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Lionstracs Groove XR demo

Run your whole live show from one box
Single Ended Amplifier Times Drei

Clever German engineering on the Drei
NLog Synth Pro for iPad demo'd

Looks pretty comprehensive too
Brandon Ryan shows Matrix recording in Sonar X1

Skylight interface of Sonar X1 allows new ways to record
Tone Print FX pedals from TC

The Tone Print thingy seems like a neat idea
New RH750 Bass Amp from TC Electronics

TH750 hits the scene
Sonoma Wire Works GuitarJack

Best Ever iPad IO for Recording?
Sound Trends iPad App Collection

Cool stuff at the Sonoma Wireworks booth
Superbooth Hits London

The Carousel Will be in the RoundHouse
Roland VR-5 Video-Audio Mixer

New VR-5 offers video and audio mixing and live streaming
Yamaha Pacifica Guitars updated

Custom Shop ethos Yamaha Style
New Yamaha A-Series Acoustics

With slim necks & new pre-amp
UAD gets Lexicon 224, SPL and Brainworx plug-ins

UAD-2 gets Lexicon 224 plus SPL & Brainworx Plugins
Some Analogue At Digitech

The latest gear, and a bit of a surprise from Digitech
The Missing Link - wireless OSC-to-MIDI

Well, kinda - it's a neat iPod-to-MIDI solution
Versatile Tones From Egnater

Demonstration of the Tweaker and the Armageddon
Know Everything About The OPC

A truly thorough look at the OPC
Bob Moog Tribute Library

Eric Persing gives us a Demo
RME Fireface direct to USB recording

Record 60 Channels on a USB drive - No Computer Needed!
Alesis IO Dock for iPad

Pro Connectivity for your iPad
Numark M8 DJ Mixer

New Numark Messe Mixer
Numark NS6

First European Showing for the NS6
Messe 2011 Superbooth Tour

The yearly treat for Analog Synth Fetishists
Apps a-la-mode From Soundtrends

Creative production tools available
Alesis MicTube

Single or dual-channel operation with the MicTube Solo and MicTube Duo
iNuke editor

6k with DSP EQ, setup, limiter and configuration
Sontronics New Stuff

Pre-EQ'ed for a right out of the box sound
Waldorf Lector Vocoder

Very smooth vocoder plug-in
Marshall Take It To Five

And the head to match
Amplitube Custom Shop

Build your own rig online and play it anywhere
Kenton new stuff

Nifty USB-MIDI without computer
Inspired By Black Sabbath

The inspiration behind the new gear
Microphones With A Difference

The latest range of microphones from Blue
Two Notes Torpedo

Two Notes Engineering - Power Soak Convolution
Four Channels of Gain

One of the first looks at this 4 channel monster
Eowave Domino

New Mono Synth, sensors and modules
Nord Electro 3 HP

A quick look at the hardware.
Metal Bassist Talks Tone

Johny Chow gives us an exclusive low-down on his tone
Innovative Audio Gear

Wireless audio systems and innovative audio interfaces
John Bowen Solaris

There's three of them right here
Very Limited Edition

Only 35 guitars for sale from Seymour Duncan
An Eight String Guitar?

Demonstration of Taylor's high-end products
WayOutWare SynthX

Approved and in the App Store
Simple Innovation

All the new gear from Frankfurt
OMG - Schmidt Poly Synth

Its a MESSE Schmidt analog polysynth
Stanton SCS4DJ

SCS.4DJ is a fully integrated DJ Mixstation with built-in computer, software and controller
Expert Sleepers

Very clever stuff for integrating modular and computer
NIO Analog Dimension 3

Super Funky analog channel with filters
Inner Clock Systems

DIN Sync. MIDI, sample accurate
Doepfer Dark Time

Analog, MIDI, USB and much more.
Korg Wavedrum Mini

Looper and two triggers
Guitar and Synth collide

Guitar and synth collide... with interesting results
Vocal Processing For The Stage

New vocal effects and MP-75 mic

All the details on the new HALion
High Quality Lo-Fi

Realtime lo-fi, compression, and chorus sounds
Roland Quad-Capture

Four to the Floor
Apogee Duet 2

A thing of beauty it is too
Novation Twitch

Forget decks, the touchstrip's the thing
Vermona MKII

Lets have a look then...
Durable, and light as a feather

Guitars made from Carbon Fibre
Roland JP-80 MESSE

SuperNatural Technology and more
rock in a box

On-stage plug-in hosting solution
The bean of choice

Now in a desktop size bean model
Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2

Small footprint version of the digital console
Arturia Spark

Hybrid Drum machine
Dedicated audio computer

Smart audio hub for musical apps
How very xpansive

Xpander fully compatible with X Desk
Kicking out vintage and modern tones

HT5 with reverb and the ISF feature
Lightweight Keyboard Workstation

It's light, and the price might be right
Speakers to the power of 4

New range of active loudspeakers
Korg Monotribe

Monotron's big bro ads seq and drums
ROland Jupiter 80

Howard Jones shares his thoughts on the new flagship