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Pump: DJs (383 of 533 total discussions)  RSS Starter Messages Last
New to - Bluezone Corporation Sample Packs! Trackitdown 3 04-Jun-12
rainy22 1 29-Sep-10
dj tips agsgd 2 17-Oct-09
Abe Duque - Studio time up for grabs ChrisDiz 1 19-Jun-09
Acapellas + Win A Day In A Studio With! Trackitdown 1 30-Jan-09
Trackitdown 1 20-Jan-09
crankitup1114 1 22-May-08
Newbie needs help with digital recording andreswift 1 25-Feb-08
How to operate an AKAI MPD16? chuchdog 2 23-Feb-08
Win Technics/Sensei Haus/Odyssey DJ gear, Sensei Haus 2 year anniversary technicsoldier 1 05-Nov-07
DJ Computer Interface superkaz2k 1 06-Jun-07
Remix Competition : Winning Tunes Pressed on Vinyl! microwave 1 05-Jun-07
rack mount power options semblance 3 15-May-07
Gemini CDT05 hybrid deck for sale borisbulbous 1 22-Apr-07
* Vestax PMC 46 Mk 2 for sale * SoularisUK 1 10-Apr-07
Pro Tools for DJ Mixes? Dean Newton 3 12-Mar-07
stanton or rane ? Surreal Stu 4 04-Jan-07
a few digital dj questions lordnessg 1 05-Dec-06
Technics 1200 gone mono???? artblood 2 13-Sep-06
PA rack and preventing blowing stuff up. Surreal Stu 3 24-Aug-06
Electronica websites Shep87 2 11-Aug-06
Speakers: Buy 'em or build 'em? jamesbondmcm 4 20-Jun-06
need your advice djfear 1 29-Apr-06
Rules for "lifting" drum samples? daviddecibel 19 15-Feb-06
Essential records? jamesbondmcm 23 17-Jan-06
that new Numark iPod mixer thing. shelfman 4 22-Oct-05
Roland V-Producer for vp9000...... Chitowndj77 1 23-Jul-05
bpm sssgabyga 2 14-Jun-05
Akai s2000 trigger with pads (like an MPC)?? angel mcfood 10 29-May-05
I sell Roland SP 808 Sampler edgar_prates 1 08-Apr-05
Shopping for an Amplifier angel mcfood 1 31-Jan-05
Does anyone know???!! sauce 3 19-Jan-05
Allen & Heath mixer advice Will W 4 27-Dec-04
Good site for downloading dance tracks? Stchris 3 07-Dec-04
ALL TYPES OF INFLUENCE papasmoke 6 05-Dec-04
HELLO PEOPLE DJ Solid Stylez 6 12-Nov-04
DJ Signum shelfman 3 19-Oct-04
how to call backlitart 4 09-Oct-04
what equipment is right for my goals? zody 10 14-Sep-04
how do i hook my computer to a preamp mixer and power amp to get sound from it thank you. woodydee 2 28-Jul-04
sp 808 converter mattyrich 4 29-Apr-04
Let me see your DJ Setup.... Stchris 1 09-Mar-04
My vacation is over Stchris 2 05-Mar-04
Vestax Mixer SO bass-y normal 6 05-Mar-04
The Walls have ears Dave Mohican 1 24-Feb-04
New DJ controller Dave B 3 08-Feb-04
Russian Ethnic Vocals Sample CD gorden 2 24-Dec-03
whos got an electribe(korg er-1) kiwizen 5 17-Dec-03
dj don and others... sauce 4 14-Dec-03
Oh lord... Everybody's Dark Secret 1 01-Nov-03
live effects for dj oriented use chrisdrums2 6 07-Oct-03
New Records jamesjones 3 02-Oct-03
DJ Effector similar to Zoom's Sampletrak digiphallus 1 29-Sep-03
vestax pdx 2000 vs numark ttx-1's rave808 2 06-Aug-03
need advice on records kybernetik 22 23-Jul-03
No title ger.c@radioc 0 21-Jun-03
