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Pump: Alesis (343 of 533 total discussions)  RSS Starter Messages Last
alesis hr16 songjohn 2 28-Sep-16
vs2480 1 26-Aug-10
Alesis QS6 Mudjumper41 1 12-May-10
Alesis ANdromeda rotery vs. Andromeda pot models michaelhuffman 2 25-Feb-10
Alesis Masterlink ML 9600 allanmcc 1 14-Jan-10
Alesis Fusion 8HD demos tlnet37 1 20-Nov-09 offer discount fashion shoes ,clothing,brand bag,hangbag and purse 1 08-Jul-09
Alesis Quadrasynth S4 boardy79 1 30-Apr-09
Alesis MMT-8 sequencer degiacomo 1 22-Apr-09
Does anyone have experience with the Andromeda Karplus 3 07-May-08
Alesis midi Verb II woks99 2 25-Apr-08
ALESIS D4 - problem petr 3 15-Jan-08
Micron reverb epiphanius 1 15-Sep-07
Alesis SR16 Drum Machine wookie94588 1 18-Jun-07
alesis multimix 8 usb drivers castledrummer 1 19-May-07
peabreu 1 19-May-07
NanoSynth Software - where can I find it? gcharpentier 3 31-Mar-07
Alesis QSR with Roland midi controller A-37 girena1 1 28-Oct-06
Alesis QSR with Rlan controller A-37 girena1 2 28-Oct-06
alesis new updat and is it fixed? tee52t 2 11-Sep-06
Sell my OBX for and Andromeda? rednote 5 18-Jul-06
Does alesis still continue QS 8.2 ? rohith 8 23-May-06
Fusion First Impressions Carbon111 6 07-May-06
Alesis Ion chad tillman 3 26-Mar-06
Alesis Micron/Ion 12 bit data ??? Not really.... Cerebral Infect 1 15-Jan-06
Alesis Micron Patch Init??? Cerebral Infect 1 29-Dec-05
I see the Fusion is out Gonkulator 3 28-Dec-05
Micron or Ion ? Cerebral Infect 2 28-Nov-05
Andromeda Pascal 2 01-Oct-05
Alesis nano piano or synth mhoggard 2 20-Sep-05
Alesis QS7.1 Scottykeys 2 12-Sep-05
Question about Alesis D4 helas 4 16-Aug-05
Alesis HR-16 not working... zgirl333 5 29-Jul-05
The Andy is a good synth, even if it is kinda strange looking... MetalMuse 7 24-Jul-05
alesis d4 battery browne 1 17-Jun-05
Andromeda subs sw_hunt 2 29-May-05
Alesis HR-16 rickoli 2 29-May-05
Alesis HD24XR Great Value ! Tom Lockwood 1 01-May-05
Alesis HR 16B. Aloysius 1 21-Apr-05
Remote crontrolling the Micron ghuinink 1 25-Feb-05
Alessis QS8 won't output in stereo iguana 1 12-Feb-05
Ion and Mircron optinone 14 20-Jan-05
optinone 1 06-Jan-05
My Andromeda is talking to me dwaldman61 46 29-Dec-04
i just got a sr16 for $20.00 bobsonjazoe 1 20-Dec-04
Help with my Ion, no "analog drift" ? :( what I miss about earth 4 06-Dec-04
Micron Editor spulk 15 22-Nov-04
Ion/Micron vs Virus B CC 5 07-Nov-04
ION - Too good to be true? DanS 7 29-Oct-04
Andromeda's keyboard cuari7 4 27-Aug-04
A6 Poratmento with Unison X? synthetic_ 3 10-Aug-04
Photon 25 & X25 Albert 5 26-Jul-04
A6 Sram card CoolColJ 6 06-Jun-04
Rack mount Andromeda!!! CoolColJ 18 31-May-04
New A6 Andromeda Sounbank? Peake 8 25-Apr-04
Alesis ION - compared to 2 unique analog monster synths Androne 28 29-Mar-04
Alesis Nano Bass hansgson 1 04-Mar-04
SR-16??? ESwerve 2 17-Feb-04
HR16B semblance 1 13-Feb-04
A6 Filter Issue -Tim- 11 03-Feb-04
No title Gothicindustrial 5 17-Jan-04
Alesis ION... WOW!! Bach2 70 29-Dec-03
