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Mike a Professional user from USA writes:
What kind of response time does the DP4 get when switching from one effect to another or from a radical effect to a clean channel? Digitech has traditionally had slow response times making it difficult to use coordinatingly live.

posted Thursday, 19-Aug-04 at 3:3
a33e from Finland writes:
Hey! This isnt made @ 89 like descriptions are sayed. Its 1992.

posted Saturday, 31-Jul-04 at 11:21
Jim Taika a hobbyist user from Finland writes:
I have used Ensoniq workstation samplers before and i knew this has same chips inside. So, it was no wonder that i like this.. i knew what this is capable but still! This is even more than 4 x EPS16+/ASR10 effect processor. Heres possible to organise from frontpanel how the signal goes, it is possible to use every possible combination between 4 in/outputs! I use it as mixer and effect processor to 4 different analogsynths. And because i have 2 of this, i use that another one for vocoders and other stuff. Its possible to use all those 4 (or 2,3) parallel chips in serial also. I like this equipments soniq capabilities. Its really is capable to do good atmospheres nice sounding reverb and so on. I tried to create as good reverb in my Yamaha A4000 -not possible.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Saturday, 31-Jul-04 at 10:39
Dwayne a Professional user from calif usa writes:
Well when the Dp4 first came out i caught the unvailing of it with some ensoniq reps and at that time money was always funny when you had so much gear pumpin out when this processor hit , there is a blk face and the sweet gold face panel there rare and alot of pro's still swear by its features and uses until Emu bought ensoniq before the company folded the processor really set its mark and help pave the way for some really good effects if you see one buy it ...and there right its ahead of its time alright also i seen a few on ebay for sale but all-all this is a processor that came out and sounded good and poof there gone just like the ASR samplers to !!!!

posted Wednesday, 03-Mar-04 at 6:21
Spectralab a Professional user from Canada writes:
Indeed comparable, in terms of routing capability, to the Digitech. And, indeed, a much better unit. First of all, it's much warmer sounding - doesn't have that high-end tin-can feel of a lot of Digitech units. It's an equal in the MIDI department as well, with up to 8 assignable CC's (assigned from within the parameter menu while editing effects, instead of having it's own seperate editing page like the Quad) and LFO's. It has all the standard types of reverb, various delays, chorus (8 voice), flanger, phaser, tremolo (can be made to sound like a ring modulator at high rates), vibrato, auto-pan, rotary speaker (albeit not a very convincing one), pitch-shift, vocoder, VCF+distortion, amp simulator, compressor, limiter, gate, upward and downward expander, parametric EQ, rumble filter, Van Der Pol filter... not a lot that you can't do with this unit, and considering when it was made, it was WELL ahead of it's time. I know a fair number of world-class studio owners who still have these in their racks. The DP/4 also gives you some nice features that only a synth manufacturer would think to put in an FX processor, such a parameter in all the modulation effects that allows you to put the LFO out of phase (for wider/fatter sounding sweeps)... all in all, a VERY thorough unit with a myriad of possibilities, and a lot better sounding than anything else to try it's hand at "quad" processing since.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Saturday, 12-Aug-00 at 3:52
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