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Pump: Soft Synths [PC] (250 of 296 total discussions)  RSS Starter Messages Last
Oldies and Exotic VSTs musicus 1 24-Apr-10
ReBirth 2.0.1 work in Win XP?? LoHr 8 01-Jan-10
A Home Recording Tutorial jamsmith 1 04-Jun-09
Spectrasonics Omnisphere Kriss 1 06-Feb-09
musicus 1 08-Nov-08
Analogue electro sounds - without the hardware vectorlovers 1 09-Apr-08
3 free vsti musicus 1 28-Mar-08
MIDI delay problem sensecrosser 3 16-Dec-07
Free FFT plugins ? vektar 1 19-Nov-07
Hang VSTi donation ware and other free stuff here drtikov 1 15-Nov-07
problem with loading movie (in sibelius) sdp 1 08-Jun-07
how to use virtual synth and my interface midihungry31 1 09-Sep-06
Where do you post/host your music? SpeckO 13 12-Jun-06
EMS VCS3 emulator ChÉ 7 26-Jan-06
PROBLEMS registration native instruments sdp 4 18-Jan-06
Void Modular VST Synth Steve B 1 04-Jan-06
Need toreload Roland D70 hardware program Zoltrix 1 25-Dec-05
Help with Electronic Instruments 2 XT casberry 1 06-Dec-05
Absynth 1 and Cubase SX Problem.... ronin_sheff 2 04-Nov-05
Softsynth recommendation fac 4 30-Sep-05
Synth sound on "Frankenstien" by Edgar Winter? DCO57 3 21-Jun-05
Digital recording to PC versus Analogue through Sound Card drsmyth 2 17-May-05
softsynth tunes fac 11 29-Apr-05
best software drum machine london 17 03-Mar-05
Reason 2.5 question sky10 1 14-Feb-05
Soft Sampler + midi triggers sec_oif 1 13-Jan-05
Secretish alpha of chaotic additive softsynth tlotoxl 19 14-Dec-04
Reaktor zengomi 19 05-Dec-04
Software modules? arrivus 2 15-Nov-04
Cube/CA5000 compared to K5000 ? dahwoud 19 05-Nov-04
Heavy rock vst drum machine? matro 5 03-Aug-04
Great Soft Synths at NAMM Dave B 2 29-Jun-04
vanguard alexp 4 27-May-04
making waves version 5 sneek peek right thru time 2 15-May-04
mutantkoto update tlotoxl 1 10-May-04
woah, what a cool site right thru time 2 29-Dec-03
How well does Reason read Akai format?? Gonkulator 1 18-Dec-03
battery vs. rm iv the_popes_astronomer 4 29-Nov-03
Korg Legacy Collection Cerebral Infect 1 01-Nov-03
vsc birdbrain 1 29-Sep-03
minimax dxmat 0 22-Sep-03
creamware/ pulsar II owners Caustic Grind 1 18-Sep-03
Weird Rebirth problem Bubblejah 2 08-Sep-03
Reaktor owners Ambeo 2 28-Aug-03
brainspawn forte 1.2 virtual instrument rack preview - chance to win mgarrett 1 13-Aug-03
m-audio ozone: does it work? rrooyyccee 4 22-Jul-03
chaosynth birdbrain 1 08-Jul-03
Reaktor williw 0 02-Jul-03
Creating NN-19 Sample files bones1980 1 02-Jul-03
Xphraze, was nexus Everybody's Dark Secret 1 18-Jun-03
how can I load the software QY70 Yamaha for PC2 Joseph Demaret 2 17-May-03
soft synth question london 14 08-May-03
reaktor owners Ambeo 0 29-Apr-03
anyone know of a true vst step sequencer, used maybe as an effect? Von Hoven 15 26-Apr-03
Chaosynth - would love to have a copy!! antjane 4 24-Apr-03
Syncing Reason 2 on a laptop to Sonar 2XL on a desktop Aurora 1 23-Apr-03