Alesis QuadraSynth or Korg Wavestation Ex argasstation 4 21-Nov-03
100% ION track featuring Vocoder! Dr. Whammo 5 06-Nov-03
Just tried the Ion proto39 25 27-Oct-03
Holy sh*p! dwaldman61 5 13-Oct-03
Make filter 1 Self Oscillate SCORPION2K1 2 11-Oct-03
Ion vs Andromeda A6 puck 17 10-Oct-03
get over it birdbrain 1 22-Sep-03
Alesis Andromeda Waveforms jerrysashi 1 13-Aug-03
S4 Plus Sounds I need some new ones Bop Drums 1 14-Jul-03
MMT8 jamesbondmcm 2 13-Jul-03
Whatever happened to... Ison 17 02-Jul-03
Service Center impossiblesound 3 12-Jun-03
Vintage Keyboard Q Card is good? LHM2003 2 08-May-03
Vintage Synth Q Card planetbliss 1 11-Apr-03
Alesis needs to give up birdbrain 3 03-Apr-03
I returned the Metavox, IT SUCKS! COALSLAG 2 03-Apr-03
Help ! PCMCIA card for Andromeda - Pretec? YaDaddy 4 02-Apr-03
What is taking Alesis so long COALSLAG 7 27-Mar-03
ION is comming any thoughts? synth-freak 20 09-Mar-03
qsr got fuzzy after using soundbridge birdbrain 6 06-Mar-03
alesis blows birdbrain 1 20-Feb-03
DM5 Trigger Problem sontumbao 1 13-Jan-03
mmt-8 os upgrade? nermidi 6 07-Jan-03
No title stevensgk7 0 04-Jan-03
bass drum stevensgk7 0 04-Jan-03
bass drum stevensgk7 1 23-Dec-02
yesterdays has been / tomorrows wannabe birdbrain 1 17-Dec-02
Impatient potential Ion buyer... Retep 5 11-Dec-02
best Q-Cards for QS synths? bruddahmax 1 07-Dec-02
Nanosynth effects gdavis1 5 05-Dec-02
DM Pro computer-editor Retep 8 21-Nov-02
No title filterking 1 20-Nov-02
alesis d4 Cannon 0 29-Oct-02
QS6.1 and its drum kits fastboy 1 27-Oct-02
Soundbridge-- Anyone have a handle??? Dean 2 27-Oct-02
Wiring a loom for the Andromeda Yang 0 27-Oct-02
rack mount ion ? samhain 1 18-Oct-02
anyone have the metavox? COALSLAG 3 17-Oct-02
Alesis Quadrasynth: any good? beyonder 0 15-Oct-02
Andromeda and Polyaftertouch marzzz 5 12-Oct-02
A6 Ribbon control in mix mode -Tim- 0 11-Oct-02
External Modulation of the Alesis QS6?? (Is it possible?) Plastic Pulse 2 05-Oct-02
New Andromeda's VS Originals... slaave 27 03-Oct-02
Andromeda Envelopes Fernando Vicente 9 07-Sep-02
ION spy pic... wasabi 5 07-Sep-02
No title heyitsadams 0 01-Sep-02
Got Broken QS Keys? etrinity 1 28-Aug-02
Wondering how to get the mixes to work on my QS6.1 jsky 1 23-Aug-02
New A6 With Boot Problems Diogene101 10 19-Aug-02
New Alesis FX units jameshays 33 12-Aug-02
triggering samples with my sr-16 decepticon3107 1 11-Aug-02
New Andys Out... midi 7 11-Aug-02
alesis Andromeda !!!!!!!!! zipo 6 04-Aug-02
wondering about blank pcmcia cards jsky 4 01-Aug-02
Ohh My beautiful Andromeda... DrummerBoy 2 20-Jun-02
QSR filters :( silkworm 10 16-Jun-02
SR-16 any good? Parakeet 6 07-Jun-02
Anything LIKE the mMT8? spec 5 07-Jun-02
when is the andromeda going to be rereleased? SCORPION2K1 8 16-May-02
Andromeda woes... beta 6 16-May-02
Alesis QS6 and QS6.1 What's the difference? AMightyMite 3 11-May-02
QS6 Environment for Logic 5.0 rawmsco 2 11-May-02
weird mmt8 prob - ghost notes plastic_wrapped 3 10-May-02
No title zipo 0 08-May-02
Vocal Effects Unit - help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! White Riot 4 01-May-02
