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  NAMM 2015: Frap Tools Modular Case Systems
  A neat new folding case system from Italy

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3:51 mins    

  NAMM 2015: Pittsburgh Modular
  Richard Nichols shows us the new pieces

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  NAMM 2015: Kilpatrick Audio Phenol
  Kickstarter champion comes to NAMM

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5:28 mins

   amped    NAMM 2015: We Get Dangerously Lost In The Drum Room But Find Salvation
  Just to give you an idea of HOW LOUD NAMM IS

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1:57 mins

   amped    NAMM 2015: Ibanez Iron Series Fanned Fret 7 and 8 String Guitars
  Ibanez shows off prototype at NAMM for fanned fret Iron Core guitars

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2:26 mins

   amped    NAMM 2015: Digitech Trio in Action - It's a Band in a Pedal
  It's like having a bass player and a drummer - only with more intelligence

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4:1 mins

  NAMM 2015: Qu-Bit Electronix Modules
  We get a look at 4 new modules...

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4:23 mins

   amped    NAMM 2015: Mooer Win The Prize For CUTEST Wah Pedal Ever
  The baby wah folds out to become a, well... toddler wah

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2:44 mins

   amped    NAMM 2015: JHS Pedals - Josh Demos The Twin Twelve and Alpine Reverb
  Two new pedals from JHS at NAMM

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2:42 mins

  NAMM 2015: Keith Mcmillen Instruments K-mix
  Audio Interface, Programmable Mixer, Control Surface!

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4:48 mins

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