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Pump: Modular Synthesis (866 of 905 total discussions)  RSS Starter Messages Last
SynthModules PSIM-1 SynthModules 10 07-Sep-12
Sad news from Wisconsin... syd 39 11-Jan-12
roland system 700 gconl 4 14-May-11
Anybody Tried the Blacet Dual Filter? konkuro 34 07-Sep-10
patches for the PAIA 2720 4amour 5 06-Apr-10
Encore Freq. SHifter demos paults 65 08-Mar-10
MOTM passion wiseguysynth 488 31-Dec-08
hey fellas just joined greetings!!! kKAYDON 4 03-Dec-08
Wake up wasteland; new Buchla soundclip. Peake 6 24-Aug-08
Cheap synth personlookingforsynth 2 20-Jul-08
Technosaurus TRES as Tone Source Peake 292 17-Jul-08
Which sequencer first? fac 4 23-Apr-08
Can someone explain to me the CES ed lab? alexp 15 22-Mar-08
RIP Allen Strange Rt.Hon.Beermaster 1 21-Feb-08
opinions of freqbox? suburbanbather 4 13-Feb-08
New all MOTM CD... Lobo 1 04-Jan-08
Time for expansion fac 24 31-Dec-07
Modular Newbie Questions Cerebral Infect 6 11-Dec-07
looks tasty Jiggity 5 19-Nov-07
keyboard for diy modular gconl 5 17-Oct-07
Secret Weapon - In construction Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 246 04-Oct-07
Cynthia "sixpack" case - great! Pashmina 5 23-Aug-07
Great ' French Connection' demo Rt.Hon.Beermaster 4 28-Jul-07
Synthanorma Sequencer jhaible 15 05-Jul-07
Building my own modular.. some questions.. fattcamp 5 05-Jul-07
My new modular sound demos mp3s hexfix93 5 17-Jun-07
oscilloscopes... syd 2 29-May-07
Any Vostok Users? ^_^ 16 18-Apr-07
M5N ! - New Macbeth Rt.Hon.Beermaster 2 01-Apr-07
big tall DIY thing... Pashmina 16 24-Mar-07
Module Idea- Analog Pseudo Granular Jiggity 179 23-Mar-07
Moog 55 for sale paults 7 18-Mar-07
hexfix93 1 16-Mar-07
modular discussion hexfix93 8 13-Mar-07
Red Square ocp 1 09-Mar-07
New A-Sys Modules Rt.Hon.Beermaster 7 07-Mar-07
Other uses for a modular... syd 5 06-Mar-07
Hitting the wall Pashmina 27 06-Mar-07
Modular Build Journal Jiggity 25 26-Feb-07
Hardware: Modular t.o.t.s. 6 22-Feb-07
The Beauty of Sine Waves. Rt.Hon.Beermaster 3 13-Feb-07 necrolich666 11 10-Feb-07
LIve wire Gear Rt.Hon.Beermaster 2 23-Jan-07
Woo hoo hoo... FIZMO100 4 21-Jan-07
TARDIS Time Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 15 21-Jan-07
Nice little machine.. Rt.Hon.Beermaster 1 18-Jan-07
A New Kind of Modular Jiggity 21 09-Jan-07
A warning for those buying ASys module in the US SynthBaron 3 21-Dec-06
Serge "animal" panel kybernetik 1 10-Dec-06
Very Tasty ! Rt.Hon.Beermaster 8 06-Dec-06
If you had to spend £13K on a modular. Rt.Hon.Beermaster 16 06-Dec-06
Nice cheap price at Turnkey. . . . Rt.Hon.Beermaster 3 28-Nov-06
Modular synthesis art!? Peake 6 01-Nov-06
Playing out live w/modular synth Pashmina 11 30-Oct-06
Recommendation for Modular DeadZone 2 27-Oct-06
Video Modular Synth impossiblesound 1 19-Sep-06
V3 - Analogue Systems Monster ! Rt.Hon.Beermaster 2 08-Sep-06 R 8 23-Aug-06
Wilson's "Another VCA" Freq Band 1 22-Aug-06
Best Modulars in terms of sound? hexfix93 9 16-Aug-06
modular vcos fritzcrumb 2 13-Aug-06
Doepfer a-120 ladder-discrete transistor circuitry? fishjaco 7 06-Aug-06
Electrix Filter Factory fac 5 12-Jul-06
MOTM 15% off sale and..... paults 4 11-Jul-06
Aries System 300 or Korg Mono/poly? andcunning 16 06-Jul-06
Amazing CD recordings Rt.Hon.Beermaster 4 05-Jul-06
Why is there no Buchla softsynth? SynthBaron 3 02-Jul-06
BBDs- Whats the low down ? Rt.Hon.Beermaster 1 02-Jul-06
MFOS modules Jiggity 5 20-Jun-06
US Moduar Customer care: WTF ! ! ! ! Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter 30 19-Jun-06
The Flex Sensor Jiggity 8 14-Jun-06
reaktor 3 help plz ? tinker gnome 1 13-Jun-06
New Analogue Systems Modules. Rt.Hon.Beermaster 2 07-Jun-06
Korg Filter Clone {troubleshoot) Freq Band 6 11-May-06
Red Square FIZMO100 8 01-May-06
Cwejman modules SynthBaron 8 20-Apr-06
CV controlled stompbox with Vactrol? egon 17 05-Apr-06
vactrol thread got me thinkin Jiggity 2 04-Apr-06
My Big Ugly Bizarre Modular Rt.Hon.Beermaster 18 29-Mar-06
Analog computers Jiggity 8 24-Feb-06
Modu-sonic-tronic-sounds Revtor 1 24-Feb-06
FutureRetro Mobius to sequence dotcom modular fac 11 24-Jan-06
Deep Thought EMS-style Modular:ebay smoo 8 14-Jan-06
The Serge "Animal" - massive modular in 4U Carbon111 22 11-Jan-06
evenfall minimodular simulacreant 4 03-Jan-06
Analogue Systems modules on ebay and off nowitsdark 1 16-Dec-05
Wow ! - Looks Good Rt.Hon.Beermaster 3 15-Dec-05
Cwejman modules ocp 5 02-Dec-05
40 pages of Timesteps SynthBaron 3 22-Nov-05
Synth sounds from oscillator test eqpt???? Freq Band 10 16-Nov-05
WTB: EFM Wildcat kit egon 4 12-Nov-05
What modular synth is Goldfrapp using in their video? B.Zen 3 12-Nov-05
DIY CV splitter... dj_calyx 9 05-Nov-05
.com envelope generator double triggering? dj_calyx 19 23-Oct-05
doepfer vca's doctor_mindbender 4 18-Oct-05
.com modular? dj_calyx 11 23-Sep-05
Plan B vs doepfer vs asys vs anlg solutions vco's fishjaco 13 17-Sep-05
What is compatable w/ doepfer? fishjaco 8 13-Sep-05
Best Fequency Shifter smoo 2 01-Sep-05
Fenix/ModCyn clips Spectralab 5 31-Aug-05
Auralesque Moogulator 4 19-Aug-05
Custom MacBeth On ebay. Looks amazing David M 3 18-Aug-05
New Selector Soundbite peake_in_Switzerland! 28 12-Aug-05
Any other Serge users out there? Carbon111 11 03-Aug-05
now hEAR this ! Revtor 3 01-Aug-05
