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Pump: Waldorf (336 of 356 total discussions)  RSS Starter Messages Last
Blofeld Steveo 4 15-Jul-10
EDITOR FOR MICROWAVE 1? sdp 1 15-Jun-10
pulse problems zebedee 1 30-Jun-09
editor for microwave 2 sdp 1 06-Oct-08
how much should i pay for a microwave 2? sdp 1 27-Sep-08
Waldorf pulse soundware gore.steve 1 14-Jul-07
Pulse+ Global and CV/Gate Param. Question DrDream9 3 06-Jul-07
Micro Q knobs - why don't they love me anymore? dhex23 4 19-May-07
* Waldorf Wave XT Rack for sale * SoularisUK 1 10-Apr-07
Finally something new from waldorf Cerebral Infect 2 09-Dec-06
*Waldorf Wave for Sale* cool_blue 4 25-May-06
Upgrading Waldorf OS Sound-O-Mat 2 15-May-06
waldorf soft.. Moogulator 6 20-Mar-06
come on people, WALDORF REAWAKENS, (probably) Pashmina 2 09-Feb-06
MIDI problems with the Yamaha A3000 + AN1x + RM1x sybariten 1 21-Aug-05
lost my XTK power cord Chlorine-dream 1 29-Jul-05
looking for waldorf q+ nemesys 1 09-Jul-05
Secondhand Waldorfs... FIZMO100 36 02-Jul-05
XT OS opaeque 4 14-Apr-05
Synth Soundsetting? khusuk 3 03-Apr-05
Microwave control templates 0gre_jr. 1 24-Mar-05
Q Sound quality FIZMO100 26 14-Feb-05
pulse os updates? pfeif 4 06-Feb-05
Rediscovering the MicroQ tagpass 13 24-Jan-05
Q question, please help elvin_wyzard 1 07-Nov-04
anyone have an XTK for sale? Chlorine-dream 5 12-Oct-04
Waldorf closing doors? bulldogge 87 31-Aug-04
Latest Waldorf info Mark Pulver 1 22-Aug-04
WALDORF VOICE UPGRADES whippermisty 1 29-Jun-04
Waldorf Q vs. Waldorf Micro Q whippermisty 3 29-Jun-04
WALDORF Q vs. WALDORF MICRO Q whippermisty 2 28-Jun-04
Custom End Cheeks for Q-Rack FIZMO100 3 16-Jun-04
Evolution U-33e to control uWave? whoremonger 7 09-Jun-04
problems with attack elektro 2 24-May-04
XT OS News Mark Pulver 41 28-Mar-04
My Waldorf broke.. opaeque 5 20-Mar-04
u bulldogge 11 08-Mar-04
uWave 1 + Knobby? bulldogge 7 23-Jan-04
waldorf bankrupt? samscats 61 23-Jan-04
Micro Q Chris McMasters 5 31-Dec-03
should i buy a Pulse? suitandtieguy 30 23-Dec-03
best wave...ever. bulldogge 7 13-Nov-03
Behringer Truth amplifiers CC 3 06-Oct-03
When is Waldorf going to do something cool? Chirp Chirp 13 16-Sep-03
microwave II question elektro 4 09-Sep-03
Waldorf XTK, OS problems? xavier 16 30-Aug-03
Microwave bass? dx2 5 16-Aug-03
When was the last.... micheal 5 08-Aug-03
Should you buy waldorf gear? micheal 25 27-Jul-03
buggiest waldorf: micro Q or XT? machinapathy 4 17-Jul-03
Are the Q rack and micro Q sonically identical? KZ 3 02-Jul-03
Fresh XT sounds ticka 4 01-Jul-03
MWII OS Update??? optinone 4 31-May-03
OS update, general question... phraggle 3 22-May-03
Microwave OS update complex66 3 21-May-03
Waldorf Q question? KZ 6 19-May-03
What is exactly the deal with the XT input? Ison 1 11-May-03
micro q fm + a coupla questions Pashmina 5 11-May-03
XT Ring Mod optinone 3 08-May-03
Micro Q weirdness... phraggle 8 24-Apr-03
XT to be discontinued Mark Pulver 8 23-Apr-03
Q Wavetable Waveform Shapes stormy 4 21-Apr-03
WALDORF Q OS UPDATE? gobotz 10 19-Apr-03
Microwave Fantasies machinapathy 9 07-Apr-03
