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Stevie a Professional user writes:
The Compounder is a very nice compressor for the money,but to me it is only usable on certain applications.For instance it doesn't sound great on drums but I can't beat it for vocals and guitars..I would stick with DBX or Aphex for punchiness,but it's great to add this type of compression(Class A!) to my arsonal...and i'm very happy with the unit in genral

posted Thursday, 23-Aug-01 at 0:32
djcu a Professional user from austrlia writes:
Just to clarify , the jack inputs are selectable +4/-10db , the jack outputs are not . Still has the same results however .

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Sunday, 17-Jun-01 at 22:11
djcu a Professional user from australia writes:
Does anyone out there own outboard gear besides fat elvis ? Well my impressions of this unit after being patched into the studio for 3 days are pretty high . I wont recap the units features but my overall impressions are this is a very high quality unit although in a few areas it does show signs of being built to a price point . Firstly the audio specs are great , the huge frequency response and low distortion characteristics make it a very transparent unit , when not switched in its impossible to know if its actually connected to the signal chain , there is just so little noise and distortion from the unit . With the unit switched in it is still very transparent at appropriate settings although it is equally capable of nice compressor type colouration and some mild pleasing distortion (not quite tubey but not anywhere near harsh) . Unlike others , I did not find the gate difficult to set , infact all the settings of the unit easy to work with , with very usable results . On the down side , well the back connections are a little sparce , I would have liked to see a side chain , the jack inputs are unbalanced -10db only , if you want balanced or +4db you need to use the XLRs . Sorry but im not touring with bon jovi or anything , a normal TRS jack will suit my needs perfectly but unbalanced -10db sucks . The compressor could be a bit faster , 0.1 ms is a little to slow for some of material . The bass expand , while very usefull , did not give quite the results I thought it would have , its very much something to blend into your sound rather than a bass bost function you turn up to 10 and go wow like a tradition eq type setup . Once again though I cannot emphisise the audio quality of this compressor , However you dont get anything in this world for free and you have to pay for such low cost audio at the expense of a few features . Not the ultimate all you will ever need compressor that some may have led you to belive but a extremely precise piece of audio equipment and a very very functional and usable compressor . For the money get it and be very happy , just dont expect the entire focusrite world of audio for such a measly sum .

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Sunday, 17-Jun-01 at 22:1
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