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Pump: Newbies (637 of 701 total discussions)  RSS Starter Messages Last
hjming 1 07-Jul-10
guccishop 1 20-Jun-10
guccishop 1 05-Jun-10
Music Business Book For Beginners (Hot Item!!) itrtr 4 04-Jun-10
midiman oxygen 8 drivers and manual RevJoE 1 25-Apr-10
How to maintain your laptop battery? herryhuang 1 08-Feb-10
How can I maximize the performance of my battery? herryhuang 1 08-Feb-10
Dedication $ Hungry $ 1 23-Dec-09
newbie experimenting Alesis Fusion : a demo of the intro of hyperborea-tangerine dream tlnet37 1 15-Dec-09
storing sounds car54 1 21-Nov-09
E! gray matter car54 1 21-Nov-09
Great Beginner synth? mrBrainwash 1 06-Nov-09
A Free Home Recording Tutorial itrtr 2 28-Oct-09 retail discount brand sweater and wintercoat 1 04-Sep-09
Digital to Analog Newbie swissmiss 3 19-Mar-09
swissmiss 1 04-Mar-09
Newb needs help with a Yamaha KX5 paired with Garage Band zee 1 26-Jan-09
Help! Which controller..? missing1 10 07-Jan-09
What is this called Vikingex 2 27-Dec-08
splitting balanced line level outputs? klaus57 2 19-Dec-08
My ensoniq eps makes a garbled sound when sounds are loaded, what could be the problem ? chollyive 1 10-Dec-08
Pro Tools/ MBox2Mini J. R. 1 06-Sep-08
First Synth pmantis 2 28-Aug-08
too many choice's soulfear 1 19-Aug-08
Synth Newbie Str8_Synth 19 10-Jun-08
Balanced Lines Simply Explained Fracture 2 12-Apr-08
Fracture 2 07-Apr-08
The most newb a newb can be ElDubiousMung 7 18-Mar-08
Building a home studio (Hop Hop) Sparrow music 1 30-Dec-07
Starting out MoOoOses 12 28-Dec-07
Updating a studio ScarMode 2 26-Dec-07
My first post here Marc JX8P 5 05-Dec-07
One more ? MoOoOses 3 17-Nov-07
New to GAS folkrocker 1 08-Nov-07
korg n264 fenderjames 1 22-Oct-07
New Website to Offer Premium Quality Online Audio Engineering Services 1 14-Oct-07
akai s2800i os 2.0 disk? mrmooncat 1 20-Aug-07
Thanks SonicState radar23 1 07-Aug-07
hi im new need some help buying a synth fbr 3 17-Jul-07
Stage monitoring/amplification guccini 2 11-Jul-07
Help Evolution EVS-1 Editor northernstar 1 09-Jul-07
Newbie Me Hello Karlin 4 06-Jul-07
how do i use the casio ct-615 ? rvongard 1 28-Jun-07
keys on stage bassman00 4 16-Jun-07
Help on setting up undertaker 3 10-Jun-07
yamaha psr 2000 internal battery GB8 1 08-Jun-07
Trigger different sound bites “at will� during a live performance jimskee 4 25-May-07
trigger different sound bites “at will� during a live performance jimskee 1 21-May-07
balanced and unbalanced ecc83 2 11-Apr-07
Analog 101 Shploo2 2 01-Apr-07
shakeman.... Is guitar processor to synth possible? madmax 1 10-Mar-07
shakeman 1 10-Mar-07
understanding inputs to synth shakeman 3 05-Mar-07
Need your help tskl 2 02-Mar-07
Um gigging necrolich666 5 19-Feb-07
Help dkdrobertson 3 29-Jan-07
best synth for beginners?? heyitsderek2003 9 18-Jan-07
When you graduate... MetalMuse 3 09-Jan-07
Module Synth (Yamaha TG33) questions for a TOTAL newb curiusblue 4 29-Dec-06
What's the difference btw Aux Snds and Inserts? ESwerve 5 22-Dec-06
I'm thinking on pursuing a career in music necrolich666 11 12-Dec-06
Having trouble getting started ReadyRock 2 07-Dec-06
sampling satyricon gold 1 06-Nov-06
Rackmount synthesizers necrolich666 14 31-Oct-06
yamaha qy22 dazballistic 3 29-Oct-06
Need definitions for some music terminology?? ESwerve 4 22-Aug-06
synth_diva.... cheapest synth thread Cerebral Infect 12 07-Aug-06
synth_diva 1 05-Aug-06
looping chord sequences on QY70 teemddb 1 01-Aug-06
Building a performance in a Roland Fantom 8x Tweak 1 31-Jul-06
microKorg help elps187 2 29-Jul-06
definition of sampler qajak 21 27-Jul-06
Should I add another DAW to my Pro Tools Setup? ESwerve 3 20-Jul-06
Can I multitrack using midi? ESwerve 10 16-Jul-06
