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Pump: Music Theory (172 of 193 total discussions)  RSS Starter Messages Last retail discount brand shoes and clothing 8 04-Jun-12
rainy22 1 29-Sep-10
hjming 1 07-Jul-10
guccishop 1 20-Jun-10
guccishop 1 05-Jun-10
Producers -- Got Beats? Get Heard, Get Paid musicbeats 1 26-Jun-08
Re: musicbeats 2 26-Jun-08
Reommended Reading? Night Spirit 1 25-Jun-08
loopymusic12 1 24-Jun-08
musicbeats 1 17-Jun-08
crankitup1114 1 17-May-08
unresolved Elana 39 28-May-07
algorythemic compositions edjwise 16 07-Apr-07
Realized theory is hard Jiggity 40 16-Feb-07
Augmented and diminished... freq3 30 19-Nov-06
the 'key' question mindcurve 22 05-Sep-06
wordlenght burnside 2 25-Apr-06
metal/classical scales synth2themax 16 09-Apr-06
Keys and moods syntar2002 3 09-Apr-06
salsa / cuban son music mindcurve 6 02-Apr-05
Strange Scales and Tunings Jiggity 32 10-Feb-05
here... learn sumthin! mindcurve 5 16-Nov-04
Knobs, huh? ArdentisCentauri 17 11-Nov-04
Radiohead - The Tourist mysterio 1 03-Nov-04
Time signatures... phraggle 22 04-Jun-04
No title mrnelon 2 14-Mar-04
Top-down composition - Looking for ideas… the Whiz 13 14-Oct-03
I want to write songs motzekryen 3 28-Sep-03
synthesizer tabs hathor 8 29-Jul-03
How to determine key of song? opaeque 5 10-May-03
Is Performer better than Vision ? patches 1 09-May-03
first gig update darkhorse91 3 13-Apr-03
tabs or chords for old blues songs darkhorse91 10 06-Apr-03
the Locust RYAN MOD 3 24-Mar-03
unresolved Elana 0 16-Mar-03
Free Guitar Downloads tabman 1 19-Feb-03
YOU DEMO WANTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! midijim 1 28-Jan-03
Hardware studio VS softsynth Riply 10 28-Jan-03
Chord maps proto39 3 16-Jan-03
No title proto39 0 09-Jan-03
Illustrated piano scales? machine101 7 25-Dec-02
what's with Ab/G# minor? mindcurve 6 23-Nov-02
Bridges in music... freq3 3 07-Nov-02
Chord progression & melody line... freq3 25 26-Oct-02
Building synth technique Jiggity 14 25-Oct-02
7ths and 9th chords... freq3 12 21-Oct-02
Building piano technique nickey pooh 43 07-Oct-02
Chord progressions Xenesis 0 19-Sep-02
Lyrics and the structure of the song... freq3 3 21-Aug-02
underground artist Riply 19 19-Aug-02
roland xp-10 keshavji 1 19-Aug-02
Constructing basslines Mangobob 7 06-Aug-02
what does 'intelligent' mean? Viper 17 02-Aug-02
Noisegate w/sidechain ? ViS 2 10-Jul-02
Trance Production Notes Xenesis 93 26-Jun-02
Circle of fifths... freq3 11 20-Jun-02
counterpoint, anyone? themanagement 5 31-May-02
Sheet music, anyone? freq3 6 30-May-02
Chord progressions... freq3 4 21-May-02
Buchla/Subotnick and Moog/Carlos Teebee303 9 14-May-02
Classic EBM basslines Headhunter242 3 14-May-02
phisical atmosphere Viper 11 27-Apr-02
Goa Viper 2 25-Apr-02
whats the basic structure of a typical dance song?? 75 12-Apr-02
A question on finger technique... freq3 11 10-Apr-02
How to make a good Trance Melody Riply 55 08-Apr-02
Anyone tried MiBac theory software? pook187 1 03-Apr-02
0 cycles per second shockmelt 55 01-Apr-02
Cluster chords mindcurve 2 03-Mar-02
Alternate Tunings rexmedia 2 13-Feb-02
How? Jord 2 12-Feb-02
Here's my theory... Elfarran 22 12-Feb-02
What frequency are CD's recorded in? 22 or 44 kHz mikedisco 2 09-Feb-02
Burn the Elastic solarkat 1 22-Jan-02
How to make an instrumental? representeast 2 09-Jan-02
What was a RMI KC11 Bosendorfer 4 06-Jan-02
What am i doing wrong? marty the monitore 8 05-Jan-02
What are FAQ's, MIDI and a synthesizer?, help I'm a starter... 10 29-Dec-01
Time signatures and accents Tele 13 18-Dec-01
recommend books on compositon mindcurve 1 26-Nov-01
Playing method president_Adam 6 16-Nov-01
Interesting Chord Progressions hidrah 5 08-Nov-01
scales sdp 3 25-Oct-01
