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Carlo a hobbyist user from ITALY writes:
HELP !! Can yuo help me about the schematics-repair of the ALESIS Microverb II (1988)

posted Friday, 04-Jun-04 at 2:35
Albert a Professional user from USA writes:
I still like the MicroVerb II for certain things. If set up correctly, it is possible to get a relatively quiet and useful signal from it. At the time it came out, it was put into use in all kinds of studios, even fairly high end places would have a few floating around. They got used a lot on vocals, and for that sound quite nice.

I currently use mine as a secondary reverb in my live rack, and it works well for that.

The sound is rich and thick, I think the muddyness can be avoided with careful use. I feel the Microverb II is one of those units that sounds reasonably good, is easy to use, and is trouble free. We are not talking high end here, obviously, but about a decent quality utility reverb.

For effecting tracks further back in a mix or in a live rack, the Microverb is still fine.

Rating: 6 out of 10 posted Thursday, 27-May-99 at 14:21
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