Where to buy Korg... Traptz 1 02-Jul-06
new to minimal tech elps187 3 02-Jul-06
NEWB QUESTION omG sockstheninja 14 13-Jun-06
Playing with a scammer FIZMO100 15 09-Jun-06
Sidstation question from newbie roboctopus 11 23-May-06
What's the use of Velocity Sensitivity on a controller? ESwerve 6 21-May-06
Sustaining problems on my Motiff 7 RBOOGY 4 16-May-06
looking for a owners manual to a studiomaster pro 16-3 mixing board golden ears 1 04-May-06
echo layla 24 and alesis studio 32 nationnon 2 14-Apr-06
balanced/unbalanced 3DarkYears 1 27-Mar-06
Roland hs60/juno160 Tokenringman38 2 17-Mar-06
Ah ha there's a bigger one zalakhna 3 10-Mar-06
Biggest newb on the block DavidLeeAllen 7 07-Mar-06
Need a new/used keyboard wmc 3 02-Mar-06
A simple choice of 3 for a Newbie? Silverback 35 24-Feb-06
Roland A-30 Help Please pdredhead 2 20-Jan-06
Help Dan_da_Man 9 06-Jan-06
Release Your Own CD in 2006 (Great Book)! jamsmith 2 21-Dec-05
yamaha aw16g - " error : hdd not ready " ? help dann127 2 20-Dec-05
techno makers christof 7 10-Dec-05
first synth synth2themax 5 07-Dec-05
How to make techno fragbox99 5 20-Nov-05
Sampler help! Cant decide between 2 domer88 1 07-Nov-05
Roland D-20 player of music 2 26-Oct-05
mkx91 1 10-Oct-05
Wanted for rent: MINIMOOG VOYAGER for LEUVEN 8/10/2005 Jay Chub 1 04-Oct-05
Suggest an easy software drum machine? sellyour 6 25-Sep-05
rave808 1 07-Aug-05
JP8000 LFO 1 Trigger DanS 1 04-Aug-05
Hooking up multiple USB devices ESwerve 12 02-Aug-05
Does any body know were can i find a solton keltron catalog or list of price..... meian 1 25-Jul-05
sampler? AmbientFusion 1 19-Jul-05
a beginner & PVD sirrus 5 18-Jul-05
What is a vocoder? ESwerve 3 14-Jul-05
what is a soft synth e-state 2 13-Jul-05
Getting Started reallyaretard 2 23-Jun-05
Help; I am having a problem with my akai 2000xl. When I turn it on all lights stay on nothing else? tokergreen 2 16-Jun-05
Help I'm a guitarist who knows nothing about Sequencers...Gear Advice RogueRocker 12 15-Jun-05
Using effects CKM000 4 17-May-05
keyboard setup requirements Sonny 3 14-May-05
Virus B - Rack Kit DanS 9 29-Apr-05
Racks vs Workstation Keyboards ESwerve 4 21-Apr-05
Which Piano Module? DanS 4 13-Apr-05
need to hook a toshibia xp to a Yahama v50 from 10 years ago... Help! lihertzi 2 22-Feb-05
Lost! low-E 8 10-Feb-05
Help getting started rd_dragon512 2 05-Feb-05
Power Conditionor or Surge Protector?? angel mcfood 2 29-Jan-05
Help me select a good synth for my needs!! CrypTECH 11 25-Jan-05
14" SIMMONS SDSI ELECTRONIC DRUM PAD randyferron 12 10-Jan-05
Midi keyboard + Phatboy controller for soft synth... angel mcfood 6 09-Jan-05
Question about ROMs vs Sample CDs CrypTECH 3 24-Dec-04
Yamaha TG100 Tone Sound Module Midi PC western_star 1 03-Dec-04
HELP!!! selecting a digital synth Tonspuren 8 03-Dec-04
korg i3 1musicus 1 28-Nov-04
A simple question. SallyAliciaAcorn 10 27-Nov-04
A quick hello & intro DanS 12 15-Nov-04
Building a Faux-Synth (please help!) Icaros3 13 11-Nov-04
SH-09 How To? tilly 7 09-Nov-04
Just saying hey XacBrowne 9 26-Oct-04
Newby numero uno Razenhumanity 5 23-Oct-04
Hardware Sequencers??? moocow 13 08-Oct-04
Greetings, new to gas station as well. floe-moe 14 29-Aug-04
Hello... ramsa 4 25-Aug-04
ramsa 1 21-Aug-04
SPEAKER REPAIR? tonybennell 4 13-Aug-04
hello j i m 5 12-Aug-04
mp-7 usb inderjeet01 1 13-Jul-04
newb needs advice on starting equip sssid 18 08-Jul-04
Groove machine elasticman 8 04-Jul-04
Does length of MIDI cable cause latency? efnikbug 12 03-Jul-04
ESQ1 nhawes 3 26-Jun-04
Help me Im a newb (with soundcard) mech0001 2 21-Jun-04
How to stop the XV5050 from changing sounds when the controller k/b does it? billy_pty 4 17-Jun-04
philmchugh258 1 09-Jun-04