weddings ger.c@radioc 0 21-Jun-03
dj don question jamesjones 4 09-Jun-03
Hip Hop Group DjXSoundz 2 02-Jun-03
Warped record alles_ist_dada 9 31-May-03
priceing for weddings aljoseph 4 27-May-03
Stateside NJ/NYC peoples :: Apr 12 broken funk in Jersey City mindcurve 1 10-Apr-03
Vestax PDX 2000 vs Technics 1200's jeff1x 4 03-Apr-03
Red Sound Micro Sync - Voyager Cerebral Infect 1 24-Mar-03
How Can I get started as a Club DJ? DJ_Tyshaun 19 22-Mar-03
Could this be played? original89 2 28-Feb-03
what mixer are you seeing the most while djing out interzone 6 07-Feb-03
Making DJ Mix tapes with a computer - YOUR HELP NEEDED! DirkBigler 4 07-Feb-03
earl grey- what kind of music you play jamesjones 1 07-Feb-03
YOUR DEMO WANTED midijim 2 29-Jan-03
Electro Breakdance Tracks Djzleite 2 28-Jan-03
Dj'ing....what is it? Lulu420 11 27-Jan-03
detroit tekno/broken beat dj set (streaming) mindcurve 1 19-Jan-03
My DJ set up for downloading... ukcoolat 5 16-Jan-03
Help For Beginners DJ_Tyshaun 10 14-Jan-03
Help For Beguinners DJ_Tyshaun 0 04-Jan-03
OTS DJ Software midi 1 28-Dec-02
Recording chaos 2 21-Dec-02
Live sampling - full duplex?? gezmond 2 11-Dec-02
Mixing drum part of 1 song and vocal of another chaos 11 02-Dec-02
New Behringer dj mixer tdunnum 1 01-Dec-02
CD Decks (CD Djing) chaos 63 26-Nov-02
Cheap Turntable DjXSoundz 2 24-Nov-02
technics 1200's vs. vestax pdx 2000 rave808 2 12-Nov-02
Digital DJing? mbeaudet 6 10-Nov-02
Links bout scratching jokkiz 6 09-Nov-02
Good $ DJ gear? jamesbondmcm 2 08-Nov-02
dj scene needs new uncomercial blood thebuggytronic 4 28-Oct-02
any user reviews on Vestax pdx2000? jree 1 28-Oct-02
1200 mk4???????expand plz jree 1 28-Oct-02
1200 mk3 Commuter 12 28-Oct-02
miss innocent!!! sauce 2 18-Oct-02
Pioneer cdj1k vs Numark Axis 8 jeff1x 2 16-Oct-02 A brandnew TR-909 fansite Azimuth 1 04-Sep-02
Lassence - New synth-effect gear for DJ's sl 1 28-Aug-02
Ahh...This Stuff Is Really Fresh erange 2 27-Aug-02
digital scratching drewspuppet 3 09-Aug-02
CDJing? or Vinyl DJing? Riply 33 09-Aug-02
pioneer cdj 700s vs. american dj pro dj1 resinthol 4 26-Jul-02
Today I got the call... Viper 12 22-Jul-02
Sony MDR-V700 vs. Technics RP-DJ1200A efnikbug 5 18-Jul-02
elliptical stylus Commuter 0 16-Jul-02
need wav to mp3 converter for free arico 1 16-Jul-02
New to vinyl...Help? Configure Your User 16 10-Jul-02
Whatever you do, don't buy the new Eminem.... kypski 32 01-Jul-02
ES-1 single save.... Apocope_Mode 1 28-Jun-02
needles mindcurve 11 27-Jun-02
Good beginning dj setup... jamesbondmcm 5 25-Jun-02
The dj - is he just the guitar masturbator of the 90s and 2000s lejdhamre 9 14-Jun-02
Whatcha guz think about the turntable being replaced by those dandy Cd players now? Attack Clone 17 13-Jun-02
Mixers at Clubs EcstaticHigh 3 03-Jun-02
sick of there only being one post myamoto 7 02-Jun-02
Djing Riply 8 01-Jun-02
good turntable for sampling sounds from and listening to music? kybernetik 31 04-May-02
