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Gigaguest a part-timer user from USA writes:
I had the VM3100Pro for a while in my studio and recorded/mixed my demo CD on it. Guess what the record labels wrote back: "Outstanding professional sound quality". I think that speaks for itself. Its an outstanding digital mixer for the money. Had to let it go, though, coz I ran out of channels.

Rating: 5 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 08-Mar-05 at 16:27
x-X-pilot-X-x writes:
I´d like to see that video... I´ve been fooling with it for almost 6 months now, and it just doesn´t seem to be hitting the spot for me. First of all the layout "looks" clean...but as you probably imagine a lot of the buttons have some other functions than what the label says. To memorize the whole damn thing is pretty hard! And you have to be able to know your way around it. I just wish it just didn´t have to many menus, ok with synths, but hate them in mixers. Also I hate the fact that it´s fixed to 44.1khz, (DAMN!). The effects and the sound of it is alright, very roland sounding, but nice. It´s cheap, loaded with effects and sounds good, so I can´t really complain too much, can I?

Rating: 7 out of 10 posted Thursday, 18-Jul-02 at 16:20
jb writes:
This is an excellent device but if you plan on buying it don't get it from Music123! They ripped me off big time on it, and when I tried to take it back they only gave me store credit. Uggghhh!!! oh did I mention that they double charge for shipping?

posted Friday, 19-Apr-02 at 1:40
Cedric Haynes a hobbyist user from USA writes:
Let me start by saying that I've only had this mixer for about a month. With that in mind, take my opinion and make your own analysis. The mixer is very compact and sounds pretty quiet for the price. Add the R-bus controller card to go in your PC and you have a monster waiting to be unleashed! I have it setup in my den/studio hooked up to my Roland XP-10 and Akai MPC2000. The layout was a little confusing at first, but as with any new gear you get used to it. I highly recommend reading the manual and watch the video that comes with it.I guarantee you'll be LOST without it! Overall a good mixer for home studio owner like me.

Rating: 7 out of 10 posted Thursday, 18-Apr-02 at 23:54
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