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Pump: Recording (331 of 352 total discussions)  RSS Starter Messages Last
Compression rocketjackson 4 12-Jan-11
ROLAND VSR-880 Rackmount Portable Digital Tracks blackcatsound 1 05-Jun-10
Please Help Me With My Setup!! daemon9 1 30-Dec-09
akai dps 24 worzkase 2 17-Oct-08
Harper Diabate Microphones - ribbon and valve danieleonharper 1 22-Sep-08
internal system recording, ableton live or VST, doyve 1 02-Jul-08
When is an 8 channel mixer not an 8 channel mixer... peanutismint 1 22-Jun-08
TASCAM ACD-RW2000 HIP 1 21-May-08
TASCAM TM-D8000 HIP 1 21-May-08
Record a Video for Sonic State Simon Power 1 19-Feb-08
firewire 410 and audiofire 4 zahab 2 13-Feb-08
Stereo recording microphones dubweb 1 02-Feb-08
Symbiotes 1 28-Dec-07
naturalbluesky 1 25-Jul-07
Trus1te 1 24-Jul-07
Fostex 380s multitracker manual stafa 1 01-Jul-07
play321 1 23-Jun-07
AC Wiring In A Studio kyhotay 1 21-Jun-07
recording studio wiring kyhotay 1 18-Jun-07
Why won't my new APEX 435 microphone work? Fire4Yahweh 1 26-May-07
Migrate from Tascam fw-1884 & Digi001 to Digi003? bentropy 1 23-May-07
bentropy 1 21-May-07
Microphone for my Vocoder? semblance 1 19-May-07
fostex dmt 8 tradman 1 27-Aug-06
M-audio Buddy and MXL Mic Package? ESwerve 3 01-Aug-06
CNC Echo / with Digital Key Controller DEP- 1500K Old Songster 1 21-Jul-06
good stereo mic for recording atmos? sub city 2 17-Jul-06
Ribbon microphone syd 1 22-Jun-06
Nagra reel to reel recorders! syd 3 26-Apr-06
echo layla 24 with alesis studio 32 nationnon 2 16-Apr-06
SM58 + Audiophile 192 + Ableton? adamjohn12 2 11-Jan-06
Recording partner for TASCAM DM-24? detroitmitten313 1 23-Dec-05
Tips on Zip drives Lycanthropy 2 18-Dec-05
detroitmitten313 1 08-Nov-05
m-audio DX4s CKM000 1 11-Jul-05
Using Dual MOTU 828mk2? Icaros3 3 09-May-05
Wireless Midi Devices bishopkris40 1 20-Apr-05
Yet another recording question AmbientFusion 2 26-Mar-05
Presonus Firepod zeroslugfm 1 17-Feb-05
using the digi 002 wiht logic do i activiate the inputs..other than 1-2 kaa-zaa 1 06-Jan-05
PC based recording - Advice tinkerg 3 06-Jan-05
Tascam DM24 w/Firewire for Interface? criostoir 1 03-Jan-05
hardware recorders / advice / opinion please. shelfman 18 01-Jan-05
snagging dvd sound bites nationnon 3 20-Dec-04
recording equip. sabas 4 04-Dec-04
yamah aw16g papamoan 1 20-Nov-04
DAW info sypha 1 18-Nov-04
i'm in a real big predicament here... help!!! minus 2 30-Oct-04
Recording using Acid v4.0 - I NEED HELP!!! BlizzL 1 16-Oct-04
Recording Piano Gonkulator 3 11-Oct-04
just starting out and neeed some help tokingvictim 3 30-Sep-04
Starting Recording help pllcoolj2004 2 21-Sep-04
PZM mic. shelfman 1 13-Jul-04
mpc& apple don't get along? minus 7 19-Jun-04
how do you master your recordings? h3 4 08-Jun-04
Recording DRUMS pirulo 4 22-May-04
Sennheiser HD 535.... made a boo boo? synthmax 1 13-May-04
What is the best Patchbay to use? Neutrik/Behringer? headhunter 1 12-May-04
Yamaha 01v effects Aurora 1 18-Apr-04
Mbox, Mackie Spike, pre-amp? Derek James 3 10-Mar-04
portable recording device chronic420 5 07-Mar-04
software recording semblance 2 16-Feb-04
Boss BR1180 multitrack recorder robert_n 1 06-Feb-04
holy crap how do I record drums??? Jiggity 40 03-Feb-04
Making Waves. what dya' know? shelfman 7 19-Jan-04
