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   amped    MusicLive: Digidesign Goes to Eleven
  It's One Louder... but it doesn't come in black

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7:51 mins

  MusicLive08: ProTools 8 Features
  Get a cuppa tea, there's loads of em.

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14:15 mins

  MESSE08: Digidesign's Science of Live Sound
  Robb Allan tells us what you can do these days

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17:6 mins

  WNAMM08: Digidesign On Video
  Digidesign talk us through all the latest Pro Tools-related news

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6:20 mins

  AESNYC07: Latest Pro Tools Elasticates Audio
  Digidesign unveils Pro Tools 7.4 Software with new Elastic Time feature and improved Avid interoperability

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18:41 mins

  AESNYC07: Video - Digidesign C24
  New control surface for Pro Tools

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FEATURE:  Digidesign 003 Perfect Control?
There is so much besides the hardware here
Sonic LAB: Digidesign 003 7:26 mins
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FEATURE:  Digidesign Reel Tape Suite
Tape saturation, flanger and delay effects - no cleaning required
Digidesign Reel Tape Suite 5:39 mins
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  MESSE07:Digidesign’s Structure On Show
  Still in public Beta but getting close now

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8:26 mins

FEATURE:  SONIC LAB: Digidesign Strike - Drums for 'Tools
This aint no beatbox!
Digidesgn Strike meets Shorn 23:33 mins
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