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Adam a part-timer user from Australia writes:
Nothing at all brillant about this unit, i got it for $75US so what can u expect? I ran my K5000s (a few really cold harsh bass and pad sounds)through it and it sounded even more fucked up - in a good way that is.

Rating: 6 out of 10 posted Sunday, 01-Jul-01 at 23:45
Dr. U a part-timer user from USA writes:
I bought this unit after reading it's cool list of effects and checking out the low price tag.

Random thoughts: it's parallel with xlr in addition to 1/4". The ring modulators and resonators sure did capture my sadistic heart...very wicked sounds. Imo, the filters are really cheap and weak. I found only a handful of effects from the whole list that I could use. I liked the chorus and flanger effects. To me, the compressors and studio bullshit were useless. I think there were more of those than actual effects. Supposedly, you could raise the effect level to %100 so the original signal couldn't be heard. On some effects, even with %100 wet signal, I could still hear my guitar pretty well. The range of an effect parameter is pretty slim. For example, the Modulizer's highest value for the rate of a phaser is only about 2/3 the max rate of a phaser pedal. Not fast enough for me. Or, the depth of a filter wouldn't be deep enough. You can't play with the lo-fi runs by itself: stupid. You can't chain effects. There's no damn volume knob! I tried to work around all the limitations, but in the end, I couldn't justify keeping the unit... $100 is still $100. My higher score is due mainly to the kickass ring modulator.

Rating: 4 out of 10 posted Monday, 16-Oct-00 at 0:24
harold a part-timer user from UK writes:
this box retails at £89, a mooger fooger will cost you maybe £279. thats why the moogers filters are better...duh..likewise the elctrix filters...its like comparing a Roland Jupiter8 to an MC303...

In terms of value for money, its a good deal, all the filters are usable, as are all the phasers/choruses etc... the resonator does nice things to loops as does the ring mod, can't see what all these dudes are moaning about... its handy for treating audio prior to sampling rather than as your main fx box....anyway, bear in mind, it costs £89!!! its not going to sound like a Lexicon is it???!!!

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Monday, 09-Oct-00 at 8:44
CoreBacK a part-timer user from France writes:
Quite useless. Would waste space in a rack case. The filters are cheap, the distorsion sucks or almost non-existent, the lo-fi effect ridiculous. Maybe the phasers could be useful and occasionally the bass enhancer... But you can't even chain fx together! If the distorsion was any good, you couldn't even add a compressor or a noise gate to it. My Boss FT2 dynamic filter pedal sounds much better...

Rating: 3 out of 10 posted Monday, 02-Oct-00 at 20:36
Spectrlab a Professional user from Canada writes:
Seemed like a good bang for the buck piece at first, until I got it hooked up and actually HEARD it... this unit offers a lot of cool/unusual effects (for a DSP-based processor, anyway), like resonant filters, ring mod, vinyl emulator, bass enhancer, etc... on the latter two, I have this to say: if you run a PC and have the Steinberg Grungelizer and Waves MaxxBass plug-ins, there's no need for the ones in this unit. The Grunge is a lot more thorough in the parameters offered for vinyl emulation, and the MaxxBass goes a lot deeper than this unit as well. The filters are horribly cheap sounding (worse than a Digitech unit, and I HATE most Digitech stuff) - do your self a favor and get the MoogerFooger or Electrix Filters - it'll cost you a little more, but the price vs. quality difference ratio is like 1:10. In fact, I'll be adding the Electrix to my rig shortly. There is really NOTHING that spectacular about this unit... on the surface, it looks like a cheaper alternative to the TC FireworX, but it's cheaper for a REASON. Only one effect at a time, and only (at best) five parameters per effect. If you want to waste a couple hundred bucks, feel free to get one of these. I'm just glad I was able to trade it for something infintely more useful (a Kawai XD-5, in case you're wondering)...

posted Saturday, 12-Aug-00 at 4:3
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