does anyone still have a fetish 4 half inch 16track tape mat roberts 3 15-Jan-04
vocals Derek James 0 20-Dec-03
interfaces or mixers SirZebraThe9th 2 29-Nov-03
drum pad manual Kia 1 20-Nov-03
basic kit...please spoon feed me. shelfman 5 13-Nov-03
Blue microphone, Yummy, I want one. shelfman 2 12-Nov-03
Pre-amp adive wanted! mixd 4 24-Sep-03
Patchbays and balanced/unbalanced -Tim- 1 19-Aug-03
No title recon-element 4 07-Aug-03
ozone wäudl 1 25-Jul-03
Whats a good tube condenser for under $250? Chirp Chirp 24 19-Jul-03
RECORDING rcook 3 11-Jul-03
Recording Guitar With a DI box griffin 4 01-Jul-03
advice for small demo studio aimed at recording small bands right thru time 7 17-Jun-03
H.D. Recorders~one last cry 4 help. shelfman 7 31-May-03
SAMPLE RATE whybi 2 26-May-03
enhancers / behringer shelfman 9 23-May-03
Aeon . . . are you out there? mchimes 1 15-May-03
TDIF help dranodrinker 2 10-May-03
mLan products..... Any views... anyone? Mr Andersen 2 10-May-03
Octopre vs. Digimax solid rock recording 2 02-May-03
FOSTEX VF08 shelfman 7 01-May-03
Akai DR16Pro tony0181 1 30-Apr-03
Does cable quality matter in terms of recording? ganjamun 8 26-Apr-03
mulitple cd burning on one pc birdbrain 1 24-Apr-03
cd burning birdbrain 0 24-Apr-03
analoge mixing board Rookie of the Year 0 15-Apr-03
No title Shadow of Arkangel 2 08-Apr-03
ADAT-FireWire converter Mr Andersen 1 31-Mar-03
looking for a good audio school mattmcalne1 11 17-Mar-03
Recording Troubles mgcollins17 1 17-Mar-03
MOTU 896 with powerbook??????? Mr Andersen 1 06-Mar-03
Recording a shy female vocalist - what mic and any other tips? FIZMO100 20 05-Mar-03
digital 16 track stuff. shelfman 9 01-Mar-03
Thx Shelfman AnalogSlug 1 22-Feb-03
Need Advice on Hardware Recorders AnalogSlug 2 20-Feb-03
ensoniq birdbrain 1 14-Feb-03
how do you go about making your music? ether 6 13-Feb-03
Strings authenticity TriggerX 0 11-Feb-03
Linking multiple Tascam Syncaset 238 dj_reflective 1 09-Feb-03
Powerbook/MBox/MOTU Mr Andersen 3 05-Feb-03
computer ideal for audio recording birdbrain 14 10-Jan-03
Figure of 8 from cardoid mics piano boy 1 31-Dec-02
Using the digital inputs on an audiophile z-ko 1 25-Dec-02
PC Recording juno0synth 8 19-Dec-02
a good cheap DI box? Gossi 19 17-Dec-02
Recording Guitar music Mister Blue 13 16-Dec-02
Fostex m-80 schematics or manual? jabay1 1 04-Dec-02
Maximizer and TL Audio Compressor opinions DJL/DeadZone Studio 2 30-Nov-02
tascam DM-24 VS. akai DPS24 rainman 1 04-Nov-02
No title SON-OF-KEMET 3 01-Nov-02
roland vs 1680 move4000 0 01-Nov-02
Do CD's use 44.1khz + 16 bit; if so why would one. . drewspuppet 16 26-Oct-02
soundbooths nsafay 2 21-Oct-02
Best Digital Recorders? oatbran71 13 19-Oct-02
Guys, I have an Aphex 430 Mic, is the AKG C1000S better? Future One 1 17-Oct-02
Emu Darwin...Old hat or viable option Mr.Ron 3 08-Oct-02
Rode NT5 Flame 1 07-Oct-02
Mac Loop Recorder Equivelent zilch 2 07-Oct-02
New Edition of DAW Buyers Guide sypha 1 01-Oct-02
minidisc as a field recorder naedx 3 30-Sep-02
T3 recording rodblood 3 29-Sep-02
best mic for around 300$ melloyellocellofello 11 28-Sep-02
ROLAND CDX1 richierichEA1 1 26-Sep-02
Building PC-based studio from scratch verboten69 1 22-Sep-02
recording lo-fi vocals guitarmanturnpenny 3 06-Sep-02
MIAMI tweakers needed.... richierichEA1 1 06-Sep-02
recording from MPC El A Vee 2 06-Sep-02
