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Pump: Akai (776 of 973 total discussions)  RSS Starter Messages Last
akai s900/turntable hookup/yes or no blackbeats 2 12-Jul-10
AKAI X-3700 paddington 1 20-May-10
s1000 looking for LCD nitro 1 29-Dec-09 retail discount brand sweater and wintercoat 1 04-Sep-09 retail discount brand shoes and clothing 1 21-Aug-09 cheap wholesale nike adidas gucci prada shoes 1 03-Aug-09
AKAI s-900 for sale jnic 1 28-Jul-09 cheap wholesale nike adidas gucci prada lacoste dsquared puma shoes 1 15-Jul-09 offer discount fashion shoes ,clothing,brand bag,hangbag and purse 1 08-Jul-09
Akai MPC2000XL card reader TheSlot 1 08-May-09
Inverter board for S3000XL peabreu 1 21-Jan-09
peabreu 1 20-Jan-09
loading sample CD's into an Akai S2000 gzagenius 1 20-Nov-08
akai compatability???? mjsin 1 05-Oct-08
akai s3000xl DAVID W 2 23-Aug-08
classic sample cds to swap... newlichen 1 22-Jul-08
Akai Master keyboards... Supersonic 2 21-Jul-08
s900 questions paddington 1 13-May-08
akai mpc 3000/ display led contrast wjammin 4 03-May-08
MPC question paddington 2 17-Apr-08
asq 10 midi ChrisCraft 1 17-Apr-08
AKAI MPD16 chuchdog 5 28-Mar-08
Akai MPK 49 Keyboard Controller loneranger.02 2 11-Mar-08
Akai s2800i OS Disk? mrmooncat 3 17-Feb-08
The screen displays always ** Akai X7000 ** karel 1 30-Jan-08
C Wagoner 1 23-Jan-08
Akai s700 Rackmount Problems!! HELP!!! dubstyle975 1 14-Jan-08
akai xr-10 olavi 2 30-Oct-07
hi can someone give me an altenative for a zip drive for akai mpc 3000? radioactive 1 20-Sep-07
hii folks, just bought a akai asq10 and I am so happy for it, but the unit came without a manual, d ChrisCraft 2 17-Sep-07
Akaia AX80 factory settings, manual eon 1 12-Sep-07
click track Elle26 1 31-Aug-07
akai s5000 rw2851 2 11-Aug-07
Akai AX60 startup toober 1 08-Jul-07
heldrida 1 06-Jul-07
akai xr10 users manual 4 01-Jul-07
If you have an MPC and like lofi.. jeff1x 1 16-May-07
MPC 4000 connections itsmyturn2001 1 26-Apr-07
triggering loops from td20 drumkit shanewest 1 03-Apr-07
MPC2000 screen dead. I need screen shots,pix jay marvalous 1 17-Feb-07
Dying AX80 nev 1 12-Feb-07
cft2716 schematic rachel 1 09-Feb-07
my akai s2000 bunker89 2 06-Feb-07
MPC Production Paks 1&2 available again kenfen 1 09-Jan-07
Djing Loads but want a new Live gatget Mpc 1000 or not ??? HELP ! Dan Warb 6 21-Dec-06
Rotating white noise on AKAI AX60? terminating angel 1 11-Sep-06
Can you load and trigger synth sounds from an MPC? ESwerve 1 28-Aug-06
mpcstoragesolution 1 05-Aug-06
which iomega zip 100 disks for akai ? elefer 2 05-Aug-06
Akai SG01v Help beardface 1 04-Aug-06
Akai S2000 SCSI & ZIP Drive klaudeboz 3 11-Jul-06
AkaiS2000 with an imoga 100mb zip drive john b 1 09-Jun-06
akai 3200 ARC1LOVE 1 16-May-06
Need a floppy drive for an S950?? ESwerve 1 19-Apr-06
I need parts for AKAI s6000 aq 1 16-Apr-06
Using the Roland PM-16 to trigger sounds on AKAI S2000 NeilPeartFan 1 27-Mar-06
akai audio file converting mozartito 1 27-Feb-06
MPC3000 double triggering - replace the pads or what? FIZMO100 3 24-Feb-06
MPC 2000 give scsi wite error then too many file error when trying to save .ALL file. biglong 1 20-Feb-06
mpc 2000xl help please!! resinthol 9 20-Feb-06
what type of zip for my mpc 2000xl? chansmyname 1 13-Feb-06
replacing akai S950 disk drives??? silversurfer1919 1 12-Feb-06
AKAI MPC2000 FOR SALE sterlingx 2 18-Jan-06
Help please:S2000 won't start up? olih 1 09-Jan-06
Akai 3000 & scsi drive tballa007 3 20-Dec-05
scsi drive for mpc DIALECT 1 17-Dec-05
MPC 1000?? tayodub 3 03-Dec-05
mpc4000 jdavinci 4 29-Nov-05
mpc 2000 external hard drive detroitmitten313 1 05-Nov-05
moc2000 for sale indiskeyes 2 02-Nov-05
+++ HELP ++++++Gentlemen, I Need Help Getting onpointpro 1 12-Oct-05
Akai asq-10 with SP-505 vinz 11 10-Oct-05
MPC-boxes V.S. Keyboards ? 2bitz 2 16-Sep-05
freeware to extract from akai formatted discs? mindcurve 7 13-Sep-05
New MPC2500 tomfinegan 1 31-Aug-05
DPS12 Problems billmarts 1 28-Aug-05
DPS 16 - Changing Sampling Rate guitarman335 1 27-Jun-05
MPC60 sequencer moogah 3 23-Jun-05
mpc 3000 djzero12 3 19-Jun-05
S1000, S2000 or S3000?? willman85 5 26-Apr-05
S2000 to Mac OS 9; back to the future. Help me. ortho 1 20-Apr-05
Difference between MPC1000 and MPC2000XL ESwerve 3 16-Apr-05
scsi for akai s1000 darkbreed 1 19-Mar-05
lokal_107 1 18-Mar-05