What kind of gear for hip-hop/rb production dyoung 6 22-May-04
any sound recipe sites? analogslug2k 4 16-May-04
Rookie producer looking to get more serious Colorblind 4 04-May-04
Flagship Sequencer Suggestions. Razzlesnaz 2 30-Apr-04
shopping for a synth. Tom Lockwood 1 25-Apr-04
Which synth to choose.....? AEK 2 24-Apr-04
Logic Audio "quick question" das1029 28 15-Apr-04
a good synth for live performance fluxusmeditari 5 14-Apr-04
sibelius - k2000 sdp 1 06-Apr-04
computer recording at home...? elherbus 3 24-Mar-04
What's next?! ESwerve 3 16-Mar-04
Synthesizer question? ESwerve 5 10-Mar-04
Starting out...Hardware, Software or mix it? ESwerve 14 08-Mar-04
Need help on my setup...Controller not recognized?! ESwerve 2 03-Mar-04
Difference between Rack mount drum/precussion sound module and a stand alone drum machine? ESwerve 22 24-Feb-04
Power Supply Question Mini-Freak 4 23-Feb-04
roland rs5 as midi controller casberry 1 20-Feb-04
Midi controllers??? ESwerve 3 20-Feb-04
?'s On equipment for simple home studio. ESwerve 15 20-Feb-04
Basic PC studio setup clarkenwell 8 14-Feb-04
88 keys Synth for singer darkhorse91 7 03-Feb-04
what synth? boc 21 07-Jan-04
No title ObscureOne 9 02-Jan-04
nord lead 3 or alesis ion tvd7 5 16-Dec-03
ilLOGICal...? boc 3 08-Dec-03
Sonar patch problems AEK 2 06-Dec-03
where does the sound come from keshar 2 05-Dec-03
Hammond XM1 keshar 4 03-Dec-03
Synth - what should I look at pmradio 13 07-Nov-03
Studio Setup Advice outsideworld 0 23-Oct-03
how to post with bold letters and italics and such? birdbrain 10 20-Oct-03
how do i post a question in the gas station? SpeckO 1 19-Oct-03
What would compliment the VirusC? 7syns 13 02-Oct-03
No title birdbrain 4 29-Sep-03
Starting over verboten69 10 25-Sep-03
creamware/ pulsar II owners Caustic Grind 1 18-Sep-03
Sequencer and Sampler hookup AEK 4 07-Sep-03
Brand New- Lots of questions pulgoche 8 05-Sep-03
Need feedback on current setup Caustic Grind 28 01-Sep-03
ensoniq ts10 wldbill 1 31-Aug-03
drum machine advice chocky 3 31-Aug-03
midi latency in cakewalk 9 guidance birdbrain 2 04-Aug-03
Sorting by User Ratings orbit400 2 29-Jul-03
Seeking Advice In Studio Setup cuplan 7 29-Jul-03
Do you use monitors for your keyboards? efnikbug 7 26-Jul-03
Why doesn't a midi file I downloaded not working in my Rm1x? efnikbug 2 20-Jul-03
good beginner equipment aaron66 18 18-Jul-03
Hello everyone.What style of music is associated with everyones username? revelation 28 18-Jul-03
RS7000 rcook 0 06-Jul-03
Live Rig fishjaco 1 09-Jun-03
MIDI Assistance miltrez 2 14-May-03
Expansion problems AEK 2 28-Apr-03
what's some good beginner equipment? mrisaka 12 12-Apr-03
difference between 1/4" balanced and 1/4" unbalanced? rave808 3 09-Apr-03
synth functions in plain english darkhorse91 3 01-Apr-03
synth voice and polyphony question rave808 3 31-Mar-03
The War is On swift_tee 6 25-Mar-03
Writer's block swift_tee 19 23-Mar-03
Computer Failure Electrkj 5 12-Mar-03
Sampling Problems AEK 3 11-Mar-03
tabs or chords for old blues songs darkhorse91 3 07-Mar-03
best synth for strings indigochild 4 03-Mar-03
Starting from scratch. . .Help! deaudray 13 28-Feb-03
recording with xp-30 in sonic sound forge hathor 3 25-Feb-03
Rm1x question Mario432 3 24-Feb-03
Urgent Help Needed, i have a feelin im startin off toootally wrong doyouknowanythingatall? 17 19-Feb-03
What happened to SoulSeek ? Olsen5 5 13-Feb-03
making sounds ryno 5 07-Feb-03
Synth speakers??? dulcigal 7 07-Feb-03
One more thing... dulcigal 4 05-Feb-03
First Synth Purchase/VirusKC/NL2/NovationKS4??? Shotgun12 3 05-Feb-03
House Music DJ_Tyshaun 7 01-Feb-03
How to I record using my computer line in? elsewhere84 3 29-Jan-03
synth/workstation/etc for beginner... 3vcos 28 24-Jan-03
