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Carl a hobbyist user from USA writes:
The Motu Midi Express XT DOES work in Windows XP. It works just as great as it does in Windows ME. THose of you experiencing problems may be using a motherboard(AMD System) that has a known bug in its southbridge chipset. The name of the chipset is VIA 686b . This was a very popular chipset on AMD systems(The newer VIA chipsets do not have this problem). I tried in on a system that does NOT have the VIA 686b chipset, and IT WORKED FINE. THe Motu Midi Express XT is an awesome product, I was pretty pissed that it didn't work in XP so I did some research and found the problem. The new ClockWorks software control Panel for it is an awesomw addition to this great peice of hardware that DOES work in Windows XP(If you are not using a system that has the VIA 686b chipset or any other chipset with PCI latency issues) . I just bought a motherboard with the Nvidia nforce chipset(ASUS of course) and it works great in XP, with the same AMD cpu from my older Motherboard(1 year is old in the computer world) .

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Sunday, 06-Oct-02 at 6:20
Nordico a hobbyist user from USA writes:
My only experience with this unit is in Windows 2000. I use Cubase as well as a plethera of other midi software and plugins. It work flawlessly. The only complaint is that the controller app is a little plain. Not a real complaint. So far I have been very impressed with its features and stability. The WDM Drivers seem to be very stable. FYI, I picked mine up of a discount table at my local music store chain(M*rs). Seems that they are discontinuing selling of this item. Talked the guy down to 200$. Cheaper than ebay.

posted Friday, 04-Oct-02 at 9:41
Nordico a hobbyist user from USA writes:
My rating I forgot...

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Friday, 04-Oct-02 at 9:41
Kolja Beckmann a part-timer user from Germany writes:
So another review for the Motu... I reported major problems with the motu and win9x... now with XP it seems to work fine. The timing is allright and the windows interface for configuring the Motu does its job. So why just a "7" - 1. Installing the drivers still is a chaos - though once installed correctly it seems to work. 2. I had problems resuming the PC from sleep mode (crushes) when operating the motu. Currently I can´t tell when this happens, but that´s not the way it should behave. 3. "7" just holds when using XP. As said before with win98 the device seems to be much more usefull than an usb-terminator ;-). 4. When the Motu is switched of its´s midi Ports are also gone in windows. This may confuse some applications. I would have preferred a solution where the ports of the Motu would stay visible in Windows even when the Motu is switched off. The data could be dead-ended. The advance would be a much more relaxed work. I don´t know how other products handle this, but I feel this is the way it should work.

A Big Pro: The midi patchbay is real good and operates even without the PC. Lot´s of flexible options for filtering the events/data.

Conclusion When operating XP the Motu seems to be working flawlessly. Problems reported here -c-o-u-l-d- be a result of bugs in USB devices (check magazines for your mainboard before You buy it!), but this holds true for all usb-midi-interfaces. When Operating Cubase or Logic you might want to check the Midex8 (Steinberg) or the AMT8 (Emagic) for best performance, cause these offer special protocols for advanced timing for the related sequencer. A big pro is the midi-patch bay within the box.

Whos is targeted I would say everyone who can live with the drawbacks named or those who need a detailed midi-patchbay. I got mine for a nice price. My Advice Check the Midex8 ( and the AMT ( also and than decide what interface fits Your needs best. Some other good interfaces are produced by Midiman (, which You may also check.

Hope this helped! Enjoy the music.

Rating: 7 out of 10 posted Thursday, 22-Aug-02 at 15:10
jeff from usa writes:
those of you attempting to load parallel MOTU mxpxt drivers for win XP use: 1) install control panel BEFORE attaching your parallel cable and motu device 2) DO NOT choose the 'MOTU midi device' as your hardware install option....use the 'MOTU parallel midi interface' option as your 'new harware' install. If you do the 'midi device' install your machine will crash as per comment above from '' *MOTU support is an arctic weather station instead...your chances of getting help from them are better...

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 17-Jul-02 at 11:14
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