LinPlug -- WOW!!!!! Von Hoven 1 09-Apr-03
please post something interesting here birdbrain 4 11-Mar-03
step sequencer /synth plugin... push_button_object 1 08-Mar-03
psp pianoverb is cool and freeee! right thru time 1 18-Feb-03
Problems with MIDI and Reason 1.0.1 moocow 7 18-Feb-03
help me make an old PC into a synth! krylenko 12 10-Feb-03
Native Instruments VST synths Sunstream 7 31-Jan-03
Anyone here tried Orion? The Human Bong 2 18-Jan-03
KS4 or Supernova II victor_bln 3 29-Dec-02
iblit Everybody's Dark Secret 2 11-Dec-02
latency problems birdbrain 6 05-Dec-02
favorite. softsynths? reedrichards 15 15-Nov-02
Plogue Bidule right thru time 2 21-Oct-02
need help with waldorf attack marty the monitore 2 20-Oct-02
soft synths electricpalmer 9 21-Sep-02
anyone use absynth? drewspuppet 1 03-Sep-02
We want KONTAKT to HALion, EXS, and Gigastudio Users DanielR 1 23-Aug-02
attack and fruityloops makroform 7 18-Aug-02
No title Aurora 1 07-Aug-02
Fruity Loops Output Quality ptinc 2 29-Jul-02
No title DarthNando 1 14-Jul-02
RubberDuck DarthNando 0 14-Jul-02
RubberDuck DarthNando 0 14-Jul-02
No title DarthNando 0 14-Jul-02
Reason MIDI- Drum Configuration Dasein Vox 1 03-Jul-02
getting lag when triggering soft synths from keyboard marty the monitore 4 01-Jul-02
Pro 52 hexfix93 1 21-Jun-02
Gigasampler 32 win2000 compatible? DJL/DeadZone Studio 0 14-Jun-02
No title Dasein Vox 1 10-Jun-02
I love reaktor so much but... pine 5 09-Jun-02
Kontakt pine 1 02-Jun-02
Reason SumW@nker 0 22-May-02
USB Midi latency...NEED SOME HELP LAMF! Dasein Vox 10 16-May-02
Reaktor questions Andreas 2 15-May-02
can i......... peanut 4 01-May-02
Best free VST downloads ?? DirkBigler 4 17-Apr-02
VST problems (STORM) DirkBigler 1 16-Apr-02
ooh just got my hands on an AMD 1.8 ghz wandering fool 5 15-Apr-02
'EBM' / Industrial Anal_Christ 4 13-Apr-02
Funker Vogt Anal_Christ 0 10-Apr-02
What's the best soft synth bar none? Dasein Vox 18 03-Apr-02
What the hell does VST stand for??? Dasein Vox 8 01-Apr-02
Is Reason worth a shite? Dasein Vox 28 25-Mar-02
Gigastudio - dose it work? dirtymike 1 22-Mar-02
simutaneous use of Software vintvolt 2 10-Mar-02
Best SOFT SAMPLRE? spec 1 06-Mar-02
kyma sdp 2 27-Feb-02
Native Instruments - FM7: anyone here got it/tried it? phraggle 30 26-Feb-02
Best soft synth for deep, clear bass...? doc_md 9 25-Feb-02
hard ass house done with soft synths freakincowman 1 20-Feb-02
Using waldorf attack and battery with fruity 3.3 sphrone 3 17-Feb-02
kyma dome 2 17-Feb-02
orion feature request poll wandering fool 1 12-Feb-02
Reason website 1 11-Feb-02
Reason STRINGS Refill Digdug 5 08-Feb-02
what the heck... xiombarg 2 07-Feb-02
drum cmuepsc 0 06-Feb-02
please help... deadaudioblackout 2 27-Jan-02
reason abracadabra 0 26-Jan-02
Not soft synths per se... mbeaudet 1 25-Jan-02
Anyone into Reaktor?? flipside 3 15-Jan-02