hi im a "newbie" please don't hurt me snarfey 8 20-Jan-03
House Music (Best Bass Equipment) DJ_Tyshaun 4 09-Jan-03
using a ctk-530 demonmoose001101 1 19-Dec-02
how do I record stuff on my ctk-530? demonmoose001101 0 14-Dec-02
Fart, Burp... Jiggity 14 07-Dec-02
i need computer info semblance 3 19-Nov-02
sample toddw 5 13-Nov-02
Syquest to Zip toddw 1 12-Nov-02
Compression Jiggity 15 08-Nov-02
sampler tiltmode 10 06-Nov-02
looking for a bass synth synthonic 10 02-Nov-02
mixer Ybzol 2 31-Oct-02
cubase Bronze_c4 0 30-Oct-02
T3 sync rodblood 1 06-Oct-02
Need some help, please help chaos 23 04-Oct-02
Try and Build EACH OTHER UP TUSMHC 11 01-Oct-02
midi files to XP-80 chipster 9 25-Sep-02
HELP! Fried some of the voices morganappel 3 16-Sep-02 A brandnew TR-909 fansite Azimuth 1 04-Sep-02
Is the Roland XP-10 really a piece of poop? db 8 26-Aug-02
midi+???? = moog taurus 1 clone? xantix 5 23-Aug-02
simple keyboard and other stuff london 26 12-Aug-02
Alice DJ Voice Riply 1 11-Aug-02
setup questions sdp 2 11-Aug-02
Compression for dummies nickey pooh 8 09-Aug-02
No title cult_13 2 08-Aug-02
needing your wise advice :) Melius 3 06-Aug-02
in need of your wise guidance :) Melius 1 05-Aug-02
complete newbie; need info olps 7 02-Aug-02
No title nickey pooh 0 02-Aug-02
newbie setup olps 7 01-Aug-02
Sampling / Sequencing Goldsmith 3 23-Jul-02
gear recomendations, playing live, etc. gobojacobs 5 22-Jul-02
a dumb question andro 8 09-Jul-02
Free Copies of anything you want!!! White Riot 16 08-Jul-02
Digital Recording Setup Mangobob 9 07-Jul-02
I am VERY VERY new to synths...please help me P_Limbs 5 29-Jun-02
Kuzweil 1000 HELP!! trtalmet 2 25-Jun-02
compression jesusboy_ 17 16-Jun-02
competition squishmusic 2 13-Jun-02
No title johnrobinson11435 1 05-Jun-02
how to put virus A in multitimbral??? sonar ghost 1 04-Jun-02
samplers Riply 8 03-Jun-02
Waldorf Micro Q Problem + Question elsewhere84 1 01-Jun-02
synth choice help sayhitobaldy 5 01-Jun-02
hello metaGauge:Zero 7 28-May-02
Synthesizer choices help Riply 7 13-May-02
Piss poor manuals. ATom2 11 12-May-02
Anyone still need help? (C/O Nubey & Whiz) nubilee 42 12-May-02
QY100 synthonic 1 12-May-02
cubase troubles apjs 4 11-May-02
MC 303 editing individual drum tracks scoobear 5 10-May-02
shopping sucks! dragko 5 06-May-02
MIDI setup problem - help!! cult_13 3 04-May-02
HELP!!! Can someone please read my thread apjs 1 01-May-02
i need to replace my DX7 synthonic 1 30-Apr-02
What's "vocoder, "VA," etc. efnikbug 10 30-Apr-02
help another which synth should i puy questiuon jesusboy_ 3 26-Apr-02
SCSI & CD-ROMS james002 3 22-Apr-02
Help: Synthesizer choices Riply 18 21-Apr-02
info about synthesis Viper 3 12-Apr-02
keyboard amps semblance 3 09-Apr-02
Yamaha DJX and Yamaha QY10 portable music sequencer willchili 2 09-Apr-02
Nubey helps all, part 2: (Ask me anything!) nubilee 156 09-Apr-02
Polyphony...what should I be looking for? michimoby 8 02-Apr-02
Lookin for a good module Mithedel 10 26-Mar-02
Midi set up help! DirkBigler 2 25-Mar-02
analog input akirax 2 23-Mar-02
roland spd-20 tricky 3 20-Mar-02
Basic MIDI/Computer setup for downloading sounds e 3 20-Mar-02
hmm S1nn3r 0 09-Mar-02
hi,,,you have got to hear this slowkisser 1 06-Mar-02
No title sfr 4 03-Mar-02
What is IDM? What does it mean? P80 6 01-Mar-02
No title REALMETS 3 26-Feb-02
Which studio amplifier... Yang 1 26-Feb-02
Kaysound MK4901 controller keyboard - help! thatsasin 3 25-Feb-02
beginning gear? jamesbondmcm 2 24-Feb-02
free house beats for your computer freakincowman 1 20-Feb-02
No title freakincowman 0 20-Feb-02
Cu base Beginner books jobby 5 15-Feb-02
Keyboard and should I combine? xiombarg 8 13-Feb-02
What would be the wisest purchase ? (MC-505 or 808) GrandPipe 12 11-Feb-02
