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Pump: Things with Strings (167 of 172 total discussions)  RSS Starter Messages Last
midi syncing guitar alterego 12 11-Jan-11 offer discount brand,hat,fashion shoes ,clothing,brand bag,hangbag and purse 1 04-Sep-09 offer discount fashion shoes ,clothing,brand bag,hangbag and purse 1 08-Jul-09
Guitar synth guitarhelper 2 07-Feb-09
Is processor to synth possible? shakeman 6 16-Dec-07
MINDCURVE, READ THIS MetalMuse 12 18-Jul-06
Are you a Guitar Player or Music Lover? Rockcandy38 4 31-Dec-05
how do you do pinch harmonics caustech 6 20-Aug-05
strings/re-stringing/gauges mindcurve 6 27-Jul-05
guitar effects myamoto 7 12-Jun-05
How do you create that "Afternoon Delight" swwosh, and that "Island Girl" tropical twang? Dacian 5 05-Jun-05
line 6 guitarport sominex 1 29-Apr-05
Radiohead accoustics alexp 3 23-Feb-05
Rainsong Guitars - Amazing the Whiz 3 14-Feb-05
Electric guitar/Acoustic Amp XacBrowne 2 01-Feb-05
XacBrowne 1 13-Jan-05
bass amps shelfman 1 05-Jan-05
how do you get the jgg jgg jgg muted metal sound? caustech 10 28-Dec-04
bass amp emulator for a guitar? madmax 8 20-Dec-04
angel mcfood 1 15-Dec-04
angel mcfood 1 14-Dec-04
Bass suggestions ? Cerebral Infect 6 12-Dec-04
Using guitar with and MIDI skinrapt 12 10-Dec-04
Just bought a Telecaster fac 9 01-Dec-04
hagstrom viking rabbatory 1 22-Sep-04
Worth picking up? Ison 5 13-Aug-04
westone "RAIL" bass shelfman 1 24-Jun-04
Great Site For Guitar Players... DJ Don 3 30-May-04
Guitar sint and breath controller Fabio 1 29-May-04
Guit.Sint. Fabio 4 28-May-04
STAGG guitars / fat jazz shelfman 3 09-May-04
Mesa/Boogie guitar set-up Yonny 1 04-May-04
wanted casio dg-10/20 guitar blueeyedjane 3 28-Apr-04
Anyone Play Lap Steel? Ison 22 27-Apr-04
computer recording fonqster 2 16-Apr-04
Any six-string bass players here? The Real MC 8 14-Mar-04
Yamaha Pacifica 112 vs. Yamaha Rgx220 gilA 2 26-Feb-04
guitars myamoto 40 03-Feb-04
Potentiometer Interference Ison 3 24-Jan-04
Yamaha Pacifica 012 rockmanrock 5 05-Jan-04
AMP Comparisons.... Jiggity 25 14-Dec-03
What kind of guitar do you use ? Gucci Crew 25 14-Dec-03
Best acoustics zengomi 10 13-Dec-03
Anyone play a mandolin? Jiggity 11 01-Dec-03
Resonance of hollowbody v solid body + on board electrics Jiggity 17 17-Oct-03
Girls & Guitars david_decibel 12 16-Oct-03
Johnson J Station is $99.95 now--can't go wrong... DJ Don 1 04-Aug-03
Silvertone guitars look stupid on the website, but quite awesome at the store. MetalMuse 1 26-Jun-03
Bass Guitar unovis 24 16-Jun-03
anyone use electroharmonix microsynth n0303 9 28-May-03
Alternative Strings and Fiddle Forum madfiddler 5 17-May-03
Attention Guitaristas! Ison 61 27-Apr-03
Anyone tried the Roland GI-20 interface? DJ Don 2 25-Apr-03
YOU DEMO WANTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! midijim 1 28-Jan-03
ditto phazor 0 24-Jan-03
Please disregard this phazor 0 24-Jan-03
The A6... keytonic 8 17-Jan-03
Frustrating technique questions... syd 8 17-Jan-03
lookin for an amp pud_mack 4 27-Dec-02
how to bow a guitar semblance 21 17-Nov-02
electro harmonis tube zipper machinapathy 1 30-Oct-02
anyone ever play bass thru a champ? IX.lab 3 21-Oct-02
My guitar is in the shop Jiggity 30 02-Oct-02
Talkbox- what the hell? Jiggity 7 12-Sep-02
The A6... keytonic 0 09-Sep-02
Mexican Strrrratocaster Jiggity 22 06-Sep-02
Pod vs. J-Station vs. V-Amp vs. ??? prophet11 7 06-Sep-02
Parker guitar Tenet 13 03-Sep-02
THE RAIL shelfman 16 03-Sep-02
recording acoustic guitar myamoto 15 02-Sep-02
quick jack repair madmax 7 30-Aug-02
a place on the net for guitar fingersettings, learning to play? TEKNOID 6 05-Aug-02
Unique cheaper bass amps for recording? z-ko 20 25-Jul-02
The Great Pawnshop Guitar Hunt.. digiphallus 45 25-Jul-02
ha ha ha ha madmax 7 08-Jul-02
Big Guitar Amp FOR SALE: CHEAP!!!! !Systems Crash! 4 11-May-02
Opinions on Gibson EB-2/ Epiphone Rivioli basses Texas Noise Factory 4 06-May-02
