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Jon Gomm Interview

Rob interviews Jon Gomm
Sonoma Wireworks Drumcore Software

Drum sample software from Sonoma Wireworks
GuitarJack Stage

A stage-ready upgrade to Guitar Jack
Amplifi FX100

iOS enabled, cloud-enhanced multi-effects pedal
Hans Zimmer Percussion Library

Hans Zimmer Percussion Library
Updated BM Monitors

Dynaudio update the BM Series

Upgraded APC
Sandhill Ribbon Mics

100km/ph road test?!
Rebel Technology Stoichea

Stoicheia from Rebel Technology
Cranesong Peacock Plugin

Peacock - make it sound like a record
Little Labs Pepper

Pepper - a Swiss army knife of interface creativity designed in the Little Labs tradition
Haken Expander

Multi-axis instrument has more to offer
GoPro Musician Bundle

Instrument friendly mounts from GoPro
Modular PSU from AMT

Lego PSU...what?
New Speakers From JBL

New speaker range from JBL
New AKG Mics

New range of options for conference and exhibition/museum use
SG Isolation Cab

-40dB sound reduction!
Doepfer News

Astronomy inspired trigger sequencer
Cloud Ribbon 44-A

Active circuitry ups the gain
Updated 800 Series

Master Luthier Andy Powers goes over the updated 800 series
SSL Plugins

X-Saturator, X-ValveComp and X-Phase launched
Emulation software from Peavey

Tom from Peavey takes us through some of the features of ReValver 4
Latest additions to the Prism Sound range

New additions to the Prism Sound range
Fishman Triple Play

MIDI pickups have come a long way...
Fender Pure Vintage

We get a look at the updates to the Pure Vintages series

BluGuitar announces Amp1
Korg Acoustic Tuner

Unique design attaches to guitar's sound hole for natural line of sight and discrete viewing
T-Rex latest

We get a look at the new pedal range from T-Rex

A look at the new pocket effects line and amp
SSL Sigma Touch

Summing amp is now OSC compliant
Fab Dupont Apollo Twin

Fabulous Fab Dupont took us through the Apollo Twin
Akai APC Keys

A quick look at the new Ableton controller from Akai
Schmidt - oh Yes!

He had it in his studio for 4 months
Faith Guitars

Alex Mew took us through a limited edition range of acoustic guitars
Marshall Tattoo

Striking new Marshall Amps
Ogre Pedals

Definitely the craziest pedals we've seen at Messe
Blackstar Core ID3

3 Super Wide Stereo combos from Blackstar
BluGuitar Demo

Amp 1 Guitar Demo
SSL Matix 2

Latest features on the DAW integrated SSL
Midas Pro X Live

With Neutron Engine at its heart.
Fibenare Erotic

Another stunning, somewhat explicit guitar from Fibenare
Carl Martin Octa

New foot switch and multi effects from Carl Martin
Freakenstein Pedal

For the gothic doctor in you
Focusrite Rednet

In a lovely red Focusrite classic case
Peavey Valveking

Much quieter in the Peavey room... Bliss
Nektar Bitwig Logic X

Nektar announces controller's workflow integration with BitWig Studio DAW
Koma Modular Pedals

Pedal sized modular
Electro Harmonix

9 new overdrives from Electro Harmonix
Fibenare Jazz Hollow

Hollow body with centre block from Fibenare
Fibenare Jazz

Fibenare's take on the Goldtop is quite stunning
MFB Tanzbar Analog Beats

808 and 909 style voices, parameter lock and more
Gittler Titanium

We talk to the President
Josephson Mics

Kelly takes us through these high end mics
Greenhouse Effects

Replaceable PCB modular pedal
Akai MPX16

MPX16 is a playable, practical solution for sample-based performers
MFB Dominion 1

Two weeks till production - and what a synth
Wavelab 8.5

Version 8.5 of the editing and mastering suite announced at Musikmesse
MacBeth Elements

Mr MacBeth gives us the new synth
Verbos East Coast Modules

West coast style modules with some unique features for the modern day modulist
Vox Univibe

New version of this classic effect
Korg New Digital Pianos

Ian Bradshaw takes us through the new range
Guitar Systems

Cool pedals for cool people
Dualo - Unique

Two keyboard hex machine records and plays
CME X-Key 37

New colours too
Greenhouse Effects 27 Club Stomp Boxes Video

Boutique analogue effects from Israel
Gibson EB Bass Video

Unprecedented blend of power, fidelity, and versatility comes courtesy of a pair of new Gibson bass pickups by Jim DeCola
Fender 60th Anniversary Stratocaster Video

Past, present and future Strats
Gibson Min-ETune

New developments to the Min-ETune
Gibson Double Diamond Anniversary Series Video

Diamond encrusted Gibsons
Gibson Melody Maker Video

Craig gives us a look at the new Melody Maker
New Roland Aira

Can you guess what it is?
Streichfett Strings Demo

First listen
Akai Rhythm Wolf

Sweet rhythm and tweakery
RYTM and Overbridge

Turns out the USB does have audio after all..
Arturia MinuBrute SE

Fatar keybed and special edition MiniBrute with sequencer
SM Pro Audio uMix

New mixer series ups the game
Roland System 1 Video

Raw and un-effected, and yes we have pitch bend