MPC questions xonox 1 16-Mar-05
s1100 problem lampredotto 1 15-Mar-05
get Ib-105 for S950' owner manuel online ? lavielle 1 12-Mar-05
S2000 PC Software DirkBigler 12 11-Mar-05
DPS 16 help!!! proTOOLs 1 07-Mar-05
Akai MPC2000XL johnfingers 7 02-Mar-05
Help with installing HD to Akai S5000 lc1200 9 01-Mar-05
X7000 repair Whitey 1 24-Feb-05
trying to find S2000 O.S. mem rom help Tom Lockwood 5 22-Feb-05
need o.s. disk foe akai x7000 rhall007 1 20-Feb-05
Can't find pro music gear on Akai site johnfingers 3 14-Feb-05
MPC 1000, 2000 20/20 6 08-Feb-05
sample cds 5$ each for list leccisi 2 06-Feb-05
MPC 3000 Question swift_tee 6 02-Feb-05
1/2 price 3.10 upgrade for MPC60 slowfish 1 19-Jan-05
859 total discussions? Where? johnfingers 3 24-Dec-04
AKAI VX90 4stringbanjo 7 24-Dec-04
Zip Drive for Akai MPC 2000XL tabari3a 3 02-Dec-04
S20 loops from mac?Help please johnfingers 1 02-Dec-04
S2000; triggering loops from drum pads johnfingers 3 18-Nov-04
How can i sequence my 2000XL from Pro Tools? Relax... 1 07-Nov-04
fivefivesix 1 26-Oct-04
lcd screen CTgroov 1 16-Oct-04
triggering a keyboard with a mpc karmamuzik 2 12-Oct-04
hard drives for an mpc2kxl GrenadeFIST 1 24-Sep-04
Where can i get drumkits for the mpc 1000 miltonic 4 07-Sep-04
S950 with drum triggers? maxwell 3 27-Aug-04
how do i connect a s950 to a zip drive d2rdid 3 10-Aug-04
Akai S-950 Disc Errors frankdiggs 1 04-Aug-04
Akai S-950 best option for a sequencer (or any kind of control) Heicktopiertz 4 04-Aug-04
s1000 midi filters arnaud 1 24-Jul-04
Akai S20 Memory Expansion Mohajuwan 5 20-Jul-04
techdata on XE8 sound cards withheld Tom Lockwood 1 16-Jul-04
MPC 1000 or 2000XL for starters? ESwerve 5 09-Jul-04
extent of sequencing ability? minus 3 09-Jul-04
transferring CD3000i samples frequent 2 29-Jun-04
Akai S2000 / display says ARM. Tom Lockwood 3 25-Jun-04
differences in USB cables? Tom Lockwood 3 10-Jun-04
Is it a mistake to sell MPc3000 dejon 18 04-Jun-04
changing the tempo of the sample after it's sampled lphonix 1 27-May-04
S 2000 conflict with win XP/ nt. Tom Lockwood 10 22-May-04
Akai Z-samplers: anyone experience with these? Androne 20 16-May-04
Sell my MPC60 and get an MPC1000? morley 7 29-Apr-04
MPC-1000 impressions syd 8 20-Apr-04
Broken S6000LCD..Does anyone know the lcd model# jayce 1 14-Apr-04
Akai AX60 / S612 Need Help drumlug 1 12-Apr-04
Akai CD3000XL 4 11-Apr-04
Need to convert wav to mpc60 or s950 files jeff1x 6 09-Apr-04
Akai S5000 Control Changes (CC #'s) Silver Droid 2 08-Apr-04
Service/Repair manual for the s950? Kraftsman 1 07-Apr-04
akai s700 howardbky 5 06-Apr-04
akai x7000 Pidster 1 06-Apr-04
Newbe recording question newMark2 2 24-Feb-04
13 pin cable, ax60-s612 bascheiwe 5 23-Feb-04
AKAI S2000 (Format Questions) crswerd 1 11-Dec-03
NEED AN MPC2000XL!!! HELP sleeptight 1 27-Nov-03
mpc 1000? the_popes_astronomer 1 15-Nov-03
AKAI S2000 (questions) crswerd 4 02-Nov-03
mpc4000 Dutchblack 0 25-Oct-03
mpc4000 Dutchblack 0 25-Oct-03
No title PTAH 0 24-Oct-03
Need help installing ak.sys please! venchur 1 21-Oct-03
kawai xd 5 ddeez 12 07-Oct-03
akai scsi ezzi 1 14-Aug-03
akai s3000 os 1.5? loz 2 06-Aug-03
mpc ezzi 6 24-Jul-03
Old Akai sampler? motzekryen 0 07-Jul-03
No title drumlug 0 02-Jul-03
whats better... cd 3000i or the s-3000xl? lost1474 1 02-Jul-03
mpc4k inexcuseable bugs? right thru time 1 02-Jul-03
S2000 -> PC Hook-up T-BOY 4 01-Jul-03
Anyone have a Z4 or Z8? TJ Teru 9 17-Jun-03
Akai MPD16 comments/question eyalc 3 10-Jun-03
s900 EKK 2 06-Jun-03
sample trigger though keyboard Snakeproduction 4 28-May-03
REQUEST-amateur Tyros fan sites fanoftyros 1 23-May-03
QUESTION-AKAI OR TYROS??? fanoftyros 1 23-May-03
mpc2000xl bpm match Snakeproduction 1 22-May-03
Z8 Filters in programs vs. Samples hedpeace 1 13-May-03
s2000 output weakness Trey Witteried 3 06-May-03
MPC2000xl or RS7000 AtomiX_303 9 05-May-03
S2000 scsi WinXp problems enapa 2 29-Apr-03
64 Mb in a S3000xl or cd3000 xl ? freakydancer 2 20-Apr-03
akai scsi windows xp JAMIE1978 2 12-Apr-03
help with s2000 invisiblemcs 3 05-Mar-03
Akai s1000 lordtom 1 02-Mar-03
Problems with MPC 4000 sound transmition Eyeonnik 4 01-Mar-03
exporting samples from ReCycle to an Akai S900, monkey 2 22-Feb-03
anbody got s900 disks? scottbpm 1 22-Feb-03
MPC groove templates Balil 6 17-Feb-03
IB-103 SCSI board for s1000? johnlancia 1 13-Feb-03