Wiard v. grim reality bug 6 29-Jul-05
My first Modcan B series modules! ATOM 4 23-Jul-05
My dotcom has arrived! fac 23 17-Jul-05
EFM-Modular: Good? smoo 6 15-Jul-05
Oakley modular stuff - development on hold fac 8 13-Jul-05
New modules in 1U format oldcrow 14 28-Jun-05
why the reverb ? mysterio 12 24-Jun-05
Blacet VCO impossiblesound 4 24-Jun-05
Dsp modular card peripatitis 5 23-Jun-05
TO THE RACK WITH YOU! moogah 5 21-Jun-05
Noise use? jigginz 9 16-Jun-05
Europe, Lead Content, and Kits... syd 5 14-Jun-05
Paul's Accounting Thread Jiggity 3 14-Jun-05
COTK? Anybody? konkuro 45 11-Jun-05
Forum ATOM 1 10-Jun-05
ATOM 1 10-Jun-05
Curetronic: Wow... smoo 3 09-Jun-05
Modular music zengomi 62 05-Jun-05
quick question about clavia's G2 peripatitis 12 01-Jun-05
VCS3 - in surgery - and doing well Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter 19 19-May-05
bug 3 29-Apr-05
Modular with walnut case AS digitalkie 5 22-Apr-05
played the curetronic smoo 5 18-Apr-05 Revtor 9 17-Apr-05
Analogue Systems system 3 on e-bay CHEAP nowitsdark 1 13-Apr-05
Muted trumpet patch? impossiblesound 24 11-Apr-05
EFM Wildcat modular Kit on Ebay... Revtor 15 11-Apr-05
Analogue Systems on E-bay digitalkie 1 08-Apr-05
doepfer vs dj2sday 14 08-Apr-05
Modulars and Analogue Tape Machines jigginz 4 06-Apr-05
most versatile Osc's based bug 7 03-Apr-05
Down to 1 topic in a 5 day list!! Is the modular world dying?? jigginz 10 31-Mar-05
thoughts on .com midi/cv module dj2sday 7 25-Mar-05
fun with a Huge Moog on Ebay David M 19 22-Mar-05
PAIA Modular - what's the dealio? FIZMO100 54 21-Mar-05
New Nine Inch Nails video featuring Buchla metasonix 2 18-Mar-05
what would you use a switch for? dj2sday 18 15-Mar-05
linear power supplies found for cheap.. Revtor 1 13-Mar-05
Using Arp 2600 as base for modular system, impossible? loverboy 23 07-Mar-05
Why does this sound better? Peake 77 03-Mar-05
Cwejman Gonkulator 11 02-Mar-05
Buchla Music easel Revtor 15 01-Mar-05
Konkuro? jigginz 10 28-Feb-05
Hans Zimmer's Studio SynthBaron 40 26-Feb-05
You have too many modules ..if smoo 15 26-Feb-05
Any Oakley users around here? jigginz 23 24-Feb-05
3V internal battery for OB Matrix 6R nikjung 2 23-Feb-05
And so it begins... fac 22 18-Feb-05
Theis modular anyone? morley 6 18-Feb-05
What is Vactrol response? jigginz 9 12-Feb-05
MOTM delivery news paults 88 07-Feb-05
KAIS, o where have u gone? SynthBaron 15 06-Feb-05
modules compatibility dj2sday 9 06-Feb-05
no clue about modulars, please inform me caustech 6 05-Feb-05
OOOooooo YEAHH Baby ! Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter 15 04-Feb-05
What makes Buchla, Buchla? fadeddata 26 28-Jan-05
doepfer fac 11 26-Jan-05
Audio Interface fadeddata 2 20-Jan-05
Doepfer and Blacet fadeddata 2 19-Jan-05
Doepfer "San Francisco" modules SynthBaron 4 14-Jan-05
Cyndustries Mac mini modular ocp 1 13-Jan-05
Is Technosaurus extinct? ocp 5 13-Jan-05
More B series - check out those sliders! appliedrhythmictechnology 6 31-Dec-04
Babaluma - Ambien t Musick For Tired Minds darkflame 6 31-Dec-04
cool looking modular (for waldorf fans) schism 34 18-Dec-04
wiard ^_^ 31 16-Dec-04
Modcan B series appliedrhythmictechnology 21 08-Dec-04
What happened? walter_carlos 8 06-Dec-04
Interesting german modular ocp 8 04-Dec-04
Wild and wonderful new Cynthia Modules Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter 15 22-Nov-04
New Buchla 200 Track Peake 23 20-Nov-04
Vostok Matrixsynth? dwaldman61 37 15-Nov-04
Name of that swedish modular? smoo 5 15-Nov-04
Doepfer SOU series: A-149-3 information schism 1 10-Nov-04
The Complete Clockwork Orange Soundtrack Peake 3 06-Nov-04
For Germans and visitors schism 2 05-Nov-04
Best Synth as Effects Box? blarek 58 05-Nov-04
EFM anyone using them?? David M 8 02-Nov-04
Transistors Jiggity 6 01-Nov-04
Dr Moog and Roger McGuinn Pashmina 11 23-Oct-04
whats the deal with EMS? FlukeWurm 31 21-Oct-04
modular compatibility w/ moog voyager donato 1 13-Oct-04
quick techincal question. . . Revtor 6 13-Oct-04
Building a Faux-Modular (please help!) Icaros3 3 11-Oct-04
What is this modular? Lobo 3 11-Oct-04
Wendy Carlos/Just Tuning demo paults 3 10-Oct-04
So Peakey... konkuro 44 08-Oct-04
Anyone here use a modular synthesizer? synth-freak 37 05-Oct-04
Building a modular victor_bln 11 05-Oct-04
Yamaha IG00153-type VCO module oldcrow 9 29-Sep-04
How about this... neutrino 96 25-Sep-04
MOTM microtuning demo paults 5 19-Sep-04
Discrete Modulars ? Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 35 15-Sep-04
Sad News SynthBaron 42 07-Sep-04
Evos Research tommyc 17 27-Aug-04
selling my system 700 modules morley 2 15-Aug-04
paia 9700 modular alexp 12 02-Aug-04
Back to the drawing board Jiggity 7 22-Jul-04
question about buying abroad. mwm 3 11-Jul-04
Technosaurus CoolColJ 8 09-Jul-04
What ever happened to Mark Pulver? kort 8 07-Jul-04
How long is the wait for MOTM Synthtech modules? Lobo 79 02-Jul-04
Forum is now up... SynthBaron 4 02-Jul-04
KRV: Today's Synths and Tomorrow's Values konkuro 73 24-Jun-04
Patches? Andrew 4 20-Jun-04
My New baby - a Quick Preview Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter 20 15-Jun-04
Wow, got Cynthias Sawtooth Animator smoo 3 10-Jun-04
Can you use a MiniWave safely with a Moog Voyager? Lobo 3 08-Jun-04