What Daft Punk use to compose "funky-techno-70s-music" ? pharus2 17 16-Oct-01
Scale questions z-ko 3 14-Oct-01
music education... 29 25-Sep-01
finger positions societynon 12 29-Aug-01
I need help with harmony Daladidoo 10 22-Aug-01
Cool Scales concept 11 15-Aug-01
Music Composition!//? 10 22-Jul-01
Why is parallel motion considered bad? Steve B 7 20-Jul-01
Question for anyone who knows how to orchestrate Violator 10 08-Jul-01
Question for anyone who knows how to orchestrate mute 1 05-Jul-01
Favorite progressions/changes? 15 08-Jun-01
"golden leftovers" 0 04-Jun-01
drum and bass 0 29-May-01
Information on musical keys? 8 24-May-01
chosing keys 9 24-May-01
Key signature for trance/techno 4 13-May-01
No title 0 07-May-01
Electro/IDM patterns? 23 03-May-01
What is the Foundation of Techno/Trance/Dance? SpyTek4 42 24-Apr-01
a little help from the musical genius's 110 19-Apr-01
What's a tritone substitute? 10 19-Apr-01
music theory portal? 1 19-Apr-01
Announcing a new forum for keyboards ! 1 18-Apr-01
must music have cord progressions magnus 31 15-Apr-01
What is the best book or books for learning theory 2 15-Apr-01
counterpoint 3 14-Apr-01
Practicing intervals away from home 3 14-Apr-01
programming chords 1 11-Apr-01
how do you tell the key of a song? magnus 28 09-Apr-01
adjusting arpeggios to fit your track nervemeister 3 09-Apr-01
"Even the Flowers are ugly ..... and look at the foundation!" 2 08-Apr-01
Music structure??? Steve D 14 04-Apr-01
Chord progressions rpieket 9 03-Apr-01
one-measure basses prodigy 3 28-Mar-01
Harmolodics pong 4 21-Mar-01
how do you tell the key of a song? magnus 10 20-Mar-01
eastern melodies and what not 10 14-Mar-01
Hz. Tones ChrisMenning 9 11-Mar-01
the "power anthem chord" Tele 8 15-Feb-01
anyone here using Band in a Box/mac version ? ? ? 6 03-Feb-01
Bendy Toy Homepage Bendy Toy 1 19-Jan-01
keyboard tablature 22 19-Jan-01
note numbering system 24 04-Jan-01
help with theory 2 24-Dec-00
How to get that ‘Christmas Music’ feel 13 23-Dec-00
dub delay 9 21-Dec-00
i need a couple recomendations. 6 14-Dec-00
that trance studdering thingie 19 12-Dec-00
I wanna thank gas station for keeping me unbored 2 03-Dec-00
blues theory 3 30-Nov-00
How to Get More Hits To Your Site 2 28-Nov-00
How do you use a rack version???? 5 21-Nov-00
durational cumulation 16 18-Nov-00
Teaching Yourself How To Read Music 3 17-Nov-00
newbie looking to learn more 5 13-Nov-00
Electronic instruments/accesories 8 16-Oct-00
Finding a music teacher 2 10-Oct-00
Name that Clef 21 30-Sep-00
scales, chords, and ect.... 3 31-Aug-00
intervals 3b??? 23 30-Aug-00
coupled scales 10 26-Aug-00
"Piece En Forme de Habanera" 30 22-Aug-00
Brilliant chord/scale thing 9 21-Aug-00
What classical music 8 15-Aug-00
Classical Music theory 50 09-Aug-00
Children's Hymn - Off topic 10 02-Aug-00
thinking up down left right center.... 1 01-Aug-00
chord tutorial on the web? 1 01-Aug-00
melody questions 3 01-Aug-00
microtones 6 29-Jul-00
A few questions 4 27-Jul-00
theory help 17 27-Jul-00
Spooky Dramatic Chords/Scales/Modes 6 20-Jul-00
Flamenco Chords 6 10-Jul-00
a beginners question 15 28-Jun-00
Progressing with progressions 6 25-Jun-00
Modal Theory 101 - curious? 30 31-May-00
Fingering technique 49 19-May-00
Common chord progressions 23 17-May-00
melody 9 04-May-00
alternate tunings 14 02-May-00
That Mystery sound 5 14-Apr-00
Minor 5th's 7 12-Apr-00
Jazz/Funk Chords 22 10-Apr-00
Where can I find some real music theory info???Help 10 07-Apr-00
First post on the new Music Theory pump 12 05-Apr-00
Notation notation notation 7 03-Apr-00
This pump is retarded 25 01-Apr-00

Threads marked for FAQ in this topic Messages Last
unresolved 39 28-May-07
metal/classical scales 16 09-Apr-06
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