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Matchless Amps are lovely

mmmm Nice
Jackson Custom tour

30th Anniversary tour
Heritage Guitars - classic

The boys from Gibson carry on
Randall RT Series

RT Series all tube
Olympus LS-11 Audio recorder

LS-11 - more RAM n stuff
Massive Passive for UAD

Universal Audio partners with Manley Labs to unleash EQ plug-ins for UAD-2
Samson 2010 Roundup

Airline Micro, XP510i Porta PA, AuroActive speakers
Presonus Studio One Updates

Version 1.1 adds a wealth of features
Daisy Rock stock

A look at what the girls get
Telefunken dynamic and condenser

M-80 all purpose dynamic, AR-51 Tube Mic
Line6 Pod X free updates

Fender G-Dec jamming partner

Digital amp with brains to match
Line6 Spider IV Updates

Free software update provides over 25 additional effects and a computer-based editor-librarian
myMIX network audio recorder

And personal monitor system
Linux DAW on a stick

Trinity Audio Group say 14 minutes and your done
Line6 Wireless System

Relay system goes global
Fender US Special

Telecaster and two Stratocaster guitar models debut
GruvGear V-Cart Solo trolley

Flexible gear trolley makes light work
PRS Guitars - nice

Chappers sizes them up
Behold Gibson

We are underwhelmed
Michel Lag-Chavarris Interview

Michel Lag gets chatty with the Chappers
Numark MixDeck

Play CD, USB, iPod and MIDI control
Digitech Vocalist Live 3

Gender control, why wouldn't you want that?
Miketek studio condenser mics

Handmade in Nashville TN
Waves Eddie Kramer

Chris Lord-Alge, Jack Joseph Puig and Eddie Kramer plug-ins
Boss ME-25 Guitar FX

Rob Marcello shows us how
Digitech JamMen

16 hours enough for you?
65amps - lovely tube tones

Take a listen
Ibanez lust

Chappers takes a look at the new beasts
Numark VS7 Controler

Numark announce the V7 motorized turntable software controller
New Vox guitars from NAMM

Chappers quizzes the designer
Presonus StudioLive 24Ch

New Patch manager too
P3 Phantom powered pedlas

DC Voltage system powers all
Blue Mics new Stuff

en•CORE 100i live instrument microphone announced
You-Rock Guitar Controller

MIDI controller and sound source and game controller
Roland TD12 KX Drums

Roland unveils TD-12KX kit
Kurzweil PC3K

Music legend joins Ray Kurzweil for the launch of the new PC3K synthesizer
Bugera Amps

BC30-212 is an all-valve 30-Watt two-channel valve combo with true tube rectifier
Make Noise Modules

Some deep maths philosophies
Doepfer DIY Synth

New kit form synth from the good Doctor
Milbert Gaga 50 Hot Tube amp

Mix and match for your desired sound
Harvestman Synth Modules

Hertz Donut, Stilton Adapter, Piston Honda
Marshall Class5

New 5 Watt combo kicks it out
iSample iPhone App

Nice use of the multi-touch interface
iZotope Alloy channel plug-in

Nicely designed channel tools
Sampleholics Acoustic Drums $25

Plug a few holes and do it cheap
NIO Iotine Core

Like a Sherman but different
Yamaha DTX950K

New Pads, new brain
Mesaboogie TransAtlantic

Legendary Mesa tone in a lunchbox size
Spectrasonics Trillian and updates

Trillian, Omnisphere and an iPhone App
Metasonix Valve beats

D-1000, and MIDI CV modules
Roland Octopad SPD-30

Loop till you drop the beat
Epik Drums and Ken Scott interview

Interview with Ken Scott too
Teenage Engineering makes some noise

Teenage Engineering OP-1 is real
Ableton - The Bridge

Serato and Live joined at the hip
Mungo Digital Modular Poly

State Zero - massive modular polysynth
The Latest From tip Top Audio

The Latest Gear From Tip Top Audio
An Evil Noise Generator

...It's The Infernal Noise Machine
The Persephone MkII

Video Demo Of The Duophonic Ribbon Controller
Introducing The Swarmatron

Video Demo Of This New Analogue Beast
Tascam Portable Recorders

The Video Lowdown On Tascam's Latest
McDSP Multi Compressor plug-in

New Compressors For Pro Tools
Arturia Origin Updates

Firmware Update & 61 Note Keyboard
Yamaha's Pocketrak Range

World's Smallest 24/96 Portable Recorder
Mark Nason signiature Budda Amp

Leather Clad Amp From The Boys At Budda
Sony PCM-M10 Palm Recorder

Lowdown On The PCM-M10
The Legendary Moog Taurus Is Back

The Bass Beast Is Back
The Eigen Harp

The Latest Instrument From Eigenlabs
Roland's VR-700 Demo

Roland's V-Combo Jobbing Keyboard
Access Virus OS4

OS Upgrade From Access
Altiverb 7

Great New Features For Altiverb

All That's New And A Jackaroo, Too

Music Notation Editing For The Masses
Korg SV-1

The Awesome New SV1 Vintage Keys In Action
Multirack For Waves

Realtime channel processing on live inputs
The New Blackbird Range

Chappers Checks 'Em Out
Surh On Show

Chappers Checks 'Em Out
Chappers Hosts The ESP Lowdown

Chappers Hosts The ESP Lowdown
The Mighty Kaossilator Goes Pro

Korg's Yellow Peril Is Back In Black
The Cakewalk A500 Pro

Cakewalk A500 Pro Gets A Video Demo
Korg's SOS Recorder

Unlimited Tracks And Much More
Classy Mics And More

All The Classy Mics You'll Ever Need
Release The Beast: The impOSCar 2

GForce ReleaseThe Beast!
ION Audio

Vinyl To iPhone With The iProfile
The Multimix USB From Alesis

The Latest Combined USB Mixer & Audio Interface
The DM10 Studio Kit From Alesis

New Drums From Alesis
Synth Station App For Your iPhone

Latest iPhone & iTouch App From Akai
Akai's New Live Controller

Akai's Brand New Compact Live Controller
3 New Updates For The Voicetone

Voicetone Latest From T.C.Electronic
Optitron MTron Expansion

Demo Of The MTron Pro Optigan Expansion Pack
More PowerCore Plug-ins

The latest From T.C.Electronic
Software Controlled Analogue Routing System

Software Controlled Analogue Routing System
Tunes All The Strings At Once

Tune All Your Strings At Once, We Kid You Not
New Audio & Visual Recorders

Two New Audio & Visual Recorders
Groovemaker App workout

Groovy New Groovemaker App Demo
Ample Amps In Amplitube Update

Amplitube 3 Updates & New Stealth Board Stomper
Mopho Keyboard Demo

Dave Smith's Mother Of A Keyboard