Excessive Patch Lead Lengths !! YESS Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter 30 05-Jun-04
Secret Project #436: Hacking the GX-1 Modules oldcrow 25 02-Jun-04
starting Modcan/Cynthia system... Spectralab 36 28-May-04
Is this forum dying out? metasonix 9 27-May-04
DotCom panels SynthBaron 37 20-May-04
SYS 700 Modules: Opinions Please ? Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter 19 10-May-04
G2 Watch Gonkulator 51 05-May-04
Ken Stone Synthacon VCF Lobo 4 02-May-04
Voxglitch - new modular manufacturer clone45 3 27-Apr-04
Exponential or Linear VCA help needed.... appliedrhythmictechnology 7 25-Apr-04
Moog Voyager and Blacet MiniWave Lobo 3 25-Apr-04
What a bargain! dwaldman61 8 23-Apr-04
Dammit SynthBaron 227 19-Apr-04
Nord Micro Modular and real time Midi Controller? pg800 3 14-Apr-04
TRES Applications, focus on Technosaurus Peake 12 14-Apr-04
Real Modulars, Not sound sources!!!! jrlaudio 65 13-Apr-04
M5: The New Arp 2600 ? AnalogBastard 2 12-Apr-04
Classical competition SynthBaron 12 10-Apr-04
Secret Project #315: The Yamaha CS VCO Module oldcrow 3 09-Apr-04
modular newbie-- what next? elherbus 53 07-Apr-04
Is Analog Outta Here? konkuro 21 07-Apr-04
DAMMIT!!! konkuro 47 06-Apr-04
About BugMusic... paults 80 05-Apr-04
The filter that killed my MP3 encoder SynthBaron 7 04-Apr-04
dual wasp and synapse from cyndustries denshi 12 02-Apr-04
Question For Buchla SOU Owners DiyFreaque 16 30-Mar-04
Blacet VCEG SynthBaron 64 26-Mar-04
The most Complex CVd Module out there ? Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter 35 26-Mar-04
Strange CV project Jiggity 10 26-Mar-04
New Doepfer Modules sonichighway 1 26-Mar-04
The myth of 1/8" jacks. liq_col 17 25-Mar-04
Synth Spotting paults 14 24-Mar-04
Is this a joke? diy-sigh 1 24-Mar-04
What the... SynthBaron 6 23-Mar-04
poor hamsters bulldogge 25 22-Mar-04
New stuff bulldogge 10 17-Mar-04
Where do I send the money? SynthBaron 14 15-Mar-04
Konkuro's FS samples bulldogge 25 15-Mar-04
Oberheim SEM copy puck 15 09-Mar-04
Post new Buchla MP3 SynthBaron 121 08-Mar-04
module wants list 2004 Pashmina 120 06-Mar-04
Darkstar.. by redsound.. >> NO WORKO! dedspyder 3 29-Feb-04
A couple of specific modular component questions form a newcomer donato 8 25-Feb-04
Encore Freq Shift In Frac Rack? darkflame 2 25-Feb-04
FM on modular diy-sigh 27 23-Feb-04
CGS Psycho LFO impossiblesound 7 23-Feb-04
Ebay Doepfer - good deal? Gonkulator 3 21-Feb-04
sorry Dogge diy-sigh 4 21-Feb-04
Pictures of EMS synth circuit boards Aphonic 3 18-Feb-04
If you like the Agonizer, you'll love the Konkuroter! konkuro 2 18-Feb-04
a bit of help would be appreciated alexp 8 17-Feb-04
Cynthia has Synapse archives on her site! cuari7 2 16-Feb-04
studio changes... syd 4 15-Feb-04
More Agonizer sounds are up metasonix 14 14-Feb-04
Question for EE gheads Ison 3 09-Feb-04
New Richter module!!!! Revtor 19 07-Feb-04
Favourite patch du jour. Pashmina 4 06-Feb-04
Ebay rarity...SERGE dwaldman61 16 01-Feb-04
MuRF: ooooooooohh... cuari7 31 01-Feb-04
Carlos' new CD's: LOVELY. cuari7 40 30-Jan-04
smoo's modular-matrix: first picture smoo 9 17-Jan-04
The Romance of the Moog: A Few More Words from the Master konkuro 115 16-Jan-04
Ahh... SynthBaron 5 11-Jan-04
Anyone else? impossiblesound 63 06-Jan-04
Some new discussion topics, please metasonix 143 02-Jan-04
My Doepfer just grew... dwaldman61 52 02-Jan-04
Delay Module DiyFreaque 3 31-Dec-03
Cwejman S100 mcworld 6 31-Dec-03
Nord Modular G2 -physical modelling shoshin 6 29-Dec-03
VCO tracking help Jiggity 12 29-Dec-03
Four Sawtooth Soundbite Peake 11 24-Dec-03
modular synth literature grotechef 5 24-Dec-03
cruzer mini 128 portable usb 2.0 drive geribet 1 23-Dec-03
Filthy Filtre praise bulldogge 1 21-Dec-03
Fenix links? morley 2 20-Dec-03
This thread is for trolling and vendettas only. SynthBaron 43 18-Dec-03
OK, ya scurvy bastards metasonix 13 18-Dec-03
What did Konkuro say about boring MIDI files? SynthBaron 69 17-Dec-03
A challenge for Koko kubrick_as_in_stan 49 14-Dec-03
Blacet could learn from this ?! kubrick_as_in_stan 17 14-Dec-03
EFM Dual VCO SynthBaron 2 14-Dec-03
Giant Matrix for a Blacet-Modular smoo 117 12-Dec-03
Soft Sync ? DiyFreaque 18 12-Dec-03
Arp2500 Buchla265 18 12-Dec-03
What ADSR.... kubrick_as_in_stan 18 11-Dec-03
AD vs. AR Mangobob 2 10-Dec-03
Modular Synth book gift fadeddata 4 09-Dec-03
Konkuro's Court of Dammit konkuro 22 09-Dec-03
Looking for schematics/service manual player 10 08-Dec-03
Hey Beer!!! maybe this for Fat Bastard David M 5 08-Dec-03
Six Things About Synthtech konkuro 96 07-Dec-03
It's time for modular... victor_bln 20 07-Dec-03
Technical question for registered Boffins. Ison 5 06-Dec-03
What Modular is best, and why? danielzachary 42 06-Dec-03
Virtual Moochla SynthBaron 2 05-Dec-03
EMU Modular and Voice card synth DLMorley 9 03-Dec-03
I think I've got the sickness... Brandon Daniel 34 03-Dec-03
Analogue Solutions SEM-Style Voice Module Peake 13 02-Dec-03
Anodized or Silkscreened SynthBaron 14 02-Dec-03
Is Synthtech an umbrella corporation ? kubrick_as_in_stan 26 29-Nov-03
Moochla SynthBaron 5 27-Nov-03
Hey all you Frac Rack/Blacet Format Guys DiyFreaque 9 26-Nov-03
doepfer trautonium modules Pashmina 10 26-Nov-03
Do the Arturia Moog V & Nord Modualr count as modualr synthesizers, even though they are virtual? synth-freak 3 26-Nov-03