how do I effectively use the sub outs on my XTk? myamoto 6 25-Mar-03
So when IS the MWXT OS 3 update coming out? Teebee303 21 14-Mar-03
Wave vs the Microwave XT Teebee303 16 13-Mar-03
Soundcard for attack elektro 1 03-Mar-03
Q rack - drums - help skinnyjap 6 21-Feb-03
No title Teebee303 1 20-Feb-03
pulse filter elektro 8 17-Feb-03
A new Waldorf (post here) Mark Pulver 37 11-Feb-03
How to reset the Q to factory sounds? Stchris 2 10-Feb-03
microQ os update elektro 1 24-Jan-03
Waldorf's NAMM Offering Mark Pulver 2 15-Jan-03
I'm trying to update my Micro-Q. ITS NOT WORKING!!!! tdm71 13 15-Jan-03
A new Waldorf Mark Pulver 2 07-Jan-03
Qrack midi and sequencer questions samhain 4 03-Jan-03
XT cross mod and portamento questions samhain 5 02-Jan-03
is it hard to find a black microwave ? samhain 1 29-Dec-02
microQ problem elektro 2 24-Dec-02
Pulse MIDI control of parameters Operator 8 21-Dec-02
Waldorf shirts in the US? larry_k 4 17-Dec-02
4 Pole Filter Miniworks....adapter specs? exatari 1 13-Dec-02
Q OS update elektro 9 12-Dec-02
Pulse MIDI control of parameters Operator 0 11-Dec-02
Pusle MIDI control of parameters Operator 0 11-Dec-02
XT out of production?! machinapathy 3 05-Dec-02
how would you describe the waldorf filter sound machinapathy 18 01-Dec-02
Waldorf Q MicroQ Techno & House soundset awkword 3 30-Nov-02
Micro-q 75 voice upgrade burkek 2 21-Nov-02
Clothing line? optinone 10 20-Nov-02
Waldorf Q plus the XT Violator 13 13-Nov-02
Q OS Update machinapathy 8 14-Oct-02
Filter FM on the XT machinapathy 2 11-Oct-02
Microwave worth it? elektro 18 04-Oct-02
Who else has a Q+ donato 1 27-Sep-02
Q+ why oh why ?? KZ 2 16-Sep-02
The Waldorf Q+ Mark Pulver 130 13-Sep-02
Microwave XT - XTk Retep 4 09-Sep-02
Q+ Analog/Digital Filter Comparisons Mark Pulver 3 02-Sep-02
Any good MicroQ editors elektro 4 25-Aug-02
microwave 1/xt sdp 11 24-Aug-02
xt-xt on the pc sdp 0 23-Aug-02
XT levels optinone 1 19-Aug-02
microwave xt knobs sdp 1 16-Aug-02
MicroQ graemegee 4 09-Aug-02
Microwave XT: Ambient, atmospheric?? ChÉ 44 07-Aug-02
wldrf access nord? drewspuppet 2 07-Aug-02
Fun Q+ Announcement Mark Pulver 41 06-Aug-02
my xt is losing it's mind llewxamcire 11 25-Jul-02
Q sequencer topaapobwaii 2 19-Jul-02
Anyone know if the price of a Rack Attack will go down? DrummerBoy 11 13-Jul-02
What;'s up rubber ducky? CoolColJ 2 06-Jul-02
pulse minimoog lead sounds abcdefghi 4 27-Jun-02
Howa bout dat Qplus yo! Attack Clone 9 25-Jun-02
microwave 1 sounds abcdefghi 1 20-Jun-02
Rack Attack organism 4 19-Jun-02
Q+ Audio Demos Mark Pulver 19 15-Jun-02
What's new? DrummerBoy 6 13-Jun-02
Mac Wavetable Editor for Microwave machinapathy 4 06-Jun-02
Waldorf Micro Q Problem + Question... elsewhere84 4 02-Jun-02
How tweakable is the Micro Q in real-time? ProcessResist 1 30-May-02
Microwave1 on second market james002 25 16-May-02
Anyone have a micro q lite? Anyone? elsewhere84 0 13-May-02
my xt questions and i are getting a bit excited llewxamcire 6 03-May-02
Waldorf should make a triton style WS Teebee303 22 26-Apr-02
RackAttack manual is online Mark Pulver 1 24-Apr-02
