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  SNAMM08: Korg 's latest keys
  The PA5/88 gets a workout

No flash plug

7:19 mins

  LIMS08: Korg Nano Series In The Flesh
  Video from the show with the real things

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2:38 mins

  MESSE08: It's A Stage Piano, It's A Workstation
  Korg tickle the Pa588 ivories for us

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4:0 mins

  MESSE08: New M3 Sounds Demonstrated
  Korg M3 Supercharge provides 512 new downloadable sounds

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4:23 mins

  MESSE08: A Korg Synth In Your Pocket
  Korg DS-10 puts an MS-10 style synth into a Nintendo DS

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2:33 mins

  WNAMM08: More Korg n VOX Bits
  Vox organ, Kaossilator for US and a VOX scooter

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1:30 mins

  WNAMM08:Oasys OS 1.3 Gets You Horny
  Erm, and windy too

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7:39 mins

FEATURE:  Korg Kaossilator
The most fun you can have (legally) for £100?
Sonic LAB: Korg Kaossilator 4:14 mins
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  KP3 Kaoss Pad Updated
  Korg announce version 2.0 software for free download

 | Flash Video
5:20 mins

  MusicLive07:Korg Kaossillator Exclusive Demo
  Spotted amongst the guitars at Music Live

   Windows Media 
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4:50 mins

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