Sonic State Studio / Outboard / AMEK Channel in a Box

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jaque3 a Professional user from us writes:
i would agree with you regarding the quality in sound and flexibility of the piece. the problem is price. although still $1000 less than the voxbox, New the AmekCIBs are like $2800 each (for a mono channel) and you defintely want at least 2 of them in order to have stereo operation. almost six grand? i just don't have it. it seems more geared towards the major studio market. i'd more likely go for the amek 9098DMA stereo mic pre and stick with trusty waves processing for the eq's, comps, and filters.

posted Tuesday, 03-Feb-04 at 11:53
beatbroker writes:
the ultimate, supreme channel strip. (next to the VoxBox anyway) this can device can solve any audio problem you throw at it, and the pre is absolutely beautiful. (if a bit too clean on some material) The comp/lim is insanely flexible and lush, and the EQ and filters are simply perfect. I wouldn't mind seeing a true Class A, hand wired, non IC Chip version of this though. but then it would cost as much as the VoxBox as well.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Monday, 02-Feb-04 at 23:23
Blackverb from canada writes:
This kind of shit blows. Stop wasting your time and make some music with what you got!!!! Trust me.

posted Saturday, 11-Jan-03 at 23:2
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