mod fx? 3vcos 2 01-May-02
Adaptive Control Smoothing SCORPION2K1 7 30-Apr-02
MMT-8 Grey Front Panels Peake 4 22-Apr-02
nanopiano - rhodes patch piano boy 5 17-Apr-02
Finally got my AirSynth 3DarkHours 9 12-Apr-02
MMT-8 -> can you still get the roms? spec 2 10-Apr-02
MMT-8/HR-16:B power supply needed! tech137 9 10-Apr-02
A6 OS Release V1.40.11 BETA Mark Pulver 1 06-Apr-02
alesis verytrickydicky 0 01-Apr-02
What Would You Like To See From Alesis? etrinity 66 27-Mar-02
Alesis support? Thomas008 1 21-Mar-02
Something wrong.....!? lapsklaus 2 18-Mar-02
mmt8 internal battery isospin 8 16-Mar-02
D4 Factory Presets mray 2 14-Mar-02
? for A6 Users digital domain 4 11-Mar-02
mmt8 program change jmi 1 08-Mar-02
mmt8 questions! geronimo 2 06-Mar-02
MMT8 Backup! rgalligan 3 06-Mar-02
anyone using the CLX-440 compressor? amorphium 4 03-Mar-02
Aleisis Masterlink ML9600 midi 5 22-Feb-02
QS8.1modwheel--a quest to understand mackerelhat 1 17-Feb-02
Andromeda Reborn yet? midi 63 10-Feb-02
How do I get an Airsynth? knellotron 2 05-Feb-02
New QS .2 series... etrinity 28 31-Jan-02
Picoverb... fac 22 29-Jan-02
QS8 - soundiver mrb 1 21-Jan-02
mmt8 program change delay fizztech 1 20-Jan-02
Alesis QS7 and Sysex Epsilon 1 15-Jan-02
qs6 sales numbers dxman 2 14-Jan-02
DRUMACHINE Electrolux 1 09-Jan-02
Alesis Ineko? elsewhere84 4 08-Jan-02
mmt-8 swing ershin 2 07-Jan-02
Flash Ram Card Compatability dxman 2 29-Dec-01
MMT-8 Data storage james002 2 28-Dec-01
mmt-8 program change help fizztech 3 26-Dec-01
A6 Librarian App Mark Pulver 3 19-Dec-01
Alesis Website MIA? 3DarkHours 1 30-Nov-01
WTF happened to the Andromeda Karplus 12 30-Nov-01
Alesis finally back? foxglove9 2 25-Nov-01
IDoes the Nanocompressor sound the same as the 3630? fac 1 25-Nov-01
live performances help fizztech 2 23-Nov-01
midi setup fizztech 1 23-Nov-01
getting back factory preset patterns for the Alesis HR16B drum machine Mike Chain 1 22-Nov-01
andromeda Draconis 2 21-Nov-01
Hammond/Lezlie Setup Help on NanoPiano ryans32 9 21-Nov-01
MMT 8 Questions spec 1 18-Nov-01
mmt-8 HELP!!!!!! please fizztech 2 16-Nov-01
black much? woooooo_ooo 2 03-Nov-01
andromeda fdaenen 5 26-Oct-01
A6 Sequencer Question GJJ 5 24-Oct-01
alesis3066 fanfan 1 17-Oct-01
NanoSynth lovedroid 3 13-Oct-01
Ok...someone had to ask this eventually... Jonathan 13 11-Oct-01
Question for Mark Pulver ? GJJ 3 10-Oct-01
Mr. Peake, Please Answer This... Elfarran 26 09-Oct-01
Help setting up multimbral mode on the andromeda? Electronic Dream Plant 13 06-Oct-01
does anyone know how to connect a qsr to an EPS mrkeezey 1 06-Oct-01
No title Anonymous 0 05-Oct-01
Air SYnth Steveo 2 05-Oct-01
Another A6 Update question? GJJ 3 01-Oct-01
mmt8 help! please fizztech 1 25-Sep-01
Not sure how to update A6 OS SLC Synth 7 22-Sep-01
DM PRO love or hate it? carl29 7 21-Sep-01
OS 1.40.01 is Posted darrenmd 1 15-Sep-01
When will they start shipping Andromedas again? Anonymous 6 11-Sep-01
OS 1.40.00 is Posted Peake@work 32 08-Sep-01