Anyone has a soft-or hardware RAID for recording and giga? Flame 1 29-Aug-02
REcording - firewire drive vs. EIDE drewspuppet 3 25-Aug-02
Vocal Processors... freq3 1 11-Aug-02
recording questions sdp 1 09-Aug-02
has anyone tried using a midi dj lighting contrllor as midi cntrlr drewspuppet 1 08-Aug-02
Using dynamic and condensor mics together? z-ko 14 07-Aug-02
questions to the master about recording sdp 1 06-Aug-02
how many midi daisy chain links is too much? nithen 4 02-Aug-02
Recording with a laptop drewspuppet 2 29-Jul-02
recording vocals with autotuner Kens 3 29-Jul-02
Audio Interface Digital Cold 0 29-Jul-02
fostex Vf08 digi-multitracker. shelfman 1 28-Jul-02
sysex to roland vs1680 racingroom 3 26-Jul-02
pc optimisation... guitarmanturnpenny 1 16-Jul-02
compare/contrast sonar vs. cubase mindcurve 5 16-Jul-02
sound card problem? and multitrack software london 4 12-Jul-02
can't get a vocalist ,how can i still do vocals? nithen 2 10-Jul-02
Event EMP-1 preamp soulboy 1 08-Jul-02
sequencing TomMac 2 08-Jul-02
Decent set of mics for drums + guitars? z-ko 17 06-Jul-02
DAT machines, opinions needed jb2 15 02-Jul-02
why is my mixdown in mono? $HREW 5 29-Jun-02
Portishead recording gear dubmasters 3 29-Jun-02
Anolog to Digital Converters gsm5 4 27-Jun-02
Another basic ADAT question... Gonkulator 7 26-Jun-02
I want to get into mastering on my PC. cornboy 3 24-Jun-02
Signal bleed cornboy 0 24-Jun-02
Signal bleed cornboy 0 24-Jun-02
Cubase or Sonar 2.0 synthpop 5 20-Jun-02
$800.00 to upgrade my studio. Need some advice. cornboy 5 19-Jun-02
Line noise? DrummerBoy 9 12-Jun-02
No title cornboy 0 12-Jun-02
Recording with Peak TDM 2.5.... m_shock 1 11-Jun-02
Recording Gear Klinik23 8 10-Jun-02
oktava mics in general; MKL2500 in particular mindcurve 3 10-Jun-02
What type of software for recording? balmar88 6 08-Jun-02
sound proof apollo 4 05-Jun-02
Wiring Nightmare!!!! Dave T Rave 4 04-Jun-02
Preamps: ART tube pac vs. Mackie 1202 vlz pro mindcurve 5 03-Jun-02
contact mics...any good? shelfman 4 29-May-02
VS880 IDE Fails Free Advice 2 28-May-02
Where to Buy ADAT tapes? Gonkulator 3 23-May-02
radioshack microphone rrooyyccee 3 11-May-02
unsexy hard drive question strikes 3 25-Apr-02
sample rate woes ashleysaturdays 12 22-Apr-02
using cd as master isospin 12 04-Apr-02
panasonic da7 YesICan 0 26-Mar-02
Behringer Ultra Dyne tri|lam 2 26-Mar-02
Difference between Sennheiser HD600 and HD580 z-ko 4 26-Mar-02
Joemeek [VC1Qcs] or mighty Mr.Ron 13 23-Mar-02
advice on midi controller guitarmanturnpenny 2 22-Mar-02
mixing down for vinyl 12" davemalins 3 15-Mar-02
Starting to record record vocals at home. Any suggestions on equipment to get the best sound???????? teardrop06 30 12-Mar-02
Portable 8-track recording Gonkulator 10 22-Feb-02
MiniDisc Recording JCD 3 15-Feb-02
USB Midi vs Sound Card Serial Midi gsm5 12 09-Feb-02
Studio cabling and interconnects syd 5 08-Feb-02
best sampling window? exile_studio 1 06-Feb-02
Mastering Processors DJL/DeadZone Studio 8 05-Feb-02
Faster HD or MORE RAM? spec 10 28-Jan-02
Multichannel compressor/gate/EQ echowind 1 17-Jan-02
Hissssssssss $HREW 10 13-Jan-02
Get your hands off the Audiosport Quattro! zahli 3 11-Jan-02
Recording a noisy guitar amp... freq3 3 08-Jan-02
recording multi tracks shirley 3 07-Jan-02
AKG C1000S mic info... freq3 5 03-Jan-02
