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Pump: Soft Synths [Mac] (138 of 156 total discussions)  RSS Starter Messages Last
BEATMKR 1 01-Apr-09
great tutorial vids for logic... flux302 1 26-Mar-09
SF SoftSynth Users: Redmatica Coming to Town puckboy21 1 08-May-08
noatikl now available impete 1 22-Jan-08
Do you believe in Reason? :) wasabi 10 06-Nov-07
need help to "make the switch" scottbpm 6 18-Aug-07
Mac audio edit/recording software electrifyingjojo 8 28-Jul-06
new softsynths which will work on an 800 Mhz G4 machinapathy 13 18-Dec-05
team alien audio????? rcon303 4 13-Sep-05
stand alone softsynths for osX khusuk 1 31-Mar-05
garage band inocybe 4 18-Feb-05
Export samples via Midi johnfingers 1 08-Dec-04
zurich 1 05-Jul-04
Mac buying advice Gonkulator 8 29-Nov-03
Easiest way to burn DVD:s paddington 0 06-Nov-03
where is pro-53 for AU? n0303 1 20-Oct-03
Reaktor 4 on OSX DoctorModular 3 23-Sep-03
psp pianoverb is cool and freeee! right thru time 2 30-Jul-03
USB MIDI keyboard into USB hub strikes 4 19-Jun-03
Mac multitrack recording program? recon-element 2 05-Jun-03
cubase, logic or digital performer? poyao 5 09-May-03
when is AU gonna come out? poyao 2 07-May-03
No title pud_mack 5 10-Mar-03
what to do about softhsynths and daw n0303 2 21-Feb-03
Free Mac Soft Instruments on the Net Operator 4 07-Jan-03
Powerbook users census. via satellite 1 13-Nov-02
Mac Equivelent for Loop Recorder? zilch 4 05-Oct-02
Reaktor problems Dresden 1 04-Oct-02
spark me or peakle simpletrak 4 03-Oct-02
We want KONTAKT to HALion, EXS, and Gigastudio Users DanielR 1 23-Aug-02
Reason 2.0 Buzzing machinapathy 3 16-Aug-02
OS X .2? DrummerBoy 5 27-Jul-02
APPLE ACQUIRES EMAGIC freakydancer 2 19-Jul-02
Digital Performer/Soft Synths fuqface 5 21-Jun-02
Digital Performer/Soft Synths fuqface 1 14-Jun-02
GET A PC! Attack Clone 3 06-Jun-02
exs24 mark_s 8 21-May-02
Ultrapitch delay issue boy 1 09-Apr-02
Mac Cubase and HALion hairguy 6 04-Apr-02
No title BigLongFace 1 18-Mar-02
Peak sample dump problem ivan 2 18-Mar-02
Reason amorphium 4 17-Mar-02
Power Mac 7100 question rexmedia 0 10-Mar-02
OMS? ON OS X? DrummerBoy 2 08-Mar-02
How to improve latency with Macs DrummerBoy 3 06-Mar-02
How are USB sound outs? DrummerBoy 5 02-Mar-02
Using my mac a a sound module DrummerBoy 5 24-Feb-02
What's your desert island softsynth? machinapathy 16 22-Feb-02
M-Tron DrummerBoy 1 21-Feb-02
Absynth, Logic, HOW? sam&dudley 2 14-Feb-02
Audio editors for Mac breakstyles 20 31-Jan-02
Is there an additive softsynth? bluzgtr 3 19-Jan-02
SAMPLING/resynthesis & 15 filters.. Moogulator 2 19-Jan-02
for DVD loving Mac people... inocybe 1 20-Dec-01
Reason question faethor 2 18-Dec-01
Absynth... prophet11 4 12-Dec-01
OSX..OS9.2.1 and cubase? inocybe 7 12-Dec-01
Reason Problem polimorf 1 12-Dec-01
CellSynth organism 1 30-Nov-01
Absynth + Pro Tools... help skinnyjap 1 13-Nov-01
PPG WAVE 2.V & Digital Performer puck 13 08-Nov-01
reaktor latency? glitch/arioch 10 08-Nov-01
