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Sonic State Latest Media
  Modular Meets Leeds: Thonk DIY
  We talk to Steve at Thonk about the DIY Eurorack scene

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  Modular Meets Leeds: Bitloader (Transistor Sound Labs) Live Rig
  Transistor Sound Labs show off their Stepper Acid

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  Stekker 2015: Colin Benders Modular Setup
  Mr Kyteman gives a performance and a rundown of the modular rig he used for performance at Modulation

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  Modular Meets Leeds: Blue Wolf Se7en Live Rig Setup
  A trio of Elektrons in this live rig

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  Stekker 2015: Richard Devine - Live Rig Part 2
  Richard dives into the Circadian Rhythms new firmware

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  Stekker 2015: Eric Cloutier - System 700 + 808 Combo
  DJ Eric Cloutier plays with the System 700 + 808 combo

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  Cakewalk Rapture Pro - Review
  Combines synthesis and sample playback with up to 6 layers

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4:48 mins

  Stekker 2015: Hunee - Abusing The CR-8000
  We found DJ and Producer Hunee playing with the Roland CR8000

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8:6 mins

click to view and listen   Podcast: Sonic TALK 415 - Overbridge
  Slate Plug-ins deal, Presonus free DAW - sound scuplture

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63:46 mins

  Sonic LAB: Boomstar Modular 4075 Filter
  Arp Lowpass Eurorack module

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8:37 mins

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