Micro Q and Sound Diver Emonkey 9 21-Apr-02
RackAttack OS Update Mark Pulver 1 20-Apr-02
Micro Q vs Microwave XT Von Hoven 21 19-Apr-02
Pulse Plus Cv/Gate question CoolColJ 4 16-Apr-02
Microwave james002 0 10-Apr-02
Does anyone have any sound samples or music done with a Micro Q? Von Hoven 11 08-Apr-02
pulses available at silverglitter 4 07-Apr-02
Can you use an external arp on the micro q? Von Hoven 5 06-Apr-02
Does anybody know if we can get our Q's upgraded lucenthorizon 3 04-Apr-02
Rack Attack Mark Pulver 2 02-Apr-02
steps in microwave xt wavetables peripatitis 5 29-Mar-02
microQ vocoder anamorphic65 3 29-Mar-02
D-Pole X Pole Poland? DrummerBoy 4 27-Mar-02
How many micrwoave XT variations are there? ^_^ 21 27-Mar-02
I think my XT just crapped out... Spectralab 16 24-Mar-02
Books to help programming my XTK theroxy4 1 21-Mar-02
No mention of The RackAttack at Messe? DrummerBoy 9 21-Mar-02
other new waldorf gear waldorfwave 3 20-Mar-02
Soon to be the owner of a new Q lucenthorizon 6 19-Mar-02
Why not just make a drum machine? DrummerBoy 11 18-Mar-02
MidiBay II DeltaM 2 18-Mar-02
Blah.. problem with XT programming and wavetable smoothing CyC 27 17-Mar-02
New models?? Microwave not Q. signum 1 15-Mar-02
Microwave XTK dimensions? signum 1 15-Mar-02
How do you program your micro Q? rv36116 3 14-Mar-02
Coffee's ready? ChemVein 4 14-Mar-02
New(analog) Q on the block? mr. rob 4 14-Mar-02
Proud parent of a Microwave XTk mbeaudet 7 12-Mar-02
Microwave XTK or JD-800??? signum 6 11-Mar-02
Microwave XTK or Q??? signum 4 09-Mar-02
got my xt today llewxamcire 32 08-Mar-02
I want a white XT... that would rock silverglitter 6 08-Mar-02
Waldorf Attack ? DrummerBoy 2 07-Mar-02
God I love the Q Stchris 3 06-Mar-02
Nordlead analogprobe 0 05-Mar-02
The new Dance & Techno Soundset lucenthorizon 1 04-Mar-02
new sounds for XT users Spectralab 1 27-Feb-02
What's the pattern mode on the Attack Rack? DrummerBoy 4 24-Feb-02
Is the SH-32 a JP-8080 replacement? DrummerBoy 8 22-Feb-02
XTK vs Roland JP-8000 Lilith 4 15-Feb-02
blue or yellow Q rack? amorphium 15 15-Feb-02
XT power makroform 6 15-Feb-02
XTk synthesis Lilith 3 14-Feb-02
The XTK vs. The Q worlock 4 10-Feb-02
XTK10 Kybrd or Micro Q Kybrd? Lilith 9 09-Feb-02
xt on the way llewxamcire 1 09-Feb-02
so how much will i dislike myself if i get the 10 voice XT? llewxamcire 10 07-Feb-02
No title Lilith 2 07-Feb-02
RackAttack! burkek 29 07-Feb-02
If I get a micro Q, should i keep my Pulse? Mr. Eddie 6 06-Feb-02
No title jamchst88s 2 06-Feb-02
stuipid micro q question machinapathy 11 05-Feb-02
What's so special about the Waldorf XT??? teardrop06 58 05-Feb-02
Qrack rotary problems... euchlid 0 05-Feb-02
attack tang 0 03-Feb-02
Waldorf Forum where you can share patches? midihead 1 01-Feb-02
selling micro Q keyboard here.... rv36116 3 31-Jan-02
Thinking about the Micro Q, any advice? 30 31-Jan-02
No title BlindLizard 5 16-Jan-02
Q updating os 3001 10 10-Jan-02
Got links to Micro Q patches? midihead 4 27-Dec-01
Good waldorf Riply 45 24-Dec-01
Pulse production micheal 10 20-Dec-01