Latency Problem Mozart's Cousin 1 30-Dec-01
Rack Mount Computer Setup Ideas spec 6 29-Dec-01
Cubase/VST Virtual Memory Issue smity1333 4 29-Dec-01
shureSM57=jdl? exile_studio 3 21-Dec-01
"Error Starting Program" digiphallus 3 18-Dec-01
Mics... freq3 2 16-Dec-01
mackie vlz series or cfx??? fizztech 2 30-Nov-01
MPEG-1 Layer II SLM 3 30-Nov-01
industry standard recording sdp 8 28-Nov-01
Getting rid of hiss and noise. What to use? Stchris 1 27-Nov-01
Korg PXR-4 vs. Boss BR-532 SLM 1 27-Nov-01
Best way to mic congas? freq3 2 26-Nov-01
Transferring minidisc to computer BetsBillabong 3 25-Nov-01
What is a good site for microphone reviews/Info? Gonkulator 1 20-Nov-01
anybody using minipods for monitoring? rrooyyccee 5 19-Nov-01
cliping in the A/D converssion machinapathy 6 19-Nov-01
AMT8 for PC. Should I switch? YaDaddy 3 16-Nov-01
anyone using the US-428 from TASCAM ar2jr 3 07-Nov-01
any recommendations for pc-based daw setup? dj4tunes 6 02-Nov-01
Fostex D-80. Cool? drek)(hed 3 02-Nov-01
reaktor latency glitch/arioch 1 01-Nov-01
How... how the hell do i do this? superkaz2k 6 27-Oct-01
Jeremy Needs a New Mic Bad... Help! JeremyNC 4 26-Oct-01
Tascam US428 ves120 1 25-Oct-01
4 track sync question luridsens 2 21-Oct-01
4 track sync question luridsens 0 19-Oct-01
Tl Audio Tubertracker 8:2 stoutlyric 2 04-Oct-01
New IDE HDD for Fostex DMT8??? tomfinegan 1 02-Oct-01
scsi to firewire???? ebill01 3 01-Oct-01
No title known 2 27-Sep-01
iBook for recording/sequencing Operator 5 20-Sep-01
AKAI MG1214 Syncronization port subruxu 1 20-Sep-01
need advice on buying - see thread in samplers section drewzz 1 17-Sep-01
Recording ! Larry G 2 17-Sep-01
fostex vf16 -graphic waveform editing? drewzz 2 06-Sep-01
Overuse of dbx noise reduction Yonny 1 31-Aug-01
midisport 2X2 help; its hell ejenkins 6 29-Aug-01
What about Behringer ultragain t1953? exile_studio 2 27-Aug-01
Mic test: NT2 vs. CX-111 vs. CR3A vs. TLM-103 Holger 1 18-Aug-01
What kind of Flooring 4 a studio? HonestMike 3 18-Aug-01
Stereo recording microphones news73 3 17-Aug-01
Shure Vp88 microphone news73 5 13-Aug-01
Recording techniques superkaz2k 1 10-Aug-01
BR8 Anonymous 2 05-Aug-01
Mics: GT AM11 or RODE NT1? exile_studio 4 04-Aug-01
Speaker Breakup - w/rhodes/organs/bell tones ringing peaceland 3 20-Jul-01
01v noise? peaceland 1 18-Jul-01
Rode N1 or AudioTechnica 3035 mic? silverglitter82 1 18-Jul-01
hard disk optimization software chud 2 13-Jul-01
Buffer problems! ptstannard 1 10-Jul-01
whats better recordingt: 24bit @ 48 compressed or 16 bit @ 44.1 uncompressed? Anonymous 1 09-Jul-01
synth editing syntax 1 07-Jul-01
whats better recording: 24bit @ 48Khz compressed or 16 bit @ 44.1 uncompressed? keyman 7 07-Jul-01
Roland Studio Pack need feedback..... keyman 1 05-Jul-01
Korg D1600 or Roland VS 1880 keyman 4 04-Jul-01
2 mics and a drum... 6 01-Jul-01
How about this setup SadEnd 2 29-Jun-01
Korg D12 wsmays 4 26-Jun-01
Beep for beeping out swear words 11 21-Jun-01
Compressor/Limiter befor or after? 8 21-Jun-01
No title Anonymous 0 20-Jun-01
Final production tools newbie needs help! 3 15-Jun-01
Syncronizing 2 computers.... 3 15-Jun-01
2 channel AD convertor 7 15-Jun-01
Synchronizing Korg Trinity V3 and Pc please help!!! 1 13-Jun-01
New Room construction 0 11-Jun-01
Rock Band Recording Setup: 12 07-Jun-01
