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Pump: Monitors (140 of 151 total discussions)  RSS Starter Messages Last
NS10's leave me guessing with the bottom end Yang 14 17-Jun-10
Monitors for a tiny room collym 4 16-Mar-09
cyberchime 1 30-Aug-08
Tannoy Reveal Active Or KRK V6 or V8? sonika 2 30-Sep-06
Near-fields - bass response lovedroid 17 29-Aug-06
digital domain 1 02-Jul-06
what to do - i indented the middle of my woofer?!? via satellite 5 26-May-06
my JBL LSR 12P stinks hexfix93 2 18-Apr-06
monitors versus hi fi speakers. shelfman 25 04-Apr-06
Good monitors Rookie of the Year 7 04-Apr-06
not working at all m-audio monitors ghaia 2 12-Mar-06
Heres a weird one.... alexp 1 16-Feb-06
m-audio dx4 CKM000 1 11-Jul-05
tube pre-amp on active speaker beatfunky 1 17-Jun-05
acoustics epidemic 2 23-Jan-05
Electronic Drum Amplification rivercnk 2 16-Dec-04
Amp suggestions for Spirit Absolute 2s? FIZMO100 7 29-Aug-04
KRK's Rokit RP8 and V8 v2 gore 1 10-Aug-04
Blue Sky studio speakers cleister 2 27-May-04
M Audio BX5 - Good,bad or Ugly ? Cerebral Infect 3 24-Apr-04
Event 20/20's passive or Alesis m1's active pants 1 15-Apr-04
Difference between Event TR8 vs Event 20/20 Keys64 2 25-Nov-03
Behringer Truth amps CC 1 07-Oct-03
small studio good speakers... motzekryen 6 06-Sep-03
ADAM P-11A vs Dynaudio BM6a avonrepus 15 01-Aug-03
No title General MIDI 1 29-Jun-03
Headphone monitoring Kens 11 03-May-03
Good monitors Rookie of the Year 0 15-Apr-03
Behringer truth monitors nubilee 26 08-Apr-03
Genelec 1030A or Dynaudio BM6A? serpent 4 24-Mar-03
Samson Resolv 65a dronestudios 5 08-Mar-03
Headphones with nice bottom-end? MasterB 11 07-Feb-03
Best monitors! ticka 10 17-Nov-02
best active monitors for around $2-300??? Relax... 2 05-Nov-02
Tannoy customer service is INCREDIBLE pine 1 15-Oct-02
Alesis or Behringer monitors? pad11 8 08-Oct-02
Great Mastering Article by Producer Jeff Murphy roybooch 2 03-Aug-02
Event ps8 skippedthe90s 1 19-Jul-02
The ongoing monitor debate Ignor 6 02-Jul-02
How can one judge if a monitor is flat? peripatitis 3 18-Jun-02
KRK Kroks Different versionS? SpeckO 3 16-Jun-02
Best monitors for under $700 (for a pair) Sark 12 07-Jun-02
Bargain on monitors / Mission & Nad ChÉ 9 09-May-02
New M-AUdio monitors? spec 1 07-May-02
KRK K-rocks SpeckO 2 17-Apr-02
Two Q's, regarding KRK & Event Monitors, perhaps you can answer one of 'em, or both if I'm lucky! SpeckO 1 09-Apr-02
What NEW monitors to get hippodrome 9 07-Apr-02
ADAM studio monitors lepetitmartien 3 26-Mar-02
The new NS10... soulboy 35 16-Mar-02
Need an affordable amp for my monitors DeltaM 4 02-Mar-02
Spirit Absolute ... oKseR 3 21-Feb-02
Monitor Review from Mark Pulver 38 15-Feb-02
subwoofer bloke 3 06-Feb-02
monitor cables? bloke 2 27-Jan-02
monitors georgedk 1 14-Jan-02
open or closed headphones?? bloke 5 13-Jan-02
are the yamaha msp-5 any good? kriz 5 13-Jan-02
JBL EON speakers as monitors... freq3 2 12-Jan-02
m1 active fizztech 0 06-Jan-02
dynaudio bm6 or fostex nf-1a? peripatitis 1 05-Jan-02
Tannoy reveal passive, which amp? STicKX 3 04-Jan-02
M-audio monitors??? Gossi 3 27-Dec-01
Budget Monitors TemporaryShrimpBasket 14 23-Dec-01
Studio Monitors vs. High-end Home Audio: pros/cons MasterB 3 21-Dec-01
Budget Monitors TemporaryShrimpBasket 2 17-Dec-01
Anyone using NS10's (RIP)? Commuter 4 29-Nov-01
what kind of monitros should i get? mrpooka 9 29-Nov-01
Are Hafler monitors any good? jskanter 1 12-Nov-01
What should I be paying for a pair of used Mackie HR824s? MasterB 6 01-Nov-01