grey XTk?? FlukeWurm 15 20-Dec-01
microQ OS 2.0 released Mark Pulver 22 13-Dec-01
Microwave XT or Clavia Nord Modular? dome 1 13-Dec-01
MWXT/Sound Diver users: Spectralab 3 12-Dec-01
Waldorf Q or Access Virus kb? dome 35 12-Dec-01
MWXT Power supply is dead. What to do? Gonkulator 16 19-Nov-01
Micro Q keyboard for 900 dollars? rv36116 3 18-Nov-01
Q Envelopes hedpeace 6 17-Nov-01
microQ Lite Mark Pulver 10 16-Nov-01
Micro Q Keyboard Euro Availability Ison 2 12-Nov-01
ppg filter on microwave xt? mr. rob 5 09-Nov-01
Miceo Q Keyboard Xpander106 1 08-Nov-01
Waldorf translates to 'Whale Village'? pook187 4 21-Oct-01
Micro Q setup greenloc 3 16-Oct-01
Any word on the Micro Q Lite? pook187 2 13-Oct-01
Praise to the XT Spectralab 8 08-Oct-01
Praise to the uQ JeremyNC 26 07-Oct-01
Where to get the latest o.s. for pulse plus? Anonymous 2 05-Oct-01
Black MicroQ & Black Q Keyboard? subhuman 47 27-Sep-01
Microwave II/ XT demos online? Glassy 7 27-Sep-01
Pulse Patch Change Problem =( CyC 8 26-Sep-01
Small clicks in sounds when sequencing cutoff 1 24-Sep-01
MicroQ Lite! subhuman 20 20-Sep-01
Waldorf Q or Access kb phraggle 11 20-Sep-01
going to buy a virus b unless someone stops me drewzz 12 08-Sep-01
Micro Q Multi mode functionality nukky606 10 08-Sep-01
micowave bugs peripatitis 7 08-Sep-01
PPG filter for micro Q? mr. rob 8 07-Sep-01
Micro Q voice upgrade? Anonymous 2 06-Sep-01
Thanks Waldorf! micheal 12 05-Sep-01
Pulse + CV/gate question evilteenagetwin 2 04-Sep-01
Q - 3rd Party Operating Systems silvre 2 04-Sep-01
Loose Pulse Knobs? CyC 9 03-Sep-01
Pulse vs. Micro Q... pook187 10 31-Aug-01
Features exclusive to the Wave? JB 27 27-Aug-01
A case that the XTk fits in correctly !Systems Crash! 5 26-Aug-01
Micro q or XT. I can't decide. I'm ripping my hair out over this one. I think I'm slowly going insan necromancer213 52 19-Aug-01
MicroQ / Q / MicrowaveII / XT Choices... ketadream 5 14-Aug-01
Pulse re-release? pook187 8 11-Aug-01
how do you install the new presets in the microwave 2 ? CoreBacK 4 06-Aug-01
Oh my God - I just got my new NEW Q!! trailerman 9 02-Aug-01
pricing?? ShoUride 5 01-Aug-01
Q Random Patch Gen on 3.0?? cutoff 3 01-Aug-01
Micro Q with Korg Z1 silvre 1 31-Jul-01
Tropical Micro-Q tlotoxl 12 27-Jul-01
Micro Q OS upgrade? Spectralab 9 27-Jul-01
Korg ER1 or Waldorf Attack? Chemical Christ 18 11-Jul-01
Chemical Swallow Me Testicles Anonymous 0 08-Jul-01
Chemical Sack Anonymous 0 08-Jul-01
Chemical Balls Anonymous 0 08-Jul-01
Chemical Christ Anonymous 0 07-Jul-01
Getting my feet wet; Nova vs uQ 24 07-Jul-01
Waldorf Pulse Chase 7 06-Jul-01
on a budget, micro Q or XT rack? space_echo301 9 05-Jul-01
Micro Q Keys pook187 12 01-Jul-01
weirdness of the mwxt nefarious5 9 30-Jun-01
Q, Micro Wave XT or Nord Modular? 47 30-Jun-01
Q/QRack OS V3.0 36 17-Jun-01
*Freeware* Micro Q editor 1 09-Jun-01
attack... 10 07-Jun-01
micro q kybd 5 07-Jun-01
Micro q owners, are you satisfied? 22 03-Jun-01
XT and Q clicking noises....HELP ME PLEASE!!! 9 31-May-01
New "analog sounding" Q filter rumour? 99 26-May-01
Obviously inspired by the Q 6 23-May-01