Im an idiot....thats akai not alesis madmax1331 1 28-Aug-01
Any Alesis Effects chips for sale? madmax1331 1 28-Aug-01
Alesis HR-16 and Fruityloops borgie 3 27-Aug-01
Can I use the audio inputs on the a6 to save mixer space? 3001 17 26-Aug-01
Last Andrews on Mars YaDaddy 10 18-Aug-01
can anyboy ID this synth? error606 7 17-Aug-01
No title Anonymous 1 11-Aug-01
Who paid what for their A6? SLC Synth 95 09-Aug-01
Is the Alesis AirSynth out there or did it not make it before Numark? 3DarkHours 14 08-Aug-01
New Alesis Ownership Travis001 2 06-Aug-01
A brief apology to Mike Peake bbtheory 13 06-Aug-01
A6 OS Upgrade GJJ 5 03-Aug-01
Anyone losing patience over the new A6 OS? bbtheory 13 24-Jul-01
Any cool things to try on a QS synth? bigpik 6 18-Jul-01
Should you buy a synth from a company that is going down the tubes 89 12-Jul-01
Cleaning Q-cards slots? 7 06-Jul-01 Anonymous 6 05-Jul-01
New Soundbank for Andromeda Posted Peake@work 5 04-Jul-01
Andy availability! JSchur 1 30-Jun-01
Alesis GC Blowout, A6 2199.00 143 26-Jun-01
Mike peake: short a6 tech question (please) BubbleJet 10 26-Jun-01
Mike Peake: short Androm tech question BubbleJet 3 26-Jun-01
Andromeda's still on Mars at $2189.00 2 20-Jun-01
Where is the serial # on my A6? 13 17-Jun-01
Alesis Andromeda A6 prices 2 14-Jun-01
hr-16 3 07-Jun-01
Alesis Status 53 03-Jun-01
Sequencing with NRPNs? 1 02-Jun-01
SHould you buy a synth with such a great review??? 42 30-May-01
help! midi on the andromeda 3 29-May-01
Two new A6 soundbanks uploaded 1 29-May-01
Nanosynth manual 5 29-May-01
Q2 manual? 3 27-May-01
Alesis sucks... Anonymous 13 24-May-01
weird sound coming out of my QS8.1 1 23-May-01
Check out Alesis Chap 11 info at HC 1 11-May-01
So A6 will only have a rack version and that's it? cyclonix 18 09-May-01
Alesis QS7 instructions 1 01-May-01
The Roland looks better but it's the Alesis that kicks ass 3 01-May-01
MMT 8 black or grey? 13 30-Apr-01
New Andromeda Demos Posted 11 21-Apr-01
Announcing a new forum for keyboards ! 1 18-Apr-01
Alesis support? 12 16-Apr-01
Alesis Death Watch 10 13-Apr-01
MMT-8 Features 2 13-Apr-01
AirFX 28 05-Apr-01
Alesis Rumors Info 2 04-Apr-01
Is there any major difference Elfarran 9 04-Apr-01
Air Synth Steveo 3 23-Mar-01
Pitch Stability on the Andromeda dtambell 8 07-Mar-01
Tempo change withing a song Sojen7533 3 19-Feb-01
No title shagz 1 13-Feb-01
Alesis QSR and Cakewalk....dah! bjdj45 2 10-Feb-01
DM5 "random voice" missing from DMPRO? rpieket 1 09-Feb-01
I want to prog my Alesis SR16 from a k.board h_gson 3 08-Feb-01
Alesis QSR User Preset bjdj45 2 06-Feb-01
I need QSR User Factory Bank emailed!!! bjdj45 5 06-Feb-01
Andromeda Step Sequencer rpieket 8 29-Jan-01
HR-16 Specs ASAP!!!!! Dial8 5 28-Jan-01
Is the Andromeda part of a New Alesis ?? 23 24-Jan-01
MMT-8 crashed Jman 3 23-Jan-01
Andromeda - Analogue drum machine??? kk 4 22-Jan-01
Andromeda MP3's! Pim 1 11-Jan-01
Andromeda is Shipping 7 08-Jan-01
ALESIS update your site! 1 02-Jan-01
sr-16 question 6 02-Jan-01
the price of the andromeda 4 31-Dec-00