event ps8 or genelec 1030a??! bloke 8 24-Oct-01
My new theory Anonymous 9 13-Oct-01
WHAT'S THE BEST PAIR OF MONITORS <$1500??? teardrop06 7 08-Oct-01
Best Monitors for $300-400 ???????? gsm5 4 07-Oct-01
monitor shootout rrooyyccee 1 18-Sep-01
WHY ARE THE YAMAHA NS-10'S IN EVERY SINGLE STUDIO??? teardrop06 12 31-Aug-01
ns10m Anonymous 0 24-Aug-01
Monitor Hummmmmm CindaP 5 14-Aug-01
chosing monitors avonrepus 19 11-Aug-01
Minipod Vs. Event PS5 normal 1 06-Aug-01
Samson DMS80 CindaP 1 04-Aug-01
Best Headphones under $120 Scotobiotic 3 03-Aug-01
DIY pre amp/amp/loudspeakers sunscape8 2 27-Jul-01
Speaker Breakup w/Organs/Rhodes/Bells peaceland 1 18-Jul-01
Quest for monitors CindaP 2 17-Jul-01
nearfield comparison PWM 2 17-Jul-01
powered vs. unpowered monitors synthmax 14 12-Jul-01
ADAM Audio Monitors Peake@work 1 08-Jul-01
Mackie monitors Anonymous 4 05-Jul-01
Behringer Truth vs Yamaha MPS 5 3 03-Jul-01
Genelecs .....APM? 6 24-Jun-01
Best Monitors for Industrial (or CONQUORED!!!) 11 19-Jun-01
advice - monitor to amp connections 9 30-May-01
haffler monitors? 0 27-May-01
haffler monitors? 0 27-May-01
Can monitors be too close? 4 26-May-01
nearfield monitors with low freq... 17 23-May-01
Focus on cheap 1 23-May-01
HELP!!! NEED TR MANUAL 1 21-May-01
best nearfield monitors for project studio 21 06-May-01
power amp for studio monitors 1 26-Apr-01
Position of Monitors 2 21-Apr-01
Hafler m5 1 13-Apr-01
headphones 7 04-Apr-01
Opinions on JBL25P? 0 04-Apr-01
Mackie HR? Alesis MK2?M1? Yamaha MSP 10? Foxtex NF? Event PS beatfunk 14 03-Apr-01
This sounds interesting... CindaP 2 23-Mar-01
Which monitor is better, NS-10 or Mackie HR-824? beatfunk 15 19-Mar-01
Behringer Truth? Gossi 1 19-Mar-01
Any experience with alesis monitor two or........?!?!?!?!? FlukeWurm 5 17-Mar-01
Anyone familiar with Dynaudio M1 / M1.5 / M2 ? Bee1 1 05-Mar-01
NS-10 amplifier? Gossi 9 01-Mar-01
NS-10 amplifier? Gossi 1 27-Feb-01
KEF K 120 as monitor /what amp to buy felineconduits 1 24-Feb-01
speaker "phasing" SunnyJim 1 23-Feb-01
If you want NS-10M's, you'd better get em soon... David 1 22-Feb-01
Minipod as monitor? normal 3 21-Feb-01
I'm going to get a pair of monitors, wich ones to avoid and wich ones to go for? inocybe 3 17-Feb-01
'hard to drive' phones ? daviD 2 06-Feb-01
Fostex NF-1 or Event 20/20p inocybe 2 06-Feb-01
Anybody here uses Yamaha S0112T? Mert 1 13-Jan-01
Monitor Review/Comparison on Web? 5 02-Jan-01
NS10s, or go with something else? 18 27-Dec-00
Event PS series 5 26-Dec-00
compare yamaha, alesis, and event monitors? 15 21-Dec-00
HHB Circle 5 vs Behringer Truth 1 19-Dec-00
No title 1 19-Dec-00
small sized monitors, any suggestions? 2 18-Dec-00
headphones 21 15-Dec-00
What about Spirit Absolute Zero's and Absolute 2's ? 2 14-Dec-00
A cheap, easy tip for better monitoring 1 14-Dec-00
can monitors be also used as speakers? 4 11-Dec-00
What monitors do you own? 31 09-Dec-00
what to put my monitors on to stop vibrations? 8 07-Dec-00
KRK K-ROKS 2 07-Dec-00
Event Monitors- What am I doing wrong? 10 05-Dec-00
Speaker switcher suggestions? 1 05-Dec-00
Dynaudio BM5's 1 04-Dec-00
Audio monitors for a poor man 13 15-Nov-00
Does you all use monitor speakers for music composing??? 6 10-Nov-00
Anybody using cheap speakers to monitor your mix? 7 06-Oct-00

Threads marked for FAQ in this topic Messages Last
NS10's leave me guessing with the bottom end 14 17-Jun-10
Monitor Review from 38 15-Feb-02
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