New Q OS Finally Released!!! 6 21-May-01
Advice on buying the uQ 12 09-May-01
Live P.A. 1 05-May-01
Q OS 3.0 Retep 6 26-Apr-01
Latest XT OS 10 24-Apr-01
microQ audio demos? 3 23-Apr-01 16 21-Apr-01
New Q Color 16 21-Apr-01 - a new discussion forum for keyboards ! 1 18-Apr-01
Pulse 27 15-Apr-01
silly color question 15 11-Apr-01
New Mini-Q 8 09-Apr-01
Q-Wish list -- AdamT 70 05-Apr-01
Micro Q system update help!!! DJL/DeadZone Studio 7 05-Apr-01
Q rack problems? URGENT Chemical Christ 21 02-Apr-01
16 or 32 voice Q? Chemical Christ 39 01-Apr-01
yet another pulse problem? morgan 8 29-Mar-01
MicroQ FX Send Level? subhuman 2 29-Mar-01
Pulse Plus bass? dee 4 28-Mar-01
WOOOAH whats this? Chemical Christ 9 28-Mar-01
deep bass on micro-q? justice 15 28-Mar-01
No title dee 1 27-Mar-01
Digital Performer and Pulse Plus 1 26-Mar-01
Has the Pulse been discontinued? Jonathan 25 24-Mar-01
problematic pulse plus patch change problem? morgan 5 22-Mar-01
wavetable software !Systems Crash! 10 21-Mar-01
MicroQ Keyboard subhuman 23 20-Mar-01
XTk or Q which is most flexable(better). rdm 7 14-Mar-01
Does the Micro Q sound different then the Q? Ales 5 12-Mar-01
Q keyboard or Supernova II? scrapper 11 26-Feb-01
uQ/Q buglist? nothingnewhere 14 15-Feb-01
Ever analog!? player 35 11-Feb-01
microQ FM kamiel 11 11-Feb-01
No title kamiel 6 10-Feb-01
Q VS Micro Q cc2001 12 08-Feb-01
wavetable page bulldogge 2 01-Feb-01
Updated Waldorf Mailing List Info Mark Pulver 4 31-Jan-01
A question to Q owners boomer 12 31-Jan-01
Microwave-1 V2.0 Rom images? AdamT 18 27-Jan-01
HELP! oguh 15 23-Jan-01
Tell me what you think of the Micro Q??? teardrop06 7 22-Jan-01
Micro Q vs Virus Rack 17 18-Jan-01
Where are all the 4 poles?!? gltTch 5 17-Jan-01
wave goodbye and say hello 16 17-Jan-01
Micro-Q or Q-rack? madelinbuck 1 08-Jan-01
Pulse or Pulse Plus 7 04-Jan-01
XTk power button malfinctions. Anyone have the same problem? 2 29-Dec-00
To AdamT about Micro Q 19 23-Dec-00
blue Q rack ? 18 20-Dec-00
Micro Q 80 10-Dec-00
Pulse Init Patch 4 08-Dec-00
Pulse for smooth, Moog-y retro leads? 9 06-Dec-00
Wave 2.V? 9 04-Dec-00
Micro Q user-comments 5 30-Nov-00
Pulse and Pulse Plus 4 25-Nov-00
Q or XT & Virus? 24 24-Nov-00
waldorf quality 9 24-Nov-00
any matrix tips ?? 4 03-Nov-00
original Microwave rom/ram cards 2 01-Nov-00
one more Q sequencer question (this one makes my buying desion) 2 27-Oct-00
Price diff btw Waldorf keys & racks 18 23-Oct-00
Q sequencer features/shortcomings ? 12 18-Oct-00
Q Cards 11 07-Oct-00
New Emagic SoundDiver Adaptation 2 06-Oct-00
4-Pole Filter 1 22-Sep-00
New Factory SoundSet is out. 2 11-Sep-00
soundsets2 2 30-Aug-00
Waldorf Q New Features 8 21-Aug-00
soundsets 2 19-Aug-00
Q Vocoding 12 15-Aug-00
Sine Wave Shaper? 3 15-Aug-00
Waldorf Q Sounds 4 15-Aug-00
Microwave II worth £330??? 7 11-Aug-00
Wave dump problems 4 29-Jul-00
pulse env or VCA prob 2 28-Jul-00
User Wavetables 9 25-Jul-00
XT - versatile or just good for evolving sounds? 12 21-Jul-00
Waldorf Birth Control 7 19-Jul-00

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