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jason a part-timer user from usa writes:
just for you all's info, if you have a G3 or above, polyphony is not an issue. I am running a G3/300 with 128 megs of ram operating digital performer 2.6 running 20 - 31 tracks and can still max this program out. The trick is setting the memory settings correctly. Out of the box, the memory implimentation sucks sour ass. You really have to tinker to get it to work, but once you figure it out, you can use a lot of tracks without wiping out your system. It just likes to use up as much ram as possible. The guy wit hthe G4 up top just needs to reset the memory settings because I'll bet he could double the amount of tracks I am doing in performer and run it optimum without even affecting the refresh rates on his monitor. Anyway...

posted Friday, 05-Nov-99 at 9:44
Cookie Monster a part-timer user from Some 3rd world nation called the USA writes:
VERY fun program. Reminds me alot of my Alpha Juno2 (but with a great deal more oscie's etc). Nice sounding filters, the effects are great, so there's no need to pipe your computer through an efx box, thus saving you *some* space. Great addition for Rebirth, sync it to Cubase, and you've got all your pads you'll ever need.

Bad stuff: IT'S SO @$%^! proccessor intensive!!!! I have a G4/400/256megs (after my J700/180 upped to a G3/300 blew up) and it still has trouble with polyphony. Multi timb works okay, granted that you're not trying to do 16 synths at once. But three would work quite well in mono (On the J700/G3, my midi interface doesn't work on my USB G4).... Another bad thing: Quite unstable running high load synth setups (ie: 3 oscie's running in a ring mod, through 2 filters, delay etc) The midi section for arpps still needs some work... Finally, it has THE sharpest learning curve I've ever seen. If all you've done is played with cutoff/decay/res/attack, it'll options overload. Esp in the effects control part... After touch to Cutoff to LFO amount to LFO pitch to volume to attack.. gets as cryptic as a big patchbay system..... Then again, I'm only 18, and have been working with synth's for about 2 years ^_^;;

Great item still.... hard on your computer, but.... You can always sample the tone, and run it back again.... In another 2 years, we'll have 200 Giga-hz computers with 100 gigabytes of memory, and then all those processor intensive things will be nothing :D I give it the 8.... for now....

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Friday, 29-Oct-99 at 14:8
Nick a Professional user from UK writes:
I had a play with the demo and I was pretty impressed. The sounds are very comparable to some other hardware analog simulators, though the CPU power needed to run this as an all singing/dancing multi-timbral synth is quite high.

I only have a mac 9600/233 so I would imagine a G3 will give it a pretty good shot. The latency (press a midi keyboard to sound out) is pretty good, even on my lowly machine and the integration from Logic Audio is very seemless.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 26-Oct-99 at 19:1
Eric Oehler a part-timer user from USA writes:
It's a good program. Very powerful, and boy does it come with a lot (1000) presets. Some of the presets are useless and a lot are aimed at 70's "classic synth patch" emulation.

The output can be a bit thin sometimes, but some extra processing (a smidge of chorus, for example) can do wonders. And having two filters at your disposal is very nice.

AS-1, with enough tweaking, can be made a bit less CPU power-hungry than its default setting.

Possibly the best part about owning AS-1 is the support from Bitheadz. Their techsupport folks are very responsive and helpful, and they are constantly updating their software to take advantage of new technology (they added ReWire and MAS support quickly, added ASIO, and I guess as of this writing are working on VST2 compatibility). Rather than rolling this all into one big upgrade a year, they add features as they develop them, which is a bonus for the users.

Good stuff. Definitely a good sign for things to come.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 03-Aug-99 at 10:45
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