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Pump: MOTU (119 of 125 total discussions)  RSS Starter Messages Last
biased forum! birdbrain 5 04-Jan-11
setting up motu 2408 with soundcraft328xd and logic8 pmartinez 1 05-Mar-10
how much should i pay for a used MOTU 2408 MKII Audio Interface? sdp 1 23-Oct-08
SF Mach 5 Users: Redmatica Coming to Town! puckboy21 2 08-May-08
DP5 and Drum Loops Hatband 2 02-Mar-07
DP upgrading to mac-based intel issues 1 16-Feb-07
Motu Sys Ex Codes or Usb Manual Wanted wonton 1 19-Jan-07
Download manual?? jnmelvin 1 17-Sep-06
Motu Mach Five user group chlorinedream 2 03-Jun-05
din sync problem wtih dp3 + tr606 rrooyyccee 1 18-Sep-04
anyone using Novation V-Station with DP4? bruddahmax 1 09-Aug-04
Accidental US 828mk2 pluged in UK mains! Help twatus 4 26-Jun-04
pci 324 upgrades jayrando 7 06-Jun-04
No Reverse One-shot Sample Triggering on Mach5? Chlorine-dream 2 01-Jun-04
getting 828 and 828MkII to work with Pro Tools David M 9 10-Mar-04
What's happened to earacheny 2 03-Mar-04
MOTU Tech Support sux dustparticle 4 03-Dec-03
z4 ybyap 2 12-Jul-03
New 828? hooptyheaven 2 29-Jun-03
MOTU 24i Randallx 4 17-Jun-03
Mach 5 speed racer 1 19-May-03
2404mk3 Latency madfiddler 1 17-May-03
8 2 8 + P C ? wasabi 2 26-Apr-03
MOTU 896 with powerbook??????? Mr Andersen 11 15-Mar-03
midi express-midi express xt sdp 2 12-Jan-03
Midi express-windows2000 sdp 1 29-Dec-02
Help: Patch Lists! ptdecker 1 13-Dec-02
mk2408I-mk2408II sdp 4 13-Dec-02
motu MIDI EXPRESS XT -midi express sdp 7 20-Nov-02
Motu 828 + PC ? wasabi 4 11-Nov-02
Useful MOTU technical support... phraggle 16 09-Nov-02
Fastlane MIDI semblance 2 10-Oct-02
aanother midi sync question hv909 1 11-Sep-02
What is latency like on the MOTU 828? skippedthe90s 1 15-Aug-02
DP3 for OSX jameshays 2 25-Jul-02
MIDI sync in DP Untermensch 1 22-Jun-02
Is ther a way to use VST insruments with MOTU Firewalker 3 22-Jun-02
digital performer time stretch solarkat 1 20-Jun-02
Help! Please! Can't drag soundbytes into audio tracks... mischling1 3 16-Jun-02
Digital Performer/Soft Synths? fuqface 1 14-Jun-02
Does anyone know where I can get just the PCI card and the drivers? silverglitter 5 06-May-02
DP3 and 828 Rocket Number 9 2 06-May-02
Can an Express XT work with a Timepiece AV? If so, how?? Please help :) tdm71 2 25-Apr-02
Midisport 8x8 and Sonar rexmedia 3 22-Apr-02
weird pitch shift HELP rgalligan 2 21-Apr-02
Music done in Digital Performer neonlights 8 15-Apr-02
Can't correctly install my Midi Express XT. Please help! drek)(hed 1 21-Mar-02
Digital Performer 3 conflicts with other programs? pooprobot 2 24-Feb-02
828 w/ Audiodesk: How many tracks of audio? rhodes to freedom 4 17-Feb-02
Running DP 2.72 neonlights 10 07-Feb-02
GC Blowing out 24i interfaces Albert 1 01-Feb-02
Audiowire (PCI-324) to Firewire??? bbtheory 1 31-Jan-02
Express PC Notebook doesn't work with Windows 2000. Getting & loading driver impossible. Josebull 1 26-Jan-02
828 With New iBook? normal 1 22-Jan-02
828 Mac OS X Drivers ? avonrepus 2 13-Jan-02
midi express xt, bad sysex 4 13-Jan-02
What is your Samples per Buffer setting? bbtheory 3 09-Jan-02
