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More on the Plan B Model 30 VCE

Wait, there's more....
Plan B Model 30 Digital VCO

A fullsome explanation from inventor Phillip Gallo
EAR Plan B modules

Seven new products! Golly
Spectralis 2 and Pre GTE

Plus a guitar preamp PRE GTX
Ultrasone headphones

Edition 8 has titanium bass tubes, and there's a balanced h/p amp
Countryman mics

Most discrete clip on mics there are
Acoustica Pianissimo

A piano sample library that is not big.
Samplebase online sample shopping

Online A La Carte sample buying
Marcus Resch Mellotron remake

Mellotron expert Marcus Resch will do it
Steven Slate Drums 3.0

Chilli Peppers, Zep, Metallica, Steely Dan and more
TC Electronic Nova Drive Pedal

Overdrive and distortion - analog with digital control
Moog MP-201 Multipedal

MP-201 Ships - check it out.
DVZ Strings 2.0

Ready, steady, bow - fullsome demo from the master
Zoom H4N, Samson GoMic

And - Samson clip-on USB Mic
Stanton SCS1.d and SCS1.m

Way cool bi-directional control for the DJ
XMOS chips for audio networking

Reprogrammable silicon streams audio over Cat5 and USB
Waldorf at NAMM09

60MB Sample ram? Yes Please
Allen and Heath T-Series

Tasty live system does away with mulitcore
ADIG Human Synchronizer

Drive your tempo from this new software
FXpansion BFD updates

FXpansion add more FX, kit building improvements, load on demand
Infinite Response folding keyboard

VAX77 Infinite Response 76 key MIDI controller
JoeCo Black Box Recorder

24 channels of 24/96kHz, very functional for live work
Stanton SCS3D DJ controller

Multi-touch MIDI action looks mighty fine
Solid Cables - for the connoisseur

Extremely high quality instrument cables with a sound of their own
Drumagog 4 real-time

Man plays knees - outstanding
SE Electronics 2200T tube mic

Hand built diaphragm, brass body big sound, low price
Violet, Sontronics and Nevation mics

Whats newski?
Moog Etherwave Plus for control

Control voltage and gate outputs for external control
iZotope Ozone 4

Rejoice, RTAS, AU, MAS, VST users
Microsoft Songsmith makes music

Microsoft's research product comes of age.
Melodyne DNA 10 months on

Wunder app coming soon...
OpenLabs GEN5

New beat making control sections and plenty more besides
McDSP Retro Pack

Someone's been at the coffee jug
Beat Kangz Beat Thang

Straight Outta Nashville
M-Audio Axiom Pro 49

Integration with ProTools, MIDI and Qwerty commands sent
John Bowen at NAMM 09

Hardware tweaks, new colour
TC Electronic RebelHead Bass system

I want one and I don't even play bass
UAD2 Solo and more

Hooray, new version on a PCI Express card – lovely.
TC Helicon Voice Live 2

TC-Helicon launch the VoiceLive 2
PSP EQ Squad Bundle

EQ four-pack
Yamaha Tyros 3

Not new, but why not ?
Wallander WIVI Brass Modeled VSTi

No samples, fully modeled – sounds pretty good.
AudioPort Audio over Ethernet Mac/PC

Audio Impressions AudioPort connects them all
Yamaha AvantGrant Piano

Avant Grand has transducers and 4, 3way speakers
Indamixx Netbook Powered DAW

Linux based music production
Blue products from NAMM09

Web cam and mic, iPod voice recorder Icicle USB preamp and Bottle Rockets

New wind controler from Akai connects direct
SKB road cases for all

New cases, and massive moulding machine
Sonic Reality Infinite Player

Drums, loops and sound effects a-plenty
Korg PA2X Pro OS features

Flagship arranger keyboard does loads (more)
Tonium Pacemaker DJ handheld

Demo and sales pitch from the show
Roland V-Piano Preview

We got an exclusive first look at this new modeled piano technology
Quantum Leap Silk

Great demo, interesting interview too
SMPro Audio More Products

Wait, there's more...
Spectrasonics Time Designer for RMX

Change Time Signatures In Realtime
Introducing Spectrasonics Trilian

The new bass module just keeps on giving
FXPansion D-CAM Synths

D-CAM Suite: Strobe, Cypher, Amber and Fusor
SM Pro Audio V-Machine VSTi player

PC now, Mac soon
SMPro Audio Dual capsule mic

SM Pro Audio's MC03 MKII gets an additional vintage style circuit
Omnisphere Upgrade Demo

A Selection Of The 2000 New Patches
Arturia's Mini Moog 2

Presonus StudioLive OS update

Daisy two of em together
Akai MPK-25 MIDI control

Take a look at the smaller new master control
Demo of the APC40

Comprehensive Demo Of The APC40
MPC5000 OS2 free download

Free Download For The 5000
Omni Control For DJ's

Total Control For DJ's
80 Gig DJ tool from Numark

Lowdown On The New Console
Boom and Chick

Dave Smith & Roger Linn Chat About The Linn Drum 2
Line 6 Pod Farm

Pod Tone To Any DAW
Brass licks from Arturia

Video Demonstration Of All The Features
Cheapo Vinyl Transfer

Cheap Solution For Transfering Vinyl
Powerful digital mic from Line 6

Announcing The XDR955
Another Behringer console

Announcing the SX32-82
Grab him, he's an ImpOSCar!

Exclusive Video Shows All The New Features
The Mighty Micro

Full Demonstration Of The Mighty New Micro
The complete lowdown on Cubase 5

An Extensive Tour Of The New Features
The SX48 82

The SX4882 Unveiled
The Roland VP770

New Improved Features Demo'ed
IK Multimedia Stealth Pedal

New Integrated Stomp Box From IK
IK Multimedia Amplitude Fender

Massive Range Of Fender Tones
Caring Is All About Sharing

Live 8 Over The Net

Live Circuits
A Course In 'Collision'

Collision & The Sound Design Library
Looper & Groove Engine

The Looper & The Groove Engine
Suite 8 Unleashed

Warping & New FX package
Ableton Hardware Controller Unveiled

Demo Of The New Akai/Ableton APC40
Multi FX From The Boss

Bob Marcello Demos The ME-70
Muse Box Demo

Demo'ing the all-new Muse Box
Roland's Over The Shoulder Number

Strap It & Slap It
All Powerful Receptor 2 & Pro Max

Mucho Processing Power For All Your Plug-ins
Native Instruments Maschine

NI announce the Maschine