Opcode Studoi 64x Windows98 Driver: Does anyone have one?!! Edwardo Santiago 6 11-Feb-02
midi from ProTools to 909 and Juno106 dannydb 0 11-Feb-02
OMS setup problems. S1nn3r 1 09-Feb-02
Adding drums to my songwriting stecel 5 08-Feb-02
Reason's sequencer...I'm missing something here... xiombarg 1 08-Feb-02
need first gear advice- joining a band eatmymankey 3 03-Feb-02
No experience but loads of enthusiasm. Beginner really needs some advice grayzer 9 01-Feb-02
Effects P80 2 01-Feb-02
storing Virus 'singles' to banks C,D,E $HREW 0 31-Jan-02
come to daddy drum tracks Geegok 11 31-Jan-02
first gear rookie 16 27-Jan-02
sequence a nord from an xp 80 Geegok 4 25-Jan-02
Programming a juno? HELP!! moocow 6 24-Jan-02
need some help please deadaudioblackout 3 24-Jan-02
Recording with a Control Synth? alternatronic 1 21-Jan-02
Adding drums to my songwriting stecel 0 20-Jan-02
Suggestions on a MAC Computer Riply 7 14-Jan-02
step time recording nationnon 3 12-Jan-02
What is A good source to learn programming? apjs 2 10-Jan-02
midi setup for emu, peavey 1600,etc serotonal3 4 09-Jan-02
compatability of audiophile 24/96 and soundblaster 128 guitarmanturnpenny 2 08-Jan-02
I am a complete beginner...I need some good advice!! Dawehd 14 07-Jan-02
My songs in Reason skip...why? xiombarg 4 07-Jan-02
PC MIDI Interface Problems? David D 2 07-Jan-02
another sampler question apjs 21 06-Jan-02
Analog and Midi-how to? Dawehd 2 06-Jan-02
Know of any good rhythm software for doing evelope filter effects etc? Dasein Vox 1 04-Jan-02
recording patches noodelz 4 02-Jan-02
A good Midi controller for the likes of rebirth apjs 4 01-Jan-02
Buying advice for Total beginner jessL 11 01-Jan-02
Nubey will answer all questions, even the stupid ones without any attitude! so ask away! nubilee 245 01-Jan-02
Help w/ Midi Dumping.. Omni8 2 31-Dec-01
Sequencer/Sampler setup for older Mac powerbook Automata 3 28-Dec-01
samples oceansize 6 26-Dec-01
I need help hooking it all up please! votemiles 3 26-Dec-01
midi controller new user 2 26-Dec-01
Midiman controllers vs. synth as controller xiombarg 7 22-Dec-01
sampling dragnalus 4 17-Dec-01
reaktor vs. absynth oceansize 2 16-Dec-01
some more questions oceansize 2 16-Dec-01
Making Computer Keyboard act as controler alternatronic 4 15-Dec-01
school for electronic music theory magicteeth 3 15-Dec-01
mackie cfx mixer fizztech 7 13-Dec-01
midi trouble....again woooooo_ooo 5 01-Dec-01
Sequencing Software help mknab 6 01-Dec-01
technosaurus microcon II magicteeth 2 30-Nov-01
Overwhelmed and ignorant mtownsl 5 30-Nov-01
Starting Industrial Mephistoheretic 1 30-Nov-01
simple setup help needed magicteeth 7 30-Nov-01
Need help.. S1nn3r 3 30-Nov-01
newbie wants help and suggestion for begginig in techno... noisy 2 28-Nov-01
Filtering out unwated sounds Still Bentley 2 27-Nov-01
Korg X-3 Sounds: How do I get 'em from my computer to my keyboard? freedug 1 26-Nov-01
Mixers Riply 2 26-Nov-01
newbie needing hardware help new user 7 26-Nov-01
synth beginner on a budget! dragnalus 8 26-Nov-01
Simple Soundcard Question Dingo 4 26-Nov-01
recording sdp 3 23-Nov-01
live performances help fizztech 2 23-Nov-01
pc based setup fleshtech 6 22-Nov-01
Walodorf Q or Virus Kb? dome 3 21-Nov-01
need advice on synths... wishpool 7 20-Nov-01
Programming question retrogradation 2 19-Nov-01
Buying an organ need some help? synth-freak 9 16-Nov-01
midi help fizztech 2 15-Nov-01
Total newbie needing help tkberglund 15 15-Nov-01
Help with MIDI and Roland JP8080 PLEASE! Dingo 4 15-Nov-01
I need some help w/ finding music equipt. troze 8 08-Nov-01
What all do I need? john_mayer 9 06-Nov-01
Patch Shift for the Juno 60 X0rc1st 2 06-Nov-01
Patch Shift for the Juno 60 X0rc1st 0 02-Nov-01
