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AJH Eurorack Modules

Alan took us through their latest additions
Fender Paramount Acoustics

New premium range of acoustics from Fender
Fender Bassbreaker Amps

Fender introduce the Bassbreaker Amp range
Denon MCX8000

No Computer required
Chapman Guitars

Numark Dashboard

Hide away that laptop and DJ freely
Intellijel Cases and more

Neat new case adds a 1 U rail and modules,
Blackfly Spring FX

Metallic Swarm Generator
ROLI Rise 49

More keys you can express yourself with
Studio Electronics Tonestar

New modules and more
ExpertSleepers Disting Updates

SD Card and 40 - yes 40 new functions
AQA Dual SVF and more

QLFO, Triple Envelope Generator, 24dB LPF
Toppobrillo Mixer

Stereo Eurorack four channel mixer
Tegler Analog Compressor

Ethernet connected, for model and settings recal
DiGiGrid Networked Audio

Networked IO for the home studio
Modal 008R Poly

Rackmount version of the big boy and DSP IO card
Soundtrack Loops in Stems

Massive sound library covers many musical genres
Frap Tools

Italian modular, modular cases
Birdkids Modular

Ausitrian modular manufacturer show off their full system
Bitwig Touchscreen Action

Play your DAW like an Instrument
Zoom ARQ

Like an electronic drum donut. Sort of
MFB Drum Machines

Two new drum machines from the Berlin residents
Hex Inverter Mutant Snare

The next baby in the family of Mutants
SSF Gatestorm

Andrew from SSF shows of the Gatestorm
Soulsby Synths Oscitron

The first Eurorack module from Soulsby

The shuttle has landed
Soulsby Synths Odytron

Limited edition 8 bit analogue replication

A variable width bandpass filter and a voltage controlled mixer
Marc Doty and the Moog

Let me tell you a story...
Wordpress at NAMM

Wait, what?
Presonus Monitors

New Studio Monitors from Presonus
Korg Nano Series

Korg nanoKEY Studio and nanoKONTROL Studio
Signature Strat for The Edge

U2's The Edge gets a signature Strat
5 New Pedals from EHX

Five new pedals from EHX for 2016
Vermona Modular

Two channels of analogue percussion
Fender Magnificent Seven

Well Magnificent 13 but, you know...
OWC Solutions

Performance enhancing add-ons for your computer
Universal Apollo

New Apollo Units from Universal Audio
Apollo Twin from UA

Apollo USB and Version 8.5 Software
Fender Elite Series

Fender's upped the bar for high performance guitars
Noise Engineering

Stephen gave us the rundown on everything for 2016
Verbos Electronics

Mark was on hand to give us the lowdown on these new pieces
Snazzy FX

Snazzy Dan takes us through the range for 2016
Doepfer New kit

Blackface vintage, Trapezoid core Osc and more
Nord Piano 3

Tasty sounds from the next gen stage piano
Roland Juno DS88

Playable ideas machine has classic Roland PCM sounds
Hero 4 Session

New form factor for GoPro Hero 4
Boutique A01

New sequencer, arpeggiator and 8-bit synth
Studio 192 Mobile

High res mobile input for USB 3.0
Stillson Hammer Mk2

4 track performance sequencer for live performance
Tascam DR-701D

HDMI and BNC for TC input
Malekko Varigate 4

Baseck was on hand to give us the lowdown on the Varigate 4
BioTek Synth Plug

Synth from Tracktion is most unusual
Marshall Code Digital Amp

Marshall venture back into the digital world...and it's a return to form
ZVEX Goes Modular

The long time pedal manufacturer takes the first steps into the modular realm
Abstract Data

Justin gave us the run down
Audio Damage

Chris Randall takes us through the new modules
KMI K-Board Pro 4

Multi dimensional poly expression
Bastl Instruments

Vaclav takes us through the new modules
Earthquaker Devices

The guys over at Earthquaker have been busy
Beat Buddy drum machine

Foot powered drum machine
Synthrotek Systems

Steve at Synthrotek takes us through the full systems
4ms Dual Looping Delay

One final update before release
UVI developer chat

Monter synth engine from France
Qu-Bit Electronix

Andrew takes us through their offerings for 2016
Expose Control

We finally get to see it
MOTU Updates

New workflow and network audio gets some love
Milled Aluminium Guitars

Aloooominum guitars from 660
Roadie Automatic Tuner

Automatic tuning and so much more
Minilogue and Designer

We chat to Tatsuya, the brains behind Korg's analog revival
Presonus RM Cascading

New feature allows up to 64 channels with two mixers
Tumnus, Ethereal, Mini Ego

Three new pedals from the guys in Indiana
Rossum Electro-Music

3 New modules from the veteran synth designer
Teenage Engineering OP-Z

16 track multitimbral synthesiser with fully sequenceable parameter locks, video synthesis and the introduction of step components.
Korg Volca FM 6op

We talk to Tatsuya about the new Volca
Intellijel Jellysquasher

Every flavour of distortion and compression ever needed to crush your signals
Intellijel Rainmaker

16tap Delay, Granular Pitchshifter and Comb Resonator
Tiptop Audio

Gur gives us the run down on all the new things that are coming this year!
Strymon Generalissimo Eurorack Delay

First Eurorack module from yet another entry into the modular world!
Vox Starstream

Vox Starstream
Arturia Matrix Brute

Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms

All-in-one synth voice and a pressure sensitive keyboard with arp, seq and more!
iConnectivityAUDIO 2+

New USB audio interface from iConnectivity
Tom Oberheim and Dave Smith's OB6

Dave Smith shows us the new OB6
Three new Pocket Operators

Three new Pocket Operators from Teenage Engineering
Oberheim SEM Plus and Mini Sequencer

Nick talks to Tom Oberheim
Make Noise Tempi

Tony gives us the full run down of the new Tempi module
IK Multimedia

We take a look at the new offerings from IK Multimedia
Waldorf New Modules

VCA, MOD, Compressor and KB37 Eurorack Case
Make Noise System Cartesian

A new 104HP 3u system to demonstrate the power of a small system
6505 Piranha from Peavey

6505 Piranha from Peavey
In-Ear Monitors from Fender

Fender's first venture into the in-ear monitor market
Earthquaker Devices Preview

We get a heads up from Earthquaker Devices
Make Noise 0-Coast

A Sneak peek on preview day of their new standalone full voice