What is your favorite guitar of all time? Elfarran 45 05-Apr-02
classical bmetivier 0 05-Apr-02
me and my guitar live in my living room slowkisser 2 06-Mar-02
Best Mail Order Prices PWM 1 05-Feb-02
Best/Favorite bass strings? Pedzola 75 22-Jan-02
!!!!ALTERNATE TUNINGS!!!!! Riddle 15 22-Jan-02
Pickups for acoustic instruments Mandragora Paranoia 2 20-Jan-02
Another this vs. that question... DJ Don 9 14-Jan-02
tape delay effect guitarmanturnpenny 5 04-Jan-02
Boss GT-6 vs. GT-3? chlorinedream 8 03-Jan-02
Entry level guitar for experimental... hitjob 3 24-Dec-01
Stompbox collections... Anonymous 22 14-Dec-01
need amp suggestion... FlukeWurm 17 24-Nov-01
recording classical guitar wanky 9 24-Nov-01
Hello Strike 6 24-Nov-01
Upon Starting a Guitar Band....2 : The Thread Continues! Tele 6 28-Oct-01
I'm hung like a guitar string LMN0P 1 28-Oct-01
looks cool vs comfort Digdug 11 28-Oct-01
test RDJ 1 22-Oct-01
guitar wireless cdwilson97213 2 11-Oct-01
Which amp do you use and why... CindaP 27 10-Oct-01
Les Paul, Strat, SG, or God Forbid Telecaster? jpotter 55 06-Oct-01
There are only 3 guitarists on this site and the other 2 are sleeping... Elfarrandromeda 55 02-Oct-01
Axon AX 100 question... Lava 15 30-Sep-01
Best looking guitar for stage? THE FLAME THROWER 5 28-Sep-01
Anyone here use a bass midi convertor? Project X 3 15-Sep-01
Guitar Godz 44 07-Sep-01
gk-2a hate club mr. rob 1 20-Aug-01
Guitar set up for Dropped C tuning caseyluvsgzus 41 16-Aug-01
What bass guitar should I buy? z-ko 28 04-Aug-01
RIP Leon Wilkeson madmax 3 01-Aug-01
Cheap amp modelling... CindaP 1 25-Jul-01
Should I buy this guitar I found at a pawn shop? Digdug 12 24-Jul-01
No title Digdug 1 16-Jul-01
putting together a studio morecowbell 5 08-Jul-01
R.I.P. a great one. DJ Don 4 03-Jul-01
best unplugged solidbody electric madmax 8 29-Jun-01
output jack placement 10 27-Jun-01
Boss RC-20 4 16-Jun-01
music veteran, electronic rookie 0 15-Jun-01
Guitar World 2 13-Jun-01
MIDI Guitar Setups 2 11-Jun-01
This Ole Bass 4 07-Jun-01
21, 22, or 24 frets 23 01-Jun-01
The midi guitar 2 21-May-01
MIDI guitar sequencing 4 19-May-01
Elixir Strings... Riddle 13 18-May-01
Anyone here every play a Koch amp? 0 18-May-01
I cant sing and play 20 16-May-01
Shadow SH-075 MIDI guitar converter... anybody use one? 11 04-May-01
Basic Tube Amps 4 03-May-01
Guitar Shredders - Post Here 10 20-Apr-01
Advice on effects 43 19-Apr-01
No title 5 15-Apr-01
what kind of amp? Kain 36 13-Apr-01
Boss GT-5 3 12-Apr-01
No title 2 12-Apr-01
No title 1 12-Apr-01
Anyone tried the Zoom 506II box? fac 6 10-Apr-01
An rhythm guitar doubling trick I use... Riddle 5 09-Apr-01
solid state amp secret(well maybe) madmax 4 08-Mar-01
ebow (the letter) machinapathy 7 25-Feb-01
Check this link and tell me what you think... DJ Don 4 15-Feb-01
GR33??? 14 14-Feb-01
24-String Guitar - for real Dave M. 11 14-Jan-01
Korg AX1000G Questions 1 30-Dec-00
The Amazing Chrysalis Guitar! 6 06-Dec-00
Help with my guitar 10 25-Nov-00
line 6 pod 10 21-Nov-00
Godin Glissentar 6 03-Nov-00
stick players unite! 4 31-Oct-00
Modeling 4 20-Oct-00
How do you tune and play a balalaika? 10 19-Oct-00
Hex pickup with narrow spacing? 4 18-Oct-00
fretmarking a violin 5 17-Oct-00
mandolin strings / Danelectro 9 17-Oct-00
September 15th: Bill Evans RIP... 2 09-Oct-00
E-Bow ...? 22 05-Oct-00
Name Your Axe! 46 04-Oct-00
Do volume pots affect more than just volume? 14 03-Oct-00
That amazing Pink Floyd tone 10 03-Oct-00
left hand exercises for beginning guitarists 29 28-Sep-00
Clockwork Concubine Flanger 2 25-Sep-00
Thoughts On Tone Production for Guitarists 20 25-Sep-00
Who plays MIDI guitar? 7 22-Sep-00
guitarists, your comments on this 11 19-Sep-00
Please! Help me find a manual for my Strat! 5 19-Sep-00
inaugural post.... 21 15-Sep-00

Threads marked for FAQ in this topic Messages Last
left hand exercises for beginning guitarists 29 28-Sep-00
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