recycle hello 12 01-Nov-01
Sampling Primal440 5 24-Oct-01
Squencers/Recorders/Samplers Riply 6 21-Oct-01
A3000 editors elsewhere84 3 20-Oct-01
Only a newbie would ask Silvertrees 4 19-Oct-01
Sequencer BigBird 4 18-Oct-01
Starting from Scratch Rippidup 10 18-Oct-01
Need gear advise S1nn3r 11 09-Oct-01
PC hard drive configuration pine 7 05-Oct-01
a good portable sampler? Anonymous 14 03-Oct-01
Newbie Produncer looking for good equipment Anonymous 12 29-Sep-01
mmt8 help! please fizztech 3 28-Sep-01
Need help with choosing hardware to match ambitions Anonymous 2 28-Sep-01
Industrial 0hmyg0d 5 28-Sep-01
suggestions on set-up apjs 6 25-Sep-01
I've got a Korg X3... 0hmyg0d 2 24-Sep-01
Total newbie in need of advice new user 12 24-Sep-01
I need help with Waldork Attack plug in Anonymous 0 23-Sep-01
I need help with Waldorf Attack plug in apjs 1 23-Sep-01
What Do I Get? sjshaun 6 21-Sep-01
Good Tutorial Link Scotobiotic 1 19-Sep-01
Understanding the relationship between a MIDI instrument and a sampler: Anonymous 9 19-Sep-01
whats this mean? nationnon 2 18-Sep-01
whats this mean? Anonymous 0 18-Sep-01
what are the diferent kinds of keyboards i86i11 6 13-Sep-01
Computer in my setup questions.... elsewhere84 2 13-Sep-01
How do you get scratchy vocals? cxp344 2 12-Sep-01
D-50 and a Pg-1000? meck 2 12-Sep-01
No title Anonymous 0 12-Sep-01
How can I afford new software? fbieler47 5 11-Sep-01
hardware question X0rc1st 22 10-Sep-01
Mac MIDI newbie questions cyclonix 7 10-Sep-01
What's this mean nationnon 5 09-Sep-01
How do you make the robot voice? Runner 26 09-Sep-01
How do you make the "robot" voice? Anonymous 1 04-Sep-01
converting audio... ejenkins 7 29-Aug-01
Anyone know a website with music symbols? nationnon 7 28-Aug-01
Taking music out of a sample nationnon 5 28-Aug-01
How to make VST Plug-in showup? EcstaticHigh 7 24-Aug-01
free sequencing software ziggy_skye 5 20-Aug-01
what'll let me make a beat sequence guitar and bass and let me play solo over it Anonymous 0 16-Aug-01
will a sequencer loop guitar parts i play in and let me solo over them and what a good seqencer Anonymous 1 16-Aug-01
wuts good to make techno music topcat_54 17 16-Aug-01
Prodigy beats D@vE 9 14-Aug-01
What are Insert Effects ? Anonymous 7 14-Aug-01
Detroit area... superkaz2k 3 14-Aug-01
What does VST stand for and what is it? Anonymous 7 14-Aug-01
how do people with big kits play all together? mixer? lofisk1 14 12-Aug-01
Recording techniques superkaz2k 8 11-Aug-01
I'm expecting... acooke 9 09-Aug-01
RM1x? and another synth....? 11 08-Aug-01
Live Band wants to incorporateelectronic elements caseyluvsgzus 9 08-Aug-01
Sampling Primal440 3 08-Aug-01
Questions you've always been afraid to ask! concept 3 08-Aug-01
is Electribe EA-1 enuff to make techno beats???? topcat_54 2 07-Aug-01
What's this mean? societynon 3 06-Aug-01
is Electribe EA-1 enuff to make techno beats???? topcat_54 1 04-Aug-01
TDM ? What is this doesn't it have something to do with DigiDesign? Anonymous 3 02-Aug-01
Anyone know a used gear website in the uk? clubfreak 3 30-Jul-01
MIIDI and softsynths Anonymous 4 29-Jul-01
What should I get for live performance? smithjr 7 27-Jul-01
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Question about FX Copy boy 3 17-Jul-01
Selling Stuff Online machinapathy 8 15-Jul-01
Can Someone Explain Compresors and EQ's ar2jr 5 15-Jul-01
a million newbies come here to ask the same question fleshtech 27 05-Jul-01
What I suggest for newbies............ !Systems Crash! 14 03-Jul-01
Offering Help for Beginners! 4 29-Jun-01
Looking for a partner in the Bay Area. 7 27-Jun-01
Howdy 9 27-Jun-01
SEQUENCER AND/OR DRUM MACHINE ERIC31 2 27-Jun-01 uploading 3 24-Jun-01
snap, crackle and pop... $HREW 1 21-Jun-01