Check out the upcoming line of Doepfer vactrol filters cuari7 5 26-Nov-03
various new modules rated and stuff. Pashmina 10 26-Nov-03
Anyone here own or use a modualr synth? synth-freak 2 25-Nov-03
Smoo Matrix Thread Peake 11 24-Nov-03
Analogue Systems- opinions wanted shoshin 9 23-Nov-03
Looking for a special VCO smoo 23 23-Nov-03
OAKLEY : new VC-ADSR Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 9 21-Nov-03
EFM dualvco 7 20-Nov-03
Anyone tried building rather than buying? Jiggity 4 18-Nov-03
i just received 2 "cynthia" modules" Pashmina 10 12-Nov-03
for synthbaron stupidquestions 3 12-Nov-03
Doepfart dwaldman61 22 11-Nov-03
Dark Star Chaos X 2 Lobo 6 09-Nov-03
No more Cwejman demos? SynthBaron 4 08-Nov-03
system 100 pricing..... alexp 2 06-Nov-03
At long last.... kubrick_as_in_stan 15 06-Nov-03
New Blacet Dark Star Chaos impossiblesound 11 06-Nov-03
Best non-Moog Ladder Filter?? smoo 54 02-Nov-03
Which Waveshaper for what? warmwoggler 1 31-Oct-03
Polyphonic harmonic Generator Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 16 30-Oct-03
COTK SynthBaron 115 28-Oct-03
MOTM-450 FFB Review konkuro 22 27-Oct-03
No title smoo 1 27-Oct-03
Few more MOTM demos paults 71 27-Oct-03
...Even Better! Peake 67 24-Oct-03
MOTM-480 VCF Demo paults 15 20-Oct-03
Listening test: SynthBaron 48 18-Oct-03
You can win a Lassence µVentury II !!! sl 4 18-Oct-03
Beer, is this yours? SynthBaron 20 18-Oct-03
Blacet Dark Star Chaos Lobo 7 16-Oct-03
And now for something.... paults 26 16-Oct-03
new cynthia module denshi 19 14-Oct-03
Polyfusion Peake 89 14-Oct-03
a couple of pics for y'all Pashmina 24 13-Oct-03
Buchla modules for sale SKuehnl 6 11-Oct-03
Modcan vs. .Com FFB stupidquestions 16 11-Oct-03
What is missing kubrick_as_in_stan 42 11-Oct-03
Macbeth Moroco: integration into a larger modular setup? machinapathy 14 11-Oct-03
The Elhardt Challenge Peake 22 10-Oct-03
Mandy Moore kubrick_as_in_stan 1 09-Oct-03
Your Modular Goal? konkuro 24 09-Oct-03
291 BPF adaption, Phase Shifter project DiyFreaque 4 09-Oct-03
front panels dualvco 3 06-Oct-03
Serge FFB johnpap 2 03-Oct-03
Cuari is Overdue... konkuro 50 30-Sep-03
Difference between 'old' and 'new" S-OB releases? SynthBaron 3 30-Sep-03
How much do Blacet DSC's go for these days? Chirp Chirp 35 29-Sep-03
Analogue Solutions Queries stupidquestions 3 26-Sep-03
Phobos Red Square splitpoint 8 21-Sep-03
ok, I just got my "waveform city" module Pashmina 7 15-Sep-03
An ideal "starter" modular? dwaldman61 65 14-Sep-03
Cynthia Synthacon Filter stupidquestions 32 13-Sep-03
paia 9700s reliability? fritzcrumb 9 11-Sep-03
Modcan Tribute Thread stupidquestions 57 10-Sep-03
Modular Format stupidquestions 16 09-Sep-03
M3X Blowout at GSF zurich 1 08-Sep-03
Peake is Overdue... konkuro 154 07-Sep-03
EFM modular neutrino 29 07-Sep-03
How many trolls does it take Peake 11 04-Sep-03
Oh Peakey walter_carlos 14 03-Sep-03
TSEM ... again. bug 22 03-Sep-03
MOTM apology thread stupidquestions 8 02-Sep-03
KAIS is: SynthBaron 45 02-Sep-03
An ideal "starter" modular? dwaldman61 0 02-Sep-03
.Com shortcomings stupidquestions 56 02-Sep-03
OK modular gurus... phraggle 54 31-Aug-03
Loopable envs and Envs in general stupidquestions 38 30-Aug-03
Why Blacet is so wonderful impossiblesound 5 29-Aug-03
Aussie modular system CoolColJ 20 27-Aug-03
Modular Addiction kubrick_as_in_stan 87 22-Aug-03
Moog Modular MP3 "Tutorial" SynthBaron 1 20-Aug-03
No title nectarios 48 18-Aug-03
Cwejman review bug 63 13-Aug-03
Cwejman questions donato 8 09-Aug-03
Paia 9700S review and samples tommyc 12 09-Aug-03
Aleatoric VA Moog Modular SynthBaron 6 01-Aug-03
New Modular Company Chirp Chirp 57 01-Aug-03
Doepfer Joystick Exoticification Ison 17 31-Jul-03
Pulse or Impulse ? Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 15 29-Jul-03
Thelonious Moog konkuro 2 28-Jul-03
Danish Bob Moog Interview patches 22 26-Jul-03
Hmmm...? 3vcos 76 24-Jul-03
what would you suggest... pressure 18 24-Jul-03
I did not know that Paul designed the Radio Shack-Moog MG-1 patches 34 22-Jul-03
Doepfer A-100 compare CC 2 17-Jul-03
Linear Versus Exponential Analog FM Peake 15 16-Jul-03
Module Comparison Chart producer4000 11 15-Jul-03
Modular Synthesis techniques SynthBaron 19 12-Jul-03
Anyone here listen to "Smoo"? Dr. Whammo 18 09-Jul-03
Official Tomita Site konkuro 2 06-Jul-03
Klangwerk impossiblesound 9 28-Jun-03
Cwejman S1 Modular has shipped! zurich 105 27-Jun-03
sixpac review syd 13 27-Jun-03
Amazing New Thread Peake 21 25-Jun-03
MOTM Wavewarper: I don't "get it" konkuro 85 24-Jun-03
If Only! konkuro 26 24-Jun-03
I LOVE YOU PEAKE! I_LOVE_you_Peake 89 24-Jun-03
Mitchell's Law Peake 63 23-Jun-03
New toy pix paults 193 22-Jun-03
It's A Paul World, After All Peake 89 21-Jun-03
Modular III bizdubizdu 2 18-Jun-03
Right, I'll have the lot Peake 9 18-Jun-03
UK Modular 2003 lectures Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 4 18-Jun-03
Of looking Serge-a-like Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 5 17-Jun-03
Blacet Time Machine Mangobob 18 17-Jun-03
New MOTM catalog paults 4 17-Jun-03
MOTM<>Buchla-stein paults 24 15-Jun-03
EML 101 dualvco 7 13-Jun-03
RA or VA . 5 13-Jun-03
Buchla Zealots kubrick_as_in_stan 32 13-Jun-03
A modular for KAIS SynthBaron 12 13-Jun-03
Paul is Dead patches 28 13-Jun-03
Mighty Envelator kubrick_as_in_stan 15 12-Jun-03