These new SOFTWARE scratch tools spec 6 30-Apr-02
Electribe Real Time Effects.... Apocope_Mode 9 30-Apr-02
internet scratching resources? normal 2 18-Apr-02
Standard Turntable height? spec 6 17-Apr-02
Beginner DJ: advice needed beyonder 16 17-Apr-02
Would you play this out? quantise 1 09-Apr-02
Which scratch mixer? normal 3 08-Apr-02
im a live pa, what would be the best headphones be fizztech 3 04-Apr-02
Scratchable Dub Plate Cutters? spec 2 26-Mar-02
No title Balil 2 19-Mar-02
What an IDIOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kypski 29 19-Mar-02
Absolute Best DJ mixer zoldar256 15 19-Mar-02
Vinyl Cutting out there? spec 0 07-Mar-02
Vinyl Cutting out there? spec 0 07-Mar-02
Vestax R1 Rotary Mixer hv909 1 05-Mar-02
Korg kaoss km2 or Stanton sk 2f? jeff1x 6 25-Feb-02
Mixing with the Prodigy myamoto 5 23-Feb-02
TURNTABLISM videos anyone? spec 1 22-Feb-02
some free hardcore house freakincowman 1 20-Feb-02
Another mix online quantise 4 07-Feb-02
Digital DJ kubrick_as_in_stan 10 07-Feb-02
The New DJ Sh!t dirtymike 3 02-Feb-02
man i need to learn a lot but how do i do tht nuvaira 12 29-Jan-02
Mixes online quantise 1 29-Jan-02
If you could remix anyone/any song you wanted, who/what would it be? DJ Don 22 22-Jan-02
ghost mixers jokkiz 1 19-Jan-02
New Analogue Synth MacBeth M3X in UK Ken McBeth 2 09-Jan-02
DJ Rap kubrick_as_in_stan 2 09-Jan-02
Softwere for Mac DJing hlyn 4 04-Jan-02
why does house suck so much? reactor303 49 27-Dec-01
in a lonely street? beatraveler 4 27-Dec-01
hello DJs geronimo 7 12-Dec-01
Making the switch Over... Stchris 5 29-Nov-01
midi setup fizztech 2 26-Nov-01
Artistic yearning and playing other People's music machinapathy 32 24-Nov-01
What are your preferred DJ needles? I need help. ganjamun 4 20-Nov-01
Would you spin this song in your set ? Strike 5 20-Nov-01
reloop RP2000MKII kinbote 1 11-Nov-01
No title kinbote 0 11-Nov-01
pioneer cdj players... sub city 1 09-Nov-01
vestax R1 rotary mixer hv909 1 08-Nov-01
Who uses software groove boxes for performances? anotherbbs 2 02-Nov-01
Where have all the DJs gone? quantise 13 01-Nov-01
No title beatraveler 1 01-Nov-01
new [EXPANSIONS] mixes available online! olafmol 2 01-Nov-01
DJs wanted. syntax 2 23-Oct-01
Favorite Labels Giant Midget 16 11-Oct-01
mix master mike need input 2 11-Oct-01
Mixer brand advice Night3333 1 06-Oct-01
$600 for dj tools bundle Anonymous 0 04-Oct-01
$600 for dj tools bundle Anonymous 0 04-Oct-01
What do you think of the djm-500? greenloc 2 04-Oct-01
No title Gwot 1 02-Oct-01
mastering for DJ mixes solarkat 8 30-Sep-01
I cant believe moonshine + dan are still at it Night3333 2 28-Sep-01
My DJ hell quantise 11 27-Sep-01
anyone used a roland dj-1000 drewzz 1 15-Sep-01
oke dj's with style, come in... TEKNOID 2 14-Sep-01
mixers... earl grey 1 11-Sep-01
Question for them dj's the_Tek 10 11-Sep-01
Boss Sp 505: Technical Info please Project X 5 09-Sep-01