fruity loops sphrone 2 09-Jan-02
reason skeptik reformed wandering fool 7 07-Jan-02
REASON sampler, how do you get it to read WAV files??? moocow 4 06-Jan-02
shareware drumsynth? vvdleun 5 01-Jan-02
soft synth for strings Tarek 3 28-Dec-01
NI Dynamo and reaktor made synths? bloke 3 26-Dec-01
Can any soft synth/sampler compete w/ Korg Karma BMAN1 1 11-Dec-01
Freebie Softsynths? For PC? Anyone know of some? phraggle 4 30-Nov-01
reason abracadabra 0 29-Nov-01
Anyone using Halion? Tribal 14 21-Nov-01
Playing soft synths live ? funkybunch 3 07-Nov-01
te4st RDJ 1 22-Oct-01
Athlon and ISA grooveboy 6 16-Oct-01
ReBirth 2.0 and Yamaha DJX defresh_2000 2 15-Oct-01
Athlon and ISA Anonymous 0 05-Oct-01
old skool jungle bass lines? databass 3 28-Sep-01
Gigasampler 0hmyg0d 1 24-Sep-01
some general questions Anonymous 4 23-Sep-01
which VA has the prettiest lights ? chertzy 4 13-Sep-01
XRAZOR-freeware?? miccom 26 02-Sep-01
Where can I find a good freeware Drum Machine Program that sends midi? Plastic Pulse 11 27-Aug-01
What is this softsynth? cyclonix 4 26-Aug-01
whats virsyn worth?!? nefarious5 3 15-Aug-01
No title ricanhavok 1 15-Aug-01
access virus Anonymous 0 11-Aug-01
Korg Triton and Roland 909 Sample CD's dopedrumz 2 10-Aug-01
hardware or software ??!!!!!??? grooveboy 26 10-Aug-01
midi controller Anonymous 0 03-Aug-01
waldorf crack for attack: Anonymous 0 01-Aug-01
Sampletrackers and MIDI? Gnome 2 24-Jul-01
Pattern Resolution beatplasma 4 22-Jul-01
Which card for soft synth ? freakydancer 2 13-Jul-01
anyone know where i can get a good soft-synth?? Anonymous 0 09-Jul-01
Help with Yamaha XGWorks Lite Von Hoven 1 07-Jul-01
Loopback drivers to run Multi MIDI programs MCK 4 02-Jul-01
what are the best hdrives for audio? 7 26-Jun-01
need MIDI sequencer? 1 16-Jun-01
know a good reaktor forum? 2 15-Jun-01
what program is used to.......... 7 14-Jun-01
Cubase or Logic??? 2 10-Jun-01
Should I jump ship on the MAC and get a PC???? 5 09-Jun-01
What is the best live sequencer? 9 08-Jun-01
Reason Update Problem!!!! 10 07-Jun-01
best Midi on RS-232 1 07-Jun-01
Help! How do I step record in Reason? 6 01-Jun-01
QuadraSID 6581 4 31-May-01
When is the EVP73 going to available? 1 14-May-01
Orion Pro or Fruity Loops Full ??? 11 04-May-01
Simple Software Sampler 4 03-May-01
Orion Pro or Fruity Loops Full ??? 0 22-Apr-01
reason and logic? 2 19-Apr-01
Best PC as synth/sampler? Realtrance 11 18-Apr-01
Must get Reason, must get Reason, must get Reason....... 37 13-Apr-01
Frequency/Amplitude Modulating Orbital Synthesizer tlotoxl 20 11-Apr-01
Reason on notebook PC? 2 10-Apr-01
Virtual MIDI ports? greendot 3 01-Apr-01
Logic Audio + STORM (VST Inst) greendot 1 28-Mar-01
best software synth????? westsideblast 11 25-Mar-01
Laptops and Latency ADINFINITUM 5 23-Mar-01
Reaktor Question Scotobiotic 1 19-Mar-01
How much cpu for Reaktor? ivan 4 14-Mar-01
Native Instruments Battery... el-dogo 1 23-Feb-01
