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xxxx writes:
uhm ive been hooking reaktor up to some external filter and fx (mutator filter - lexicon fx) and it just sounds brilliant much more versatile then my old and beloved asr 10 sampler

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Sunday, 12-Aug-01 at 4:21
ASoundDesigner a Professional user writes:
If you think Fairlight is difficult to operate, you either never played one, or you're clueless. Anyway, I'm going to take a walk now, as you suggested. Perhaps you should do the same to cool yourself down....Just so you know, I was one of the first users to buy Generator (Reaktor) (it was still a beta) and I was somewhat impressed then. But over the few years, I feel that NI hasn't done more than just trying to get the latency to minimum and make sure it doesn't crash too often (as it did then). Also, they added a sampler (module like this was also present in Generator, but it was nothing more than a simple playback), and that sampler is not that impressive at all (even comparing to other softsamplers like GigaSampler). So I'm not just saying I don't like to because I 'know it all' but because I used it in the past and was really looking for it to be a truly mature product with user-friendly interface and good sound engine (look GigaSampler's evolution - at least that product can truly compete with best samplers now). So anyway, those of you, who just praise it because it runs on your PC/Mac and have ready modules and tons of cool sounding samples, should try other really professional products (like Fairlight or Synclavier or some other more sophisticated samplers/synths) and then you'll change your mind about Reaktor. Well, we'll see what changes will future versions deliver...

posted Saturday, 11-Aug-01 at 13:32
ASoundDesigner a Professional user writes:
This is the future of what...? Oh, please spare me with those worshiping praises. Reaktor is not intuitive at all. And the User Interface stinks!! If this is a software for a computer operator then maybe UI is suitable. But for those of us who really DID use modular synths, it's just a CRAP. I don't think it sounds so good either. And all you do is scroll and switch through those screens. I'm not impressed at all! I prefer my Synclavier (btw: how many of you know what that is..?) Anyway, I wouldn't even compare it to Reaktor because I'd offend my Synclav. I can create a new (and completely original) sound in 5 seconds, and you can never make one like it using your Reaktor, but you'll spend days if you create one that's even remotely similar. Oh well, I'm glad I still have my Synclav. Best of luck with the Reaktor!

posted Saturday, 11-Aug-01 at 2:41
D9ner a part-timer user from holland writes:
little add on ,im running it on amd 1400 mhz,very stable and fast reaktor also makes a nice sampler,drum machine,fx box etc etc u name it =D im impressed

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Friday, 10-Aug-01 at 20:2
D9ner a hobbyist user from EU writes:
i really love reaktor 3 ,the way its like twice as fast as 2.3 ,and i actually do like the interface ,much better then nord modular with all the hanging wires and stuff reaktor interface is better and clearer =] then the sound quality when using ure own samples as waves,and using the best parts of the pre made synths (simply copy filters/lfos/frequency modulators whatever from the premade synths or library) then reconnect/tweak the modules as u see fit , sounds awesome =D filters could be a bit better ,though if u connect a smoother module to them they sound OK =]

10 out of 10 ,this is the future

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Friday, 10-Aug-01 at 19:53
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