MPC2000 LCD probs- not backlight soundninja 2 01-Feb-03
Lastest OS disks for S1000 johnlancia 1 22-Jan-03
THE AX73 jamesbondmcm 6 20-Jan-03
MPC4000 problems pave 0 14-Jan-03
MPC 4000 wont make sound pave 0 14-Jan-03
MPC 4000 wont make sound pave 0 14-Jan-03
Akai MPC 2000 or MPC 60II V 3.0???? jeff1x 2 09-Jan-03
aksys won't talk to my s6000! venchur 2 09-Jan-03
MPC-4000 freestyle 3 04-Jan-03
What is the diff between S950 and 900?? jeff1x 1 04-Jan-03
Z4/Z8 samplers Emonkey 6 03-Jan-03
the mpc 4000le? triple_green 1 01-Jan-03
WHAT IS AN MPC?!!! illest_nigga_alive 2 01-Jan-03
Computor based sequencing versus The MPC nickey pooh 3 01-Jan-03
No title genethomasjr 0 24-Dec-02
MPC-2000 XL MSB LSB dirtymike 2 09-Dec-02
New S2000 problem Darkzone Predator 5 04-Dec-02
asq-10 3 questions podbaydoor 0 04-Dec-02
ASQ-10 3 questions podbaydoor 0 04-Dec-02
ASQ-10 Questions podbaydoor 0 04-Dec-02
ASQ-10 questions podbaydoor 0 04-Dec-02
Can anyone tell me if a mpc 2000xl is a good thing to have in computer based production? sunzeph 5 26-Nov-02
jaz drive for mpc 2000 tiltmode 4 13-Nov-02
External hard drives for s2000/s1100? poorphil 6 11-Nov-02
mpc2000 drumkit swaps clubhanded 1 10-Nov-02
Akai 612 Looping ddeez 1 07-Nov-02
mpc 60 poyao 5 06-Nov-02
Akai EB16 fx: Can user install it into his S3000XL Mr.Ron 3 31-Oct-02
Akai payed synthelabo 11 30-Oct-02
how to find a cd drive for my mpc nbdystyle 0 28-Oct-02
AKAI S2000 v2 OPERATING SYSTEM DirkBigler 2 20-Oct-02
compatable cdr/rw drives axious 2 20-Oct-02
My review of the MPC4000 Daladidoo 42 19-Oct-02
Sample Loop point modulation? hedpeace 2 10-Oct-02
Alternative to IB-ID2SC SCSI - IDE cnvtr burkek 3 08-Oct-02
zip drive override memorylapse 1 03-Oct-02
live Lilith 0 02-Oct-02
has anyone bought the z4 or z8? ettubaby 2 01-Oct-02
No title Jimi Jones 0 01-Oct-02
Akai S2000 Reverb HELP!!! addinquir 1 30-Sep-02
Akai s2000 PC scsi filterking 3 30-Sep-02
Akai S2000 reverb setup problem HELP!!! addinquir 0 30-Sep-02
Connecting s1000 to PC (Win2k) airell 9 27-Sep-02
can recycle transmit samples to the s5000 via usb? caustech 6 27-Sep-02
just got an s5000, any tips/tricks, anything? caustech 2 27-Sep-02
s2000 and win2000 mistac 1 26-Sep-02
Will be looking to purchase an Mpc 3000 nickey pooh 1 26-Sep-02
MP60 or MPC2000 Live Lilith 4 24-Sep-02
MPC-4000 dirtymike 2 24-Sep-02
MPC Masters dirtymike 5 20-Sep-02
MPC60 + Computer = Problem ershin 1 19-Sep-02
Akai S2000 LoWw 3 18-Sep-02
need a 100MB 50 PIN SCSI Zip drive but can't find any vlad741 6 18-Sep-02
MPC 2000 El A Vee 2 18-Sep-02
MPC 2000XL hard drive partitions atentaten 2 18-Sep-02
MPC2000XL: Copying MIDI channels? james002 3 18-Sep-02
need help with my mpc 200xl resinthol 2 18-Sep-02
not using MPC 2000 sampler feature. almostnothing 16 18-Sep-02
fixing an akai mpc hp386 2 18-Sep-02
internal zip drive in an S3000XL inocybe 1 17-Sep-02
Akai MPC2000 Internal Zip Lilith 2 16-Sep-02
s2000 bit-rate. enapa 9 14-Sep-02
S2000 compatible HDrive? squishmusic 5 13-Sep-02
Akai S900 Dupree 2 11-Sep-02
MPC 3000 S-MAN 0 10-Sep-02
MPC60 midi out problem ershin 3 09-Sep-02
can an S3000 read a wav file? caustech 8 03-Sep-02
akai z4 hum superbeatmaker 2 29-Aug-02
stopping a sample? ddrumguy 2 27-Aug-02
akai z4 superbeatmaker 0 26-Aug-02
No title enapa 1 23-Aug-02
S1000 keyboard, ever seen it? genethomasjr 4 22-Aug-02
Has the new OS for the MPC4G improved the known bugs? DrummerBoy 1 21-Aug-02
For sequencing, hardware or software? drewspuppet 3 15-Aug-02
S5000/6000 ADAT expansion problems thechrisproject 4 13-Aug-02
Midi drums never feel and sound as good as a real session player podrock 5 10-Aug-02
Just Pickd Up A Akai S2000, And Just Trying To Get My Head Round It (Any Tips) airohpue 4 07-Aug-02
Reading Akai CD-roms with your PC fredhachee 1 06-Aug-02
problem w/ PROG EDIT in the S1000 jayscore 0 06-Aug-02
MPC-4000 (just ordered one) speedDevil 4 05-Aug-02
how use the midi controleurs between AKAI S3000 and keyboard? rafi 1 01-Aug-02
Is the USB upgrade to the S5000 user instalable? silverglitter 5 31-Jul-02
convert S1000 to S6000? mikolasek 2 28-Jul-02
mesa windows xp compatible?? projekt 2701 3 26-Jul-02
Is anyone buying the z4 or z8? ettubaby 2 24-Jul-02
MPC-60 or MPC-60II lc1200 3 23-Jul-02
which zip drive for my MPC 2000XL vlad741 2 18-Jul-02
MPC-4000 schism 5 18-Jul-02
mpc60 as slave ershin 2 13-Jul-02
