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IK iLoud Monitors

Compact monitoring solution
2Box Drumit Three Drum Brain

4GB RAM, 15 pad inputs, universal triggers
Avid S6L Console

Massive Attack live engineer talks design and more
Kii Audio

Huge range, extremely flat response
Radial Eng New boxes

Always have Interesting Useful Boxes
EAW Adaptive Array tech

Ever wondered how the latest PA tech works?
Fraunhofer flat panel speakers

A lot of technology crammed into a small space
Dizengoff Audio Chicago Sound

Classic Tube designs with a Chicago Twist
300-20k Celestion Driver

300-20,000Hz with No Crossover - really?!
New ATC speaker

Small but perfectly formed
Sonic Farm Preamp family

There's some lovely produce down on their Farm
HUM Stereo Ribbon mic

It's a Beast, don't drop it, it'll do damage. To the floor.
Ampeg Classic & Scrambler

Ampeg SCR-DI spawns new offspring
Focusrite Red4, Red8 Pre

Two New Interfaces from Audio Gurus
Cool running Sparks

Safe Spark Machine for Indoor Use
Celestion Speaker IRs

Fed Up with shoddy IRs They Did Their Own
Funnel Tunnel

Fit a Tiny Isolation Chamber to your Microphone
Vision Ears In-Ears

From Affordable to Ouch
iPad Notation App

Komp is Worth Getting An Apple Pen For
Rode VideoMic Pro Plus

Updates make it even more useful
Music Through Lightwaves

First showing of impressive new technology
Townsend Sphere Mic

Multiple Personality Microphone
MAS Bass Cabs

Perfect Partner for Tantra
Tantra Bass Amp

Coupling with a MAS Cab gets Deep Down n Dirty
Teknosign Summing Amp

Italian Designer Gear At Its Finest
New Drawmer Controllers

Two new monitor controllers, surround sound too
Earthworks Mic

Sounds pretty good too
Rodelink Performer

and a Desktop Receiver too
Aaten Cantaar 24track

Super high end multiformat field recorder
Zylia Multitrack Mic

Extract Multitrack recordings from a single session
Tuna Knobs and Mixers

Physical knobs for touchscreen devices
iRig Acoustic Stage

Clip on mic for acoustic guitars etc
Earn With Shutterstock

Submit and get a gig
Hedd Series 20 Monitors

Compact midfield studio monitors Booth

Martha shows us round the booth
Tascam Cassette

CDA580, Network Audio Recorder, US-1x2
Glyph Storage Solutions

And the full range, RAIDs too
Antelope Audio Orion Studio

Antelope Audio announces refresh of their pro audio interface at Musikmesse 2017
NonLinear Labs C-15

High resolution instrument capable of some pretty lovely sounds
SPL New Products

Crimson 3, 7.1 Mix, Madicon
MOTU AVB Interfaces

MADI, Digital and Lightpipe
KeyLab Essentials

A 49 and 61 note version of the popular keyboard controller
Hartmann 20k Synth

Hewn from solid aluminium
Softube Modular LPG

Just out for their Modular software system
Mackie Big Knob

A look at the new range of Monitor controllers
StudioLive 24

Two new additions to the StudioLive digital mixer/recorder series
Waldorf Quantum

All kinds of synthesis and a touch screen
Allen Heath QU Mixers

Not new but some cool features