FOR SALE: SERGE TKB cuari7 8 12-Jun-03
Back Down the Rabbit Hole konkuro 16 10-Jun-03
Moon Modular ... errr, huh? bug 6 09-Jun-03
MIDI rexb 4 07-Jun-03
TSEM SynthBaron 51 06-Jun-03
Moog 904a versus Moogerfooger 101 Peake 92 04-Jun-03
Analog Drum Patches Mangobob 5 03-Jun-03
Now that's a filter Peake 44 03-Jun-03
EMS Super Synthi ? bug 28 02-Jun-03
CV-MIDI impossiblesound 100 01-Jun-03
MIDI rexb 1 01-Jun-03
MIDI rexb 0 31-May-03
Front 242: Pulse, EP Peake 9 31-May-03
MOTM uSeq / CV-MIDI? Peake 33 31-May-03
Terpistone, et al. impossiblesound 39 28-May-03
Paia Modular dualvco 3 28-May-03
Analog Days Steve B 9 26-May-03
Event in Queens, NY syd 2 26-May-03
Why yes, I can do classical electronic music Peake 27 22-May-03
ASys Polyphonic Harmonic Generator Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 7 21-May-03
By request... paults 30 20-May-03
Newbies and Modulars kubrick_as_in_stan 6 19-May-03
Choo-Choo's SynthBaron 1 17-May-03
You just KNEW it was gonna happen... SynthBaron 76 17-May-03
Envelope Nest ? kubrick_as_in_stan 19 16-May-03
Breaking News !!! kubrick_as_in_stan 13 16-May-03
Bad time for a forum hiatus... SynthBaron 32 16-May-03
Blacet Binary Zone impossiblesound 55 15-May-03
MOTM cloud generator Richard 35 15-May-03
Drugs and Modulars. kubrick_as_in_stan 12 15-May-03
Venusians and Modulars. Ison 6 12-May-03
MOTM-510 WaveWarper demos paults 6 11-May-03
Dorks and Modulars kort 52 09-May-03
BEER and Curry And LOUD Modulars Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 6 09-May-03
KAIS and Modulars SynthBaron 14 09-May-03
WTB: Buchla.... kubrick_as_in_stan 6 09-May-03
Gah. Pashmina 58 07-May-03
Cats and Dogs and Modulars. Peake 12 07-May-03
writing an article about modular synthesis.... David M 33 05-May-03
Polyfusion on eBay Mark Pulver 17 05-May-03
Why Not? Peake 10 02-May-03
My Modular Hates your Dog SynthBaron 20 02-May-03
Wanna Join the Modular Club Briar_E 42 02-May-03
My Cat Hates Your Modular konkuro 30 01-May-03
Why? Peake 167 30-Apr-03
blacet edjwise 78 23-Apr-03
Cynthia and Milton noisejazz 61 16-Apr-03
More Contests? SynthBaron 171 12-Apr-03
New Blacet Filter Mark Pulver 5 09-Apr-03
Mitchell's Law: Revoked !!! kubrick_as_in_stan 6 08-Apr-03
Is Konkuro a Luddite ? kubrick_as_in_stan 42 03-Apr-03
Surprises from Synthfool (to me, anyway) konkuro 18 02-Apr-03
So... SynthBaron 79 02-Apr-03
Format ? - Mixing Modules Mangobob 2 01-Apr-03
A Small Piece Of Magic Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 45 18-Mar-03
It's ALL OVER now.... johnnie red 42 17-Mar-03
Lassence uventury noisejazz 10 13-Mar-03
cleaning pcbs bulldogge 18 12-Mar-03
Roland XV-2020 instrument definitions porterporter 0 11-Mar-03
Quad Modular? impossiblesound 2 11-Mar-03
Comparing VCF Functionality 3DarkHours 41 11-Mar-03
My Turn to Troll I guess.... 3DarkHours 205 09-Mar-03
Arturia Moog Modular V -Tim- 3 08-Mar-03
Comparing VCO Functionality 3DarkHours 137 07-Mar-03
Quick Question fadeddata 4 07-Mar-03
wanted: good modular synth spec links syntax 4 05-Mar-03
Space music? jd990exp 11 02-Mar-03
paia modular kits brianjdc 9 02-Mar-03
some new synthesizers.. Moogulator 1 28-Feb-03
How do you synthesize a cowbell ? Carson 5 28-Feb-03
Future Composition Contests pnedito 18 27-Feb-03
New Synthacon Filter Module Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 22 27-Feb-03
Is this thing useful? z-ko 3 26-Feb-03
The Mystique of Analog oldcrow 145 24-Feb-03
More Analogue Competitions SynthBaron 11 24-Feb-03
Keep some fuses around! Brandon Daniel 16 24-Feb-03
Recommandation needed player 12 24-Feb-03
success bulldogge 15 20-Feb-03
synthi elirentz 1 19-Feb-03
Today in Modular History... kubrick_as_in_stan 21 17-Feb-03
Oberheim OB3 Classic Mi-key 3 17-Feb-03
No title Untermensch 4 16-Feb-03
Asymmetry Ison 115 14-Feb-03
Elements of Instability speedDevil 36 13-Feb-03
Peake - question about Vostok review jd990exp 12 11-Feb-03
Urei 565 - CV mod Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 2 11-Feb-03
Wiard/Blacet MPG Peake 4 09-Feb-03
New Modcan Flanger Peake 64 08-Feb-03
Was: The Saga of the Shirt SynthBaron 34 06-Feb-03
Can you guess what it is Already ? Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 33 04-Feb-03
So its true... SynthBaron 27 01-Feb-03
The Saga of the Shirt Continues 3DarkHours 199 30-Jan-03
NAMM 2k3 SynthBaron 42 29-Jan-03
Arturia Moog beta review and sound clips php 11 26-Jan-03
Aleatoric #2 - The Results Mark Pulver 92 24-Jan-03
Doepfer quality machinapathy 65 23-Jan-03
moog event @ BCM pics denshi 4 22-Jan-03
Arturia Moog System 3C (detail) php 6 20-Jan-03
Help me please! analog_grrl 4 19-Jan-03
My Top Ten Reasons for using a Serge syd 11 15-Jan-03
What is the Biggest Modular in existence ? Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 142 14-Jan-03
Looking for Doepfer A-100, help please. CC 6 13-Jan-03
Are you an a******?!?! SynthBaron 10 13-Jan-03
Who is the Biggest ************ in existence ? kubrick_as_in_stan 6 12-Jan-03
Linn 9000 and Modular Synths syd 14 09-Jan-03
Info on the Original OB3 (manual) Mi-key 1 06-Jan-03
does the system 100 model 102 have portamento ? samhain 3 02-Jan-03
Nice Aries web site Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 1 02-Jan-03
Aleatoric Competition Two Peake 195 01-Jan-03
Blacet Explosion ! kubrick_as_in_stan 6 30-Dec-02