MPC 2K MIDI problem... freq3 4 01-Jul-02
AKAI MPC 2000 and the Korg Karma together... freq3 4 30-Jun-02
Anyone else ripped off by jeff1x 1 29-Jun-02
:Anyone else ripped off by jeff1x 0 29-Jun-02
Drum sounds for my MPC??? Any ideas? clockworkresearch 3 28-Jun-02
Recording out of the MPC with it's spdif 's? DrummerBoy 1 27-Jun-02
Does anyone know how to transfer samples from Recycle into the AKAI using SCSI??? flipside 2 27-Jun-02
MPC200 Question 3 26-Jun-02
how to use the mpc 2000xl belldogzzs 1 26-Jun-02
Trouble booting S5000 eyalc 1 23-Jun-02
MPC 2000? sgriff3 1 16-Jun-02
Anyone have a Z4 or Z8 yet? pook187 3 10-Jun-02
mpc2000 beat loop function kevinf 1 08-Jun-02
Akai S2000 System Disk Help!! bigyellowfish 6 06-Jun-02
S2000 boot disk help sazmaniac 3 03-Jun-02
Sequencing prog to use w/MPC 2000? almostnothing 6 01-Jun-02
Computor based sequencing versus The MPC nickey pooh 6 01-Jun-02
Lets talt about the Akai MPC4000 hlynur 27 30-May-02
used mpc2000 or new mpc60 pinknoise777 5 23-May-02
Connecting old Akai equipment semblance 3 21-May-02
mpc3000 wont read scsii zip... any ideas? electronique 2 17-May-02
CD-Rom Question jcthecarpenter 2 07-May-02
Problem with MPC2KXL STicKX 26 06-May-02
MPC 60 Sounds 4 06-May-02
Are someone jusing the MPC4000 hlynur 3 06-May-02
mpc manual hlynur 4 05-May-02
HELP!! My MPC CD-ROM is messed up!! clockworkresearch 2 05-May-02
internal hard drive in s6000 chris1 2 01-May-02
Need a test sound for my MPC 60 II buster 1 29-Apr-02
No title DonCapestany 1 27-Apr-02
Zip Drives for MPCXL DonCapestany 0 27-Apr-02
Zip Drives for MPC DonCapestany 0 27-Apr-02
Akai shipping dates? jameshays 11 26-Apr-02
Those familiar with ak.sys pls read here. syrusate 1 22-Apr-02
S2000 LCD Contrast broken69 1 21-Apr-02
Akai S1000PB makroform 3 19-Apr-02
Puncy drums + smooth multi-samples? Four30 1 17-Apr-02
s900 and sound designer denshi 5 14-Apr-02
how can i use CDROM samples with AKAI s2000? manuelsolorzano 4 12-Apr-02
MPC 2000xl zip drives james002 2 10-Apr-02
using scsi to usb converter to link s3000xl to pc mindcurve 4 07-Apr-02
MPC4000 pic micheal 44 06-Apr-02
Disks for the MPC2000 hifichild 3 06-Apr-02
MPC 60 disks ershin 3 05-Apr-02
Where is the "swing" on my mpc2000xl? STicKX 3 02-Apr-02
MPC 4000 When? DrummerBoy 2 29-Mar-02
Mpc 2000 YesICan 2 28-Mar-02
need some help with my new mpc voodoochild 1 24-Mar-02
Mesa II WHOSYODADDY 2 24-Mar-02
how do i place my S3000 samples on pc KurtX 2 24-Mar-02
Pro-Rec releases SynthSonic 2! prorecsynthsounds 3 18-Mar-02
Question about puttin Layered sounds out of the 8 outputs of the MPC2kxl... rainman 7 16-Mar-02
any one know where i can get akai S20 disks at bass1970man 2 15-Mar-02
more mpc2000xl questions... resinthol 11 14-Mar-02
AkaiS2000 & MIDI Controllers nickb808 1 14-Mar-02
AkaiS200 & MIDI Controllers nickb808 0 14-Mar-02
s950 memory check inner 6 14-Mar-02
mpc2000xl and zip drive install Chrisjnyc 2 13-Mar-02
Where can i find the 8 output expander for an s2000? breakstyles 3 12-Mar-02
S5000 RAM -- 70ns?? jkp64 1 12-Mar-02
relax or anyone else-mpc2000 question resinthol 3 11-Mar-02
AX60 schematics? Smurf 1 11-Mar-02
please help (flash gone on my akai s5000) jamesbsims 1 08-Mar-02
PD16 question skinnyjap 3 06-Mar-02
S950: Is there a built in sign wave, or bass tone on the s950? rainman 18 05-Mar-02
compatible scsi cards for s3000xl cyanhue 3 03-Mar-02
saving to zip drive resinthol 7 01-Mar-02
S5000: How do I use the stereo digital ins for sampling? eyalc 4 01-Mar-02
So who's gettin a MPC4000? DrummerBoy 12 27-Feb-02
S series users who still use floppies - read - fac 12 21-Feb-02
s2800 I got some issues Teebee303 3 19-Feb-02
PD16 USB/MIDI Pad representeast 2 09-Feb-02
Akai Z4/Z8 Question.... Four30 4 06-Feb-02
Akai - ME20a Midi Note Apregriator???? Gia 1 06-Feb-02
ASQ10 question miccom 3 02-Feb-02
AKAI me30p (manual) rendaz 2 02-Feb-02
s900 all lights on- whats up? tyronne 7 30-Jan-02
ASQ10 for sale... moosen8r 1 30-Jan-02
MPC heads? dirtymike 5 28-Jan-02
THIS WAS MADE WITH AN AKAI S2000 gimme your opinions Illacov 3 25-Jan-02
help me out with conversion program basicsystem 3 20-Jan-02
s950 vs s3000xl compatibility mindcurve 2 20-Jan-02
44khz samples on the 32khz S20 Steve B 6 18-Jan-02
how do you get samples from akai cds into the computer mindcurve 2 14-Jan-02
Old forgotten MPC3000 Mac app micheal 2 05-Jan-02
