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Glen Stegner a Professional user from USA writes:
If you haven't tried VAZ Modular yet you are missing a great software emulation of an ARP 2600! Actually it's even more powerful than that, with all kinds of effects, waveshaping, and endless modulation routings! You can create any synth you want (Minimoog, Oberheim OBXa, Matrix 12, you name it!) as long as you know what you are doing. Building from scratch can be a little difficult, but there are dozens of presets that you can tweak and learn from as examples. Many of these are excellent! Run through a good sound system it sounds as close to real analog as you will get from a software emulation. Absolutely awesome! Has up to 16 note polyphony, and you can load up as many "synths" as your processor can handle, and use the built-in mixer to mix them down.

Be advised, however, that this software synth really comes into its own when used with its built-in sequencer. You see, the problem with VAZ is that if you try to trigger it from a MIDI keyboard, there will be a processing delay of several milliseconds. This is noticeable, even on the best low-latency settings (on the options menu), and even on the fastest PCs. If you set the latency TOO low, you will hear an echo or an early note cutoff as you play the keyboard fast. However, you can get it down to a manageable setting, so that it will seem like it's just a slightly slow envelope when you are playing. If you're not careful, you can dial up a lot more synth than you can actually play in real time, so go easy on the number of polyphony and number of modules loaded up. But by using the built-in sequencer, everything flows just fine, and that's really the best use for this softsynth.

An awesome software emulation of an analog modular. Inteface looks just like an ARP 2600 and functions about the same. Just one point off for slight delay in MIDI processing.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Sunday, 25-Jan-04 at 10:50
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