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Moog Sub 37 First Look Prototype

All you could wish for and two note operation?
UAD Apollo Twin

High resolution desktop music interface with classic analog sound
Phase 99 from MXR

A look at two new pedals from MXR
Vox Tone Garage Pedals

The V8 distortion, Flat 4 boost, Straight 6 drive, Trike fuzz and Double Deca Delay

Two pedals you absolutely have to listen to - now!
Daddario Strings

We were strung along by D'Addario!
Updated Matchless Avalon 30

One of Matchless' best known products gets the once-over
Tom Quayle Fibenare

The modern fusion master has a new axe - and he's pretty chuffed about it!
Kevin Godley Interview

New iOS app brings musicians together with revenue sharing
Supro Amps

We get a preview of THREE new Supro Amps - the classic tone is back
A personal thankyou from Rich and Rob

Just a little video to say thanks, ya filthy animals
Fender Custom Shop Tele

Oh, it's got a Bigsby too, now I'll HAVE to buy one...
Mike Dawes Talks

We chat to Mike at NAMM 2014 - in the midst of his US tour

Custom Italian speaker cabs for guitar and bass
Temple Audio

Lightweight pedal board with a brilliant solution to messy cables and wires
TC Electronic Ditto X2

Because if something's worth doing twice, it's worth doing twice!
Knaggs Guitars

High-end guitars from one of the fastest-rising companies in the industry
Joe DuPlantier Signature

Gojira's Joe DuPlantier gets a new signature model available to the public
Moon Modular

Guided tour of the large cabinet and sequencer
Freaqbox Murmux

Murmux Initiate, Murmux Semi Modular and Pedal Synth
New Sony PCM D-100 Audio Recorder

Better than the D50 in many ways apparently
Temple Audio Boards

Lightweight pedal board with a brilliant solution to messy cables and wires
Nektar controllers with BitWig integration

Nektar to Distribute BitWig in UK & USA too
M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro

The all new drum controller from M-Audio
Muse Research

Drum System with KAT, Digital Sound Factory
Slate Digital Virtual Mic

Transform one mic to another
F-Pedals powered without wires

We caught up with rock royalty Eddie Kramer to talk about his new product
Aerodrums Totally Rock!

Air drumming made real
New Aria vocal mic from Sontronics

Tube condenser microphone with a fixed cardioid pattern
Alesis IO Dock 2

At last, new connector means longer lasting
iOS Preview - AudioBus, Stereo Designer

We get a look before it's released
Zoom Q4 Recorder

High qaulity lense and HDMI output
Avid S3L Live System

Compact Live system uses Venue software at core
Marshall 1973X and 1958X

New handwired combos from Marshall - both with valve-driven tremolo
Alesis Core

24-bit USB CORE Series launches
Embertone Blakus Cello

Lovingly sampled cello instrument
QSC Touchmix

Touchscreen operation compact
UAD Apollo Twin

A chat with engineer Lev Perry
Artist Works Paul Gilbert

We catch up with Paul after his ArtistWorks appearance
Kaoss Pad Ibanez

Yep, this is actually happening - an Ibanez Kaoss Pad guitar
$6000 Guitar Lead

No, we're not lying, and yes, it is made out of gold
JHS Color Box

It's a Neve in a box - and it comes alive in tandem with drive pedals
Ibanez 9 String

One of the flattest neck profiles we've ever seen - and it needs to be
Mod Kits Wahtz

Build your own wah pedal and mod it to your heart's content
Tip Top Circadian Rhythms Sequencer

Circadian Rythms Sequencer

Wave your hands at its space-age looks
Anglebird SSD2GO

Everything you wanted to know about SSD
Gobbler cloud storage for DAW

Get a free 5GB of storage now
Miselu C24 News

Kickstarter project progress
M-Patch 2 Active

Two new models
Realivox Blue

You type, she sings - 12,000 samples
Pittsburgh Modular

Three pre-made synths
Chapman Guitars

Rob Chapman talks through his new guitars and new Silverback amplifier
Demo: Marshal 1962HW