akai mpc2000 for sampling??? moocow 5 05-Jan-02
where to buy a MPC3000 ben_grungy 4 03-Jan-02
Connection between MPC 2000 XL and Computer djlargo 20 31-Dec-01
Z-series, ugliest sampler yet? Gossi 6 20-Dec-01
Light surges coming from my mpc .MattmaN. 4 19-Dec-01
Using MPC with Logic Audio Platinum eyalc 2 18-Dec-01
No title eyalc 2 17-Dec-01
any mpc users thoughts on rs7k other than jamesjones 2 12-Dec-01
Akai S2000 Manual Total K-os 2 25-Nov-01
downloadable manual for s700 neurofilter 1 18-Nov-01
mpc3000 memory & disc drive... electronique 2 17-Nov-01
Is it just me or do the akai samplers not sound... jamesjones 2 15-Nov-01
s2000/MESA/SCSI to USB converter holtjtc 4 15-Nov-01
AKAI S2000 SYNCRONISING DirkBigler 3 15-Nov-01
Using an s3000xl with an external drive Stchris 8 10-Nov-01
I have a question soundbwoy 3 09-Nov-01
Akai effects pedals...any good? machinapathy 1 09-Nov-01
MPC 2000 everythingbutthegirl 1 07-Nov-01
MP C2000 everythingbutthegirl 0 07-Nov-01
mpc2000xl ? soulone 5 07-Nov-01
mpc3000 representeast 1 04-Nov-01
mpc 3000 memory & hard drive electronique 2 04-Nov-01
mpc2000xl muting voodoochild 13 01-Nov-01
MPC60 LoFi? representeast 6 01-Nov-01
Accessories representeast 2 30-Oct-01
MPC Zip Kit riso972 11 25-Oct-01
Convert MPC samples to *.wav eyalc 8 22-Oct-01
No title Sonia 7 19-Oct-01
MPC Zip Kit riso972 3 17-Oct-01
Akai Z96 DeltaM 18 16-Oct-01
MPC 4000 The_SoniX 2 11-Oct-01
MPC-3000 "it's here" dirtymike 27 10-Oct-01
MIDI sync Akai mpc2000xl and Roland vs-840gx jayboe 3 09-Oct-01
MPC 4000 The_SoniX 3 08-Oct-01
Start mode Anonymous 0 05-Oct-01
What I need Anonymous 0 04-Oct-01
Gear, gear and gear Anonymous 0 04-Oct-01
Gear, gear and gear Anonymous 0 04-Oct-01
Gear, gear and gear Anonymous 0 04-Oct-01
What more gear needed to use s2000? beetrader 2 03-Oct-01
MPC2000xl vs S3000xl ? beetrader 9 02-Oct-01
New Akai products released October 1st riso972 13 01-Oct-01
akai s3000 a1operator 3 30-Sep-01
Mutec sampler expansion stuff online!! DeltaM 4 30-Sep-01
MESA II PC and Windows 2000 phoenixdown 2 29-Sep-01
Akai S950 questions jb2 3 28-Sep-01
The "magical" MPC groove!! Anyone tested it against software sequencers or their groove templates??? teardrop06 3 27-Sep-01
so is there going to be an MPC 4000 or what? Atus 19 26-Sep-01
Does the MPC read .Wav floppies? DonCapestany 4 23-Sep-01
Anyone still using an S612? alext 9 21-Sep-01
Best sample cds with drum sounds? eyalc 3 20-Sep-01
Castlewood ORB and S5000 avonrepus 1 20-Sep-01
manual for akai s700 arkanoid303 1 17-Sep-01
flashrom for mpc 2000??? jim-z 6 17-Sep-01
ADAT board for s5000/6000 avonrepus 2 15-Sep-01
Installing internal zip in mpc2000xl peripatitis 4 10-Sep-01
Akai please die Anonymous 34 03-Sep-01
Inexpensive Orchestra sample CD DeltaM 7 01-Sep-01
Sample CDs online in Canada? buz 3 31-Aug-01
How well does MESA really work with an S2000 on a Mac? ma-chan 4 30-Aug-01
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Demo of the MFC42 micheal 3 25-Aug-01
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new akai s2000 user in need of help soundbwoy 3 17-Aug-01
can the mpc2k sample guitar and bass Anonymous 1 16-Aug-01
MPC Filterbank?? wtf?!? drek)(hed 8 16-Aug-01
Mpc 2000xl SCSI condlict on ID 6 error help!! modem 2 16-Aug-01
S612 Parts / Schematics / Service Manual ??? prophet11 1 14-Aug-01
A better pic of hte micheal 5 14-Aug-01
Copy Akai CD Roms on Mac? BigLongFace 13 13-Aug-01
MPC3000 internal Zip drive install micheal 7 10-Aug-01
S5/6k discontinued? 8 09-Aug-01
How can I adjust Akai S2000 display? lc1200 1 06-Aug-01
No title Anonymous 0 03-Aug-01
Akai s2000 sampler player 3 03-Aug-01
MPC 2000 swing question... freq3 3 02-Aug-01
odd question about scsi on the s2000 syntax 5 27-Jul-01
mpc 2000xl scsi connection HYDROW 3 24-Jul-01
mpc 60\ 20 questions.... a1operator 17 24-Jul-01
mpc & rs7k synthelabo 3 24-Jul-01
price of mpc2000 and mpc2000xl in indian rupees gedal 4 23-Jul-01
MPC questions voodoochild 7 22-Jul-01
HD for S-6000 hlynur 1 19-Jul-01
was $250 ukp good for an S2800? scottbpm 1 17-Jul-01
3200xl help needed Anonymous 0 13-Jul-01
o.k. guys, i am counting on you now... TEKNOID 4 13-Jul-01
MPC2000 save problem Anonymous 8 11-Jul-01
mp3 200xl audio expansion board question mischa 1 11-Jul-01
MPC2000xl and Nova II Midi Hell 3 01-Jul-01