Laptop synth/sampler combo-why not? producer4000 2 16-Feb-01
free VST synths... subject28 2 02-Feb-01
Saving polyphony info in VAZ Modular fac 2 30-Jan-01
More questions for VAZ Modular users fac 1 29-Jan-01
Orion Virtual Studio - Good or Dud? Steve B 4 27-Jan-01
Reaktor & Vaz Modular-- Comments from users wanted... Mainline Crux 11 19-Jan-01
Any softsynths that do... The Human Bong 8 18-Jan-01
Looking for Ymaha S-YXG 100 plus SoftSynthesizer Vacheto 1 17-Jan-01
SoftStep, KeyKit etc... 1 03-Jan-01
Steinberg Model E VST with Logic 2 28-Dec-00
DLS and 4 speaker (downloadable sound font) 5 22-Dec-00
How do you arpegiate with Reason?? 2 22-Dec-00
Virus 5 21-Dec-00
a message board group for reason 1 21-Dec-00
Waldorf PPG is amazing! 12 12-Dec-00
model e vs. ppg vs. pro5(2) 6 11-Dec-00
Soft Modulars (Vaz, Generator, ...) 2 07-Dec-00
recomend a softsynth 27 28-Nov-00
Can anyone recomend any free plug-ins 1 26-Nov-00
Steinberg LM-4 5 22-Oct-00
Soft synths with cubase? 4 20-Oct-00
Freeware music software 2 17-Oct-00
1 15-Oct-00
thoughts on creamware Electra? 1 10-Oct-00
Has any one used Gmedia's M-tron soft synth 1 06-Oct-00
How do you make PLG150an EXPERT EDITOR portable 1 30-Sep-00
anybody got reaktor patches/sounds? 2 29-Sep-00
VAZ & Latency with VST 1 25-Sep-00
what exactly is a soft synth? 7 23-Sep-00
VAZ+ multiple instance 1 22-Sep-00
nanopiano vs soundfonts 2 19-Sep-00
Soundcards for laptops 2 04-Sep-00
anyone tried ntonyx virtual audio cables? 1 24-Aug-00
AAaargh I forgot 3 22-Aug-00
Audio Architect 3 for free - LEGAL! 1 17-Aug-00
SoUnDbLaStEr platinum 18 14-Aug-00
Preview Soft Synth..... 9 02-Aug-00
MSP?? 4 27-Jul-00
Latency in soft synths 13 01-Jul-00
Any Phisical Modelling soft synths for PC? 4 28-Jun-00
Low Latency cards 1 20-Jun-00
Help me out here 2 16-Jun-00
PPg plugin 9 03-Jun-00
Reaktor Ensembles 34 08-May-00
Retro and Unity patches...? 1 08-May-00
Hubi's Transformator and SCI Max 2 06-May-00
has anyone extensively used soft synths for production? 3 01-May-00
PPG Wave 2.V for VST 1 22-Apr-00
Audiomulch 4 17-Apr-00
Virtual Recording-Studios 1 12-Apr-00
ObjektSynth 2 for BeOS 5 1 05-Apr-00
How does Autechre do it? 19 02-Apr-00
A Note On Pirating 2 23-Mar-00
Sound Card Question... 2 17-Mar-00
sonicPORT Optical users? 1 16-Mar-00
Windows performance tweaks... 1 27-Feb-00
What have you used? 20 23-Feb-00
Did someone hear the Waldorf VST PPG Wave v.2??? 2 10-Feb-00
Native Instruments' Pro-Five 3 06-Feb-00
soft or hard? 16 28-Jan-00
Can you play ES-1 in realtime? 1 23-Jan-00
internal vs. external interfaces... 2 16-Jan-00
Cubase MODEL E Yeh or Nay 1 14-Dec-99
To Warez or not To Warez 9 13-Dec-99
Athoms model or Modules model 1 22-Nov-99
Reaktor 2.0 1 29-Oct-99
Vibra 9000 type prg. for PC? 1 28-Oct-99
About time.. 3 27-Oct-99
Csound or Linux soft synths 3 27-Oct-99

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