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Get Connected

A round-up of what was hot at NAMM
Make Noise Modules

Analog love from Anaheim
Omni TR iPad

Mouse-free driving for Omnisphere
Slash All Over Your Sound

We round-up the guitar amp action from NAMM11
The Ultimate Japanese-Made Gutar

We take a look at the guitar highlights from 2011
JZ Mics

V67, Blackhole series, BT and a super pop-shield
Manley MicMaid

Quickly compare mic and preamp combinations
Capture Frequencies Down To 20Hz

Portable PCM recorder with extra mic'
V-Piano Grand

Played by Yana Resnik
PSP N20 is here

Three years in the making - it better be good
SynthX iPad Synth

iPad optimized synth
Waves Aphex Exciter

Aphex Aural Exciter recreated in a plug-in
Denon MC6000

Denon DJ announce the availability of the DN-MC6000
Blackstar Amps

Tube amps kickin out UK to US tones
Line 6 with the boss

New products round-up with main man Mr Ryle

Wear a rubber suit for your app choice
Omnisphere 1.5 Update

Behold, more synth engine features
Mackie HR Monitors

MRmk2 monitors are designed to redefine the concept of the affordable studio reference monitor
Mackie TH12

Mackie adds TH-12A powered loudspeaker to their Thump Series
Softube TSAR-1

Simple, rich and deep is how they roll
New Line Of Analog Pedals

Highlights of the hottest pedals at NAMM11
Benchmark ADC16

ADC16 multi channel Benchmark quality
IK iMic i record

Record and process vocals on your iPad
Focusrite Rednet

Studio audio networking 128 IO 3ms delay
Handcrafted Cross-Atlantic Gear

Handmade guitars and amps
Behringer Behritone

Just like the Auratone, but powered
McMillen Softstep

In the wild for the first time
Roland GR-55

GR-55 fuses PCM Synthesis and COSM Modeling
KDJ One Mobile DAW

Handheld touchscreen device, Wifi on a MeeGo OS
Big Island Ukeleles

Lovely premium instruments
2011's Fender Custom Range

The latest line of high-end Fenders
Make Noise Modules

Tape splicer and looper
4ms VCA Matrix and...

Mad, bad 4x4 trigger/envelopes
Snazzy FX Dreamboat

New Eurorack Dual Chaotic Oscillator
Fairlight II iPad

50 bucks and you get the whole package
Archwave audio recorder

You may have spotted this tech in a few desks
Alesis DM8 Pro

New stand, pads and cymbals
Fairlight II resissue

Brand new, old
Kurzweil SP4-8

Big piano, small footprint
Tetra Maps Sequencer

New sequencer capabilities from Noisebug
Elektron Octatrack

Shipping in a matter of days
Resampling Mini Delay

E580 Resampling Mini Delay
New Surfin Kangaroo Gear

Updated sequencer and new analog modules
Sonic Reality for Motif XF

Large libraries to fill your flash RAM
Pink Ribbon Guitar

Pink Ribbon guitar in aid of Breast Cancer
Synthwerks FSR-4

Force sensing resistor panel
Radical New Speaker Design

Munro Egg speaker design
ESP X-Tone Range

LTD X-Tone acoustic series
MOTM Cloud Generator

Cloud Generator And Morphing Terrarium
ESP Reign In Blood

New guitars from Metallica and Slayer
Harvestman Stilson Hammer

Scott Jaeger talks tech on the new modules
PRS Private Stock

In-depth interview with PRS Private Stock
UAD-2 Satellite

More UAD-2 fun oustide the box
MOTU Mach 5 v3

Scripting and much more goodness
Zoom G3 Pedal

Guitar effects, amp simulator and USB audio interface in a floor unit
PRS With New Guitars And Amps

New guitars and amps from PRS
Rechargeable Pedals

Red Witch announces the Seven Sisters
Gobbler - Cloud Backup

intelligent off-site backup and catalog software
Xenyx UFX 1604

16:4 i/o, Firewire/USB built-in recording
Indamixx Tablets

And other mobile delights
What's New At EVH?

