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In-depth Feature:  Dave Smith Instruments Evolver
An exciting synthesizer from the one of the masters
Nick B writes: .

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Who's Dave?

Dave Smith himself
Dave Smith – if you’re not a long term synth user or perhaps manufacturer, then it’s possible that you may not have heard of Dave. Truth is Dave Smith is one of the luminaries of the business with a long pedigree of classic synth design. He was one of the main men of the legendary Sequential Circuits Inc, makers of several sought after classics (the Prophet 5, Six track, and Pro-one). He was also credited with much more besides. So, what’s he been up to since those heady days? A brief spell at Yamaha, followed by the instigation of Korg's R&D group in California where the Wavestation was developed, with several years as a consultant.

Then he ran Seer Systems where they developed the very first software synths back in 1994, and eventually the first professional software synth (Reality) in 1997. Then just a couple years ago he did a couple consulting projects (one was helping a little on Adrenalinn) that got him interested in hardware again.

Well clearly, he’s back in the synth business again with a brand new synth that utilizes the expertise he’s built up over the years. As well as designing the Evolver, he’s handling the whole caboodle, shipping directly to the public through his on-line ordering equipped website. Unsurprisingly, Evolver has been eagerly awaited by the synth community - so what is the Evolver like in the flesh?

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