Last words on Andromeda, Mr. Peake? 34 28-Dec-00
Anyone tried the Masterlink? 5 28-Dec-00
When will the Andromeda arrive in Europe? 3 14-Dec-00
where do the alesis keyboards be made? 54 14-Dec-00
patachable andromeda 2 28-Oct-00
new MMT-8 question (diff ver.) 1 21-Oct-00
MMT-8 record from MAQ or SEQ-303 3 20-Oct-00
Alesis Q-Cards... Which should I choose...? 1 13-Oct-00
AES Convention Report - New Alesis! 3 29-Sep-00
Nanopiano versus soundfonts 1 20-Sep-00
Midiverb4 backlight 4 11-Sep-00
Alesis HR16 power supply 3 04-Sep-00
NanoSynth vs. NanoBass 10 15-Aug-00
Q Card 2 31-Jul-00
ADAT with Korg 1212 and VST 5 26-Jul-00
QS8 ..suggestions ..sounds flat thru Pa. 4 22-Jul-00
Alesis MMT8 problem... 2 11-Jul-00
WHen is Andromeda coming out .. for crying out loud??? 84 06-Jul-00
ADAT computer editing system 18 26-Jun-00
Question about the MMT-8... 2 24-Jun-00
DM pro vs Roland TD-8 6 20-Jun-00
Anyone played with the AI-3? 2 05-Jun-00
has alesis ever made a sampler? 2 05-Jun-00
how do I reset the D4 back to factory presets 1 25-May-00
MMT 8 back in production! 11 22-May-00
What software comes with QS6.1? 2 18-May-00
MMT8 - Sync MIDI 3 13-May-00
good strings from the QSR?? 2 08-May-00
MMT 8 Question 6 30-Apr-00
Messe Andromeda Soundbites 1 19-Apr-00
DM4 vs DM5 3 16-Apr-00
QS7.1 into Adat pcr. 1 15-Apr-00
Andromeda Soundbites Online 3 05-Apr-00
Help me back up the user bank 1 28-Mar-00
Alesis Rumors? 3 23-Mar-00
Great features, and no sequencer? 3 13-Mar-00
Quadraverb GT -- non-stereo??? 1 09-Mar-00
Get ready for an influx of messages 14 29-Feb-00
HR-16 question 3 08-Feb-00
Gentlemen...Start your boners!!! 1 03-Feb-00
Selling my K2000 and buying a QS8?? 6 20-Jan-00
alesis 1622 power supply ? 3 03-Jan-00
1 27-Dec-99
QS-8 feels good 3 08-Dec-99
QS7 Music 1 16-Nov-99
HR16-B opinions 4 11-Nov-99
QS8 with Cubase 5 11-Nov-99
How I got my K5000. 31 13-Oct-99
QS6 Effects Question... 2 12-Oct-99
QS-8 vs. QS8.1 2 04-Oct-99
mmt-8 dump...... 3 29-Sep-99
QS Screen Problem 11 27-Sep-99
how do you upgrade the software on your ADAT??? 1 17-Sep-99
MidiVerb III Power supply 4 13-Sep-99
midiverb4 display 2 10-Sep-99
HR-16 Problems 14 06-Sep-99
Playing sequences on Card 3 29-Aug-99
How about Nano series? 2 27-Aug-99
What is with the QS 7.1 & 8.1? 8 18-Aug-99
QS Card Sequence Playback 1 17-Aug-99
Pitch Bend Signal 6 30-Jul-99
Emagic sequencer loading problem w/QS6.1 1 30-Jul-99
NanoBass Questions 2 28-Jul-99
Not a "clear sound" coming of the QS8 2 28-Jul-99
Prices on QS7 3 24-Jul-99
Multi outs on QS6?!?? 1 16-Jul-99
QS6 Tech question (user progs?) 1 12-Jul-99
Alesis DM5 display 1 28-Jun-99
What the hell does a DATA DISK do? 5 23-Jun-99
QS7 3 10-Jun-99
QS Rhythms 1 27-May-99
Piano QCard 2 20-May-99
NanoPiano - Techie stuff 4 18-May-99
Thoughts on the Quadraverb 19 14-May-99
mmt8 for live use? 13 10-May-99
between qs6.1 and DJX+ ? 2 21-Apr-99
3630? studio 12R? 4 20-Apr-99
2 16-Apr-99
question on NanoPiano Anonymous 1 11-Apr-99
Alesis MMT-8 2 08-Apr-99

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