phaser comparisons bulldogge 44 29-Dec-02
calling Crow: any more Paia news bulldogge 20 28-Dec-02
Modular basics? opaeque 15 28-Dec-02
KAIS SynthBaron 264 28-Dec-02
System 100 model SH-102(x2) LAG & FM ? samhain 0 24-Dec-02
System 100 model SH-102(x2) LAG & FM ? samhain 0 24-Dec-02
New Form Of Synthesis ? edjwise 19 22-Dec-02
Starting a modular system puck 41 18-Dec-02
Check this out ! Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 24 17-Dec-02
don't shoot the messenger..... Pashmina 28 17-Dec-02
EFM synthesizers phazor 12 16-Dec-02
No title kypski 28 16-Dec-02
Best fully analog modular systems Yonny 42 14-Dec-02
power supplies bulldogge 5 14-Dec-02
Nasty List ptdecker 3 13-Dec-02
EFM synthesizers phazor 1 12-Dec-02
Look who's trolling now.... kubrick_as_in_stan 130 11-Dec-02
Kinda rare to find... Synthfool 11 10-Dec-02
Blacet Research Panel style & layout Pashmina 31 09-Dec-02
Nord Modular 4.0 cancelled speedDevil 9 07-Dec-02
Technosaurus OSHO 3vcos 6 06-Dec-02
New Killer Synth : Lassence µVentury II analogue modular sl 19 05-Dec-02
String Filters ? Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 7 04-Dec-02
MIKE PEAKE! Stop what you're doing now & look at this!!!! Pashmina 61 04-Dec-02
anyone want to talk about tubes? metasonix 19 03-Dec-02
Trouble setting up a Clavia Micro Modular. rpieket 15 30-Nov-02
Technosaurus Choir Patch Peake 12 30-Nov-02
Matrix patch panels..? Revtor 1 30-Nov-02
What are Elektor modulars? Teebee303 6 28-Nov-02
PAiA/Blacet song-context demos - anyone? jata 9 27-Nov-02
No title lepetitmartien 7 25-Nov-02
Pseudo sampler or retarded idea? Jiggity 24 20-Nov-02
My first real modular patch schism 13 20-Nov-02
Something for the weekend ? Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 1 20-Nov-02
Cynthia - New Modcan-type compnany Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 28 18-Nov-02
Psudo sampler or retarded idea? Jiggity 1 14-Nov-02
Quality of Blacet modules?? projekt 2701 17 14-Nov-02
About "" zipo 7 12-Nov-02
need halp Klaunnd 13 11-Nov-02
Will trade VW Bus for Modular System!! Yonny 4 07-Nov-02
Analogue Systems RS500E Synthi Filter Clone Peake 9 05-Nov-02
Module Layout.... ? Revtor 21 01-Nov-02
Marshmallow Creme Jiggity 78 30-Oct-02
Aleatoric Duel Peake 422 26-Oct-02
Bay Area Synth Gathering Peake 7 23-Oct-02
Thanks for the plaque! paults 50 18-Oct-02
"modular" memory? bulldogge 5 18-Oct-02
has anyone seen the ASM-1 modular with the firecracker front panel samhain 1 17-Oct-02
should I buy (non-working)modular Moog 15 ? iguana 34 14-Oct-02
should I buy (non-working) bahn sage? The Real MC 24 14-Oct-02
Nord Modular update anytime soon? complex66 28 11-Oct-02
Wiard + Aries 300 - Blood Relatives Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 8 08-Oct-02
Performing live with a modular... syd 4 04-Oct-02
I had a dream about modulars Teebee303 35 04-Oct-02
Live Event in Columbus, OH... syd 2 27-Sep-02
Who invented the tape echo ? kypski 88 23-Sep-02
My first modular! Teebee303 14 20-Sep-02
can an sbx80 sync to an external midi clock? kypski 2 20-Sep-02
NTO - The best Featured VCO in production ? Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 26 20-Sep-02
Wooden jacks? kypski 12 13-Sep-02
A Beautiful Modular 3DarkHours 9 12-Sep-02
Sampler Addition Jiggity 3 09-Sep-02
...the 'vomitorium' thread ! sikorsky 9 09-Sep-02
Lassence Module/system Users sl 1 09-Sep-02
Its official... SynthBaron 9 09-Sep-02
Paia Modules, Then and Now oldcrow 18 08-Sep-02
Korg PS3100 smoo 43 06-Sep-02
eeeyyyyoohhhyyyyyeeee Jiggity 6 04-Sep-02
New analogue modular synthesizer sl 27 04-Sep-02
New waves for the Miniwave Mark Pulver 9 03-Sep-02
Building a modular studio Mandragora Paranoia 4 02-Sep-02
When is the next fight scheduled for ? kypski 427 01-Sep-02
What is a timbre modulator? phazor 10 31-Aug-02
Its official... SynthBaron 0 29-Aug-02
Thoughts about Doepfer... syd 2 29-Aug-02
I'm going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zinovieff 25 29-Aug-02
Larry's Ideas kubrick_as_in_stan 6 26-Aug-02
LED/LDR VCF ???!! Flame 5 25-Aug-02
NordModular questions Operator 18 15-Aug-02
Modular System for Sale Mini-Freak 5 25-Jul-02
12 --> 15 volts: Blacet on Doepfer Flame 8 23-Jul-02
Analogue Systems to release EMS modules ! Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 18 22-Jul-02
mod suggestions?? reedrichards 7 18-Jul-02
DIY Tube Preamp z-ko 6 17-Jul-02
Modules for Sale Mini-Freak 1 16-Jul-02
what exactly is 4 part multitimbrality? nithen 10 15-Jul-02
ModCan? DrummerBoy 1 14-Jul-02
Custom Modular Design- faceplates and indiv. modules speedDevil 20 07-Jul-02
XYZ Controler Space_Kraft 4 05-Jul-02
Miniwave MARF Discriminator Patch syd 15 04-Jul-02
MOTM modules horizontally? Flame 7 03-Jul-02
Other neat Modular tricks 3DarkHours 6 01-Jul-02
MOK Pix Peake 6 01-Jul-02
Hunting for Chapter 7 ARP 2600 Owner's Manual Mini-Freak 3 28-Jun-02
Blacet VCO kubrick_as_in_stan 7 28-Jun-02
New banana jack discovery! syd 7 27-Jun-02
Electro-Comp EML-200 and 300 Teebee303 13 27-Jun-02
Your favorite Modcan modules? speedDevil 18 27-Jun-02
This thread is closed Synthfool 12 25-Jun-02
Older Wiard speedDevil 3 24-Jun-02
MOTM Sub Octave Multiplexer producer4000 3 24-Jun-02
MOTM vs who the fuck cares anymore CThorns 14 23-Jun-02
