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  Interview: Herr Doepfer Talks
  We had a chat with the man behind the Eurorack explosion

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11:35 mins    

  MESSE 2014: Dr Doepfer's Dark Flow
  Astronomy inspired trigger sequencer

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5:40 mins

  MESSE13: A Chat With Dr Doepfer
  New Serge slew, gate sequencer, MAQ Black

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0:22 mins

  MESSE12: Doepfer Dark Energy II
  First outing for the new revision - and why

   QuickTime (MP4)  | iOS MP4
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6:27 mins

  MESSE11: Doepfer Dark Time Sequencer
  Analog, MIDI, USB and much more.

   QuickTime (MP4)  | iOS MP4
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8:11 mins

  WNAMM10: Doepfer DIY Synth And More
  New kit form synth from the good Doctor

 | Flash Video
9:13 mins

  Sonic LAB: Doepfer Dark Energy Analog Synthesizer
  Desktop monosynth with USB/MIDI interface

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8:15 mins

  MESSE09: Doepfers Modular Synth Video Action
  Dieter Demos some A-100 modules

   Windows Media 
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5:21 mins

  MESSE09: Doepfer Dark Energy
  There's a lot going on here

 | Flash Video
10:5 mins

  WNAMM06: Analog Haven PT2
  Ken MacBeth, ModCan and Dr Doepfer

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