does anyone else dj trance like this? marty the monitore 28 03-Sep-01
Why does trance suck so much?? 96 30-Aug-01
Want to add scratching sounds to my beats - where do I start? sound-test 3 21-Aug-01
Any Chillin' DJs Going to Burning Man this Year? House de Kris 1 15-Aug-01
Digital turntables bbtheory 4 14-Aug-01
No title Malfunkt 1 13-Aug-01
yamaha jdj 2 12-Aug-01
So, what's important to you? dragonflies 7 09-Aug-01
recording a mix bliss322 2 08-Aug-01
vestax r1 mixer hv909 1 26-Jul-01
Here's some new house to EAT! synthesite 1 24-Jul-01
what does *spinning* mean? FlukeWurm 24 23-Jul-01
Can we get rid of this pump? Please! concept 5 20-Jul-01
Top 10 vinyl's adamjohn12 12 17-Jul-01
Give away free cellphones make $1000's choketrax 2 16-Jul-01
new [EXPANSIONS] mix online: #8 olafmol 1 10-Jul-01
No title adamjohn12 1 07-Jul-01
difference between Turntables DJ and Synthesizers DJ 34 04-Jul-01
attack of the 50 foot woman Anonymous 1 02-Jul-01
Live Remixing & Live Performance, What to buy? 12 19-Jun-01
Need DJ sets 1 18-Jun-01
where does downtempo fit in 1 11-Jun-01
Time for new carts... 4 25-May-01
shure 0 21-May-01
new EXPANSIONS mix online: EXPANSIONS#7 1 21-May-01
If I play a slightly warped record , will it ruin my needle faster ? 5 20-May-01
live PA? 6 18-May-01
Linux IS the future!!!!!!!!! 2 17-May-01
No title 0 15-May-01
live use of sequencer's 15 15-May-01
Who here is fake as hell? 56 15-May-01
DJ/clubbing newsfeeds 1 11-May-01
Warped vinyl quantise 9 10-May-01
What Makes a DJ? 9 09-May-01
How do I get the needle to stop skippin without putting more than 3 grams of 'tracking force' ? 3 09-May-01
Where might I find a manual for the technics SL-1200 MK2 version on the net ? 6 08-May-01
new EXPANSIONS mix online: EXPANSIONS#6 1 07-May-01
Mixer needed between SL-1200MK2 and sampler? 4 06-May-01
Stanton vs Vestax mixers - need help... 4 05-May-01
any techstep djs that can recommend records? 0 28-Apr-01
Mixman DM2 4 26-Apr-01
Feedback on my mix? 1 26-Apr-01
No title 0 26-Apr-01
new EXPANSIONS mix online: soulfull house and US Garage 1 23-Apr-01
How Do I rethread a belt-drive turntable (consumer model) 1 22-Apr-01 - a new discussion forum for keyboards ! 1 18-Apr-01
are there any turntablist here from the Los Angeles area? 2 16-Apr-01
justin berkovi 1 16-Apr-01
turntable in subway car (vibrations)? 3 12-Apr-01
new EXPANSIONS mix online 1 04-Apr-01
The DJ is done for!!!!! moose 12 28-Mar-01
Anyone tried the Allen & Heath mixers? sunshine 1 21-Mar-01
Urei 1620 Music Mixer anyone? Brasco 1 21-Mar-01
new house&garage mix online olafmol 1 19-Mar-01
[WEBCAST] 3/17 Mixing up some deepness on sunshine 1 16-Mar-01
New Mix MP3 online! subject28 4 16-Mar-01
New RS7000 Yahoo Group tomfinegan 1 15-Mar-01
Rebirth of the guitar? quantise 9 12-Mar-01
music programing dillinja 6 11-Mar-01
DJ CD-players DeltaM 2 23-Feb-01
Chilled drum 'n bass quantise 3 16-Feb-01
Who is Joe Nash? quantise 1 14-Feb-01
