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Pump: ProTools (81 of 83 total discussions)  RSS Starter Messages Last
New to Pro Tools, question on external drives... jaredfleming 2 02-Mar-12
Pro tools problem, can anyone help? sinktapes 1 27-Aug-10
pro tools m-powered 8 with firewire solo icment 1 27-Feb-09
Need Recommendation for beginner ProTools Reading? ESwerve 5 07-Jan-09
MMC sync to pro tools from Korg D32xd DAW iguana 1 26-Jun-08
SF Digi Structure Users: Redmatica Coming to Town! puckboy21 2 08-May-08
pro tools without hardware sdp 5 07-Apr-08
Make Your Mark Seminar Series by Digidesign & M-Audio HelenG 1 02-Oct-07
Migrate from Tascam fw-1884 & Digi001 to Digi003? bentropy 1 23-May-07
what's the Difference between send/output ? Ravian 2 12-Mar-07
Pro Tools LE 7 MBox: program crashes on startup bonjopi 2 12-Mar-07
Pad button on the Mbox2, what's it for? ESwerve 2 22-Aug-06
M- powered pro tools 7 baljeet 2 13-Jul-06
Using Pro Tools for DJ Mixes Dean Newton 1 02-Mar-06
Quality of Factory Plug-ins that come with PT 7? ESwerve 2 12-Jan-06
pro tools sembello 2 30-Nov-05
Problems with Pro Tools 6.4 LE and New G5 2.5 Brennen 6 11-Oct-05
Major M-Powered Pro Tools problem! SekondThought 14 12-Sep-05
protools and reason problems epidemic 1 23-Aug-05
PT LE vs. MPowered ESwerve 2 21-Aug-05
biased forum! birdbrain 10 19-Jul-05
Digidesign 002 hexfix93 1 30-Jun-05
MBOX playback without the BOX? AL_DOGG 5 04-Feb-05
new to software recording need feedback on MBox vlad741 2 04-Feb-05
MBox Question ed_fig 2 29-Nov-04
IF I wanted to add MIDI to my set up and... Razzlesnaz 1 15-Sep-04
Tascam US 2400 texman 1 06-Mar-04
protools le and emac yellowriver3000 3 07-Jan-04
Midi Interface for the 001 vokal 5 16-Sep-03
plug in question samscats 8 15-Sep-03
Sonic quality of the MBOX mono:: 5 21-Aug-03
Protools and Midi doomfairy 2 22-Jul-03
USB MIDI keyboard into USB hub strikes 2 17-Jun-03
can 001 cascade / linked to the 002 patches 6 04-May-03
Digi002 reviews anyone? Relax... 6 25-Mar-03
new protools le 5.3.3 win xp got errors on my mbox and pc.... alive 2 25-Mar-03
I lost the code # for my DIGI001!!! Relax... 7 23-Jan-03
audiomedia II problems ... kwigg22 1 27-Nov-02
Protools 6 anouced ettubaby 1 07-Oct-02
digi 001 oms driver and reason 2.0 solus71 1 27-Sep-02
can 001 cascade linked to the new 002?? alive 2 15-Sep-02
ProTools XP setup dirtymike 5 31-Jul-02
reason running inside tools JUDDY 1 12-Jul-02
Anybody use the Digi-001 system?? Viper 16 02-Jul-02
Farewell Digi001 s3ulpt15r 10 19-Jun-02
Pro Tools Free not loading after card install lagowski 1 07-Jun-02
Drum sequencing in ProTools/digi001 hbadorties 6 05-Jun-02
Going to get a digi001. What computer should I build? Digdug 5 02-Jun-02
D-VERB authorization code itchyvinyl 1 30-May-02
MBox Digital Cold 8 25-May-02
Anyone still use SDII? plaztec 7 10-May-02
Has anyone worked with the new"HD" system? What do you think? What's different about it? Relax... 1 20-Mar-02
So who got stiffed on the HD upgrade? nick@sonic 4 08-Feb-02
Low Record Input levels using Pro Tools rjtranth 2 26-Jan-02
Digi 001 + Reason compatibility? Dasein Vox 1 18-Jan-02
Absynth + Pro Tools... help skinnyjap 1 13-Nov-01
access virus TDM plugin.....with pro tools bloke 22 10-Nov-01
help!can't install protools free pc. alive 1 19-Oct-01
Pro Tools free on PC evilteenagetwin 4 14-Oct-01
Help!! ellaguru 2 13-Sep-01
SD2 Rip Off Kitty Halvorsen 9 21-Jul-01
pro tools free and sblive 0 14-Jun-01
balanced audio on digi001? 2 06-Jun-01
backward masking with LE 2 01-Jun-01
Digidesign Nubus card in Quadra 950? 3 22-May-01
digi001 and laptop? trique 9 26-Apr-01
Pro Tools Le Midi morecowbell 10 21-Apr-01
Loudness optimization plugs Logik 2 19-Apr-01
Pro Tools LE Question Mainline Crux 3 10-Apr-01
Bugs into Protools nicoteam 5 28-Mar-01
why does my digi001 refuse to play tracks after 15minutes of working? miccom 10 22-Mar-01
What the hell is a NuBus DSP farm? Anonymous 4 21-Mar-01
I want to create a home studio,w/o a cpu.... OldSchool2 10 08-Mar-01
digi001 incompatibility with via pci - controller! miccom 1 15-Feb-01
protools LE compatibility 9 10-Feb-01
Is there any way to use DirectConnect with the Digi001? Relax... 1 08-Feb-01
laptop setup....please help trique 3 01-Feb-01
Session8 9 20-Dec-00
Logic V's ProTools 5 12-Dec-00
'001 users UNITE! 1 07-Dec-00
+admin: as requested 4 07-Dec-00

Threads marked for FAQ in this topic Messages Last
Major M-Powered Pro Tools problem! 14 12-Sep-05
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