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  London Modular Alliance: Live Modular Rig
  2 thirds of the Alliance talk us through their rig

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  VCOADSR: Live Modular Rig
  We chatted with Phil about his modular setup

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6:2 mins

click to view and listen   Podcast: Sonic TALK - 429 Bright Sparks Project
  Dave Spiers, I Monsters Dean Honer and Marc Doty

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64:35 mins

  Future Sound Systems: P.O.C.A
  Finlay Shakespeare runs us through his new module

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  Blue Wolf Se7en: Live Modular Rig
  Cirklon controlling 12u of eurorack

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  Sonic LAB: Steinberg UR22 MK2 Audio Interface Review
  Can you record a full track with it and an iPad?

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17:3 mins

  Rebel Technology: Updates and Features
  We had a chat with Rebel Technology at the Bells 'n' Whistles, Crackles and Pops event

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  Sonic Lab: Novation Circuit - A New Kind Of Groovebox
  Gaz Williams takes a look

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27:57 mins

  Scanner Live Modular Rig
  Robin Rimbaud shows off his live rig at Bells 'n' Whistles, Crackles 'n' Pops

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   amped    Sonic LAB: UAD SVT Bass Plugin Bundle
  Classic bass amp model on the UAD platform

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13:16 mins

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