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UA Apollo Expanded

More details on the new updates
Roland AIRA MX-1

Latest in the AIRA range integrates it all
Roland JD-XA

Now this looks interesting too
Abstract Data New Modules

Justin Owen gives us the run own of their 5 new modules!
Vox Nuvibe

Legendary effects in a stompbox format
MXL mobile mic solutions

Ladies and Gents, a Lav - for your GoPro
AlphaSphere ME

The AlphaSphere ME is just $200 - wow
Allen Heath powered mixer

ZED series extended with the launch of ZED Power 1000
Line 6 Wireless Relay

No more antennas in the new robust Wireless Relay from Line 6

We caught up with Roger Linn
Nektar -Bitwig and Mainstage

More deep integration
Synth Rotek Mattson Modules

A new collaboration with George Mattson
Electro Harmonix B9

Turn your guitar into a classic '60s organ
Radikal Technologies RT451

New dual multi-mode filter
Dialtone Pickups

Change the sound of your pickups on the fly
Omnisphere 2

Eric Persing gives Sonicstate a look
CME X-Key 37

Extra external ports, a new keybed and editor
Focusrite Clarett Thunderbolt

Focusrite's new range covers full price range
Strymon Synth Jam

This is what happens when you give a guitarist a synth
WMD and SSF New Modules

A collaborative effort for some new pieces all put together in a neat little package
Noise Engineering New Modules

The hardest to pronounce modules in the business!
Guitar Synthesizer from Vo

We caught up with Paul Vo who showed off the Vo 96 and new Vo Wand
Firehawk FX from Line 6

Over 200 amplifier and effects models in one unit
Line 6 + Yamaha

The first collaboration between Line 6 and Yamaha
Realitone The Ladies 2.0

New features for solo and section work
LANDR online Mastering

The LANDR cloud service has big plans
Tracktion 6 Preview

Plenty of new features
Suit & Tie Guy

The best dressed guy at NAMM
Malekko Modules

Super useful utility modules!
Sonar new stuff

We get a look in the quiet room
Nord Electro 5

Evolution of a stage classic
Miselu C.24

Updates on the iPad keyboard case
Oberheim SEM Eurorack

And a phaser too - more coming we hear
Yamaha Vintage Synths

Essential viewing SY2 through CS80 to VL3
Koma Elektronik

Christian gives us a run down of their new super sequencer
Tip-Top Audio

Circadian Rhythms and those beautiful new Serge modules
65 Amps Lil' Whiskey

We get to hear the Colour Face and the Colour Bender
In Conversation with Alessandro Cortini

The Nine Inch Nails synth guru gives us a look at his make noise rig
Beautiful reverb and phase from the Crazy Tube guys

Hear three new pedals from the Greek pedal company
Phase and Vibes from TC

Hear the two new pedals from TC Electronic in action
V 3.0 from Kemper

Cristoph Kemper talks us through the new updates

Master luthier Joe Knaggs talks to SonicState
Richard Devine and Surachai

The headline says it all really...
Sub Machine & Il Torino

We go way down low... but also get a little high
One for the bass guys!

Distortion designed with bassists in mind
Way Huge from Dunlop

New pedals from Way Huge in action - Jeorge Tripps has been busy
It really is a baby!

We said Mooer had the cutest wah pedal but now we've changed our minds
Blackstar Bluetooth Amplifier

Bass, electric, acoustic and music playback in one little package
Good Vibes from EHX

Vibrato and chorus pedal from EHX with that old uni vibe... if you know what we mean
Pitchfork through a C9

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, so much yes
Super Pulsar Stereo Tremolo

We hear it in action at the EHX booth at NAMM
Tape Flange from Catalinbread

Instead of pressing your thumb on the flange - press your foot down on the switch
C9 Organ from EHX

Felipe gives us a rundown of the new C9 organ pedal
Vermono 14 Mono Synth

14 Years of Vermona being back in the synth game
Verbos Electronics

Mark shows us his new touch keyboard and his new envelope
A Meeting With Herr Doepfer

Lovely to finally meet the founding father...
A chat with Tom Erbe

We talked plugins and modular with Tom Erbe
Expert Sleepers USAMO

Os's first non modular product
Expert Sleepers FH1

Connect your MIDI controllers to your modular
Pro Tools Free Collaboration

We get a look at some of the new features
Bitwig 1.2

New version coming soon
Akai Advance

We talk details with Dan Gill
Elektron Overbridge

Audio routing and a sneak of the UI for the editor
Plate reverb from Catalinbread

Make shimmering clean verbs or bulk up your gain tones
Gorgeous new trem from Catalinbread

That classic Valco Supro trem sound in a pedal
Catalinbread Antichthon - Out of this world

It's not from another planet - it's from another universe
Studio Electronics Eurorack Modules

Marc St Regis takes us through the new line of eurorack modules
Frap Tools UNO

A neat new folding case system from Italy
Pittsburgh Modular

Richard Nichols shows us the new pieces
Kilpatrick Audio Phenol

Kickstarter champion comes to NAMM
Ventures in to drum land go badly wrong

Just to give you an idea of HOW LOUD NAMM IS
One for the fanned boys

Ibanez shows off prototype at NAMM for fanned fret Iron Core guitars
Digitech Trio

It's like having a bass player and a drummer - only with more intelligence
Qu-Bit Electronix

We get a look at 4 new modules...'s a baby wah

The baby wah folds out to become a, well... toddler wah
New JHS for 2015

Two new pedals from JHS at NAMM
Keith McMillen Instruments K-Mix

Audio Interface, Programmable Mixer, Control Surface!
Orange updates the Crush series

The Crush range has been updated
Updates to A Little Thunder

Andy Alt takes us through the pickup that adds bass to your guitar
Orange's new 'clean' bass amp

New Class A amps for bassists from Orange
More Make Noise Modules!

Two new modules we didn't see with Tony
4ms Modules

The prettiest lights we've seen all show!
Jomox T-Rackoniser

A eurorack version of the popular T-Resonator
Dave Smith True Analog Poly

So a true analog poly is possible..
Arturia Beatstep Pro

Pads on steroids
Korg MS-20 Kit and SQ-1

More synth goodness
Les Paul Monitors

If you didn't already know about these - this is worth a watch
Korg Odyssey

A quick look at the new reissue
Fender Vibrolux

Pleasing to the eye - even more pleasing to the ear
Two clean channels!?

Tone guru gets his own signature Deville
Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators

Three tiny little machines!
2015 USA Fender Strat

Tim Shaw humbucker pup and split pot gives a whole new sound to the Strat
Waldorf nw1

Waldorf's first step into the world of modular
Gibson Guitars 2015

We take a look at the entire 2015 Gibson range with adjustable brass nut
Novation Launchpad Pro

Thavius Beck shows us
Presonus New Products

Ray Tanzen gives us a look at the new product announcements
Arturia Audio Fuse

Glen Darcy takes us through the new baby
Casio XW-PD1 Hello!

First look at the new hardware from Casio
Akai Timbre Wolf

Who guessed this was coming?
Moog Sub 37 Firmware

New sequencer functions
UA Apollo Expanded

Next generation audio interface
Roland Blues Cube Updated

You could soon get your favourite guitarist's amp sound
RADAR Studio

The worlds first integrated DAW
Make Noise First Look

Tony Rolando gives us a look at 3 new modules from Make Noise
Roland JDXi

Roland's new "Synth Crossover"
Tom Oberheim Two Voice

A faithful recreation of a classic - but with some interesting new features
Rock and Roll High

A new way of learning guitar for the rockstars of tomorrow
GTC Revpad

A pad surface which allows you to control EIGHT effects with one finger