Wolfgang Custom, Stealth, and the 5150
Rop Papen - Punch

Preview of the new drum instrument
Limited Edition AFD100

Marshall take us through the AFD100
Cubase 6 Highlights

Audio quantize, new amps and
Teenage Engineering Op-1

First batch is already sold out
Eternal Descent Lyra Pedal

Lyra from Eternal Descent immortalised in a pedal
Marshall Malmsteen Amp

It's official - the Malmsteen signature amp does exist
Step Sequencer With Ethernet Control

Noisebug's Tetramaps
Virus OS 4.5

Complex chorus FX and more
Classic Compressors Plug-in

The Classics, but tweaked
Ion Audio's Sound Station

Ion Audio Have The Solution
Asteroids Are Heading Your Way

Bet your Asteroids This'll Be A Hit!
New Mixers From Alesis

New in the range
Turns Your iPad Into A Studio

The Alesis Studiodock
Stomp Boxes From Akai

Huge Range Of Pedals From Akai
Akai's New Interface

USB Connectivity From Akai
Mixers, amps & Rigs

Affordable Gear From Alto Pro Audio
Latest From Numark

Full Lowdown From Newmark
New Amps From Peavey

New Range Of Guitar Heads From Peavey
New Range From Peavey

Video Preview Of The New Session
Two New Blue Mics

Latest From Blue Microphones
Top O' The Range To You

Only The Best from PMC
Quality amps From Bugera

The Latest From Bugera
The Latest From Livewire

The Latest Modules From Livewire
Latest products From Gorillabox

Latest Travel Cases From Gorillabox
Spectrasonic OMG1 - oooh

Exclusive look at Eric Persing's custom instrument
The Software version Of SADIE

The All Software Version Of SADIE
What's New from Gur

Lowdown On Brand New Products
Analogue Haven A-Go-Go

2 New Systems From MacBeth
Rock Your world With Daisy Rock

Love A Daisy Rock Girl Guitar
Get Yourself Noticed

Shiny, Shiny, String 'em Up
Wide Range Of Cans from Sony

Full Lowdown On The New Models

IK Multimedia's New Amp App
Stonking New Bass Amps From Roland

The Cube XL Series
New Roland Interfaces For 2011

Lowdown On Roland's Audio Interface Solutions
Mixing App From Presonus

Access To Mix Parameters Via The iPad
iPad Controller Interface

Studio Logic Controller For iPad
The Affordable Moog Module

Slim Phatty Video Demo
Jam Along To Top Tunes

Jam along to licensed backing tracks
The Moog Voyager XL

Video Demo Of Moog's 61 Note XL
Ibanez J Custom

The Ultimate Japanese Made Guitar
Virtual Brass

Spoonjacks Virtual Instruments
iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch Connectivity

Making Connections
Musebox Nears Production

Little blue box full 'o plugins
It's The Kitara

It's The Kitara
The Guitar That Folds Away

The Guitar That Folds In Half
BT shows StutterEdit

New creative plug-in with iZotope
DJ Interface With Interactive Screen

New Interface For DJ's
Rocklock Locks The Rock

With The Rocklock
Rhodes And More From Waldorf

Rhodes, CP80 & More From Waldorf Zarenbourg
Phonic's Affordable Digital Mixer

The S16 24/96 Mixer
Behringer's Powerplay

A Multitude Of I/O's with CAT5 Headphone mixes
Foot Controlled MIDI

Video Demo Of Softstep MIDI Controller
Sample Logic's Cinematic Guitar Package

New Release from Sample Logic
The 9 Synth Engine Kronos Workstation

Video Of The New Workstation Beast
61 Key Mini Piano From Korg

Natural Touch Mini Keys from Korg
New features For The Nano series

What's New From The Nano
The Kaos Pad Quad

Dedicated FX Buttons With Attitude
High End Guitars From Taylor

Take a look at the new Taylor gear
New NOX Range Rox

A whole new range of DJ consoles
New Line From SMPro Audio

All the latest releases from SMPro
Exclusive SSL Announcement

Solid State Logic reveal a secret
Versatile Digital Console

New digital mixing console
VRM Box of Tricks

The VRM Box - your new best friend
A Blackhole of Verb

Space pedal takes you into the blackhole
11 Rack Expansion Pack demo

Full Video Demo
What's New From Tascam

Portastudios, Tuners & Vocal Processors
New Mic From sennheiser

Check Out The New MK4
Kemper's Amp Simulator

Video Demo Of Kemper's Amp Simulator
Self Monitoring For Stage Performers

Adjust your Own Knobs
Dub FX Demo's The New Boss Loopstations

Dub FX Demo's The RC-30 & More
RG Premium Range

Video Explains All The New Features
Nord Stage II Workout

Extensive Workout Of Clavia's New Stage II
Dave & Roger's New Beat Box

Dave Smith & Roger Linn Interview
Avid Torq 2.0 Preview

New version of the DJ software from Avid
Sneak look at the Kronos

Sneak peak from NAMM
Avid Venom Synthesizer

Demonstration of the new M-Audio synthesizer
Namm Introduction

Test video from the team