1 07-Jul-01
MiniMoog revival news73 8 06-Jul-01
Mini sound charts news73 3 06-Jul-01
Any Moog Sonic Six owners out there? vokal 1 04-Jul-01
No title Anonymous 0 02-Jul-01
Early MOOG Sighting... 7 17-Jun-01
Drum roll please. And the winner is... 15 09-Jun-01
Who's going to Summer NAMM??? 6 31-May-01
Moog Liberation plugs 3 16-May-01
Who can answer THIS? 20 15-May-01
Foot Bass Pedals, analog, Digital or MIDI...anybody knows the existing models? 5 07-May-01
CV to MIDI converter 8 07-May-01
Moog Prodigy patches 5 03-May-01
Minimoog Sounds 1 03-May-01
power supplies 0 22-Apr-01
Help... need 1469n motorola.chip for taurus power supply gary 2 02-Apr-01
cv/gate to moog prodigy s-trig and keyboard in/out scaldor 7 30-Mar-01
If Lintronics updated your memorymoog Elfarran 10 28-Mar-01
Minimoog tuning w/ new oscillators Oberday 5 19-Mar-01
I have thousands and thousands of dollars 8 16-Mar-01
Minimoog Trouble! Capricious 6 16-Mar-01
Parts availability for Moog MG-1? aurastar 4 12-Mar-01
Concertmate MG-1 Info?? aurastar 5 09-Mar-01
Help! My Minimoog needs repair in Florida dustparticle 4 17-Feb-01
big briar etherwave theremin susioneill 2 16-Feb-01
Ultimate Moogs? T9 7 03-Feb-01
Minimoog question Oberday 4 26-Jan-01
moog opus III missy 4 15-Jan-01
memorymoog - tuning 4 29-Dec-00
moog taurus 3 26-Dec-00
Rogue Power Supply 3 22-Dec-00
Name that tune 7 10-Dec-00
I have a Minimoog 20 06-Dec-00
Prodigy or Source ?? 16 01-Dec-00
mg-1? 5 14-Nov-00
There Is A Moog Taurus One on eBay 7 12-Nov-00
Memory Moog Plus 7 28-Oct-00
simple memorymoog question . . . 8 07-Oct-00
moog source 2 29-Sep-00
what do you think of the moog rogue 13 28-Sep-00
Big Briar Update 2 25-Sep-00
Anyone here collect Moog records? 9 24-Sep-00
mf-104 overpriced???????? 14 21-Sep-00
moog prodigy manual 1 28-Aug-00
mini moog output repair? 3 19-Aug-00
taurus 1 4 08-Aug-00
Minimoog CV question 6 05-Aug-00
Info on the new Moog synth? 2 22-Jul-00
New Minimoog 21 17-Jul-00
moog opus 3 2 12-Jun-00
I want to buy a Taurus Moog Bass Pedal... 13 05-Jun-00
multimoog technical info 4 20-May-00
minimoog as a vocoder 26 10-May-00
taurus II linked to a boss syb3? 1 07-May-00
Minimoog Transistors 1 17-Apr-00
moog T-shirts 2 27-Jan-00
how does multimoog work with cv/gate-converter? 1 04-Jan-00
MiniMoog Servicing tricks 7 28-Dec-99
Moog vs Nord vs Oberheim vs Studio Electronics 9 17-Dec-99
memory moog oberheim obx-a 120 presets 2 17-Dec-99
New Moog Products 3 15-Dec-99
my poor micromoog :( help 7 04-Dec-99
minimoog bass patches 12 14-Nov-99
Atomic Moog? 2 10-Nov-99
New Moog synth (!) 20 27-Oct-99
minimoog question 7 14-Oct-99
Moog Sonic5 manual/schema WANTED 1 08-Oct-99
I need help on Memorymoog plus 44 07-Oct-99
Moog Source 5 01-Oct-99
Polymoog parts? 2 21-Sep-99
Moog 26 24-Aug-99
Midi or Moog? 10 23-Aug-99
Moog Rouge 1 31-Jul-99
moog mg1 filter fail 5 12-Jul-99
HELP!?!?Fuse is blowing on liberation power supply when turned on. 4 07-Jul-99
Where can I get a Moog serviced & tuned in Texas? 1 06-Jul-99
Pitch Wheel for Moog? 1 02-Jul-99
looking for other memorymoog users 9 01-Jul-99
Value of Polymoog 5 30-Jun-99
This Crazy Moog Organ 9 21-Jun-99
micromoog problems 1 15-Jun-99
Anyone know where I can get a Satellite? 19 14-Jun-99
minimoog data 1 11-Jun-99
Moog Liberation 1 02-Jun-99
what type of Moog do "the Rentals" use 12 18-May-99
satelitte, plug in back? 4 18-May-99
MoogMusicInc problems 26 09-May-99
Can anyone date a Prodigy? 20 07-May-99
Moog Stomp Box 1 06-May-99
Prodigy Panic!!!!!!!! 1 30-Apr-99
LMC Minimoog 2 26-Apr-99
Anyone familiar with "s-trig"? 4 20-Apr-99
MemoryMoog 5 20-Apr-99
NOS Moog Manuals 2 19-Apr-99

Threads marked for FAQ in this topic Messages Last
Minimoog repair center 3 22-Apr-02
Memory Moog Plus 7 28-Oct-00
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