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Rodelink DSLR System

New 2.4GHz Digital Filmmaker Kit looking pretty good
Spitfire Audio Swarm and more

Evo Grid Strings and Mural Ensembles also released
VoiceLive 3 Extreme

Load and play entire songs and automate effect changes
Antelope 8-ch Mic-Pre

New Mic Pre joins other drool-worthy Antelope herd
Rode NTG4 shotgun mic

World's First Rechargeable Shotgun
Apogee Sennheiser Lav mics

Twins in fact - Clip Mic Digital and MKE2 Digital
Hughes and Ketner TriAMP

SO MUCH AMP in one enclosure
Sweet Ribbon from RODE

Rode plus Ribbon equals Win?
Tascam USB 3.0 Io and 64-Ch recorder

DA-6400dp and US-20x20 to be precise
icon Q-ConPro G2

Prototype shows plenty of display area and meter bridge
Presonus CS18AI

Control surface for up to 64c hannels of RM AI mixer
UVI Orchestral Suite

60 instruments in a compact footprint
RME Babyface Pro

RME founder Matthias Carstens shows us their cute new baby
Nektar P4 and Mainstage

More developments in the integration
Waldorf Attack iPad

New version available soon
Rode Wireless Mic

New 2.4GHz Digital Filmmaker Kit looking pretty good
connect multiple Ensembles

Apogee announces multi-unit support for Ensemble Thunderbolt Audio Interface
Wireless Guitar FX Pedals

Control your effects when away from your pedal board
Bastl Instruments Thyme

A look at the new Thyme prototype and their desktop range
Mode Machines

A look at the full range on offer from Mode Machines
JoBoMusic Flexion

A unique new soft synth that uses what they call construction synthesis
Erica Synths Graphic VCO

Erica Synths give us a look at their Graphic VCO and more
Reactable On Your Mac or PC

Using your touch surface to play with Reactable
Multiclock Tightens Up

From the DAW to the machines

Ultralite AVB
X-AIR Range

Little box of big DSP
Kenton Electronics

MIDI Thru, D-Sync and prototype to add swing
Behringer X-Touch updates

Shipping soon we are told
Dreadbox Erebus and More

See the Erebus and the new range of CV guitar pedals
Zynaptiq Morph 2

Not just voices, but two separate mixes
Koma Elektonik Komplex Updates

Updates on the Komplex Sequencer and nice little explanation
Tip-Top Audio Updates

Updates on those beautiful Serge modules and more Shuttle Control and More

Here is a look at the full system from
Pittsburgh Modular Game System

The synthesizer can now play 80s retro games!
Roli Equator

ROLI says that Equator is a groundbreaking new way to shape sound
XAOC Devices

Polish modular manufacturers show us their new devices
Slate Digital Z3 Station

Increase your workflow with the mother of all touch interfaces
Sound Machines Mind Control for Modular

A look at some very interesting modules from Italy!
Overbridge Editor - Working

Working plug-in editor on show
Marshall Astoria

We get the low down on the new line from Britain's most famous amp company
Swiss Relish

Aluminium frame electric guitars with hollow bodies and solderless tech
Malekko New Modules for 2015

Something that is not from Roland...
Schmidt -Oh My

Oscillators, Filter and more
Stereo Ditto from TC

Standard-sized stompbox with a world of functionality
Analog amp for pedal board

Analog amplifier that's the size of a pedal
Apollo On Windows

Windows for Firewire users

Lego for music geeks!
Digitech Obscura Delay Demo

The new era of Digitech continues to impress
4ms Sampler Prototype

Dan Green gives us a look at a prototype sampler
Bastl Instruments New Modules

3 new modules introduced with the Rumburack complete system
Malekko and System 500

We talk to josh about the collaboration
Bastl Instruments Sensor Modules

Bring the outside world into your modular and vice versa
AIRA Modular Customizer

More in the software editor
East Wick Cases

New cases from our friends at London Modular
AJH Synth MiniMod

A Mini Moog Model D in your eurorack
Classic Pultec sound going for a song

Classic Pultec sound going for a song
S-CAT & Oram Dubsta-Delay Box

Prototype S-CAT & Oram Dubsta-Delay Box looks Badass
Four new little lovelies from the 500-meister

Four new little lovelies from the 500-meister
Boss SY-300 Polyphonic Demo

Alex Hutchings demos the pedal's full capabilities
Pittsburgh Patch Box Demo

Richard gives us a full look at the new offering
Wall of tone from GHFX

All of the new pedals and treats from Greenhouse
H&K TriAmp MkIII

We take a very quick look through the amp
The latest addition to the Gibson family...

They're flying high, or is it free-falling? Hard to tell...
Presonus Studio 192

New USB 3.0 Interfaces with Fat Channel
GHFX Selftitled Deluxe Demo

The cartridge-based system will be available in August
GHFX Sonic Orb and Double Edge

Two of the new pedals from the Israeli pedal company
Abstract Data Octocontroller in Depth

Justin Owen gives us an in depth look at the multifunctional module
Boss SY300

A polyphonic guitar synth which takes a jack input
UA Apollo convertors

This is what the new units use
4ms Dual Looping Delay

A brand new module for MusikMESSE
4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator Updates

The winner of the most creative module at NAMM gets updated
Great Beatstep Pro Demo

8 Brutes and the Beatstep Pro
Roland JD-Xa

With Scott Tibbs
JD-XA Quick Peak

A quick run through some presets before the full overview video
Make Noise Telharmonic Updates

Tony Rolando gives us a look at the updates to the Telharmonic module
Two More From Modal

002R non-keyboard rackmount version of the 002 is available with 8 or 12 voices
Modal 8 Voice Analog

True VCOs with 002 type control
AIRA Analog Modules

Made in conjunction with Malekko
AIRA Eurorack

New Digital Modules too
Moog MiniFooger Flange

A look at the new Flange pedal from Moog
UA New Apollos!

New hardware and a Firewire version for PC users
Moog MiniFooger Chorus

A look at the new Chorus pedal from Moog
Nord Stage 2 Ex

A preview of the updated keyboard from Nord
Nektar Updates Add Plenty

Smart control, Reaper and Komplete Kontrol
Pittsburgh Modular Patchbox

We got in the way while the guys were setting up their booth