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CD a part-timer user from Canada writes:
This is a very good MIDI Interface with a lot of Options on the software they provide. I didn't have any problem with it so far. Exept for a minor problem that was easely fixed with their phone support in a few minutes. We found out that my Yamaha CS6X was sending some clocking information all the time... So when I wanted to slave Sonar with my drum machine, the tempo was wrong on the recording. So by tweaking the midi parameters on the CS6X, everything was OK after. I use it with Sonar 2.2 on a strange PC : Dual PIII 733- Chipset:ServerWorks Serverset III WS - MBoard:Tyan Thunder. OpSys : XP pro. The installation was easy. I have also another Midi Interface from Yamaha... and there is no conflict. Sometimes I wonder, for some users, if the problem is not "Between the screen and the chair"...

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 04-Nov-03 at 0:6
Bernd a Professional user from Norway writes:
I bought my MIDI Express XT one year ago and dumped it just one hour ago, because I simply got enough. Well. It worked in WIN98SE on my PC (AMD VIA Chipset)causing by 3-10 crashes per week. Sometimes it was necessary to reboot. Thats what probably most of people can live with - I just found that I can't anymore, since I've become professional. The worst thing was that it doesn't seem to be up to date MIDI technology: It was good in Note on Note off only. It never managed MIDI bulk dumps from the following instruments - Waldorf MW, Yamaha 01v, Nord Lead, EMU E4 - without crashing frequently and cutting off the SysEx strings. Whether these incompatibilities are caused by AMD chipsets or which windows version is used, doesn't really matter, because if you are a professional musician, you don't want to need a university grade in computer technology, right? You want to plug and then it must work until the lightning strucks (As my second MIDI interface, Roland MPU64 for example does). I read the reviews and saw that only hobbyists seem to give high rates. As there is a wide range of other MIDI interfaces out there on the marked, you should never consider buying a Midi Express XT if you are serious about making music.

Rating: 1 out of 10 posted Monday, 25-Aug-03 at 6:18
snapsys a Professional user from usa writes:

Rating: 1 out of 10 posted Saturday, 11-Jan-03 at 13:35
snapsys a Professional user from usa writes:
Bought 2 MidiXT's on December 15th and installed the boxes and updated Windows XP software onto my brand new server (a SuperMicro SuperServer: dual 2.0 Gig Intel processors running Windows XP, basically a mean machine). All I got were SYSTEM CRASHES and BLUE SCREENS OF DEATH. I called Motu tech support and spent 10 days and a $50 phone bill doing beta testing for them until they finally claimed that my computer and I had issues. They were full of crap, as I had also installed their software and hardware onto another system (a 1.7 gig AMD processor on a Gigabyte motherboard) and had the same problems. I would not buy their products again, or be paid to take them. I have considered dedicating a web page to putting them out of business because their tech support put me through 10 days of insults, repeatedly making me feel like I was an idiot. It was only after reading other Sonic State reviews that I realized I was victimized by Motu, like many other consumers. SAVE YOURSELF ONE HELL OF A HASSLE--DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

posted Friday, 10-Jan-03 at 22:43
drdodge a part-timer user from UK writes:
For those of you wanting to load the driver into win2kpro, Load the console prog first, then shut down, connect the parallel cable and restart - then install only the parralel driver and shut down. Then on restart it wil, probably find the MIDI driver - install this and hooray!!

Notes - The console wont work for me when i have certain devices connected and turned on - namely my SY77. BUT... The XT still works in all the sequencing programs, but you dont get access to the console (it'll complain about the drivers again)

Note I installed mine the first thing after a fresh win2k install as I did it after all my programs had been installed, and it ate the system folder (i was NOT pleased)

Note: Make damn sure your parallel is operating in Normal or SPP mode NOT ECP or EPP.

My board is Gigabyte GA-7DXR+

The install notes from MOTU are the biggest pile of crap I have EVER read from a Manufacturer and their support is a JOKE.

So my score is 8 (6 for the interface 2 for MOTU)

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 06-Nov-02 at 9:3
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