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GigRig Quatermaster and Z-Cable

You have to check this stuff out!
Boutique Pedals from Israel

Boutique Pedals from Israel
Emre demos the DTX560K

Emre Ramazanoglu in full swing
Zvex new pedals

More unusual stomps
Blackstar HT5-TH Amp

It's Blackstars 5th birthday, what better way to celebrate
KDJ-One mini audio workstation

GameBoy style audio funbox looking good
AudioStation... what can't it do?

Computer based VST host and so much more
nah, THIS... is a Mic ;-)

That's not a mic... THIS is a Mic ;-]
BV1 and BV12 microphones

BV-1 re-issued, plus new BV12 mic
SPL use the force

Elemental, Dear Watson
New Roland Stage Amps

Quick look the new GA-212 amp
Amazing new spherical controller

Seen 'The Sleeper', anyone?
Rack Extensions Dev Chat

Sonic Charge coming soon
Sonoma Guitar Tone

New GuitarTone App coming
Cubase 6.5 New Stuff

Quick look at some new features
Eigenlabs Workbench updates

Massive routing and configuration options
Crane Song Titan

What goes into a new design
Roland TD15KV Drums

Supernatural cymbals
Casio XW-P1 More

Synth and orchestral from lead and Hex
Ribbon Synthesizer

Looks like a bass cannon
Doepfer Dark Energy 2

First outing for the new revision - and why
SpinDoctor 2 from T-Rex

Triode Programmable Preamp from T-Rex
New ToneBugs from T-Rex

4 New Tone Bugs From T-Rex
i-VOG From Little Labs

Voice Of God Bass Resonance Unit
Digital Amps from Blackstar?

A 100W programmable head?
Sonora 2 Update

Update on the Sonora 2
Lindell 500 Series Units

500 Series Modules
Grossmann Speaker Iso Box

Grossmann lets you rock, but without complaints
CopperLAN enabled CV Controller

CopperLAN enabled CV Controller
Presonus StudioOne update

New amp sims, cloud sharing and more
MFB Dominion X

Programmable Analogue Synthesizer from MFB
Alesis IOMix 4ch iPad Dock

Prototype, but coming soon
SMPro Audio

Lots more to come
StudioLogic Sledge Polysynth

Large synth powered by Waldorf
iPad controller for the 1818

New iPad controller for 1818
New Gibson Les Paul Standard

Lighter and and with more tone control
iStomp History

The roots of the iStomp
Power Amps from Crown

A quick look at the latest Crown Audio Power Amps
Band Manager 2 from Crown

Networking controller for XTI Amplifiers
Wireless Mics from AKG

New Wireless Mics from AKG
New Passive Speakers from JBL

More Live Speakers from JBL
Very High End Live Speakers from JBL

High-End Live Speaker Solution from JBL
Studio Speakers from Dynaudio

Studio Grade Monitors from TCs Dynaudio
Closer Look At The Portico II

A Closer Look at the Portico II from Neve Designs
Rupert's Mystery Product Revealed

Neve's New 5059 Satellite
TC Electronic Spark

Latest TonePrint pedal from TC
New Hardware and Software from U-He

New Hardware and Software from U-He
New Electric and Acoustics from Yamaha

New range of Pacificas and acoustics from Yamaha
Electro 4D from Nord

Improved Organ Engine from Nord
TonePrint Bass Combo from TC

16Kg 250watt bass combo WITH toneprint from TC
CopperLAN Update

A quick update from the networking geniuses
Stereo Video Mic from Rode

Mini Stereo Video Mic from Rode
Hand-Wired AC4

New Handwired AC4 from Vox
MicroKeys from Korg

New Micro controllers from Korg
Lil' Looper from Vox

A Lil' Loop station from Vox
ISA Two From Focusrite

New Dual Mono Mic Pre from Focusrite
New Apache Range from Vox

It's a great concept...
For the guitarist who has too many pedals and not enough feet

For the guitarist who has too many pedals and not enough feet
Signature JVM from Marshall

New Signature JVM Head from Marshall
Fully Analogue Bassline Synth

Fully Analogue Bassline Synth from Eowave
Korg's 'Game Changer'

The game has been changed
Roland New JP-50

And new OS for JP-80 too
Orange 2012 Line Up

Catch up with the lastest changes in the world of Orange
Propellerheads Figure iOS App

Reason engine in your phone