Questions on DP3 5.1 surround sound capabilities ScottDigweed 2 08-Jan-02
motu vs logic brokentoys 3 01-Jan-02
Does Anyone like using Freestyle?? Dusty 2 31-Dec-01
New MOTU 896 Pulse 1 19-Dec-01
No title Pulse 1 19-Dec-01
Freestyle Dusty 1 19-Dec-01
hey albert, are you using the 828? vapourspace 5 29-Nov-01
digital performer 3.0 vapourspace 6 24-Nov-01
828 USB MIDI timing hipsig 1 21-Nov-01
2408 MK2 with Alesis HDR Peake 15 15-Nov-01
help i am super new and don't know hoe to save a digital performer file as an mp3 file...? nutmeg 2 12-Nov-01
What are your opinions on the MIDI Express XT? drek)(hed 5 06-Nov-01
Is it me or is DP 3 Slower? midiguru 10 01-Nov-01
Anyone using the MOTU 828? Mainline Crux 21 31-Oct-01
dp, logic , or continuing with cubase? Anonymous 8 10-Oct-01
No title madmax1331 1 08-Oct-01
anyone using 828 with dp 2.72? vapourspace 4 05-Oct-01
New Motu updates available!! syd 1 25-Sep-01
midi express xt/ mac shutdown problems vapourspace 8 18-Sep-01
How do I "mix-down with Digital Performer? fuqface 2 12-Sep-01
DP and flash wak 5 07-Sep-01
WindowsME driver for PC Midi Flyer Lotic 1 06-Sep-01
MOTU AudioDesk fuqface 1 22-Aug-01
828 configuration vapourspace 3 18-Aug-01
mac os 9.2/motu vapourspace 7 16-Aug-01
Inserting audio in DigitalPerformer2.7 curtis chip 4 07-Aug-01
Multiprocessor problems with DP 3.0 php 14 04-Aug-01
MOTM/Kenton Pro2 sync issue Randallx 1 27-Jul-01
Post DP 3.0 lock-up syd 3 27-Jul-01
No title Lotic 1 16-Jul-01
Unisyn profile for E-MU Audity2K? scythe13 1 02-Jul-01
FireWire Audio with new MOTU 828 Pulse 56 23-Jun-01
MOTU 2408 mkII drivers 6 08-Jun-01
Syncronizing 2 computers 1 08-Jun-01
Digital Performer/E 5000 3 06-Jun-01
DP can't find my sampler.... Anonymous 1 21-May-01
help! Vaio w/98SE not working with 828 1 17-May-01
motu2408 mk 11 and Gigastudio 1 09-May-01
MTP AV serial or USB? 4 02-May-01
MOTU 1224 and Native Instruments B4 2 13-Apr-01
I have an older version of Freestyle, and I can't get it to see my Triton, HELP!!! Future One 4 29-Mar-01
Clockworks mild 1 24-Mar-01
Mac Upgrades - Experiences mischling1 2 27-Feb-01
Any info on DP 3.0? I saw a blurb... producer4000 4 09-Feb-01
laptop setup....please help trique 2 28-Jan-01
Importing wavs or aiffs 3 15-Jan-01
who's your mac 13 29-Dec-00
E4 flutter problems 2 14-Dec-00
Any MOTU users that have used the sample dump feature? 6 14-Dec-00
export to mp3 from Digital Performer 2.72 4 14-Dec-00
Props for MOTU customer service 5 14-Nov-00
PLUGGO!! 10 08-Nov-00
Fastlane and Nord Modular problem 1 06-Nov-00
help me! PC cubase VST 3.6 & MOTU 2408 troubles 2 03-Nov-00
Digital Performer 2.7 & VST Instruments 4 28-Oct-00
linking midi controllers to plug ins... 1 26-Oct-00
Why do you use MOTU software? 3 10-Oct-00
Using OEM SoundDiver with JV-1010 and MOTU Fastland USB? 4 09-Oct-00
Using outboard effects with MOTU's DP 2.72 and 2408mkII? 2 01-Oct-00
sync dp from freestyle? 14 25-Sep-00
2408 mkII 7 21-Sep-00
anyone using HUI with MOTU 2.7? 16 13-Sep-00

Threads marked for FAQ in this topic Messages Last
FireWire Audio with new MOTU 828 56 23-Jun-01
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