Finally got my ZIP 250 external scsi drive for MPC2000XL...doesn't work, please help cos akai can't. 18 26-Jun-01
akai s2000 giving me a headache syntax 6 21-Jun-01
i used an s2000 to reach 16th place in!!! 3 20-Jun-01
i used an s2000 to reach 16th place in!!! 0 15-Jun-01
S20 external MIDI sequencing 1 15-Jun-01
RS7000 Manual for download 1 12-Jun-01
SCSI CD-ROM Problems? 6 10-Jun-01
are there any news about the mpc4000xl or is it just a case of wishfull thinking? 1 09-Jun-01
SCSI CD-ROM TEST? 0 07-Jun-01
Problems Connecting S2000 to PC 2 07-Jun-01
3000xl or 3200? 8 04-Jun-01
Problem with .wav files to Akai MPC 2000... 3 03-Jun-01
HELP!! 1 02-Jun-01
I am looking for MANUAL for EWI3000m! 1 02-Jun-01
MPC2000XL SCSI Drive connection issue iyacyas 8 31-May-01
could a used akai s700 be worth buying? 3 25-May-01
Yamaha RS7000 = MPC-Killer? tomfinegan 54 25-May-01
S1000PB prob any ideas? 1 22-May-01
Akai S2000/3000 and Roland S7xx CD-Roms? 5 22-May-01
AKAI and other Hardware Sequencers 5 22-May-01
Internal Zip for MPC2000XL???? 7 21-May-01
MPC2000 Problem! 3 21-May-01
Akai Mpc vs. Steinberg Midex 8 2 18-May-01
Should I get the MPC2000XL instead of RM1X? 25 16-May-01
akai s2000 and 100mb scsi zip and me. 4 11-May-01
Please tell me why the MPC'S are so popular ?? 12 04-May-01
There is a snake game in the S-6000 6 03-May-01
looping on s2000? 8 02-May-01
akai s1000 midi triggers? Colin707 2 28-Apr-01
Mpc or Protools 6 27-Apr-01
S3000XL midi player question 1 27-Apr-01
No title 1 26-Apr-01
good thing vs. troubleshooting 2 25-Apr-01
Is it me, Or... 9 25-Apr-01
loop soft 2 24-Apr-01
I need great free sounds 4 my MPC2KXL, and S2000 2 22-Apr-01
PLease tell me why the MPC'S are so popular ?? 0 21-Apr-01
Using external controllers with s6000 2 20-Apr-01
mpc2k help on program change... 2 20-Apr-01
No title 0 20-Apr-01 - a new discussion forum for keyboards ! 1 18-Apr-01
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loop libraries 1 17-Apr-01
What's the key to the S3000xl series?? 1 16-Apr-01
s2800? 1 15-Apr-01
MPC2000xl users that use an external zip drive with their MPC, please help.. 18 15-Apr-01
Bass, how low can you go? Please help. DLiquid 19 14-Apr-01
Wher can the s900 4.0 OS be obtained in format not requireing an ATARI, if not,will an XE130 work? 2 10-Apr-01
Your thoughts on the Akai efx board 6 10-Apr-01
Do you ever layer bass notes on your Mpc2000xl , I mean make a bass multisample ? Anonymous 6 06-Apr-01
Where is the Akai mailing list?? 4 06-Apr-01
S950 Question... Jesus Presley 2 03-Apr-01
Can the 2000XL use ANY 16MB 72-pin simm?, and other quandaries.... Relax... 7 03-Apr-01
Do you ever layer bass notes on your Mpc2000xl , I mean make a bass multisample ? Anonymous 0 02-Apr-01
Where can I find a used S1000HD for not much money? 2 01-Apr-01
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mpc3000...connecting to iomega 250mb drive Anonymous 0 19-Mar-01
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need an s950 manual jedi1 2 12-Mar-01
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Extra filter board or external unit? rezononce 3 07-Mar-01
S5000 OS 2.10? KZ 2 01-Mar-01
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dumb akai user question greenloc 1 27-Feb-01
ONCE AND FOR ALL: IS THERE AN MPC4000, and if so, WHAT'S ALL THE HYPE ABOUT? Relax... 19 25-Feb-01
Anyone Have An External Hard Drive hooked up to an s3000xl? Stchris 3 23-Feb-01
Akai S2000 anyone know about it? headsnack 6 23-Feb-01
Sampling CD-s 1 21-Feb-01
No title 1 21-Feb-01
Some more info in the new MPC2000XL/options micheal 13 21-Feb-01
this has been asked before i know but..... syntax 5 16-Feb-01
Can I hook-up an MPC2000XL to my G4 via SCSI to transfer files directly? Relax... 7 16-Feb-01
good house drum sample's dony 6 16-Feb-01
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Akai CD-ROM Question Randallx 4 09-Feb-01
s01 help!!!! justin 6 07-Feb-01
problem with akai-wav software Colin707 1 06-Feb-01
dose anyone know about the akai s20 beat sampler ?. ju_ice 3 05-Feb-01
3200XL-controller abilities cavr 1 05-Feb-01
WHAT SAMPLER TO GET? Jupiterkilo 2 04-Feb-01
mpc2000xl and control change info problem Smartee 4 03-Feb-01
Mpc compatability with the S2000 greenloc 13 31-Jan-01
Saving the entire memory of S2000 DeltaM 1 30-Jan-01
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mpc 2 22-Jan-01