could some one please tell me a few secrets about effects and vocals? 25 21-Jun-01
Suggestions how to set up my equipment 2 19-Jun-01 encoding 0 18-Jun-01
help with setup 2 17-Jun-01
help with setup 0 17-Jun-01
MIDI Controllers 9 14-Jun-01
I am CONFUSED!! Laptop & Audio ?'s! 19 12-Jun-01
what's this humming sound for 5 09-Jun-01
please help! 8 07-Jun-01
Looking for a partner in the Bay Area. 0 07-Jun-01
what is key mapping? 4 07-Jun-01
mc505 in a synth 2 07-Jun-01
Where do I begin ? 4 05-Jun-01
Where do I begin ? 1 05-Jun-01
lost my inspiration 17 05-Jun-01
I need the Prophecy basic manual-anybody seen it? 2 02-Jun-01
Techno & trance setup - what do I need? 8 01-Jun-01
Make a choice!!! 2 31-May-01
New to synths and i need help. 8 30-May-01
juno 106&cubase 9 27-May-01
My Dream set up is like this:- 11 27-May-01
What's a good recording sound card? 2 24-May-01
very newbie question RE: midi 7 23-May-01
Roland xp30-vs w-30 4 18-May-01
Recording Audio/Posting to the Net 4 16-May-01
Jungle/DnB 7 14-May-01
No title 0 13-May-01
Effects processors 21 12-May-01
hardware v. software sequencers 5 10-May-01
evening out a mix 9 09-May-01
What is an Insert jack on a mixer for? 2 03-May-01
mr61 1 01-May-01
crap´e drum beat´s 9 27-Apr-01
Need some advice... 8 26-Apr-01
I need your help!! newbie alert... 18 25-Apr-01
No title 1 25-Apr-01
cubasis 10 24-Apr-01
trying to resurect a kncakerd pc, any advice? 8 24-Apr-01
little help please 14 22-Apr-01
what's the best anolog synth? cont... 27 21-Apr-01
mackie sr1530 three way triamped 1200w 3 20-Apr-01
does anyone know of a good site for PA? 12 20-Apr-01
Getting started 1 20-Apr-01
newbie equipment.. 11 20-Apr-01
lookin for a good synth... 2 18-Apr-01
Simulating guitar strumming 23 18-Apr-01
Midi what do i need? 4 18-Apr-01
Announcing a new forum for keyboards ! 1 18-Apr-01
getting bass kick to rumble? societynon 11 16-Apr-01
feedback about the a3000? 1 15-Apr-01
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Need Equipment Advice!!! 4 14-Apr-01
help me out all you signed up dudes:) syntax 24 13-Apr-01
Trance/Goa synth???? 10 13-Apr-01
From mixing-recording, I have no clue. Help!! 8 13-Apr-01
This strange flanging sound??? 2 10-Apr-01
what is an Arpeggiator ? c'maan tell me Im new to ... 12 09-Apr-01
!!!to all beatmakerz!!! 1 08-Apr-01
xstending my midi setup 1 07-Apr-01
cakewalk/pro-52 configuration 13 07-Apr-01
transferring sound banks from synth to computer 3 06-Apr-01
What is a bantam patchbay? 3 06-Apr-01
Synth sounds in Energy 52 (cosmic baby) 1 06-Apr-01
keymapping on An1x 1 06-Apr-01
Synth sounds:energy 52 (cosmic baby) 0 06-Apr-01
Newbie needs help now!!! 5 04-Apr-01
Good first synth TECNISIUM 33 04-Apr-01
Looking For A Good Synth??? arch996677 8 04-Apr-01
Question on mixing 3 04-Apr-01
Adjusting arpeggios to fit in with track nervemeister 2 02-Apr-01
Playing live wih an EMU ESI 2000 CrystalSky 4 01-Apr-01
basic midi trouble, PLEASE PLEASE I'M BEGING YOU TO HELP ME! machinapathy 3 31-Mar-01
Building a home studio on a budget Grin 11 31-Mar-01
problems with MIDI kelar 2 25-Mar-01
Can someone define arpeggio for me :) radmish 10 23-Mar-01
uncompressing wav files... jackie 4 23-Mar-01
Creating Wav files morecowbell 2 23-Mar-01
mp3 2 22-Mar-01
vst plugins instruments ahh wtf! 4 20-Mar-01
midi controller? exesyoung 3 20-Mar-01
question about synth modules... please help! staplesound 6 17-Mar-01
$3,294, no bull Racer XoX 19 13-Mar-01
what does 'breath' do? societynon 6 02-Mar-01
JV Series Vs Triton........... jeeves 1 02-Mar-01
where can i find out how to use cubaseVST? allahvoxrabble 2 27-Feb-01
SoftSynth RebelYell 5 26-Feb-01
Industrial, Part 2 18 25-Feb-01
What To buy for first synth? 7 22-Feb-01
