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Roland Video Mixer

Affordable Live Camera Switching
Hedd Monitors

With Digital Interface Plug-in Modules
DocDerr Guitar EQ

If you dig clean guitar sounds, try this
Audio-Technica ATM350a

Updated ATM350 handles 10dB more
Yamaha Montage Demo

Bert Smørenburg gives us his take on the new monster synth
Ampeg PF-50T

Nice beastly looking 50 watt amp from Ampeg
MOTU Thunderbolt Windows

Here they come
Elysia Karacter

From subtle to brutal there a lot of Karacter in this unit

Designed to capture singing, playing, drumming and speaking in studio-grade quality
MatrixBrute Sound

Sebastien made a couple of patches for us
ROLI Lift Dimension

Raphael demonstrates the Lift dimension of expression
Pop Audio

Pop Audio release their pop screens to the World
Roadie Tuner

Handled automatic tuner gets you in key and keeps an eye on yr strings
Dymo Cable Labellers

DYMO wants us to sort our s*&^ out
Mackie DC16

Its big and it talks Dante, and it has plenty of LCD displays
Aodyo Wireless Wind

With through air technology
Mellotron Micro

A new baby sized Mellotron

The range just keeps on expanding
DIY Formant Synth

A complete labour of love
Antelope Audio Zen Tour

High end portable Thunderbolt and USB audio interface with touch screen
Empirical Labs Distressor

A modern classic that you will find in almost all high end studios
Antelope Audio Goliath

Billed as their most impressive sounding and versatile interface yet
Sennheiser Apogee Mics

Two new USB microphones from some of the leading manufacturers
Lab4Music MIDI Router

Turns your keyboard into a MIDI powerhouse
Universal Audio Question Time

Gannon has some answers for you
Earthworks Microphones

A run down of the latest microphone technology from Earthworks
DPA Microphones

A new range of multi-functional clip on mics
Akai Advanced 2.0

Andy Mac takes us through the new features
Cymatic Network Devices

AES67 Standard, multichannel playback, record, sync
Denon MCX8000

Tools for remixing on-the-fly and standalone functionality
Patchblock Keyboard and More

The multifunctional instruments get more updates
Patchblock for Eurorack

The Patchblocks formats comes to Eurorack
Avid Everywhere

We get the run down
WaveLab Pro 9

Check out the new features for WaveLab 9
Yamaha LA-TA

Reverb and chorus inside the body of this acoustic guitar!!
Tascam New Range

A new interface, bluetooth speakers and a neat looking portable mic/recorder

Beautifully designed analog summing mixers and pre-amps
Antelope Audio LiveClock

A portable BNC word clock for all your live clocking needs!
Zoom U-24 and U-44

These neat little interfaces look very nice indeed!
Arturia Keystep

Sebastien does his thing

Nori Ubukota takes us through his instrument
Universal Audio Satellite USB

A Satellite for your Windows machine!
Polyend Sequencer

A beautiful looking step sequencer with no menu diving!
Spatial Audio Designer

A new plug-in for creating 3d spaces on your regular headphones
Apogee ONE for Mac

2 in 2 out Swiss army knife for personal recording and production
Dasz Instruments Alex

A truly scaleable synthesizer and sequencing platform
Nord Drum 3

We take a look at the newest Nord Drum
Dynamount Robot Mic

Find the sweetspot
Pioneer Toriaz Sp-16

So someone finally did it
Softube Modular

Doepfer and Intellijel included and more to come!
IsoAcoustic Speaker Stands

Paul takes us through the science behind isolated speaker stands
Radial Engineering