Recording phone conversations 2 04-Jun-01
8-channel mic pre w/ ADAT lightpipe out? 1 02-Jun-01
Should I go for the Korg D1600 or go PC based? 9 30-May-01
Need help with Recording 4 28-May-01
Need help constructing music PC... 3 28-May-01
Roland VS880 Compression 1 26-May-01
HHB Radius 40 Settings? 1 24-May-01
Do i need a Direct Box or Mic Pre? 8 20-May-01
DDR or SDRAM? 1 19-May-01
What is AES-3? 2 19-May-01
Need plan for recording. Details inside. Ginzo 4 18-May-01
Best mic for vocals? 5 17-May-01
Akai DPS16 or Korg D16 4 11-May-01
Is there such a thing as a MIDI hub??? 5 06-May-01
What type of RAM for Music PC? 3 05-May-01
Question on recording 1 04-May-01
M-Audio OmniI/O? 2 02-May-01
evening out a live performance 3 01-May-01
Anyone experiences with the Tascam 788? 0 23-Apr-01
setting up soundcards 1 23-Apr-01
Seeking a TASCAM 32 Reel to Reel dtmd 3 22-Apr-01
Goldwave electro303 2 22-Apr-01
SUBHARMONIC BABY!!!!!! rdm 2 19-Apr-01
Question on the Korg D12 1 17-Apr-01
Recording Vocals in a Home Studio supersayayin 27 11-Apr-01
good and cheap headphones Anonymous 5 11-Apr-01
mastering for vinyl 1 11-Apr-01
Help!!! Chemical Christ 2 05-Apr-01
From mixing-recording I have no clue? 2 04-Apr-01
Mixing Board or Roland VS serires? Please help! JohnnyGrundles 7 01-Apr-01
Sync Questions themidiroom 3 31-Mar-01
Mixer, Monitor, Studio Amp? furry 3 30-Mar-01
Nasty clicks when midi-syncing CE Pro quantise 2 28-Mar-01
Analogue-Digital Conversion Rob 4 22-Mar-01
recording a Mic into a CPU abstract polygon 2 22-Mar-01
Recommend a Mic Pre syd 28 21-Mar-01
MD/8 vs. A.D.A.T. rdm 3 20-Mar-01
Multi-track on PC icabod 2 17-Mar-01
Wordclock Albert?... David 2 03-Mar-01
yo compressor-freaks !!! oKseR 7 03-Mar-01
DAW help ejenkins 3 01-Mar-01
Mixer to computer? Jesta1312 2 27-Feb-01
New Korg D1600- more info please Slovenec 2 23-Feb-01
great & spread choir with only 2 singers exile_studio 6 21-Feb-01
Logic Adio/New 466mHz G4/Ext. Firewire HD PWM 2 20-Feb-01
should i get harddisk rec or soundcard for laptop? dido 4 13-Feb-01
Changing sampling rate Mr Andersen 2 08-Feb-01
RCA Jacks/ Stero inputs on Soundcards SmokeNchains 7 01-Feb-01
Recording a drum set fac 6 31-Jan-01
Stand alone CD audio recorders mindcurve 5 26-Jan-01
Recording Vocals: Which Mic? 10 24-Jan-01
portable sampler/sequencer justine 1 21-Jan-01
Check Out ELEVATOR X on!!!!! phil 1 19-Jan-01
Does a Stand Alone CDR Make a Difference? 4 12-Jan-01
Pre-Amp and Mic recording questions 8 12-Jan-01
DAT vs CD-R vs ??? 17 08-Jan-01
Harddisc- or minidisc multitrack recording? 1 03-Jan-01
CDR Reccomendations ???? 6 29-Dec-00
Good books on recording,,, Musician's Language: 2 24-Dec-00
Recording Group Vocals 5 24-Dec-00
Any comments on Spirit Studio mixers? 3 24-Dec-00
Recording your tracks ; compressing or keep dynamics in?? 21 15-Dec-00
Do you ever record something so well the first time, that it sounds like crap with compression? 3 06-Dec-00

Threads marked for FAQ in this topic Messages Last
holy crap how do I record drums??? 40 03-Feb-04
Recording a shy female vocalist - what mic and any other tips? 20 05-Mar-03
Starting to record record vocals at home. Any suggestions on equipment to get the best sound???????? 30 12-Mar-02
Stereo recording microphones 3 17-Aug-01
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