What Synth to Modulate the Economy,what module to fight an Assymetrical war? Ison 8 22-Jun-02
fx modular speedDevil 32 21-Jun-02
Some NICE pics of a friends Modulars 3DarkHours 37 20-Jun-02
Its official, Paul S. is a... SynthBaron 42 20-Jun-02
Doepfer and ASys VCA Flame 7 20-Jun-02
Moog CE - Whats the Story ? Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 26 18-Jun-02
Technosaurus TSEM?? trobly 8 18-Jun-02
Now for something completly different : Orgon Enigiser lepetitmartien 30 14-Jun-02
just say no to kubrick-as_in_stan!!!!!! king_ozric 4 14-Jun-02
3U module compatiblity? hypnotic 3 13-Jun-02
CMS: Purely discrete Modules! smoo 2 13-Jun-02
CV keyboards and controllers z-ko 16 12-Jun-02
No title smoo 5 12-Jun-02
CV controller kits Teebee303 1 11-Jun-02
The older Wiard stuff Flame 6 11-Jun-02
EML 101 usability with other modules? ^_^ 3 11-Jun-02
Newbies: EMU Modular Manual/How-To Peake 11 11-Jun-02
Vanilla ?! sikorsky 5 11-Jun-02
What modular company has the cheapest case? ^_^ 16 07-Jun-02
Does your modular have a name? konkuro 34 07-Jun-02
Does your modular have a name? Matthew Davidson 8 06-Jun-02
New Serge Modular Planner pnedito 2 04-Jun-02
Good Pitch to Voltage Converters? z-ko 6 02-Jun-02
Modular Comparison Website fadeddata 10 02-Jun-02
Wiard fadeddata 12 02-Jun-02
Converting exponential CV to linear Flame 12 31-May-02
AR-338 Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 9 25-May-02
Is a modular designed by an EE... kubrick_as_in_stan 67 25-May-02
Another power supply question Flame 3 25-May-02
Power Supply question z-ko 13 25-May-02
midi to cv for modulars? RuinEverything 1 25-May-02
PAiA 9700S - a good starting point? afrorouge 12 23-May-02
Some postive thoughts... syd 14 22-May-02
Entering the land of the moduless :) STicKX 32 22-May-02
MOD MODS fadeddata 5 22-May-02
CMS Web site Space_Kraft 2 20-May-02
Can anyone but an EE design a modular... 3DarkHours 48 20-May-02
Ken Stone Modulars fadeddata 5 20-May-02
Micro Modular questions.... elsewhere84 13 17-May-02
Idiosyncracy Peake 4 16-May-02
Anyone else using Metasonix tube synths? shockmelt 45 15-May-02
Better understanding Ring Mods z-ko 24 15-May-02
Cwejman Modular? 3vcos 100 15-May-02
SPAWN Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 8 14-May-02
ARP-2500 for sale zipo 4 14-May-02
EFM modular info???? z-ko 31 11-May-02
The Demise of Frankensynth kubrick_as_in_stan 45 10-May-02
No title synthmadness 0 09-May-02
New Modcan Modules noise 7 09-May-02
Is MO*M for simpletons ? kubrick_as_in_stan 292 09-May-02
Elektron SID Station for sale guys. interfuk 15 06-May-02
What kind of Pots? fadeddata 7 04-May-02
linear or log taper for envelope pots? casiolenko 6 02-May-02
RSF Modules - any one ? Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 26 01-May-02
Would you recommend a .com to a simpleton? jerrysashi 15 01-May-02
MOTM demos foreverybody paults 9 30-Apr-02
How hard is it to put new jacks in a module? z-ko 5 29-Apr-02
equal power panning w/ a complement of "standard" modules? castol 8 29-Apr-02
Kit Modulars for a beginner Teebee303 10 28-Apr-02
arp-2500 cv-gate zipo 4 27-Apr-02
modulars to avoid..... kubrick_as_in_stan 35 23-Apr-02
Technosaurus Black Face pic CoolColJ 63 22-Apr-02
Where do you guys buy Serge modules? z-ko 3 21-Apr-02
STS Zinovieff 2 20-Apr-02
Modcan thoughts? z-ko 4 16-Apr-02
Buchla or Serge? Zinovieff 5 15-Apr-02
No title Zinovieff 0 13-Apr-02
How does this sound as a beginning modular? z-ko 22 12-Apr-02
Siemes modules Zinovieff 15 11-Apr-02
Newbie, needs Advice! hafAkat 4 09-Apr-02
VCOs Gramsci 34 07-Apr-02
cv instead of midi?help needed peripatitis 4 29-Mar-02
Soundexamples Novation Nova OrpheuZ 2 28-Mar-02
free printable literature sites on mod. synths paesto 4 28-Mar-02
What sorts of modules.... Gramsci 13 28-Mar-02
What is "m"? impossiblesound 1 27-Mar-02
No title Gramsci 0 26-Mar-02
AS Bode - MP3 Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 16 26-Mar-02
Better analog sequencer than shockmelt 6 25-Mar-02
Arp 2600 or Korg MS-20 fadeddata 19 24-Mar-02
Can I make Goa with a Modular ? kubrick_as_in_stan 21 21-Mar-02
? about Doepfer A163 Space_Kraft 1 20-Mar-02
Cwejman debacle bug 9 20-Mar-02
Frostwave MIDI-CV Quad Plus + Korg MS-20 Yonny 1 19-Mar-02
Making midi controllers Jubalumbago 2 18-Mar-02
modular synth compatability? ^_^ 11 18-Mar-02
Just finished my first module from scratch! 3DarkHours 27 12-Mar-02
Moog Modular System 15 Mini-Freak 17 10-Mar-02
Blacet Oscillator Soundbites Peake 3 10-Mar-02
Need help w/ Matrix 6 R.Norregaard 2 07-Mar-02
Ideal number of VCOs in a modular system syd 111 07-Mar-02
Doepfer Delights Ison 9 07-Mar-02
Technosaurus Selector Soundbites Peake 12 06-Mar-02
Connecting a Nord Micromod to a VCO and VCF(?) CyC 12 05-Mar-02
The WoggleBug has arrived! 3DarkHours 15 04-Mar-02
Modcan datacult 5 04-Mar-02
Small Modular Demo 3DarkHours 18 27-Feb-02
Technosaurus TSEM? jd990exp 9 27-Feb-02
New AH T-Shirt 3DarkHours 5 24-Feb-02
New MOTM modular website paults 3 18-Feb-02
Wiard Movie and Soundfile Peake 3 15-Feb-02
Vostok suit case synth tomc 17 12-Feb-02
Modulars for sale here.... Revtor 2 11-Feb-02
Freq Shifter Demos 3DarkHours 8 08-Feb-02
Doepfer maq 16/3 miccom 1 08-Feb-02
anybody using a Sherman FB in his Modular? miccom 3 06-Feb-02
new filter ready metasonix 1 06-Feb-02