best synth for fart sounds? 18 22-Feb-01
What's a good sampler for live ? keymann 1 22-Feb-01
Hardware or Software sequencer? Dial8 6 22-Feb-01
Keyboard or Synthesizer ? macker 4 22-Feb-01
No title cashfada 2 22-Feb-01
dance synth qwerty2000 11 17-Feb-01
Compressors shagz 3 14-Feb-01
Yamaha cs2x? macker 8 10-Feb-01
synth trading? the entity of the self 9 03-Feb-01
digi001 and laptop? trique 2 31-Jan-01
sequencing/ or hardware?? trique 2 27-Jan-01
Roland XP-30 and the 10 macker 4 25-Jan-01
portable sampler/sequencer justine 8 25-Jan-01
dnb synth shagz 14 24-Jan-01
how to remix Dial8 3 23-Jan-01
Almost ready to start composing, but... TimeShard 6 21-Jan-01
What would be a good synthsizer for a type of modern music... 15 13-Jan-01
Advanced musician need help picking a main synth 14 11-Jan-01
compressor for the br-8? backtrail 4 11-Jan-01
what sampler is this? kybernetik 4 08-Jan-01
What's a computer? 25 04-Jan-01
I have a sampler question (please help!) 4 03-Jan-01
Ok...what am I missing? 5 31-Dec-00
Jx-3p 2 31-Dec-00
midi 5 30-Dec-00
I got a ASR-10 so........ 6 30-Dec-00
What to buy 8 30-Dec-00
heheh jus seein if this works... 1 29-Dec-00
mf24d 3 27-Dec-00
what equip to buy? 3 21-Dec-00
help 5 19-Dec-00
What kinds of amps? 3 13-Dec-00
midi messages on cubase? 3 12-Dec-00
midi, drums, and triggers 7 11-Dec-00
Yamaha AN1X or KorgMS2000 12 10-Dec-00
MC-505 or the new MC-307? 1 07-Dec-00
a bit of help concerning gear. 4 05-Dec-00
a good analog/potential synth?? 7 04-Dec-00
i need help 6 03-Dec-00
From The Beginning Please:-) 4 02-Dec-00
good synth for indusrial music? 20 02-Dec-00
How much are Roland ED Sound Canvas 8820 and 8850? 1 01-Dec-00
Software 5 01-Dec-00
Fitting it all together 7 29-Nov-00
HELP! so how do you make music anyway? 5 29-Nov-00
What would be a good synth for... 3 28-Nov-00
Newbies: Get Heard 1 28-Nov-00
How does one make mp3's 7 24-Nov-00
What board should I buy for a good Vocorder 11 23-Nov-00
How to connect Sampler and Keyboard together? 8 23-Nov-00
what does a limiter do? 6 23-Nov-00
How do I use my sampler? 4 23-Nov-00
Need help with starting and learning the synth 18 23-Nov-00
Please Help Me 5 23-Nov-00
sampler/sequencer 2 23-Nov-00
XP-30 or Triton? 2 22-Nov-00
at the heart of it all 7 16-Nov-00
Need help starting out as a trance DJ 8 15-Nov-00
Advice on expanding my setup 4 14-Nov-00
Stuipid Audio Interface Question 2 06-Nov-00
debut IDM/Electronic album 1 05-Nov-00
Midi stuff 3 02-Nov-00
Drum'n'bass'n'trance? 4 18-Oct-00
looking for the right sampler to start out with 3 15-Oct-00
Synth or Soundcard? 4 09-Oct-00
ATARI 1040 ST? 7 04-Oct-00
what are some rough sounding syths I can buy 12 02-Oct-00
Midi Setup 6 28-Sep-00
another stupid question 7 23-Sep-00
Trying to decide what synth to get - Please help! 11 19-Sep-00
More midi trouble 17 16-Sep-00
Drum machine purchase! 4 16-Sep-00
Upgrade to ASR-X??? 1 14-Sep-00
help me get my sound??? 7 11-Sep-00
newbie looking to learn more 1 06-Sep-00
getting my midi to work 12 05-Sep-00
synth question 21 28-Aug-00
sequencer, midi, keyboard 12 28-Aug-00
Ensoniq E-Prime intermittent problem 4 27-Aug-00
Cheap Gear 24 22-Aug-00
figuring out the bpm to a real drummer 5 19-Aug-00
rack mount me 2 15-Aug-00
What Should I Buy?? 8 01-Aug-00
theory help 7 31-Jul-00
A lot of teens like electronic music. But we seem to have a problem obtaining them !! 60 31-Jul-00
Help... 13 30-Jul-00
problems setting up midi on soundblaster 4 28-Jul-00
Kurzweil K2600 1 22-Jul-00
sp808 or es1 5 17-Jul-00
gear guidance 13 11-Jul-00
djying with the su700 3 09-Jul-00
waldorf xtk 4 08-Jul-00
tying everything together 7 27-Jun-00
Shameless Plug 1 18-Jun-00
Test 1 06-Jun-00

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