Thinking about getting the new I-Book..G3 500 mhz..good for music creation? SyNtHpLaYa 32 26-Oct-01
ATHLON and ISA ??? grooveboy 3 08-Oct-01
Mac MIDI newbie question cyclonix 10 10-Sep-01
Reading raw sound files? ivan 8 10-Sep-01
How many of them do you got? inocybe 6 04-Sep-01
Mac OS X inocybe 9 04-Sep-01
Tell me why I should not jump ship on the MAC and get a PC?? 27 31-Aug-01
laptops and reaktor rrooyyccee 5 11-Aug-01
REAKTOR v3.... mainframe 1 07-Aug-01
Reaktor vs. Max/MSP Lenny 11 25-Jul-01
Does anybody like the Fruity TS-404?? speedygonzales7 2 25-Jun-01
PPG Wave 2.V Problems puck 2 25-Jun-01
Mac OS9.1 or MacOS8.6 8 22-Jun-01
Mac and Reason Problem...Help! 4 19-Jun-01
virtual memory 1 19-Jun-01
Does anyone here use Koblo (or rather Krash 'n Blow)? 2 13-Jun-01
steiberg Mac Midi 1 1 11-Jun-01
freeware/shareware 2 30-May-01
using emagic exs24 1 08-May-01
reaktor and logic 1 29-Apr-01
good soft synth for beginner 6 27-Apr-01
Max/Msp vs. Csound 0 24-Apr-01
For your info... inocybe 4 23-Apr-01
reason 0 13-Apr-01
Native Instruments B4 1 08-Apr-01
opcode vocoder plugin 1 07-Apr-01
opcode fusion plugins drake 2 02-Apr-01
Optimizing your Mac and other stuff.... inocybe 4 29-Mar-01
anyone here tried absynth ? Anonymous 6 23-Mar-01
Mac Users... Anyone tried "PHRAZER" yet? breakstyles 5 20-Mar-01
share and freeware machinapathy 3 20-Mar-01
any here tried absynth ? Anonymous 0 15-Mar-01
New Mac ads!! Finally SubDub 1 07-Mar-01
Absynth is now an NI product!!! php 1 07-Mar-01
Reaktor polimorf 2 06-Mar-01
For your info... inocybe 1 01-Mar-01
USB-analog out on iMac Mr Andersen 2 19-Feb-01
Reactor vs. Nord Modular leviva 7 02-Feb-01
Imac 8 29-Jan-01
What is MAX? 9 03-Jan-01
Control Surfaces, which do you like? 3 03-Jan-01
New Reaktor/Dynamo ensembles 4 31-Dec-00
Reason 6 29-Dec-00
Soundhack PPC version Released as Freeware 1 21-Dec-00
My reason message group 1 21-Dec-00
Mac playback problem 1 20-Dec-00
REAKTOR 16 14-Dec-00
Absynth for Mac 2 06-Dec-00
g4 and dx5 2 27-Nov-00
Emagic EXS24 11 14-Nov-00
old mac gamble ? 7 06-Nov-00
Phrazer loop sampler/sequencer 1 02-Nov-00
advice for new setup 9 25-Oct-00
reaktor & Pro Tools LE? 1 09-Oct-00
Problems with soft Virus/Ptools 2 25-Sep-00
New G4 and MIDI problems 12 20-Sep-00
Love my PPG 6 31-Aug-00
Mac as a sampler.... 18 24-Aug-00
Question for you Mac heads 6 19-Aug-00
mac begineer 5 18-Aug-00
1 01-Aug-00
1 27-Jul-00
Mac 8100, 17 inch monitor what would U pay? 3 27-Jun-00
virtual casio 1 14-Jun-00
I only need acoustic sounds. Help! 2 03-Jun-00
Cheap midi guitar 1 30-May-00
In search for a sample editor 9 25-May-00
iMac SCXI to sampler 7 25-May-00
Using a sequence program on a 5300 power book 2 14-May-00
ALCHEMY 3.0 2 06-May-00
Retro AS-1 12 28-Apr-00
I've got a phat Mac laptop for sale!!! 1 19-Apr-00
MP3/Harddisc recording 1 08-Mar-00
Reason! 1 10-Feb-00
Simple and solid sequencing... 1 10-Jan-00
MAC MIDI Set-up 6 07-Dec-99

Threads marked for FAQ in this topic Messages Last
Audio editors for Mac 20 31-Jan-02
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