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digiphallus a part-timer user from USA writes:
Regards, my dutch friend. I was probably too hostile as I'd wasted so much time with my LunaII. As you said, the Creamware stuff is superb, when it works. And that ain't often. To be fair, I've heard all dsp cards are sketchy like this. But this doesn't excuse Creamware charging people for o.s. is that? After a year of having my LunaII, I discovered I would have to fork out something like $100 US to use the new os. You just pay X amount for card, find out the beta drivers you were sent don't work right, then have to shell out another 98 euro? That's BS. If you're rich, fine, and pick up a Mercedes too, because that's what it's like, the audio version of a Benz. Myself, I got a card from Echo Audio, and haven't looked back. Great support, works %99.9 of the time, and the latency is actually what they say it is.

Rating: 4 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 28-Dec-04 at 18:50
Yofresh a Professional user from Nethelands writes:
I run a studio and allways have been mixin on consoles like O2r, Mackie D8B, than I decided to go virtual. I tried a lot of systems and I ended up buying a P4 3.06 with 1 Gig PC1066Mhz RDRAMM, I have this system now for about a year with XP and Logic 5.5.1 and Creamware SFP 3.1c. Since Creamware made software version 3.1, it's the best thing they ever created. I work with the system now for about 5 years and I must say it's perfect!! SFP 3.1 with XP is perfect, it never has crashed in about a year, really!! The sound quality of the mixers ( you need at least mixer package 1 & 2 ) and the optional plug ins are the best I've heard on software systems ( even better then UAD-1 ), what's more important is the headroom the mixers have, incredible!! If you're now mixin in Cubase or Logic it's good, but not as good as in the SFP environment, SFP is bigger, wider and has a lot more headroom, ( 32bit floating point ) If you have the main package it's ok, it sounds good, but once you start using the optional plug ins, I'm sure you'll get blown away by the sound quality, in one word incredible!! Of course you need to invest a little in the system, I mean if youre a real heavy mixer and if you want to use a lot of plugins, you need 2 pulsar II cards wich means 12 DSP´s. But hey, with all the offers they have, for about 2000euro you have the biggest card with 15DSP´s and 20 in and outputs and all the good plugins and mixers, and believe me, it sounds incredible. Try buying a Protools system with that much power and plugins and not to forget, that routing flexibility. It´s at least 5 times more expensive, and does it sounds 5 times better, not a chance, it´s a great system for it´s world wide acceptance and a range of well known plug in manufactuers, but I don´t think it sounds that much better. It´s a shame that 3rd party developpers like Focusrite, Drawmer etc.. stayed away from the Creamware system, I think they´re just to lazy to learn to write for the SHARC dsp´s instead they stay on the Motorola based systems.

Well I´m realy satisfied about Creamware SFP system, it´s good, sounds fat, low latency and most of all, its stable as hell!!

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Sunday, 07-Dec-03 at 4:51
Antonis Karalis a Professional user from GREECE writes:
Creamware uses Analog Devices SHARC DSP chips. To understand the quality I will tell you that focusrites liquid channel uses 2 of those chips. I use 22. Protools are great for mixing stuff. Instead Creamware Scope is something bigger. It’s the FREEDOM to do everything you need. Why I tell you that? Why I reveal this great secret? Cause this is not the point. There is no great secret. There is only LOVE. Some of the greatest song I wrote and sang was created with Cool Edit Pro and Sound Blaster AWE 32 pnp (ISA). One day you will see my face on MTV not because of creamware, protools, or vocal teachers… Best Regards

posted Friday, 17-Oct-03 at 9:5
P.S. There's also a reason Creamware almost went bankrupt.

posted Monday, 08-Sep-03 at 23:48
Digiphallus a part-timer user from USA writes:
Yes, if it's acceptable to you that it takes a manufacturer to version 3.1 to get things right, by all means, go ahead and waste your money.

Drivers that go missing, documentation that sucks, poor customer support (1 week + waits for responses), bs latency claims, etc...Creamware's idea of support is a user forum on a website that's down half the time. And before anybody says anything, yes I optimized my pc for audio recording. With Creamware, it's weeks of RTFM, installing drivers, reinstalling drivers, hoping someone will answer your question via email or on the forum, etc etc. I'll bet 9 out of 10 Creamware users spend more time wanking off with SCOPE than they do making any music. There's a reason pros use Pro-Tools, and Digi002 is well within the grasp of the higher end Creamware stuff. If you're a hobbyist, there many less frustrating alternatives. There's a reason pros use Pro-Tools

Rating: 4 out of 10 posted Monday, 08-Sep-03 at 23:40
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