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Does S5000(osv2)+USB work with Recycle burler 5 19-Jan-01
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Dim display on S1000... 7 17-Jan-01
Akai S2000 problems feezy 2 16-Jan-01
anybody owned or used the S1k KB ver??? jaswho1 6 15-Jan-01
S3200 via scsi to a G4 mac- problem! sinus 1 13-Jan-01
can anyone link to akai mailing list? finkangel 1 13-Jan-01
S5000 internal SCSI 6 11-Jan-01
ewi3020m - analog sound module ?? xonox 2 11-Jan-01
mpc2k and cubase 5 question.... da5idizer 1 07-Jan-01
what is the max / of notes the mpc2000xl seq can pump out? 7 05-Jan-01
Calling out to Steve B 1 05-Jan-01
Akia S20 Users manual 3 04-Jan-01
S-2000 a good bet for small stuff? 1 30-Dec-00
To MPC or not to MPC, that is the question... 29 29-Dec-00
S1000HD+PC+SCSI=? 4 29-Dec-00
anyone heard of the upcoming MPC4000 6 28-Dec-00
MPC60 note repeat function? 2 28-Dec-00
Linn 9000 4 28-Dec-00
S 900: 8 input expansion board, educate me 6 27-Dec-00
triggering mpc from dm4 2 23-Dec-00
Akai Sound Library Questions..... 10 23-Dec-00
Akia S series librarian...? 7 21-Dec-00
OS bugs... 2 21-Dec-00
Can you play drum sound from external 12 bit sampler using the pads on the MPC2kxl? 3 18-Dec-00
s1100 or s2000? 4 17-Dec-00
recyle 4 14-Dec-00
MPC 2000xl SIMMS?? 2 11-Dec-00
Nifty s-2000 trick 4 11-Dec-00
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loading time on the MPC 2000XL 2 23-Nov-00
CD rom for S-1100 1 22-Nov-00
MPC2000XL Sampling Problems 2 20-Nov-00
What's the latest O.S. for the Mpc3000 and where may I obtain it? 6 14-Nov-00
akai s6000 filtering... 2 13-Nov-00
MPC2000XL VS MPC3000 3 12-Nov-00
MPC2000xl with external sequencer 3 12-Nov-00
is my mpc2000 broken? 21 10-Nov-00
MPC minus sampler???? 9 09-Nov-00
MPC60 display 2 07-Nov-00
Akai S01 Noise Problem 7 03-Nov-00
Akai posted more mauals online 2 02-Nov-00
How do you pronounce "Akai"? 42 02-Nov-00
S3000XL terminator 2 31-Oct-00
Can PCs read AKAI CDs? 2 29-Oct-00
mpc2kxl SE1? 12 26-Oct-00
MPC 60 factory sound disks 5 23-Oct-00
Akai S6000 SCSI Devices 3 23-Oct-00
MPC-60 samples 2 17-Oct-00
MPC60 samples 1 14-Oct-00
samples from net in tdO format to sampler? 4 09-Oct-00
mpc2000 1 08-Oct-00
Filter of S1000 5 02-Oct-00
how do i connect my s-2000 to zip/and laptop via.scsi? 2 02-Oct-00
any sample-transfer progs for the S950? 7 01-Oct-00
MPC2000XL-SE 20 01-Oct-00
Latest operating system for S900 2 29-Sep-00
Does the MPC60 support MIDI Sample Dump? 1 29-Sep-00
MPC3000 depreciation 16 23-Sep-00
s5000/s6000 OS 2 4 19-Sep-00
MPC2K files into MPC2K-XL 1 17-Sep-00
help mpc 2000 or mpc 2000 xl 6 14-Sep-00
Before the MPC was called an MPC 16 14-Sep-00
mpc head? 35 13-Sep-00
weird mpc scsi problem 5 05-Sep-00
New Pro MPC? 19 04-Sep-00
S5/6k OS 2 is out 19 01-Sep-00
I need the manual for the AKAI DPS 16 1 31-Aug-00
how is the new akai mpc2000xl rated as compared to emu 6400 ultra 5 30-Aug-00
ProFilter chip for akai S3000xl 3 30-Aug-00
USB board for S5000!!?? 13 26-Aug-00
MPC2000xl SCSI problems please help 7 25-Aug-00
Needed: OS2.00 disk 3 24-Aug-00
Any comments on the MPC-60? 6 16-Aug-00
MPC drum samples// 4 13-Aug-00
s5000 Ver.2 10 12-Aug-00
MPC 3000 Sync 2 09-Aug-00
Leaving my trusty s900... *sniff* 11 09-Aug-00
S2000 + PC1600 3 03-Aug-00
Sequencing filters. 2 02-Aug-00
which way round do s5000 simms go?? 4 30-Jul-00
how to connect an interal HD in S1000 4 28-Jul-00
A few MPC questions... 30 25-Jul-00
Will a Mac recognize Akai format CDs? 4 20-Jul-00
s2000 2 18-Jul-00
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MPC mod....... 5 10-Jul-00
retro illumination plate for S-900????? 6 08-Jul-00
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Any News On The S5/6000 1.40 update? 7 29-Jun-00
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MPC 3000 LFO 2 21-Jun-00
S900 OS V1.1 to OS V4.0 2 21-Jun-00
MPFreakout 2000 4 21-Jun-00
Akai S2000 Is it worth it??? 4 19-Jun-00
S5000 question 2 14-Jun-00
mesa woes 1 06-Jun-00
New MPC 22 02-Jun-00
Anyone tired of their S5000? 15 31-May-00
MCP file format / conversion? 7 31-May-00
Akai or E-MU? 4 23-May-00
DPS12i 4 22-May-00
storage media for mpc 3 17-May-00
S950 - Editing 2 13-May-00
MPC2000XL Midi Recording 3 13-May-00
Song made on a Akai S2000 1 11-May-00
MPC60 vs. MPC60mk2 vs. MPC3000 9 05-May-00
don't buy dps 1 05-May-00