Instead of buying for ex a Nord Lead 3 Baron Kloff 18 04-Feb-02
feedback patches? elmacaco 19 31-Jan-02
motm too simple ? kubrick_as_in_stan 10 27-Jan-02
EMS VCS3 help!!!! mblem 3 25-Jan-02
What can Micro Modular do? beetrader 8 25-Jan-02
most interesting kits? FlukeWurm 60 23-Jan-02
Opinions on new PAIA Modular Texas Noise Factory 5 22-Jan-02
Sell your modulars for cheap here !!! kubrick_as_in_stan 17 22-Jan-02
build my own keyboard? kybernetik 8 21-Jan-02
DonnieMoog Modular? plaztec 2 19-Jan-02
Blacet VCO syd 8 18-Jan-02
Socket Rocket Review syd 11 16-Jan-02
Serge "Animal" bug 8 13-Jan-02
opinions pls - which modules would you get? casiolenko 10 12-Jan-02
cheap VC LFO! casiolenko 3 09-Jan-02
Wiard Wave Module Teebee303 15 04-Jan-02
M3X Analogue Synth in UK Ken McBeth 3 03-Jan-02
MOTM FS pnedito 3 03-Jan-02
mod suggestions ershin 2 28-Dec-01
M100 'Modular Sound System' bug 3 22-Dec-01
Doepfer Vocodor modules 3DarkHours 1 21-Dec-01
New MOTM demos paults 1 18-Dec-01
wiard bug 2 17-Dec-01
multiple foot switch controled samples tadsblonde 5 26-Nov-01
NEXT! VOCODER spec 10 24-Nov-01
modular technology is older than i though it was IX.lab 4 23-Nov-01
analogue systems? IX.lab 27 22-Nov-01
Wiard info wanted CoolColJ 20 20-Nov-01
WE ARE THE ROBOTS IX.lab 10 20-Nov-01
Where to find analog computers for music? z-ko 6 16-Nov-01
Mmmm, Buchla Videos.... Peake 4 15-Nov-01
Modular Synthesis Tutorial? JeremyNC 8 15-Nov-01
Modular synths link ? Andrew 2 14-Nov-01
Doepfer Mixtur Trautonium: Reverse Overtone Series? machinapathy 3 13-Nov-01
Mmmm, Buchla Brochures.... Peake@work 23 13-Nov-01
Chrome modular :) CoolColJ 18 12-Nov-01
.COM joystick adapter impossiblesound 4 06-Nov-01 JeremyNC 89 02-Nov-01
Evenfall Minimodular JeremyNC 14 01-Nov-01
Pictures of my modular... syd 22 01-Nov-01
NEW MOTM 310 MicroVCO 3DarkHours 18 26-Oct-01
simple starter MOTM modules bloke 11 23-Oct-01
different modular thing nobody pointed out.... metasonix 6 21-Oct-01
what's the benefit of the different companies? 3001 21 21-Oct-01
Analog Solutions Minimodular: $400.00 Peake@work 1 20-Oct-01
Analog Solutions R 3 20-Oct-01
Doepfer impossiblesound 52 19-Oct-01
DIY Modulars Tribal 8 11-Oct-01
System 100m question Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 3 11-Oct-01
Paia 9700? jd990exp 34 10-Oct-01
Nord Modular questions Operator 8 04-Oct-01
Nord Modular users? beb0p 10 03-Oct-01
Reaktor users nick@sonic 9 27-Sep-01
Oberkorn users? 3DarkHours 4 21-Sep-01
Where can I get a cheap oscilliscope? z-ko 16 14-Sep-01
modular Gothicindustrial 20 06-Sep-01
All this talk about modulars metasonix 13 28-Aug-01
MOTM vs. Doepfer z-ko 52 25-Aug-01
No title peripatitis 1 25-Aug-01
nord modular: couple questions for owners ellipsis 15 19-Aug-01
Blacet/Wiard miniwave impossiblesound 1 17-Aug-01
Modular Planner Updated Anonymous 1 10-Aug-01
Note quantizer impossiblesound 8 10-Aug-01
Modular cabinets Revtor 16 07-Aug-01
No title impossiblesound 2 07-Aug-01
Where can I get Arp Sequencer replacement buttons? germus 1 29-Jul-01
How much are companies like MODCAN , Doepfer, &Future-retro worth money wise ? rbwolves 27 27-Jul-01
New 'Bode' Frequency Shifter Rt.Hon.Beerma§ter™ 20 18-Jul-01
PAIA 9700 modular - sound quality? casiolenko 1 18-Jul-01
what's your favorite semimodular? 3001 35 15-Jul-01
Nord Modular Multi Question cutoff 4 14-Jul-01
EMS SYNTHS phlizmo 6 12-Jul-01
Short Miniwave Review syd 3 10-Jul-01
Analogue Solutions modules pressure 1 03-Jul-01
What is a cool keyboard carrying new modular? I was looking at the Sorcerer Karplus 5 02-Jul-01
CMS 9 23-Jun-01
serge 1 20-Jun-01
Miniwave 2 13-Jun-01
MOTM and FR777 19 11-Jun-01
Anybody with a nord modular key board 2 05-Jun-01
Plan your modular 2 27-May-01
looking for SH101 and Pro-one patch for Nord Modular 2 22-May-01
Sound quality and Editing features : REAKTOR or NORDMODULAR ? 2 18-May-01
Nord Micro Modular and Vaz Modular 4 18-May-01
Oscilloscope recomendations... 3 02-May-01
ARP 2600 - does it NEED a keyboard? 29 30-Apr-01
Serge - Users thoughts Plaese ? 8 29-Apr-01
ignorance 2 26-Apr-01
MicroQ phat or what 2 24-Apr-01
Analog FM synthesis on modulars. Mert 4 22-Apr-01
X5DR 0 04-Apr-01
Distortion // Delay // Filter Binary_Man 2 25-Mar-01
Evenfall modular? 3001 1 21-Mar-01
help for a "beginner"... kybernetik 36 20-Mar-01
Blacet Dark Star impossiblesound 4 18-Mar-01
Modular System for feedback experimentation /:set\AI 7 06-Mar-01
Banana Jacks - Stackable? jpotter 6 03-Mar-01
New..Mod Synths work with MIDI? k-trooper 7 26-Feb-01
modular drummmieS? 3001 7 23-Feb-01
paia p9700s xonox 4 23-Feb-01
Analogue Systems Integrator jpotter 4 22-Feb-01
Oberkorn sequencer.. anyone yet? 3 20-Feb-01
Anybody care to comment on this? boomer 19 14-Feb-01
MOTM Users -- How did you start, where did you go? Mainline Crux 15 13-Feb-01
Digital vs. Analog Modulars johnnie red 25 11-Feb-01
EVERY modular company u can think of...... FlukeWurm 11 06-Feb-01
Serge Modulars Binary_Man 2 01-Feb-01
Cool Patch Tips? Revtor 1 26-Jan-01
Elektra Vs. Nord Micro Modular boomer 5 24-Jan-01
Describe your Modular! 52 16-Jan-01
Doepfer A100 Modular MODS 2 04-Jan-01
waveform city 1 02-Jan-01
Doepfer suitcase anyone ? 5 23-Dec-00
Technosaurus Selector 4 21-Dec-00
ººThe Snake Pitºº 2 18-Dec-00

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