Classic sounds - Dave Clark thesilverfox 6 10-Feb-01
Any Indonesian here?? 4 07-Feb-01
.· ° ° • .Check out my new track . • ° ° · . freq3 1 06-Feb-01
Breaking up a sample -Transfomer style aloe 7 05-Feb-01
Attn: House DJs - Would you spin this??? bionicbooty 12 05-Feb-01
good eq for quality vs. price? Night3333 3 31-Jan-01
DJ as an artist 14 31-Jan-01
direct drive vs. belt transmeta 6 29-Jan-01
Bendy Toy Website Bendy Toy 1 19-Jan-01
Check out ELEVATOR X on!!!!! phil 1 19-Jan-01
New stuff to be seen at NAMM.... metasonix 1 14-Jan-01
DJ KFX Farcified 1 14-Jan-01
New Dj 16 13-Jan-01
sl1200's and sl2000's whats different? alpha_juno 2 12-Jan-01
check out elevator x at phil 2 12-Jan-01
E B M 2 09-Jan-01
New Year's DJs 9 05-Jan-01
Technics 1200's vs Gemini PT2000's 7 04-Jan-01
dj scoop 1 03-Jan-01
deep house rules 28 03-Jan-01
so who is your fave dj? 91 30-Dec-00
why do DJ's suck monkey testicles? 10 30-Dec-00
How may Crates do you have? 9 27-Dec-00
so what style is Danny Howells? 5 27-Dec-00
Playing the unexpected 7 22-Dec-00
Another mix online! 1 20-Dec-00
MP3Jay 5 20-Dec-00
Tunes that make you cry? 35 18-Dec-00
What is your favourite headphones? Why? 2 17-Dec-00
mixing tips 1 14-Dec-00
True to your style? 13 08-Dec-00
MC-505 or the new MC-307? 1 07-Dec-00
DJing with SL1200/CD /MC-505 or MC-307.. any users please comment 1 02-Dec-00
Should I buy a Gemini ST-2000 direct drive for $190? 2 30-Nov-00
Trip Hop/Lounge/Abstract beats/Post Rock 10 27-Nov-00
technics - black or silver? 19 18-Nov-00
lol...autoBPMcounters..whats the deal 6 15-Nov-00
magazines 6 08-Nov-00
Remix Permission??? 8 24-Oct-00
what does a limiter do? 4 18-Oct-00
anyone else here love velvet acid christ? 24 16-Oct-00
Holiday in Rome/Italy: any clubs i should visit?? 1 10-Oct-00
Who's got a decent club scene in their area? 3 03-Oct-00
spinster checking back in 1 30-Sep-00
BAD ASS... 6 27-Sep-00
Quasimidi 309 1 26-Sep-00
Download a mix mp3! 6 22-Sep-00
Name this tune (again) 3 18-Sep-00
repairs 2 05-Sep-00
bpm counters 12 02-Sep-00
Live Webcast of DJ Aphrodite on 1 27-Aug-00
who's mixing garage ?? 10 26-Aug-00
DJ tricks!! 1 26-Aug-00
which turntable is best? 12 25-Aug-00
Need a Nice Turntable/Mixer Stand 5 21-Aug-00
Looking to get started.. 7 17-Aug-00
new denon digital table!!!!it's on the way!! 3 11-Aug-00
Looking for the following records... 2 10-Aug-00
Artwork for mixtapes/cd's 4 07-Aug-00
Headphones for playing out 8 02-Aug-00
Do you use Drum Machines, samplers... in your live DJ sets? 16 01-Aug-00
seeking advice 8 26-Jul-00
Love Parade UK anyone? 6 20-Jul-00
Everybody wants to be a dj 90 20-Jul-00
Creative Jukebox 1 18-Jul-00
Triple Cross Faders (mid, bass & treble) & midi pitch controllers! 7 08-Jul-00
Need help identifying a tune 6 21-Jun-00
Recording mixes 14 07-Jun-00
Roland DJ2000 vs. Pioneer DJM600 5 04-Jun-00
Live P.A.s (tips please) 4 03-Jun-00
SK Two 2 30-May-00
BALLZ 30 02-May-00
WUZZUP? 32 27-Apr-00