Can a sample be reversed on an MPC2000? 8 03-May-00
Akai S3000 - What do I exactly need? 16 02-May-00
Any thoughts on the MPC-2000XL? 13 02-May-00
Akai S3000, SCSI, Zip and a PC 1 25-Apr-00
s700 midi sample transfer? 1 25-Apr-00
AKAI Samples. 1 15-Apr-00
Looping on the S2000 2 14-Apr-00
S2000 and Iomega 250 ZIP 5 10-Apr-00
effects? 5 10-Apr-00
AX73 Keyboard 6 31-Mar-00
Need acess to REAL sounds (Orchestra) HELP 6 26-Mar-00
The Dream Setup, What's Your Flav?? 4 26-Mar-00
S-5000/6000 CD-ROMs 7 24-Mar-00
Akai S900 sysex... 1 15-Mar-00
no i'm not bitching 5 09-Mar-00
Akai S20 Manual 2 08-Mar-00
MESA 1.21? 3 08-Mar-00
Akai S20 not woking in stereo-please help 3 07-Mar-00
CD-ROM....... 2 03-Mar-00
MPC2000 vs. MPC2000XL 8 01-Mar-00
Attention all MPC2000 owners!!! 2 19-Feb-00
help need akai ram!!!!!!!!! 3 18-Feb-00
Akai S900 Info 6 15-Feb-00
s5k/s6k USB interface 12 15-Feb-00
Panning on S2000 1 05-Feb-00
S1000 manual 2 04-Feb-00
panning on s5000 3 04-Feb-00
MPC sample conversion 2 04-Feb-00
what's akai got for us at NAMM??? 2 31-Jan-00
s3000xl versus s2800 6 28-Jan-00
MPC60II not loading disks 2 27-Jan-00
VX600 1 12-Jan-00
I'm buying a S3000 5 09-Jan-00
S 2000 how to mute severel parts in multi mode 1 06-Jan-00
URGENT - do 950 samples fit in 2800/3000 ok???!!! - please help! 3 05-Jan-00
AX80 question 4 03-Jan-00
Akai S2800 1 29-Dec-99
mpc2000 vs. mpc2000xl 2 28-Dec-99
How should I fit my MPC2000XL into my setup? 6 28-Dec-99
installing s5000 ram help please 5 23-Dec-99
MPC-2000 26 23-Dec-99
MPC2000XL Bus ports 1 08-Dec-99
file compatibility 4 03-Dec-99
mc505 3 30-Nov-99
How much RAM in S700? 9 30-Nov-99
sequencing an MC505 from an MPC2000? 1 23-Nov-99
S950 & MPC-60 Memory Expansion 4 19-Nov-99
Akai s2000 and MESA question 4 19-Nov-99
Any Akai synth owners out there? 34 16-Nov-99
AKAI S5000 Wish List. 12 11-Nov-99
AKAI S5000 LFO sync/flashing bug fixed at last. 1 08-Nov-99
Akai best `old` S series budget type? 7 02-Nov-99
MPC2000 "TIP'S AND TRICKS" 1 01-Nov-99
Akai S3000XL and Mesa, SCSI question 2 31-Oct-99
AKAI sound files 2 25-Oct-99
mac to s3000xl scsi sample transfers in peak? 3 18-Oct-99
Best price on Akai S20 2 17-Oct-99
AKAI S5000 sample CD's, still waiting… 2 13-Oct-99
S20 MIDI Sample transfers.... 3 11-Oct-99
S2000 and Wavelab problem. 1 05-Oct-99
S1100 - how does it differ from S1000? 3 28-Sep-99
Drum settings from ME35T via sysex? 1 26-Sep-99
How would you sample yourself playing guitar? 3 21-Sep-99
Zip 250 through S2000 scsi? 6 21-Sep-99
2000xl 2 14-Sep-99
s900 HELP! Don't undersand MIDI 2 13-Sep-99
S1000 with HD I/O?? 6 11-Sep-99
s1000pb Question 3 07-Sep-99
S900 - How to play more than one sample at a time? 4 07-Sep-99
any info for akai s01 owners? i just bought one 2 04-Sep-99
Does the S1000 have 8 assignable outs? 10 30-Aug-99
Help needed with S2000 and SCSI 3 24-Aug-99
Are there too many "fans" making music? 9 20-Aug-99
S3000XL vs ESI4000 1 17-Aug-99
s2800 / midi / head hurts 9 13-Aug-99
MODIFYING AN S612 1 13-Aug-99
Is there a way to convert .wav to...? 5 11-Aug-99
eb16 effects board or separate fx unit? 14 09-Aug-99
Anyone know where I can get an Akai S-3200 XL?? 1 07-Aug-99
S1000 filter cutoff 1 04-Aug-99
Akai seperate outs: How? 1 04-Aug-99
S5000+Orb = Success! 11 02-Aug-99
What do you think of the new MPC2000XL??? 15 02-Aug-99
S1100 +ZIP DRIVE?? 2 02-Aug-99
akai s1000HD or s2000? 8 26-Jul-99
Akai 5 23-Jul-99
S5000 Version 1.20 New problem/bug? 14 20-Jul-99
MPC 4000? 6 19-Jul-99
Recycle and s5000 3 15-Jul-99
MPC2000 + Sound Forge + SCSI/SMDI 2 14-Jul-99
akai s2800 4 13-Jul-99
Recycle and s5000 1 12-Jul-99
The New MPC3000 1 09-Jul-99
S-20 Q's 2 08-Jul-99
S-2000 vs. ESI-4000 2 08-Jul-99
Need help in using a sampler!! Really confused!! 2 07-Jul-99
Is a zip drive plenty enough to add more space for memory?? 1 07-Jul-99
Will "Millenium" beat "M.E.S.A"?? 6 07-Jul-99
MPC-2000 question 6 05-Jul-99
"Snap, Crackle, Pop" 8 02-Jul-99
does recycle support the s5000? 1 01-Jul-99
s-o1 questions... don't laugh! 8 01-Jul-99
Filter Board 4 30-Jun-99
WTB: ASQ 10 4 30-Jun-99
software upgrade(Again! ;)) 2 24-Jun-99
MPC2000 gripe 12 23-Jun-99
AKAI S3000XL 1 21-Jun-99
Help, mpc3000 2 18-Jun-99
S1000/1100 display fade 10 17-Jun-99
S3000XL pops and clicks when filtering 1 16-Jun-99
There you go.. 5 15-Jun-99

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