Woah, just woah, this thing has a clean tone to empty your wallet for
Line 6 Amplifi

Tone so good, it should be illegal?
Rob Papen Blue II

Updated version of the BLUE virtual instrument will be on show
Alesis SamplePad and Rack

Updated DM-4 and Pads add sample playback
iConnectivity Audio

Prototype on display
Source Audio Manta Bass Filter

We went to the Source Audio booth at NAMM - and yes, we had some fun
Hot Hands MIDI Controller

The Hot Hands comes to MIDI
Alesis Keytar

Strut your stuff onstage with the updated Alesis Vortex with wireless USB MIDI
Waldorf 2-Pole

Rocket-sized box
Buchla iPatch

10 memories, iPad editor with Todd Barton
PiBass from Ashdown

Mini Bass Head From Ashdown
iZotope Break Tweaker

Some interesting features for the beat freak
A chat with Bitwig

More details
Mojo Hand FX new pedals

Zach Early from Mojo Hand gives us a full demo of the new pedals
Tracktion Five

Some innovative new features in the low cost DAW
THR Updates from Yamaha

Julian Ward talks us through the updated models
Echoplex Preamp

If you like the preamp tone of the old Echoplex units, you'll probably love this
Earl Slick blasts the new 65Amps Whiskey

One of those brilliant NAMM moments - right place, right time
Boutique high gain

New boutique high(er) gain amplifier from 65Amps sounds absolutely rocking
New Night Trains from Vox

Classic JC style clean tones and modern US high-gain - we're impressed
DSP Witchcraft

A big wide stereo field in a tiny combo - black magic is at work, folks
Perfect Pitch from Kemper

What happens when a Brit, a Swede and a German get together? Well, this happens...
Seymour Duncan Pickups

PLUS: New pedals and pickups for 2014 from Seymour Duncan
Dual Dark 50/100

Astoundingly versatile gain range from Orange, with 100 watt and 50 watt options
Casio Privia PX 5S Voices

New pro soundset coming soon for flagship Privia
Dave Smith P12 Desktop

We talk
KMI Strongarm Sustainer

Saddle piece system creatiws infinite sustain.
Center Block Models from Gretsch

Following on from the White Falcon Center Blocks - a more affordable option
Korg RK100s

Korg reimagines their RK-100S Synth/Controller
ROLI Seaboard

Poly aftertouch and poly pitchbend
Tip Top Audio Jam

Nice jam at the Big City Music booth
MS-20 Full Size Kit

Full size, limited edition DIY kit announced
Arturia BeatStep Midi Controller

Compact Control Powerhouse
Fender '57

The classic Fender sounds - but for a new generation of guitarists
X32 V2.0

Public beta available now
Behringer X-Touch

Three models - X-Touch, Compact and Mini - for maximum hands-on control
Fender Vaporizer

An amp that purrs, zaps, and does various other cool stuff!
Jet Duo Jet

Well ain't this guitar just a little bit pretty
Charvel Guthrie Govan

The wait is over, and Charvel's Mike McGregor gives us the low down
Fender Reverb Deluxe

A beautiful big-bodied Fender sound with new features
Behringer X18 Mixer

Built in Wifi router, 18 in 6 out, 100 band RTA
Behringer X Touch Control

X-Touch Mackie Control and X-Touch Compact
Behringer Motorised Faders

Pads, rotaries and aftertouch
Elektron RYTM Analog beats

Analog drum synth with sample layer
Clavia Nord Lead A1

New VA on behind closed doors
M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro

Updated pad controller
American Deluxe Strat Plus

We get a demo of the new Stratocaster Plus System, which is just a little bit great
Touchmark Controllers

Exclusive video of a potentially VERY useful new guitar accessory