I just don't get it? 27 17-Apr-00
D&B Artist Looking for Feedback/Gigs 55 16-Apr-00
Virtual Recording-Studios 1 12-Apr-00
1200 2 11-Apr-00
are you getting bass when you spin as good as a cars? 2 04-Apr-00
Trnsfering CD to vinyl 8 03-Apr-00
|>J l3 i x b y 2 02-Apr-00
When do I replace my styli? 8 30-Mar-00
Name that Tune 2 17-Mar-00
Numark dm2002x problem! 4 24-Feb-00
Cartridges for production and Scratching... 3 01-Feb-00
Rane TTM Mixers 1 14-Jan-00
Did anyone mix on New Years? 6 13-Jan-00
Anybody do mobiles?? 2 04-Jan-00
gemini pt-2000 1 23-Dec-99
setup for cheap 1 21-Dec-99
The song for the new millenium! 5 17-Dec-99
transfer Vinyl Records to CD’s????? 3 17-Dec-99
Elation - Nov 6th 15 17-Dec-99
Do you play for yourself or the crowd? 5 16-Dec-99
One Year of the DJ Thread! 1 13-Dec-99
House record suggestions... 1 13-Dec-99
midi mixer 7 03-Dec-99
The DJ-Producer Connection 3 03-Dec-99
What decks do I buy? 7 24-Nov-99
Mix CD's 1 23-Nov-99
SL1200M3D 1 16-Nov-99
Beginner... 1 16-Nov-99
C'mon DJ's, Don't we have something more intellectual to discuss? 15 14-Nov-99
I need to be giving serious head umm...right about now. 1 09-Nov-99
How old is your 1200's 2 08-Nov-99
To DJ or not to DJ, that is my question. 37 04-Nov-99
UK ITF Finals 1 03-Nov-99
Recording Your Mixes 9 04-Oct-99
need new elements: no money for the stanton 500's... 2 02-Oct-99
Basic Question: Good Recommendations on some turntables and mixers? 3 17-Sep-99
Why do you DJ? 21 16-Sep-99
The Weeks Greatest Choons 5 09-Sep-99
Average time behind the decks? 2 03-Sep-99
Xtra gear w/1200 4 01-Sep-99
A little mix 1 26-Aug-99
DJ Basics 71 24-Aug-99
Doctor who Remix.. NEED INPUT!! 1 19-Aug-99
still need DJ's 6 16-Aug-99
Anybody seen the new numark turntable? 1 14-Aug-99
Dee Jay Names? 6 12-Aug-99
Dj jobs 2 27-Jul-99
Good Starter Kit? 1 15-Jul-99
Cop a load of this effects box from KORG- amazing!!!! 2 07-Jul-99
erratic pitch control 9 05-Jul-99
DB Basics MkII 2 28-Jun-99
Need Help ASAP 3 18-Jun-99
Californication 6 16-Jun-99
Record Buying 3 09-Jun-99
Technics 1200 Mk3s 6 06-Jun-99
wanted - DJ's 6 04-Jun-99
Roland DJ-1000s 5 03-Jun-99
Kelly&Lee-Only You 12" wanted! 8 03-Jun-99
Dan Efex -- "Plixx", Track list/Synths?? 1 30-May-99
Back once again with the Renegade Master 5 28-May-99
Twisted Troublestarter 2 28-May-99
This dj section suck! 3 20-May-99
Scatchin or beat machin? 3 19-May-99
You sound cool 2 17-May-99
Are their any djs who are producing in this thread? 12 11-May-99
Beats, Beer & Babes 4 11-May-99
Vinyl or CD who do you please! 1 11-May-99
Mix Tapes 3 07-May-99
Who's that band in Blade? 3 27-Apr-99
poor dj's turntables 3 23-Apr-99
"rotary kills" , hva does this mean? I saw it in a mixer-review. 5 16-Apr-99
Need help finding a specific mixer 1 04-Apr-99

Threads marked for FAQ in this topic Messages Last
which turntable is best? 12 25-Aug-00
Looking to get started.. 7 17-Aug-00
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